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  1. Was helping my mother clean out boxes of paperwork and we found a GAME gift card worth £20. It looked like it hadn't been redeemed so she was just like "it's yours then" lol No idea what I'm going to use it on but hopefully it hasn't expired at least lol

    1. Delta Starfire

      Delta Starfire

      Neat! I don't think those do expire, but there's an easy way to find out. They should be able to check in store for you. Hope it's still good!

    2. Kittea


      Yeah, I can check easily there ^^ Apparently they expire after 2 years.

    3. Delta Starfire

      Delta Starfire

      Aha! So is it still in date?

    4. Kittea


      Won’t have the chance to check until tomorrow ^^ Found it last night and I’ve been working today ^^

    5. Delta Starfire

      Delta Starfire

      Ah well, good luck. Hope you can get something good with it. :)

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