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  1. A bit of a topic change, but is it really true that in Forces, you can no longer pick up your rings when you get hit? You just lose all of them and that's it? WHY!!? What's even the point of collecting rings then?
  2. But I feel like if that does happen and SEGA's reaction is "From now on, we'll focus on 2D Sonic games and not 3D.", that will also be met with extreme backlash. Remember how people were really disappointed with Mania's initial reveal because they thought that it was the BIG Sonic game Sonic Team had been working on for years? People only warmed up to Mania because they soon found out it wasn't the only Sonic game we were getting. That to me was a clear sign that if SEGA decides to focus on 2D Sonic design in the future, the fanbase will not be happy about that.
  3. The vocals are the only thing I dislike. I think it could be better if they added more echoes or harmonics. As it is now, it really just sounds like a guy singing to an already made song rather than the vocals and instrumentals working together. But hey, what do I know? I don't know crap about music.
  4. So I'm hearing so much mixed reception for Sonic Forces and I'm wondering how Sonic Team is feeling right now. Like, after Colors and Generations, quite a few people were saying they want more control over Sonic to run around freely instead of running in a straight line like a car. Their answer to that was Lost World, but that game got tons of criticism. I can't tell you how many people were saying stuff like "Sonic Team, what're you doing? You had a winning formula with Colors and Generations. Why fix what's not broken? Just give us a Generations 2." Sooo, in comes Sonic Forces which is pretty much Generations 2, and it's getting a lot of negative reception for being way too similar to Generations and not trying anything new. I understand why people feel this way, I even kinda feel the same way too, but I can just imagine how frustrated Sonic Team must be. And I can guarantee you that if Mania gets far more praise by the fanbase and SEGA decides to focus strictly on 2D Sonic from now on since that's obviously what the fans like, there's gonna be tons of backlash and disappointment. It'll be like when people were upset at Mania's initial announcement because they thought it was the big game SEGA had been working on for years. It's like no matter what they do, fans will criticize and say "this isn't what we wanted". I thinking people have legitimate complaints though and I do feel similar. I do think Classic Sonic and the 2D sections are unnecessary, especially with Mania coming soon which will undoubtedly offer a better and truer to form 2D experience. I do think the boost gameplay will get a little old with the linear level designs they've been showing. And I don't think the Avatar character is really adding anything substantial in terms of gameplay elements. They're basically just Modern Sonic with awkward and clunky looking gadgets. However, if I were to tell Sonic Team this and their response was "But isn't this what you wanted?" I wouldn't be able to say "No" flat out. After Generations, I did want them to do another game similar to it, just not exactly in the ways I'm seeing in Sonic Forces.
  5. That wasn't the issue. I was playing with a 360 controller through an OTG cable.
  6. So I heard such great things about the mobile versions of Sonic 1 and 2 so I decided to purchase them. I was especially influenced since Christian Whitehead did these two games and he'll be doing Sonic Mania as well. I've played through Sonic 1 a few times. Maybe not as much as most Sonic fans, but enough that I knew what I was doing. But, I noticed I was having a harder time in certain areas than I used to. I especially noticed this in Scrap Brain Zone Act 3. I can usually get through that stage in one go, but I was dying constantly. So I tried playing the 3DS version of Sonic 1 to see if maybe it's just me, but I breezed through it no problem. Then I went back to mobile and again, I was having issues. Then I did one final check with the original Genesis version and it played exactly like the 3DS version. I dunno what happened, but I think the mobile version is harder. Here are a few things I noticed. Sonic moves particularly slower underwater both on ground and jumping. He's also a bit more slippery too, causing me to slip off edges into spikes quite often when that wasn't an issue before. Worst of all, and the most noticeable, the bubble patches take longer to spawn big bubbles. In the original, I didn't have to be that careful and could skip a bubble patch and be fine when I found the next one. But on mobile, I had to stop at every one. Often times when I traveled from one bubble patch to the next, I'd miss it and drown by just a second because I wasted time killing just one enemy. So I'd have to haul butt after the next bubble patch or I'd drown, and even then I'd barely make it. That never mattered in the original. Also, as far as controls go, I can't blame the mobile touch screen because I was using an OTG cable to play on an Xbox 360 controller. Has anyone else noticed this? Why was this changed?
  7. Wow, I missed a lot! But I do wanna say one thing since I saw Sonic Adventure being compared to games like Super Mario 64, OoT, Crash, and Spyro. I won't say much about Crash and Spyro since I haven't played those games in a long time, but are we really comparing the aging of Super Mario 64 and OoT to Sonic Adventure?? Those two games haven't aged NEARLY as badly as Sonic Adventure, come on now! They have a few bugs, but they aren't as big of a technical mess as Sonic Adventure. There are glitches people like to exploit for speedruns, but you have to really know what you're doing to pull them off, while in Sonic Adventure there are times when you have to be careful of glitches that might just happen. I still feel like 64 and OoT still hold up to this day because they play how they're supposed to. They're solid and technically sound. The "aging" could be argued for their graphics and core design (which I still think are decent, ESPECIALLY for the time they were released, they were revolutionary), but Sonic Adventure's graphics and core design are also accompanied by tons of technical issues that games even older than it were able to get right. People can still enjoy Sonic Adventure despite all the flaws, but I would not say that games like Mario 64 and OoT are just as bad....
