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  1. On 11/27/2017 at 7:31 PM, Polkadi said:

    I got my little sister to play Mania, and it really is a surprising, eye-opening experience.

    For one, of course, she was stuck to the lower paths. Two, she seemed to fight against the speed in favour of exploration. Three, she got fed up rather soon, as she felt the stages went a little too long (though this is more on her account of screwing up a few times in some areas, extending the time played.). Four, she did not die once when playing through the stages, even when she wasn't very good.

    But some things in the game were very confusing to her, like the Hyper Ring powerup (though I believe this is because the game never actually explains these things).

    She even struggled in the special stages, because the game never tells you to pick up rings to increase your time, or that picking up blue spheres speeds you up. I even had to tell her about spindashing in the stages, which the game never tells you about, and she suddenly opened up way more paths. She still doesn't understand the dropdash, either.

    She also despises the Studiopolis mini-boss, because of how cluttered and confusing it is.

    What it tells me is that the level design is definitely accomodating for new players. But what the rest of the game fails in is also accomodating everything else for the new players. I had to tell my sister many key aspects, because the game itself doesn't.

    This is why I've never been that harsh on tutorials and games with slow openings that ease the player in. I know there are tons of gamers like Egoraptor that hate tutorials and think they're treating you like an idiot, but that's only because they're experienced gamers. Some casual gamers need a tutorial. They won't just pick up on things through experimentation and observation. Not everyone works that way.

  2. 3 hours ago, Rummy said:

    Here's my say in this, I think we've all grown up playing the classics almost daily for most of our lives, it impacted our ideals of game design and how things should play. So i leave you this.

    Do you have a sibling or relative that seems to be into gaming? Hand them Mania and see how they play. Trust me it really does open your eyes because eventually after playing the Classics for so long you start sorta growing a tunnel vision of level design, We learn the best route, the best way to move around and how we can go at our fastest in these games so by the time Mania fell into our laps it was very easy to swift though the game because we had Experience. 

    While i do love Mania and while i have my bias towards 3&K's Gameplay and CD's visual aesthetic, I do agree that Mania can be too easy, But why is it too easy? My answer is that we've all gotten really good at playing Sonic.

    At least that's what i believe.

    Yeah, I also think Mania is, while amazing, pretty easy. But I think it's just because I'm an experienced Sonic player. I can say it's pretty easy and forgiving, but then I watch someone like ZackScott struggle with the game and call it difficult because he's not familiar with Sonic. 

  3. 20 hours ago, Sean said:

    I think Mania feels different from the classics because it took all the good stuff from them and condensed them into a single game. I believe it's better designed than any classic game, even though I would still rank S3K higher than it due to personal preference.

    Sonic 2 is actually one of my least liked Sonic games so I can't say I agree on that part; I consider its design to be overly punishing (not dissimilar to the Advance games' design) and there are way too many not-fun parts of that game for me even when I am going fast. This is coming from someone who thinks Sonic 1 is more brilliant than most people give it credit for and I actually don't mind Marble or Labyrinth Zones at all.

    Definitely agree. Sonic 2 is also one of my least favorites because I feel parts of the level design past Chemical Plant is too punishing. Shitty enemy and trap placement actually discourages me from going fast in that game. In Mania, whenever there's an obvious speed or bouncing section, I go into it knowing I can trust Mania not to send me hurling into an enemy, spikes, wall, or bottomless pit. The fact that it's widescreen also helps so I can see what's ahead of me in enough time to react.

  4. I remember really enjoying Colors when it first came out, but over time and after playing Generations (which is much better IMO), it seems a lot less impressive to me. Then came Forces which was a disappointment. But a lot of the disappointing aspects of it are also present in Colors. 

