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  1. this picture brought a genuine smile to my face in the midst of cramming schoolwork together before exams. thank you for relieving my stress, even temporarily ^^ er, can i use this as my avatar somewhere? not here, i think the "Lara-Sunders" username only really works with flying chicken drumsticks across the sky, but i was going to set it on skype.
  2. someones been on the "Thanks, Ken Penders" blog. XD crazy bad stuff though. that ungodly looking robian dog's existence keeps me up at night.
  3. I actually really like the idea of Knuckles being paired with Relic, but it would have to be a super gradual and subtle thing for it to be doable, and i accept that it will never happen anytime soon, if at all. I've always wished Julie-Su could have been an independent character, one that didn't exist just to be paired with Knuckles. i like her as a character, but i'd like her a hell of a lot more if she had a character arc and hard time leaving the Dark Legion, not even thinking about being with Knuckles and him being her cool guy friend. this isn't because i ship him with someone else or something silly like that, as i thought this even before i shipped him and Relic, it's because for a "strong and badass female character" there isn't much supporting her character other than soultouch and supposed badassery. shes got such a cool visual design, why can't she have an interesting character arc too? look, just imagine! what if she was Knuckles rival among the Dark Legion members, the one who always had to go up against him? the two would clash many a time, and in and around those clashes she would observe him and be all "whats this guys problem?" until one situation seperates them both from their group and they have to work together to get back. initially unwilling, the two quickly discover they have no choice but to work together and end up begrudgingly bonding. when they return to their groups, Julie-Su doesn't understand why Knuckles helped her back there and wonders what to do about it. eventually, through many different situations like these, Julie-su chooses to leave the Dark Legion and find her own path, going on a quest to decide whether her family, Knuckles, or a whole new brand of "right" is whats Right to her. she then continues to be a more friendly rival to Knuckles, and helps him and the Freedom Fighters a few times during her journeys until she is offered a spot with the Chaotix, and her and Knuckles become close friends. i really like the idea of her as a rival character searching for her own path, as opposed to a token girl with little to no reason to leave her family behind. she'd have to discover where her loyalties lie herself, deciding between family and her own morals. this would also be really cool if she didn't have a bad relationship with Lien-Da, and that she has to realize her "loving older sister" is not the great person she thought she was.
  4. well, yeah. writing 101: your character has to have more than a few weaknesses so they actually have something to overcome. it's basic stuff. i'm still somewhat baffled that a grown man hasn't figured the basics out yet and still claims to be a professional.
  5. Wow, i mean wow. Hi folks, i haven't posted much in here, but I'm back-ish. I'm an aspiring writer myself, and i tutor a lot of people in writing as well. heck i'm even working on a novel at the moment. i'd like to consider myself experienced in this trade, since I've been writing since I was fairly young and i'm well into adulthood now, and as an experience writer i can safetly say this guy has no idea what the fuck hes doing. i mean, he clearly knows what a Mary Sue is, since he named a character after one as a joke on the archetype, but he doesn't seem to get how not to make one, and holds no regret or knowledge that he HAS made one. I mean, i'm not one to get on his case about the ripoff character designs, mostly because while i do think it's awful, everything that can be said about has been said. other than that though, holy shit this character and story are cluttered. characters everywhere, no reason to care about any of them, all of them fairly one-note and flat or stolen from other material, and a shining mary sue blocking out anyone else's potential spotlight. now, i'm a firm believer that not all perfect characters are bad, as many other pieces of media have proven that you can make it work if the story is about how the character affects the world and not the world affecting the character. essentially, you can have a mary sue if the point is not that they are the center of the universe, but more that have already grown as a character off-screen and exist now to nudge everyone else's development along, barely having much time to show off themselves. characters like Gao Mikado from Future Card Buddyfight and the famous Kim Possible come to mind as "mary sue" protagonists who work because the story isn't about them to begin with, and the shows tone matches the parody aspects of having a more "perfect" protagonist. Lara-Su was kind of an awkward version of this in Flynn's 25YL and 30YL, since she was kind of a main character and did a lot but was not the point of the story. in Penders newly released profile, however, he has removed any semblance of subtlety she had. she is now a glaring light that blocks anyone else from doing anything in the story, and the story is in fact all about how perfect she is. she is a cluttered character with too many relatives and too many skills, yet she doesn't live up the her supposed intellect in any media we've seen from Penders. it's exactly the wrong way to do things.
  6. Oh i was referring to the slow transition away from the sonic art style, which seems to be a common point brought up here.
  7. As much as i hate myself for it, i'm gonna play devils advocate for a moment and say how hard it can be to turn copyrighted material into original material. I'm in the middle of writing/ designing a video game with a small group of friends, and while the plots vastly different now, the characters are imported, redesigned, and updated from a variety of old Zelda, The Slayers, Super Paper Mario and other fanfic and RP we did when we were younger. While they're all updated, original, and well written now, it took about 2 years to remove, replace, and let go of the elements from when we were kids. All i'm gonna say is that i can sympathize with Penders attachment to old elements, as stupid as it is.
  8. Ok, so, holy shit i have absolutely no life, i just spent the past maybe three days reading this whole thread all because of a freaking echidna plush i got at a theater festival making me remember my childhood love of Knuckles and his family from the comics. So uh. Yeah. My nostalgia lense has been utterly shattered by Ken Penders stupidity. Granted, i'm still a fan of our resident mary sue, Lara Su, but thats because i read 25YL at probably the hardest time in my families life and child-me thought of her as the coolest damn thing. But yeah. This topic and its treasure trove of Penders nonsense have destroyed many a childhood memory, probably for the better. Now i'm excited for the Lara Su Chronicles, just to see it fall on its face. I'm also getting back into sonic now. Woohoo! If only i were good at the games or had money for comics.... in any case, i will offer my two cents from here on out, be it on the topic of horrendus 3D models, idiotic tweets, or just general Penders shenanigans. Yes i signed up just to join in, what of it?
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