  8. Who are you!? Who are you!? Who are you!? Who are you!?
  9. I might've already mentioned this (can't remember) but I seem to love Sonic 1 for most of the reasons a lot of people don't. I actually like all the platforming sections and don't mind taking my time and going slow. What I like most about the game is that it taught me more than any other Sonic game how important rolling into a ball is and using your momentum to help you succeed. It felt like a platformer where you played as a pinball that could walk/run. But it seems like as the series went on, they gradually focused more and more on speed and kinda ditched the rolling pinball mechanic of Sonic.
  10. I think it's impossible for the general gaming audience to view Sonic as anything other than a bad series at this point. There are even a growing amount of people saying Sonic was never good to begin with, that even the Genesis games were badly designed. I don't think there's anything that can save Sonic. At best, Sonic Team could release a good Sonic game that'll make a fair number of Sonic fans happy while the rest of the gaming audience sees that it's Sonic and automatically think it's bad. They'll watch some gameplay with the mindset that it's bad and unconsciously nitpick at things they don't like in what they see while completely ignoring what the game does right.
  11. Y'know, I was defending Arin against the people saying he was trying to mess up and exploit glitches on purpose to make the game look bad (I mean, it is bad, but worse), but after today's episode......yeah, I think they might be right. I'm not sure how much more of this series I can take. I've watched every episode of Game Grumps since the beginning so it'd be weird to stop now. But this series just isn't fun. They're just constantly crapping on the game with unfunny jokes and nothing productive to add. Have a conversation or something... -_-;
  12. Okay, so I decided to do a little test on that wall loop part to see just how easy it is to run into that glitch. I tried two methods of approaching, both to me seemed like logical things a player would do when in this situation. One method is simply holding the analog stick forward to continue going forward. The other method is to turn the analog stick in a similar way to how the road itself curves; so holding forward, then tilting left and then right. I tried each three times. 1. Holding forward: All three times, I made it through just fine. Sonic jittered a bit a few times and it looked like the wall was trying to suck him in, but he made it out fine. 2. Holding the analog stick in the way that the road curves: Two out of three times, the wall glitch got me. It basically looked exactly like how it did when Arin got the glitch. Sonic slowed down, got sucked into the wall, and died. I then tried a method that DOESN'T make sense. I tried slowing down and stopping at that part like many are claiming Arin did to make that glitch happen on purpose. When I tried this, Sonic just slowed to a stopped. The wall didn't pull him in, he just stopped. Then when I held forward and got him moving again, he made it through just fine. I tried this twice. With this, I really don't think Arin slowed down and tried to get the glitch on purpose. He likely tried the second method of holding and tilting the analog stick in the direction that the road curves, which makes sense for a player to do that. I tried all this on the Steam port of the game. I wish I could test it out on Dreamcast, but sadly my old Dreamcast won't read discs anymore.
  13. I also agree that Sonic Adventure needs a remake. It desperately needs one. And they need to change a LOT of stuff to make it presentable by today's standards.
  14. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Yes! This is the reason why I used GG as an example. I'm well aware of how stupid the Grumps can be, but I can't honestly blame them for what happened in the video. These are issues that anyone could run into playing the game for the first time.
  15. I'd usually agree that Game Grumps isn't a good source on a game's quality either because they really can make some good games look bad/boring. But with this game...I just feel like this could easily be someone's first experience with the game, not just Game Grumps. Say someone wanted to play a retro Sonic game, during the era that many claim to be good times, and stuff like what happened in the video happen to them. I think it could easily happen because 1. Sonic isn't the easiest to control, especially when the game's trying to transition him from on-rails to free roaming and vice versa. I specifically remember years ago when me and my brother were really little, back when the game first came out, and my brother said "Wow! This is awesome! Sonic's so fast I can hardly control him!" I wanna go back in time and tell my brother's younger self that that's not a good thing... And 2. Like I said before, that wall-glitch and many other glitches can happen pretty easily. The game isn't very stable. I suppose I'm using GG as an example because they properly showcased all the game's problems that one could experience in the first 10 minutes, not because I care about their opinions specifically. Before even watching, I knew that they'd make fun of the voice acting, character animation, graphics, and I knew that they'd run into that wall glitch, because these can easily be someone's first impressions of the game. I don't feel like it's a unique GG reaction.