    - Really short levels (although Colors has more of them)

    - Very linear and hallway-like 3D sections with little going on

    - An overuse of 2D over 3D

    - Slow and awkward platforming in 2D with little flow

    - A reliance on Wisp power-ups

    But most still would consider Colors a better game and it certainly did better critically. But why? What does Colors do better than Forces? Or DOES it do better than Forces? I'll admit, it's been a while since I played Colors all the way through, but the only things I can think of are: 

    - It's at least more focused than Forces on one gameplay style

    - I think they use the Wisps better

    - The Wisps were actually new and interesting ideas back then

    - The areas you visit are a lot more creative and beautiful (despite being on the Wii)

    - It came out during a time when people weren't sick of Boost gameplay

  5. 4 hours ago, Meta77 said:

    I mean it's cause people have different taste. My fav takeaway are people like grumps and jim people who usually don't care for sonic are actually just doing that. Having fun with the game and not flipping every table in a house they can find to complain.  But yea game grumps is a surprise.  I'm waiting to see how aqua road goes. That was the only stage in the entire game to give me issues

    Of course everyone has different tastes. It's just that, because we already know Arin's tastes, is why him enjoying the game is surprising. If he didn't care for Colors, Generations, or even Mania, I definitely didn't expect him to enjoy Forces. Unless the Avatar creation and Wispons are just that amusing. And to be fair, creating a dumb looking Avatar and seeing it in cutscenes is the one thing I'm most looking forward to when I finally get a chance to play. 

  6. 7 minutes ago, KHCast said:

    What about it does he find designed badly, and what is he liking about this ones design? That really confuses me, unless he prefers boost corridors, linearity, and dash panels everywhere. 

    That's exactly why it's bizarre to see him enjoying himself. Usually he jumps at the opportunity to shit on Sonic gameplay, and since he didn't like Gens or Colors, I figured this would be no different. I think the only other Sonic game he's ever "complimented" was Lost World as he said it was "not bad".

  7. Probably doesn't exactly count as a review, but this is seriously the most bizarre situation. While many of us and others on the internet are tearing into Sonic Forces, the Game Grumps who're all about hating on Sonic, even the classics and Mania, seem to be really enjoying Forces so far. :blink: 


  8. Hey, I noticed that in some footage of Forces, when playing as Sonic, he still drops his rings after getting hurt and can pick them back up. I thought in this game you could no longer pick up rings anymore and that was a special feature for the Hedgehog Avatar. Did they add that ability for Sonic in the day 1 patch? Isn't the Hedgehog Avatar's ability kinda useless now?

  9. I have one question. Why the hell is Silver here? How the hell is Silver here? Can he just jump to and from the future anytime he wants? Plus, if the story of Sonic 06 never actually happened, how does he know Sonic and friends? Silver never made sense to me. 

  10. Even if Forces doesn't do well review-wise, I doubt it'll actually do poorly in sales. Outside this forum, there are still plenty of Sonic fans really hyped for Forces and have stayed hyped with each new piece of info. For example, many people on Sonic Reddit are very excited and see themselves enjoying the game a lot, in spite of all the negatives others bring up. They're prepared to form their own opinion only after playing the game themselves (which, good on them, honestly). So if Forces does end up being yet another mediocre or bad Sonic game that the community will thoroughly discuss and make analysis videos on, that consensus will happen only after it's sold a bunch. 

  11. 4 hours ago, EmmBee said:

    If I had to guess, this thread was made in reaction to the rather positive Famitsu review of Forces. That's the only reasoning I could see behind it.

    That was one reason, yes. It just made me curious if Japanese fans just like Modern Sonic more because of the style and story or if they actually prefer the gameplay. I know a lot of us harp on the flaws of Boost gameplay and it just made me curious if Japanese gamers see it the same way or see it differently. 

  12. From what I can gather, Japanese players seem a lot more interested in Forces than they ever were for Mania. Why is that? From their perspective, what do they see in the game? Do they not see the same problems we're seeing? Do they not care? What about Forces' levels and gameplay appeals more so than Manias? I'm really curious.

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