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  1. While the gameplay was questionable, the plot was very well written, and it's a first attempt at a sonic rpg. So overall I wouldn't weigh on it until a sequel is made.
  2. If it piques your interest, they sell for 30 bucks used
  3. Hmmmm the second Lunar Stories for PSone in my opinion.
  4. Thanks for reminding me. Power Stone 1 and 2 I need to get for DC.
  5. OH DUDE! I can't beat a 60 inch, but I am able to lay down in my bed to play the Dreamcast with the extension cable. THAT makes it all the more relaxing *nods*. Hmmmm Youtube it if it kicks your interest. If you need to know anything at all, just ask and I will help solve most of your Dreamcast related questions. ^.^
  6. Couldn't agree with you any more ^.^ I have mine hooked up to a Bravia V-Series 1080p HDTV at it's stretched 480i. Everything except light gun games work on it with no lag what so ever!
  7. Ah I so remember it well. The year the Dreamcast launched. History does say the Dreamcast was ahead of it's time, and in my humble opinion I agree. It was the first console to acess online with both 56.k and Broadband. It was the first 6th generation console. It was also the first console to do downloadable content (DLC) into your Virtual Memory Unit (VMU for short). I am glad Sega left us this little bundle of joy for I still play Phantasy Star Online, Sonic Adventure 1, Sonic Adventure 2, Grandia II, Shenmue, and even Jet Grind Radio. My only complaint about this system was the format it uses. Had this had DVD inserted into it, I believe it would have beaten Sony's Playstation 2. This is just my opinion really because there are other factors that made Sega go third party and multi-platform. So the question I have and for many to share their thoughts on is if you still have a dreamcast or used to have one, and if so what was it like to play this humble yet exquisite piece of hardware?
  8. *Keeps playing his Dreamcast* Ah good times But in all seriousness, I wouldn't say Sonic has gone too far down the pipe. Secret Rings was ok and The daytime levels in unleashed were awesome. Needs a little work but it was good. But I agree. Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 (for the dreamcast) are alot better than most of today's releases.
  9. Quite simple my friend. Just ignore em, keep silent about what you like, and you add the aloofness that keeps people guessing. And if anyone makes fun of you, the middle finger says it all
  10. The best advice I can give you my friend. Just be happy being you . You do not need to conform to other's crappodity. You have an opinion and should stick by it. As for being an avid Sonic fan, I find pleasure playing the Dreamcast and classic Sonic games. Even Unleashed and Rings, even though not better than SA1 or 2, they still are good sonic games as with the GBA and DS handheld games. So there is much to enjoy. And if anyone tells you otherwise, give em the finger and say, "I like Sonic Games and I don't care what you think."
  11. Another thing that should go, the grading system *nods* Just put a 10 minute time limit or something.
  12. *shrugs* Ah. I'll just take me own side then
  13. Dude, you're one of my heroes, now xD


    Anyway, I hear you were looking for a place to RP? :3 I know of such a place! We're a bit stricter with rules, but it's a very welcoming community!

  14. Well I go by Sonic Unleashed for this. Taking away the Ring energy dash. If you took that away the day time levels would go alot longer and be more enjoyable. Not getting rid of the spin dash, homing attack, and speed element. It's what Sonic is really in my opinion. And then finally, losing all the gimmicks that weigh a good sonic game down. This is all just pure opinion and not to be stated otherwise *nods*
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