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  1. I love Park Avenue (Custom) and Infinite's Theme. That's about it though. I liked Fist Bump without the lyrics.
  2. Oh my god, NOO!! Please tell me we can switch between US and JP/EU versions of the song if we want.
  3. Thanks so much for the feedback! And yeah, you're probably right. Specifically mentioning Sonic 06 isn't really necessary.
  4. I really really hope the HBH return in a future Sonic game. How great would it be to see 3D models of them!? My favorites were Heavy Gunner and Heavy Shinobi, because I found their boss fights to be the most fun and not too easy either.
  5. So I gotta ask you guys' opinion on something. I recently wrote a review for Sonic Mania, but do you think I criticized past Sonic games too much? I feel like I only mentioned them briefly just to emphasis what a great accomplishment Mania is after so long, but some comments on Reddit don't like how I make those comparisons. I dunno, what do you think? I also tried not to say that a game straight up sucked, just that it generally wasn't well received. I'm honestly curious so I'll know what to do better next time.
  6. It's a mixture of Modern and Classic. I like the Modern Sonic characters and their personalities, but I like the Classic game world because I find it more colorful and inventive.
  7. Sonic Mania has not decreased my enjoyment of games like Generations, Colors, Rush series, and Advance series, even if Mania is fantastic. If anything, it's made me look back at Sonic 2 and S3&K and made me remember how some of the levels weren't designed the greatest. I don't think it's fair to look at the newer games and say they suck because they aren't like the classics because they aren't trying to be, they're trying to be something different. I can also see Modern fans taking shots at Mania too by saying it's mostly rehashed stages and doesn't do anything new. To that I say, sometimes a game doesn't have to innovate or do something totally new to be great. Sometimes it just has to perfect an already existing formula, which Mania does IMO.
  8. I have a bad feeling that as more and more people praise Mania as the best Sonic game in years, there will inevitably be contrarians that spring up and try to emphasis any shortcomings of Mania and say it's nothing special or new.
  9. It is...really interesting watching a total Sonic noob play Sonic. I think the physics of classic Sonic were really getting to him.
  10. The music is the only thing making me nostalgic. I missed the rock and heavy metal with vocals in Sonic games. And Infinite's over the top edginess does bring a smile to my face. I hate what they did to Green Hill Zone though. Not only does it not look right, but they changed the music too. That's not the Green Hill Zone I know. If this is what they're gonna do to all the other classic stages, I'm not looking forward to it.
  11. So I know some of us are tired of seeing so many returning concepts in Sonic games lately and would like them to do something new, but what are some elements of Sonic that you don't think you'd ever get tired of and wouldn't mind seeing again in future titles? For me: - I know this is gonna be a controversial one and I'm clearly in the minority but...Green Hill Zone. I know people are sick of seeing it everywhere, but I LOVE Green Hill Zone. I have so many fond memories of that stage and the music, oh my GOD, the music! I don't really like hearing that Forces will supposedly have returning stages once again, but Green Hill Zone is one exception. I never mind seeing it implemented in games. It's like Whispy Woods from Kirby. It's always the first boss, but I never mind fighting him. - I will never get tired of fighting Metal Sonic with Stardust Speedway playing as the battle theme. Every time it happens, I'm always so pumped! If there's a Metal Sonic fight in Forces and Stardust Speedway doesn't play, I'm gonna be pretty disappointed... - I'll never get tired of the 3 elemental shields. I'd love to see them implemented in a full 3D Sonic. - Another controversial one. I'll never get tired of Shadow. I really wanna play as him again. I think he has the potential to be a really fun playable character if done right. Just no guns, please.
  12. Hmm... Well obviously the fact that there are more returning zones than new ones, granted I do love what they did to the old ones mostly. The only exception would be Hydrocity Zone Act 2. Usually the Act 2 stages is where they really mix things up for classic zones, but Hydrocity Zone's really didn't feel all that new. Act 1 felt more new than Act 2 actually. I also really wish the transitions between zones was more consistent. Sometimes they explain how Sonic got to each zone and sometimes they don't. It makes the story confusing.
