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  1. The manual wasn't available at the time I was playing Encore Mode and I had to switch off the PS4 long before I made this post so I didn't know that the manual had been posted. It's good that those who might have difficulty figuring out Ray's controls can look them up now ^^ Not being able to pause or quit that particular section of the game is still a bit of an issue though. I like the idea of a control prompt or just the ability to quit to look up the controls ^^ I don't think changing the route is necessary though that might help some ^^ Those of us who got stuck did try to figure things out but we just couldn't quite get the hang of it. I never had an issue figuring out the barrels because they follow the logic I was trying to use to figure out Ray's controls. The barrels move up and down so I assumed I was supposed to move up and down either by jumping or using the up and down controls and I was right. Again Ray doesn't move left to right he moves up and down so I assumed I needed to match his movements and I turned out to be wrong this time. Maybe I was just thinking too literally about it. I think this is just a case of people using different logic.
  2. Glad I'm not the only one who had issues with this. I knew what to do and where to go but not how to get there. A control prompt would've been helpful. The issue isn't trying to figure out that these characters each have a secondary ability. The issue is trying to figure out how to use them. Ray wasn't even in the original Mania so even though most of us should be aware that he has a secondary ability that doesn't mean we should automatically know how to use it. Yes there are cues and for the most part they do give you a good idea of what to do however I don't find Ray's own visual cue helpful. We're supposed to move left and right to control Ray's glide but he moves up and down. When I see a character move in a certain way naturally I'm going to assume that I need to mirror said motion. I thought I was on the right track for a while too because despite the fact that I was playing the game incorrectly I still managed to get to that ledge. All I ended up thinking was maybe I needed to specifically time when I pressed up and down to properly glide. Unless I missed a different visual cue there was no indication that I needed to move left and right. Encouraging us to experiment with the controls is fine and while I don't think the game needs to outright tell us the controls I do think it needs to give better hints. The glide mechanic is easy and fun to use once you know how to use it ^^
  3. Shiroi

    Mania Glitch Thread

    This isn't a game breaking glitch but it is something. When I reached the mini boss for Chemical Plant in Encore Mode the screen locked as it should but my partner character ended up being locked out. I definitely reached that boss with 2 characters and the partner character was still there jumping non stop off-screen esentially trying to get through. They came back after I beat the boss. Haven't seen this issue occur with any other bosses as of yet.
  4. Shiroi

    Sonic Mania Plus Press Kit Revealed

    Shame because I wouldn't mind that T-shirt ^^
  5. I'll have a more thorough look at the video when I get the chance but for now I like what I've seen ^^ I will say I'm not keen on Zoe's design. I don't know how to describe it. She just looks a bit plain? Also the Orb animation is really intrusive and they definitely need to tone it down a fair bit. I wish the commentators for each of these streams would take a break for a couple of mins during each video to give us a chance to hear the music lol I love what I've heard so far despite some aspects of the original versions being toned down a bit ^^ Tree Tops sounds fantastic!
  6. I agree although they did spoil the special and bonus stages for the base game before it was released so I'm not really surprised by this. Still would've liked them to have been a surprise though. As for the rest of the leaks none of them should've happened. SEGA need to take better care in managing leaks although I understand that can be difficult sometimes. I guess we can blame Sony/Playstation as opposed to SEGA for the 1.04 leak though? The community doesn't help much either (elsewhere, not here) but luckily so far it seems people have been good about spoiling things this time around except for one of my colleagues who I caught watching an Encore Mode LP right next to me not even an hour ago lol At least there's still the art book which was my main draw to Mania Plus anyway ^^ I don't think that has been spoiled yet ^^
  7. Even if this is true I'm ignoring it regardless. Mania Adventures fits right into the Mania > Forces plot line as basic as their connection is and I'm going to keep looking at this timeline as such. I'm not against the idea of different universes but this is getting silly. That being said veryone's free to interpret the story as they wish from this point ^^
  8. Cool ^^ Before the deadline was changed I was searching for a couple of suggestions for the OST's that have none of their slots filled ^^ Hopefully suggestions will be made in the meantime ^^
  9. Does this still apply even though the deadline has been extended or would you like those of us who have already made suggestions to hold off on extra suggestions for now? ^^
  10. Shiroi

    Sonic Forces Final DLC - What is it?

    That'd be fun ^^ Like others have said it's kind of disappointing that we didn't get to fight all the different clones. I actually just assumed the remaining 0.01% was there to represent the Death Egg as that remains on the map at the end of the game if I remember correctly. It'd be cool if we get some kind of epilogue ^^ Maybe to showcase how the progress of rebuilding the world is going? I wouldn't mind Mighty and Ray themed skins too ^^
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  12. All this info is good news if true especially the custom teams and conventional racing mode ^^ What I'm hoping for is DLC characters ^^ If we were to get extra characters I wonder if they'd be added as new teams or just one character at a time? If they were to add them as teams them aside from the obvious choice of the Babylon Rogues and Eggman + Metal Sonic + maybe Zavok or Chaos (couldn't really think of a decent 3rd option) which other characters would make a good team? I bet Cream is just the flag waver or something lol
  13. Regular OST Sonic CD (US) - Stardust Speedway (Present) Sonic Advance 2 - Hot Crater (Act 1) Sonic Heroes - Mystic Mansion Remix Sonic R - Can You Feel The Sunshine (Jazz Cover) If you do not count this as a remix then I'll change my option ^^
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.

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