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  1. Hello. I never post here but I rediscovered an old Sonic MAD from 2009 and thought this was fucking funny.
  2. Heeeey! So about last year I found the Teknopathetic sample (Stop playin' games) after asking a Japanese indi artist on twitter where he got the sample for one of his songs. Then I guess the forums died like right after or something. Just to keep the name archived here, it's from Soundscan Vol.18 - Funky Vocals. I can upload the sample if you guys want. There are a few Ollie King Samples there too I think. I'll have to look. I've got a few more sample CDs I've been looking through and found a good few in Best Service's voice Spectral, but I'll have to read through this thread and not post any dupes. Haha but yo; main reason I'm posting here is wondering if anyone has Masterbits RAPsody they could PM me a link to or something. :9 I'm looking for samples used in BEMANI games (DDR, Beatmania, etc.) and I'm pretty sure there are a good few on there, but it looks like most of the sampling CDs are being totally phased out of the market recently. (Pretty sure you can't get those Soundscan ones anymore) I'd totally buy it, but I guess I totally can't. haha
  3. I guess it was "Sonic The Hedgehog," followed by whatever else there was on Mega Collection. A day later though I played SA2B.
  4. Y'know, I started Sonic out with Mega Collection and SA2B at the same time, so I can't say I started with classic/or Dreamcast era. I'm not going to say that it was a good game; especially by today's standards (though I think SA1 aged a lot worse), since I'm kind of known to love games with terrible gameplay mechanics and controls. (i.e. anything SEGA Saturn and newer, EyeToy/Kinect games, gimmicky music games), but I love SA2 and I'll leave it at that. For people who started out with classic games, I can definitely see why you would dislike SA2. Except for Sonic/Shadows stages, it's totally not a Sonic game to you. But as a person that started out with this game along side the classics, there was no formula to me. There was nothing saying that Sonic was only a speed/platforming based game. I hate the newer Spyro games because they're not anything similar to the classics. I have no reason to hate them, but I still do/probably always will. I love the treasure hunting stages, since you can get to almost every area in the levels and since they're non linear. As a kid, Tails/Eggman's stages were seen in the same light as Sonic's since they were just "get to the goal" stages. Of course I didn't enjoy them as much as the hedgehogs', but they were still fun. I play a lot of games for the artistic side of them, even if the gameplay's horrendous. I love SA2's gameplay, but it's clear as day many of you do not. :V SA2 had STYLE. It had a monster of a soundtrack with quality tracks in unique genres that you don't hear too much from other companies. Alt Rock, Hip-Hop, Bossa Nova Jazz, Gothic Industrial, it was all there, so there're a few points going into SA2's artistic praise. The level themes were beautiful, the textures at the time were crazy good, the little details like the ads in City Escape made exploring the levels nooks and crannies a great time. Even if you hate how they did the gameplay, I will actually argue if you don't believe SA2 had great style. Also one huge thing that you're all forgetting as to why the game is so highly regarded, and it's not even that popular with die hard Sonic fans, but the Chao Gardens. Seriously. I was more of a fan of chao as a child than I was of Sonic. A lot of people who remember and love this game outside of the general fandom remember and loved this aspect. SEGA's A-Life system in this game was insanely complex. It was fun, they were cute, etc. In the end though, I really have no idea why you all have a need to call games out on being overrated. Who cares if it's overrated? You legit do not need to play it. Arguments are fun, but if you act like someone thinking a game is good personally offends you it's kind of ridiculous. :V I remember seeing everyone get so pissed that SA2 was getting a rerelease and I'm all... "but why?" The push for getting S3&K rereleased is great, but I personally couldn't care less. I can't think of a single reason to get mad about it at all. TLDR: It's not Sonic formula, It had style, chao are great, don't hate.
  5. Wazzap? So I really don't post too often here.. It's really hard to get into the swing of a new forum, so this is kind of my attempt to post a bit more! I'll probably start a visual art thread too, eventually. I've been working with Vocaloid software for a good few years now, and covering SEGA tracks has always been something fun for me. I've only recently started posting stuff again though, so there's a huge increase in quality, so I'm not linking my old stuff. :'D So all I really have right now is half of "Dreams of an Absolution" but you know, "Diamond In The Sky" will be coming sooner or later. I've got a few more unfinished files, but I really have no idea which ones I'll actually end up finishing. https://soundcloud.com/scrappy-r/mikuv3e-dreams-of-an-absoluton-short-bentley-jones I really will try to upload some more stuff, but I really just needed to start posting here a little more. @_@ Thanks for taking the time to listen!
  6. Can't really say if it's my favorite track or not... I'd really need to take the time to think about that... ...but can we just
  7. 'Sup SSMB. Scraps here. Was gonna post here a while back since the new Sonic Boom news, but only now have I gotten my activation e-mail to send properly. @w@ Anyway, favorite game is SA2. Don't care what anyone says. Chao were my life in middle school. Boom!Knux is my current doodle obsession. I really, really like his redesign. And uh... I like a ton of other SEGA stuff as well. NiGHTS, Puyo, Space Channel 5, JSR(F), Vectorman, Samba de, ProjectDIVA, etc. Hope to get along with you all here! Seems like a pretty rad place.
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