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  1. Same... Please leave this precious duo alone Nintendo lol I was a little disappointed about the lack of foreshadowing. I was so sure I was on the losing team lol Did not have a good run despite winning a 10x match. I'd say the Shifty Station from this fest is one of my favourites ^^ Wonder if the song for the final few hours of Final Fest will change to Fly Octo Fly or something ^^ In Splatoon Calamari Inkantation played for the final few ours of the Callie VS Marie Splatfest ^^
  2. I was saying quite a while ago that'd I'd love for all Shifty Stations to be added after the Splatfests were done! They're one of my favourite things about Splat2 and now I'll finally be able to pick the stages I missed before getting a Switch ^^ The inclusion of all the ink colours and night time versions of regular stages from Splatfest is cool too! Kind of a shame all this is only available in private matches but that's not a big issue ^^ I'm just surprised that we're getting all of this for free. 24 stages I was more than prepared to pay for, for free. The Splatoon team is too good to us ^^ I'll most likely pick Team Order ^^ I'm with the people who think the impact of Order will be worse than Chaos lol Love the Salmon skull (?) headgear ^^ As for this weeks Splatfest, here's Europe's. My thoughts exactly lol
  3. The world of Splatoon 3 will be a train wreck and I’M HERE FOR IT!

    1. SupahBerry


      Betcha that if World of Order wins, it somehow ends up even worst than if it were Chaos

    2. Sonictrainer


      No matter who loses, we all win :D

  4. It's honestly looking that way to me also. I even went quite a way through Twitter. The breeding ground for this kind of debate and again, all I'm seeing is people complaining about "SJW's" that seemingly don't exist.
  5. Question, since I personally haven't heard a lot about this. Has anyone actually complained about the idea of their inclusion or are Activision assuming people will react this way? I've tried looking it up and what I'm seeing is people complaining about supposed "SJW's" but little to no comments from said "SJW's." Personally I just assumed they were given the nickname of "Trophy Girls" because they gave out the trophies or something. I didn't play the full game growing up so I don't know the full context. Anyway, I was able to play the game at a con I went to over the weekend ^^ Was a lot of fun but I will be remapping the buttons once I have the game. The defualt setup was awkward to me personally.
  6. I'm mostly surprised by the voting. With all the Time Travel posts I thought you'd won that one. I expected you to win overall actually. Most of my matches were mirror which don't count and the matches I did have against Time Travel were pretty messy. A lot of really good players on your side and I got my ass handed to me in Pro.
  7. Oh, don't worry. Everyone is calling her lying self out. Anyway, although Jared came across as kind of an asshole to me too I never would've thought he was an asshole to THIS degree. Also, the fact that Jared posted that terrible statement that just screamed victim blaming and also blocked Heidi even before Heidi herself had said anything is just so telling. He basically outed himself.
  8. I don't think there's any one reason. Word of mouth seems to be the main one but promo from YouTubers and low prices are also prominent factors. Sadly, luck of the draw also applies quite often. I've searched for and purchased indie games for a variety of reasons. Freedom Planet - A platformer (my favourite vg genre) that filled a void the Sonic series (then my favourite series) failed to at the time. Celeste - Heard about it a lot which encouraged me to look it up. Found out it was a platformer and was instantly drawn to the gorgeous art. Undertale - It goes without saying that I also came across this one via word of mouth. Ultimately I was drawn to this one because of its music. This is actually how I get into a lot of the games I play. I love vgm and when I listen to it I always imagine and eventually want to see it in game with full context. There're plenty more but each of them fall somewhere in each of the above categories.
  9. Seems there’ll be no Crush 40 music in this movie and the duo isn’t happy about it. Can’t say I’m surprised but this decision is still baffling.
  10. This is also how I feel about the subject. The only thing I disagree with is the latter part. Being in support of human rights is not a political thing. It's basic human decency.
  11. Until the announcement of a VR port I didn't realise that FNAF as a series was still kicking let alone almost 5 years old already.

    Makes perfect sense to bring it to VR though.


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