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  1. Our Princess has arrived...


  2. I mean yeah.


    1. Polkadi~☆


      die bich

    2. Ryannumber1gamer
    3. Zaysho


      Dashie's audience sits firmly in the second category.

  3. You can now play to unlock a Splatoon theme for Tetris 99 ^^ I think it will since they're putting a lot of effort into this ^^ Not to mention despite initially asking which world "we" would rather live in Nogami-san ended the announcement by asking us which world would we want for "the Inklings and friends." The game itself stated this quite blatanty in the in-game announcement also ^^
  4. Since the announcement of Final Fest, The Squid Research Lab has been releasing posts featuring each of the characters and their thoughts on Final Fest. Some may even be alluding to the future of Inkopolis, winner depending. Some of these are very ominous... Will add another bulk once a few more have been released ^^
  5. As things are I don't think the controversy surrounding the rewards is that big of a deal. While it would be nice to get every collectable in the game, I also think it's fine to give "cooler/better" rewards to the top players. This is a competition after all. Just as long as those rewards don't add a gameplay advantage. Everyone should have that chance to get better at the game to catch up with the "top 5%." Rewarding the players already in that percentage with an advantage would widen the gap between them and the rest of the players which isn't fair in the slightest. If the rewards given to the 5% are purely cosmetic then no problem. That being said, I couldn't find out much about the Champion Kart itself so right now I don't know if it provides and advantage or not. On another note, apparently the save file glitch as been fixed as of the patch that came out today (?) and so have some of the shortcuts. Can anyone here confirm this?
  6. Considering trading in my copy at this point. I couldn't play it day-1 due to that particular week being busy and I've held off until now after hearing about the mess with the save files. Really don't want to start going for rewards in a tourney only to lose them due to no fault of my own.
  7. Oh, thanks! Good to know ^^ Been having some difficulty finding all the information regarding this.
  8. Glad they're working on this issue. Still haven't played the game because of it but hopefully that'll change soon ^^ @DanJ86 A bit late but thanks for the character info for the Trophy Girls ^^ It's cool that they're being brought to the game now even though I wouldn't have minded either way due to lack of an attachment ^^ Also honestly, aside from certain shots of Liz I don't think any of them were "overly sexualised" in any way. I hope the seasonal events are rotated. Not keen on these being the only way to get certain unlockables. I'm worried about the amount of time we'll be given to complete these events mostly.
  9. I have Albinism. Am practically shoving my face into a desk fan. Still boiling.

    Help lol

  10. We've been told on more than one occasion that there won't be any new content added to Splat2 post the update that comes out after Final Fest. So we'll just have to wait for Splat3 which the results of this Fest will likely have an affect on. Unless they're lying and there'll be a surprise for Splat2 depending on the results. I think this is unlikely though.
  11. It's OK. Those people just haven't played the Octo Expansion yet.

    I worry what else "she" may have seen... lol


  12. Some data mining was recently done and we've got quite the playlist coming our way!
  13. I got it day 1 but everything that's come out over the past few days regarding CTR, especially the save file issues has made me reluctant to play it.

    1. KHCast


      Same. I beat the campaign and played a little online, but now I’m reluctant to play it...I hope by sister doesn’t experience these issues on her copy(she has the Xbox one version)

  14. Same... Please leave this precious duo alone Nintendo lol I was a little disappointed about the lack of foreshadowing. I was so sure I was on the losing team lol Did not have a good run despite winning a 10x match. I'd say the Shifty Station from this fest is one of my favourites ^^ Wonder if the song for the final few hours of Final Fest will change to Fly Octo Fly or something ^^ In Splatoon Calamari Inkantation played for the final few ours of the Callie VS Marie Splatfest ^^
  15. I was saying quite a while ago that'd I'd love for all Shifty Stations to be added after the Splatfests were done! They're one of my favourite things about Splat2 and now I'll finally be able to pick the stages I missed before getting a Switch ^^ The inclusion of all the ink colours and night time versions of regular stages from Splatfest is cool too! Kind of a shame all this is only available in private matches but that's not a big issue ^^ I'm just surprised that we're getting all of this for free. 24 stages I was more than prepared to pay for, for free. The Splatoon team is too good to us ^^ I'll most likely pick Team Order ^^ I'm with the people who think the impact of Order will be worse than Chaos lol Love the Salmon skull (?) headgear ^^ As for this weeks Splatfest, here's Europe's. My thoughts exactly lol
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