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  1. What timeline is this?


    1. Kittea
    2. Teoskaven


      Yeah, at this point I'm convinced this plane of existence we live in is actually an interdimensional prison for people who commit crimes in other times and spaces.

    3. Kittea


      I do not want to know what I did. Some Saturday morning cartoon level crap?

    4. gato


      The news about it broke out yesterday and as I was hurrying here to post a status about it I stopped myself and had one of those deep "shower thought" moments except I was completely dry and not entirely naked.

      As someone who recognizes himself as an idiot who lives drowning in memes and loves every single second of it (I clap when I see the thing) I was overcome with the need to remind people to not let "irony" consume you nor allow it to control your more important actions. It's alright to like the memey thing and finding it fun is also cool no matter how much other people will try to make you feel like trash for doing so. But never, EVER let it go further than that, for we as a species can go down a risky path if we do so.

      That girl with the purple hair is freaking hot tho.

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