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  1. I guess Nintendo want to keep the game "alive" even though it's not actually dead. They're opening up the demo in a couple of days too. Been almost a year since the last major update and this latest news has gotten a lot of people talking. It's exposure.
  2. I recently finished Wandersong ^^ Probably one of the most charming games I've ever played ^^ So much heart was put into every aspect of the game ^^ The protags way of handling situations got a little annoying at times but for the most part they're very endearing ^^ It seems there may be some post game stuff I can look out for but I like to take breaks after finishing main campaigns before handling that kind of stuff ^^ Going to go back to Celeste soon since I now have the physical edition ^^ Have it on steam already but I want to play it with a controller that's actually responsive. My 360 controller is not fit for a game that requires that much accuracy lol
  3. Saw this yesterday and it was a lot of fun! My criticisms are pretty much the same as above. The name of the movie is misleading. Good thing they've now changed it but it's probably already too late. I wish we got more scenes with everyone together. The storytelling is eratic. It uses the same kind of "want to know how I got here?" sequences you'd normally expect to go on for half or more of a movie, like the Sonic movie, for "short term" flashbacks. I actually forgot one of the flashbacks was supposed to be one until it came full circle. Other than that, I loved this movie ^^ I loved all the characters, the action sequences were great with some nice references found throughout and the jokes landed pretty much most of the time for me ^^ Not the best DC movie but it's a good movie definitely worth going to see ^^
  4. The design change and the expressiveness of the character is a major improvement ^^ As for the trailer itself. It definitely got me to genuinely smile occasionally, which is more than I can say for the original trailer. They showcased more of the characters personalities and so far I don't have any big issue with them. Still not sure whether Jim Carrey is actually playing Robotnik or "himself." The plot can be read easily but if the ride is fun then I won't mind. Overall this whole thing seems very generic. Not sure whether I'll see it in theatres. Will have to wait and see if the group near me who organised going to see Detective Pikachu will be doing the same for this movie. Otherwise I don't think my girlfriend would appreciate me suggesting this as our valentines day out lol
  5. I can't believe that "villains say and do bad things things because they're villains" is something people need to be reminded of.

    For context, I've noticed a trend of people saying that certain shows, movies and whatever are racist, homophobic etc because the villains are. They're villains. What do people want?

    1. Teoskaven


      Don't you see, everyone needs to be relatable these days, otherwise we can't merchandise them-EHM I mean, we can't educate properly our children.

    2. skull902


      Ironically, under that logic, anti-bigotry PSAs would also be considered those things.

  6. Anyone here played River City Girls? I'm interested in getting it, how is it? ^^

    1. Teoskaven


      On its own it's fine, but it has a lot of callbacks and easter eggs from previous Kunio-Kun games (and for some reason to Double Dragon as well) that one probably can't enjoy at full without having played them or at least knowing about them.

    2. Speederino


      It’s excellent. The first half of the game can be a little rough if playing solo, as your moveset is limited and you’ll be getting constantly swarmed. Once you buy more attacks though, it’s bliss.

      So yeah that’s my advice, prioritize buying new attacks before everything else. Also, stock up on food before a boss fight if you can.

    3. Dejimon11


      @Teoskaven well Wayforward did work on Double Dragon Neon. Plus both series are owned by ArcSys

    4. Kittea


      @Speederino Thanks for the heads up ^^ I haven't played many games like this but this one looks a lot of fun ^^

      @Teoskaven, @Dejimon11 I'm fine with references as long as I don't need a ton of context. Much like Sonic Mania, if the game is still enjoyable regardless then it's fine ^^

  7. What timeline is this?


    1. Kittea
    2. Teoskaven


      Yeah, at this point I'm convinced this plane of existence we live in is actually an interdimensional prison for people who commit crimes in other times and spaces.

    3. Kittea


      I do not want to know what I did. Some Saturday morning cartoon level crap?

    4. gato


      The news about it broke out yesterday and as I was hurrying here to post a status about it I stopped myself and had one of those deep "shower thought" moments except I was completely dry and not entirely naked.

      As someone who recognizes himself as an idiot who lives drowning in memes and loves every single second of it (I clap when I see the thing) I was overcome with the need to remind people to not let "irony" consume you nor allow it to control your more important actions. It's alright to like the memey thing and finding it fun is also cool no matter how much other people will try to make you feel like trash for doing so. But never, EVER let it go further than that, for we as a species can go down a risky path if we do so.

      That girl with the purple hair is freaking hot tho.

  8. He’s a bigger meme than we thought! Also, how do people even find this stuff?


    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      I KNEW IT, I knew he sounded like Patrick the whole time!!


      "Ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey- eeeeey Spongebob"

    2. Sapphirine Wind

      Sapphirine Wind

      Can you excuse me for a  moment? I need to go out to the woods to scream.

    3. Teoskaven


      Goddammit Toby.

    4. Kittea


      @Sapphirine Wind  My feelings exactly!

    5. Stay at Home Ultima

      Stay at Home Ultima

      And my mind is BLOWN.