  13. Fatigue has a lot to do with it for me. Mania came out 6 years after Generations. By that point, I'm okay with experiencing old stages in a new way again, especially when they're done as well as Mania does it. But even then, I think most people would agree that more new stages in Mania would've been preferred. Now, Forces is looking to do it AGAIN. I JUST finished Mania and now we're gonna go through the whole "experience classic stages" again only a few months later? I got my nostalgic fix with Mania, so I was really hoping for something NEW with Forces. This also makes the whole "this isn't Generations 2" statement even more BS than it already was.
  14. So it really is Generations 2... Ugh. I seriously am getting tired of returning stages and nostalgia being a huge component of Sonic games. I've already done this twice, I don't wanna do it again, especially only a few months after the second time. A few callbacks here and there or maybe one or two retro stages that fit into the story's narrative in a meaningful way is fine, but please don't make it a driving force.
  15. I just watched the E3 trailer for Forces and yep, Infinite makes the exact same sounds as the Phantom Ruby. Wow, I'm suddenly really excited for Forces now.
  16. I see some people have already brought it up. I was also confused by how some stages transition and where exactly Sonic is sometimes. Like, the ending makes me believe that from Stardust Speedway going forward, the game took place on Little Planet. But right after Stardust, you're somehow in Hydrocity Zone. Isn't that on Angel Island? How'd Sonic get there and how'd he get back to Little Planet again at the end? Also, regarding the final boss as Super Sonic, were Eggman and Heavy King fighting over the Phantom Ruby? How come? Isn't Heavy King working for Eggman?
  17. Not sure if anyone posted this but...
  18. How accurate/trustworthy is VGChartz? I'm not sure because their sales numbers for certain games differ from other sources. Like, apparently Sonic 1 sold over 15 million worldwide, but VGChartz says only 4.34 million. But if VGChartz is somewhat accurate, then Sonic Generations, on PS3 at least, only sold 21,530 copies in Japan in its lifetime. That's less than N. Sane Trilogy sold in a month in Japan, which is considered a bomb. Like, I'm honestly wondering why SEGA even bothers marketing and releasing Sonic in Japan if their audience just does not care. Isn't it costing them money?
  19. Another question I suppose. How is Sonic's popularity in Korea? From what I understand, console and handheld gaming in general isn't very popular there. They prefer PC gaming, especially competitive ones like Starcraft, LoL, Overwatch, etc. And yet I'm seeing a Korean playthrough of Sonia Mania right now with much more views than any Japanese gameplay video I've found. Was the game even officially released there? I know Youtube views probably isn't the best way of measuring a game's popularity, but it's all I've really got to go on at the moment.
  20. If Crash Bandicoot bombed, I'd imagine Mania bombing even harder. At least I see a few Japanese Youtubers playing N. Sane Trilogy with a good number of views. I'm seeing nothing for Mania on the Japanese side. Ironic because it seems like Mania was advertised way better than Crash was.
  21. I dunno... It really feels like SEGA of Japan is doing their damnedest to promote this game, but it just doesn't seem to be grabbing people. Any Sonic Mania related video (or Sonic video in general) that's targeted at a Japanese audience usually has really low views, and a good chunk of those views are Westerners anyway. I see hardly any Japanese gamers talking about it on Twitter. Is Sonic really that unpopular in Japan? Makes me sad because this game is phenomenal so far.
  22. I freakin LOVED Utopia. It's definitely got room for some polish, but honestly, it's pretty much exactly what I wanna see from a 3D Sonic. I don't even dislike the Modern Boost gameplay, but after experiencing Utopia, it's hard going back.
  23. Heyheyheyheyheyheyhey leave Kirby outta this!
  24. I know you can still die, but the benefit to ring collecting was so when you get hit, there's not just one ring you gotta chase after, you have a bunch you can pick back up. But if they all just disappear upon getting hit now, what's the point of rings? Might as well go full Mario and give Sonic 2-hits via mushrooms since that's essentially how rings work now.
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