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  1. GAAAAAAASP!!! Honestly, I do have some hope for Modern Sonic's gameplay. Classic Sonic and his levels are looking like Generations, but possibly worse. And coming right off the heels of Mania just makes Classic Sonic look even more unnecessary and inferior by comparison. The Avatar and their levels are looking like straight line, hallway, automation central coupled with clunky, awkward gadgets that have no flow and often halt movement. I HATE the Avatar. But Modern Sonic? I have hope. I have hope that his levels will allow a bit more freedom, alternate paths, and nice flow with level design similar to what you see in Generations like Sky Sanctuary, City Escape, and Seaside Hill. So that's 1 out of 3 gameplay styles I predict I'll have fun with. It's just like SA2.
  2. Okay, I really really hate the Avatar. This gameplay just cemented it.
  3. - Although a tid bit over dramatic, they are putting a good deal of effort into the story - After years, you finally get to play as Shadow again. - Some of the music is really good, but that's expected of Sonic.
  4. Yes! So much yes! I have no idea why it wasn't there in the first place. Seriously!
  5. Usually what kills me in a Boost game (Generations to be specific), are bottomless pits. Like if I jumped or mid-air dashed at a bad time or boosted in a bad place and fall off the stage. Enemies are just there to either slow you down or take away all the rings you've been collecting, both of which affect your score. They'll never actually kill you though, unless you're really really bad.
  6. Yeah, running forward through hallways is definitely present in most 3D Sonics, and Generations definitely has it. But in Generations, even though you're running through hallways in 3D, they're WIDE hallways with different options to go about them, like in Modern Sky Sanctuary for example. You could take the left side, the right side, even below, and each path leads to either different rewards or to a different part of the stage. For the most part, you're boosting forward at high-speed, but you're given more room and more options as a result. This is something I don't ever recall in Colors and am not seeing in Forces.
  7. I noticed that quite a few people on the site who're trashing Forces also just hate Boost gameplay in general. But I never hated Boost, in fact, Generations is probably my favorite 3D Sonic game. I recently went back and played a few Modern stages after a few years, and it was still really fun just as I remembered it. And on an extreme surface level, Forces pretty much looks like a Generations 2, and yet, I'm continually unimpressed and disappointed with what I see. I really do think it has everything to do with level design. It looks like a major step back from what you see in Generations. It actually reminds me more of Colors. I also went back and played a bit of Colors recently, and after the first world, I was kinda done with it. Forces just seems to be everything I disliked in Colors. Super linear and practically worthless 3D sections and 2D platforming sections that lack flow and are too blocky and platform heavy. And then there's Classic Sonic who, somehow, looks like he controls even less like true Genesis/Mega Drive Sonic than he did in Generations. All those boost pads and hidden bumpers placed about that try and poorly emulate Classic Sonic physics because the engine doesn't work really hurts my soul... Yes, on an extreme surface level, it looks like Generations. But it's really not. It's a huge step back, IMO. I mean, I'm still gonna buy it and maybe the final product is better than what we've seen. But honestly, when has a mainline Sonic game ever EVER looked disappointing in previews but ended up being better than we thought? Never. Usually it's the exact opposite where the game looks promising, but when you actually play it, the disappointment happens.
  8. Awww, that's cute. Sonic Team is trying to be like Sonic Mania-senpai. "Trying" being the keyword here, not succeeding... I think this level more than anything shows how Force's physics are just fucked and they're working around it to try and make it feel like the classics (hidden bumpers, boost pads, etc), rather than actually fix the engine. The result is something that just doesn't look or feel right.
  9. The Dunkey easter egg was kinda weird though. To have a random shout out to a Youtuber in an official Sonic game, I wouldn't doubt SEGA didn't like that. Imagine if in some Mario game, by inputting some very specific commands, you suddenly hear "Hey, I'm Grump! I'm Not So Grump! And we're the Game Grumps!" out of nowhere. That'd be freakin' weird.
  10. Pretty much what everyone else has said about Mania's level design having more flow and less cheap obstacles that halt your movement than the classics, I also agree with, and is a big reason why Mania is my current favorite.
  11. Yeah, his reasoning is definitely flawed and hypocritical, but I don't think the series show go back to Adventure-style either. To be perfectly honest, I enjoy the Boost gameplay more than Adventure-style. I've realized that like 90% of my enjoyment for Sonic Adventure is nostalgia based rather than me actually enjoying the level design and how Sonic controls. I've also realized that like 99.99999999% of my enjoyment of Sonic Adventure 2 is purely Chao World. ProJared nailed it for me about my enjoyment on that game. I love taking care of the Chao, and whenever I need to get stuff for them, I play through Sonic or Shadow stages because they're the most fun and I never touch the others. So if they make a new 3D Sonic, the only thing I'd want them to bring back from Adventure 1 and 2 are Chao Gardens. But the core gameplay should be something different.
  12. Certainly, but I guess I'm thinking about the people that like to use this as a way to spread the idea that the Sonic series was always awful and shame those that enjoy the series.