  16. I like Sonic Adventure for nostalgic reasons, but purely for nostalgic reasons. As I grew up, I fully became aware that it hasn't aged well. I feel like it's The King of Not-Aged-Well. I remember this game was amazing back then, but looking at it now, it's kind of a mess... It has so many problems that even games older than it did better. I think I loved it so much back then simply because it was Sonic in 3D and the graphics looked amazing back then. I'm bringing this up because today Game Grumps decided to start a playthrough of the game. Immediately I knew that this wouldn't be good... When they played through Sonic 3, for the most part, I did think they were being a bit too nitpicky. But with this, even though it pained me to hear them crap all over the game, I couldn't properly defend anything they were saying (except when Arin died on Chaos Zero......really Arin?). Some people are saying the wall-glitch was forced and done on purpose, but from my experience, it can easily happen. If you're not holding up on the analog stick or holding it in a weird direction, you clip through the wall. I know it can easily be avoided by just holding up...but a glitch that severe should NOT happen simply because the player forgot to hold up. A glitch like that should only happen if something really strange occurred or if the player REALLY forced it to work. A game shouldn't be so unstable that a glitch like that can occur by one simple mistake. Edit: I suppose I'm using GG as an example because they properly showcased all the game's problems that one could experience in the first 10 minutes, not because I care about their opinions specifically. Before even watching, I knew that they'd make fun of the voice acting, character animation, graphics, and I knew that they'd run into that wall glitch, because these can easily be someone's first impressions of the game. I don't feel like it's a unique GG reaction. But I know there are people who do still believe it's a good game, and I'm wondering what it is that draws you guys to it so much and what it is the game did so well.
  17. So our whining is so loud that it can be heard all the way in Japan? Nice! XD
  18. I don't know why, but I always saw Sonic as a very Japanese creation. I guess his design is supposed to appeal to Westerners, but I kinda saw him as one of those energetic hero characters in anime with the crazy spiky hair...only in animal form. And then you got Shadow who's basically the dark, brooding version of the hero with crazier hair, which is a trope you see all the time in Japanese stuff like manga and games.
  19. Considering they're still making Sonic games and other merchandise and they make them far more frequently than other games that no one claims to be dead, I'd say....no. Sonic isn't dead. It's not like he's Crash Bandicoot who hasn't had a main series game in 7 years.
  20. There's blind hate, but there's also blind love. I am a Sonic fan, but if I see something I don't like come from Sonic, then I'm not just gonna be positive about it because it's Sonic. For the most part, I consider myself a pretty optimistic Sonic fan. After all these years of bad games and Sonic turning into a joke by the gaming community, I'm still on Sonic's side and looking forward to new Sonic games....games that look promising that is. I just don't give a crap about the Sonic Boom universe is all. If SEGA announced a new main series Sonic game, I'd probably get pretty excited. I know plenty of Sonic fans that would still be super cynical. I'm not a classic fan or a modern fan, I'm just a Sonic fan. There are games in the series I like, dislike, and find questionable. This is how I go about any series or product that I like. Nothing's perfect and it's important to talk about the bad too.
  21. I mean I did eventually beat Carnival Night Zone after just a couple tries, I just didn't enjoy it at all. The levels after that were much more fun though. They were more open, had more speedy segments as well as platforming elements that I enjoyed, and I was able to find different paths and areas much easier
  22. Arin can make any game he plays look flawed. I don't think I've ever seen anyone play Mario 64 that badly. I generally don't agree with Arin's opinion on game design either. I even disagree with his Mega Man X video to an extent, considering through experience, I know not everyone can easily learn and pick up on things just from the game trying to push you in that direction. Some people learn in different ways. Some people do need to be told exactly what they can do and what to do in certain situations through tutorials. Doesn't mean that they're dumb, they just learn differently. With Sonic, I can understand a few of his complaints. Like, I do think the traps in Sonic3&K is kinda BS. Stuff does come out of nowhere that you couldn't see coming and the Spin Dash can get you into a lot of trouble sometimes. I also hate levels that're way too claustrophobic and riddled with stuff that bumps you around because it doesn't feel like I'm in control. It kinda feels like the game's bullying me. It forces me to go very slowly and try not to run into anything dangerous, but then I end up running out of time... (particularly in Carnival Night Zone) But Arin also complains about some of the stupidest stuff though. Like, in one of the videos, Jirard messed up and fell down in Ice Cap Zone, forcing him to redo what he did and climb back up. Arin commented how that was stupid that he had to redo everything. No...no, it isn't. Of course if someone messes up and falls from a high place, he'll have to do it again. It's called punishment for messing up! Then he nitpicks about the background being too blue and matching Sonic's color, calling the enemy's slow moving spike attacks stupid, and calling bad game design when Jirard was "forced" to fall on an enemy and get hurt. There was nothing forced about that. He landed straight on the enemy when he could've...oh I dunno...avoided it.
  23. Okay, so here's something I noticed about Sonic 3's level design that kind of irked me. I was playing Carnival Night Zone. That level is so filled with bumpers and springs in claustrophobic areas that I'm always getting bumped around and Sonic becomes difficult to control. So I try to go slow and steady so I don't get bumped around so much. Plus, a lot of times when I try to go fast, I just run into a trap or, even worse, a glitch that gets me crushed. But...by going slow, I end up running out of time and die. So if I go fast, I get pushed all over the place and risk running into a death trap, but if I go slow, I'll run out of time.
  24. I feel like what set Sonic apart from other platformers wasn't necessarily his speed, but the pinball-esque physics along with the speed that came with it. That's one thing they just couldn't replicate in 3D Sonic games, the pinball physics. They instead focused on straight up speed and platforming. It worked sometimes...sometimes.
  25. ^I remember he said he believes the only reason Sonic is so popular is because of his character design...
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