  9. While I see that he acknowledged the power dynamic, I don't believe he didn't know about it before recent events. He's a popular YouTuber, this kind of thing comes with the territory. Sure, it seems the people in question really did lie. However, Jared should've known better and not asked randoms on the internet for nudes at all. This was always going to be a possibility and he's an idiot for not considering that. Edit: Retracting this portion after realising that he didn't exactly prove his innocence. He cast reasonable doubt in regards to a couple of accusers, however I've now realised that at no point in his video did he prove he didn't at some point send unsolicited nudes or solicit nudes from minors he knew were underage. All the evidence he presented can be summed up as whataboutisms. -------------------- "The few things I did try to post were met with outrage." Well what did he expect when a lot of what he posted was him trying to gaslight his ex. On that note, he couldn't talk about the more serious accusations earlier on for legal reasons, which makes sense. However, he then goes on to "show" texts captioned with "due to ongoing proceedings..." If you couldn't show the evidence for or talk about the p***phile accusations then why bring the cheating up at all? It would've been better to leave that part out. Sure, people would've questioned that but that isn't a huge issue. Nothing wrong with simply saying, "If you're wondering about the accusations surrounding myself and my ex, I currently can't discuss those due to legal proceedings." This is a simple but fair explanation. Him bringing it up and "teasing" everyone with blurred screenshots" just reeks of manipulation. It's him trying to sway people on that aspect of the situation because he told the truth about the rest of the accusations. The way this was all just tacked on at the end makes this more apparent. As for none of this aspect being "our business." Jared made it everyone's business by posting the initial vague post on Twitter before anyone else had said a word. He's a sleezball regardless of what he did and/or didn't do.
  10. Our Princess has arrived...


  11. I mean yeah.


    1. Polkadi~☆


      die bich

    2. Ryannumber1gamer
    3. Zaysho


      Dashie's audience sits firmly in the second category.

  12. You can now play to unlock a Splatoon theme for Tetris 99 ^^ I think it will since they're putting a lot of effort into this ^^ Not to mention despite initially asking which world "we" would rather live in Nogami-san ended the announcement by asking us which world would we want for "the Inklings and friends." The game itself stated this quite blatanty in the in-game announcement also ^^
  13. Since the announcement of Final Fest, The Squid Research Lab has been releasing posts featuring each of the characters and their thoughts on Final Fest. Some may even be alluding to the future of Inkopolis, winner depending. Some of these are very ominous... Will add another bulk once a few more have been released ^^
  14. As things are I don't think the controversy surrounding the rewards is that big of a deal. While it would be nice to get every collectable in the game, I also think it's fine to give "cooler/better" rewards to the top players. This is a competition after all. Just as long as those rewards don't add a gameplay advantage. Everyone should have that chance to get better at the game to catch up with the "top 5%." Rewarding the players already in that percentage with an advantage would widen the gap between them and the rest of the players which isn't fair in the slightest. If the rewards given to the 5% are purely cosmetic then no problem. That being said, I couldn't find out much about the Champion Kart itself so right now I don't know if it provides and advantage or not. On another note, apparently the save file glitch as been fixed as of the patch that came out today (?) and so have some of the shortcuts. Can anyone here confirm this?
  15. Oh, thanks! Good to know ^^ Been having some difficulty finding all the information regarding this.
  16. Glad they're working on this issue. Still haven't played the game because of it but hopefully that'll change soon ^^ @DanJ86 A bit late but thanks for the character info for the Trophy Girls ^^ It's cool that they're being brought to the game now even though I wouldn't have minded either way due to lack of an attachment ^^ Also honestly, aside from certain shots of Liz I don't think any of them were "overly sexualised" in any way. I hope the seasonal events are rotated. Not keen on these being the only way to get certain unlockables. I'm worried about the amount of time we'll be given to complete these events mostly.
  17. I have Albinism. Am practically shoving my face into a desk fan. Still boiling.

    Help lol

  18. We've been told on more than one occasion that there won't be any new content added to Splat2 post the update that comes out after Final Fest. So we'll just have to wait for Splat3 which the results of this Fest will likely have an affect on. Unless they're lying and there'll be a surprise for Splat2 depending on the results. I think this is unlikely though.
  19. It's OK. Those people just haven't played the Octo Expansion yet.

    I worry what else "she" may have seen... lol


  20. Some data mining was recently done and we've got quite the playlist coming our way!
  21. Same... Please leave this precious duo alone Nintendo lol I was a little disappointed about the lack of foreshadowing. I was so sure I was on the losing team lol Did not have a good run despite winning a 10x match. I'd say the Shifty Station from this fest is one of my favourites ^^ Wonder if the song for the final few hours of Final Fest will change to Fly Octo Fly or something ^^ In Splatoon Calamari Inkantation played for the final few ours of the Callie VS Marie Splatfest ^^
  22. I was saying quite a while ago that'd I'd love for all Shifty Stations to be added after the Splatfests were done! They're one of my favourite things about Splat2 and now I'll finally be able to pick the stages I missed before getting a Switch ^^ The inclusion of all the ink colours and night time versions of regular stages from Splatfest is cool too! Kind of a shame all this is only available in private matches but that's not a big issue ^^ I'm just surprised that we're getting all of this for free. 24 stages I was more than prepared to pay for, for free. The Splatoon team is too good to us ^^ I'll most likely pick Team Order ^^ I'm with the people who think the impact of Order will be worse than Chaos lol Love the Salmon skull (?) headgear ^^ As for this weeks Splatfest, here's Europe's. My thoughts exactly lol
  23. It's honestly looking that way to me also. I even went quite a way through Twitter. The breeding ground for this kind of debate and again, all I'm seeing is people complaining about "SJW's" that seemingly don't exist.
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