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  1. Hunter looks like such a dude, I love it! lol Not really keen on Sheila's design. Aside from the hair she doesn't look too bad but this design definitely takes away from her tomboy personality. Of course I'll hold off on my overall judgments until the release or at least until we see a fair bit more involving her ^^ I'll talk more about the level screenshots when I have more time to look at them ^^
  2. I'm pretty thankful for the delay honestly. Disc controversy aside it's clear to me that they need more time to polish things up a fair bit. So much of what we've seen over the past few months has been altered, updated and even changed completely in some cases. These are pretty big games and when you get right down to it we've barely seen a 3rd of each of them. With the little we've seen being constantly changed I've been fairly curious as to how much work they still have yet to do. This delay should be good for the development. I am aware that anther reason for not showing off too much of the games is to keep the majority of them a surprise but I still stand by what I said. That release window is pretty damn harsh though...
  3. Shiroi

    Disney's Wreck-It Ralph 2

    I wasn't concerned about this before but as we're nearing the release date I'm starting to wonder why we haven't had a trailer that explores the plot. I don't expect them to go into detail but some kind of teaser would be nice. All the trailers so far can be boiled down to Ralph and Vanellope go on wacky adventures in the web. This isn't a bad thing in and of itself. I want to see this movie based on the top notch humor alone however I think they should start giving us some teasers for the actual plot. There's the Wiki page sure but we need to see more in the actual promo. As for the recent clip I love seeing the Disney princesses being all casual and venting about life lol I was actually able to understand almost the entirety of what Merida said mostly due to having a Scottish gf who has a family with thick accents lol Honestly depending on how the Disney princess stuff turns out I might not mind seeing a series of animated shorts featuring them ^^
  4. Maybe back in the day when the TV series was still running and the character roster for the main games was still small and not underutilized it could've worked but now I think it's far too late for a SatAM game. We've had nothing from SatAM for years so there's no sense in bringing it up again. Not to mention as @MetalSkulkBane already pointed out such a game would only really be picked up by the minority. FYI, if you didn't already know there was going to be a game based on the SatAM series but it was eventually cancelled. Here's the demo and some basic info ^^ As for Archie I don't have enough knowledge of the comics to really say anything other than they seem too messy to adapt into anything.
  5. Shiroi

    Nostalgia Critic review of Sonic 1999 OVA

    This was pretty bad. We've all heard and made the jokes seen here countless times and the "review" itself felt incomplete. A lot was skipped over entirely and as others pointed out I think Doug was overthinking the plot a little bit. It's really basic at it's core.
  6. In the case that either of these are a possibility I'd rather there either be multiple discs or a delay. I'd rather have a quality finished product than whatever this trilogy might turn out to be upon initial release. Do patches not get saved onto the cloud like save data then? Also does saving patches and such to an external hard drive not mitigate the issue? Aka the players who's purchases matter the most. All purchases matter of course but the sales during the first few weeks are in most cases the biggest indicator of how well a product is doing and what companies should do next. Activision are really screwing themselves and this release over.
  7. Not very happy about this. If I buy a physical copy of a game I expect it to be physical. I don’t have a problem with digital downloads but I much prefer physical copies. Seems like Activision don’t have a good reason for making this decision since they dodged the question. Pretty damn poorly at that. Can anyone who has better knowledge of this sort of thing explain why the Reignited Trilogy can’t all fit on one disc because as of now I don’t see the point in Activision releasing a physical version at all.
  8. I haven’t heard anyone saying it is going on for 9 seasons just that the Crewniverse would “like” the show to go on for that long. There’s a difference although neither of these statements have been confirmed. I was just throwing out what was apparently said. Take it with a grain of salt of course ^^
  9. Shiroi

    The Sonic Mania Soundtrack thread!

    This art is gorgeous! I want to try to get a hold of the physical JPN OST without the game ^^
  10. Apparently the Crewniverse said they would "like" the show to run for 9 seasons in total. Considering where we're at in terms of the plot I don't think there's enough story left to fill 9 seasons. On the flip side I think it'll be too late to start a new arc after the current one is complete. Anyway, my thoughts on the new episode ^^ Tl;dr I really enjoyed this episode ^^ Lot's of food for thought and some good jokes here and there ^^ While I had some complaints most of them were complaints I've had with the show as a whole for a while and not just this episode ^^
  11. This was a really fun stream! I almost forgot it was happening on the 21st. I joined as the Shadow tracks started playing so I still got to watch a good chunk of the stream ^^ I would've liked to have interacted with everyone more but I was on mobile so that was easier said than done ^^ Still really good to hear everyone's picks ^^ Again as a few stated on the stream the only change I would suggest is to split the stream across 2 days (Saturday and Sunday) ^^ As a whole though everyone did a great job!
  12. The manual wasn't available at the time I was playing Encore Mode and I had to switch off the PS4 long before I made this post so I didn't know that the manual had been posted. It's good that those who might have difficulty figuring out Ray's controls can look them up now ^^ Not being able to pause or quit that particular section of the game is still a bit of an issue though. I like the idea of a control prompt or just the ability to quit to look up the controls ^^ I don't think changing the route is necessary though that might help some ^^ Those of us who got stuck did try to figure things out but we just couldn't quite get the hang of it. I never had an issue figuring out the barrels because they follow the logic I was trying to use to figure out Ray's controls. The barrels move up and down so I assumed I was supposed to move up and down either by jumping or using the up and down controls and I was right. Again Ray doesn't move left to right he moves up and down so I assumed I needed to match his movements and I turned out to be wrong this time. Maybe I was just thinking too literally about it. I think this is just a case of people using different logic.
  13. Glad I'm not the only one who had issues with this. I knew what to do and where to go but not how to get there. A control prompt would've been helpful. The issue isn't trying to figure out that these characters each have a secondary ability. The issue is trying to figure out how to use them. Ray wasn't even in the original Mania so even though most of us should be aware that he has a secondary ability that doesn't mean we should automatically know how to use it. Yes there are cues and for the most part they do give you a good idea of what to do however I don't find Ray's own visual cue helpful. We're supposed to move left and right to control Ray's glide but he moves up and down. When I see a character move in a certain way naturally I'm going to assume that I need to mirror said motion. I thought I was on the right track for a while too because despite the fact that I was playing the game incorrectly I still managed to get to that ledge. All I ended up thinking was maybe I needed to specifically time when I pressed up and down to properly glide. Unless I missed a different visual cue there was no indication that I needed to move left and right. Encouraging us to experiment with the controls is fine and while I don't think the game needs to outright tell us the controls I do think it needs to give better hints. The glide mechanic is easy and fun to use once you know how to use it ^^

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