  13. Anybody else think the lighting on Sonic looks really off? Actually, the lighting in the cutscenes in general seem odd.
  14. With the Mean Bean boss though, I thought they did a good job with it because Eggman is such an awful Mean Bean player (even worse than me, and that's saying something). Once you figure out the basic concept of "match four", then bam, you've won. The intricate combos of Puyo Puyo are completely unnecessary. And I'm sure the developers made Eggman so easy in that fight because they knew not everyone has played Mean Bean or Puyo Puyo.
  15. Personally, I found it to be the easiest and most forgiving game in the classic series, but I've watched several playthroughs of Mania where people were having so much trouble with it and getting super frustrated. ZackScott is a good example. He tried keeping a positive attitude, but I could tell he was losing his patience with the game and not having that much fun. The only times he was having fun were the speedy sections when he didn't have to actually do much. But I can't tell if he just sucks or if I'm just seeing it that way because I'm a Sonic veteran while he and others like him are newcomers. Are classic Sonic's mechanics something that's difficult for newcomers to wrap their heads around? Because frustration is something I've been seeing a lot with newcomers. When they get hit or die, it's rarely a "Oops. Okay, let's try that again." but rather a "Oh come on!! What was that!?" But I'm thinking if he and others had so much trouble with Mania, then games like Sonic 1, 2, and 3&K would eat them alive. I personally found those games to be much harder with more jerkish enemy and trap placements (especially crushers, which ZackScott HATED in Mania). As a Sonic veteran, I found Mania to be pretty easy, but to the average gamer, is it actually really hard? And what would that make the other classics? Brutally unforgiving?
  16. I'm fine with crushers being an insta-kill, but I'm NOT fine with how easily it is to get crushed, even if it doesn't look like you should have. Just the slightest pinch will kill Sonic, and yeah, it's something that I see newcomers get super frustrated with and get turned off from Sonic.
  17. So since Mania is out on all platforms and I'm sure most of us have played it now, I was wondering, if you were to rate the Classic series, how would you list them from best to...not best. For me, after a lot of thinking and replaying S3&K real quick, I think I have my order. Mania > S3&K > Sonic 1 > Sonic 2 > Sonic CD 1. Mania - I feel it has the best level design, the most fun and interesting bosses, best special stages, and overall presentation is excellent. 2. S3&K - It's pretty good, but it does have its fair share or jerkish enemy placement and traps that you can't see coming. The one major thing it does better than Mania is 3. Sonic 1 - A little too platform heavy and more slow going, but I feel more in control as a result and levels rarely feel unfair. 4. Sonic 2 - It's got jerkish enemy placement and traps galore. Along with awful special stages, it makes Super Sonic runs a nightmare to playthrough. This guy pretty much explains exactly how I feel. 5. Sonic CD - I just don't like the level design at all... And the Past/Future mechanic is so annoying, I never even bother.
  18. This is really less of a VS and just a "why Mania is better than Sonic 4" video.
  19. Ah. Well I have the Switch version, so... lol
  20. Does getting all gold medallions even unlock anything?
  21. Oh my god, that explains EVERYTHING!!! Honestly, seeing Sonic Team's philosophy on good level design would be legitimately intriguing. We may finally understand where they're coming from, and even better, able to know exactly how to counter their views. "So you think THIS, eh Sonic Team? Well let me tell you why that's NOT good."
  22. I feel like I should replay Sonic 3 and Knuckles before deciding if Mania is my favorite Sonic game or not. I remember enjoying 3&K a lot, but getting super annoyed at jerkish enemy placement and speedy segments that ended in Sonic running right into a spike trap or enemy that you couldn't see coming unless you had the stage memorized, almost as if the game punishes you for gong fast. Mania had almost none of this, which is why I think I might like it better, but it has been like 3 years since the last time I played 3&K. Maybe it'll be different from how I remember.
  23. Anyone else feel the entirety of Mirage Saloon Zone Act 1 is kinda glitchy? You can easily spin dash off the plane at some parts or get killed by the screen scrolling too fast. ZackScott is such a Sonic newbie it's hard to watch sometimes, but I can't really blame his frustration on this stage.
  24. I've been trying to put my finger on why exactly it is that I'm so unimpressed and not excited for Forces, when I do genuinely enjoy boost gameplay and Generations is probably my favorite 3D Sonic game. Like, I do think there's merit and legit fun to be had with a gameplay style where you're boosting through a level at mach speed while doing quick, reaction-based platforming. It's not like the classics at all, but it's not trying to be and it's still fun. Hell, some might even prefer that. I've been watching a few videos of Sonic newbies playing Mania because of all the hype, and they'd make comments like "Oh, I love the parts where you go fast" or "I like the fast parts. I wish it was JUST that the whole time". And I'm just thinking they'd probably really like the Rush games and Generations then. But then there's Forces...why is it so underwhelming? Like I wanna say because from what we've seen the levels are TOO linear and corridor-like, but Generations had levels like that too like Green Hill and Rooftop Run, and yet I find those levels way more interesting.
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