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  1. ^I never said he was, that's what Arin said. But even so, Sonic WAS advertised for his speed, so it's not unreasonable for people to expect that in his games. And to those people like Arin, if Sonic isn't about speed, what is he about?
  2. So I was watching today's episode of Grumpcade and they were playing Sonic 3 and Knuckles. Arin (Egoraptor) has stated many times how much he dislikes Sonic, and in this episode he explains a bit why. Like how he doesn't like how in a game about speed, it halts the player for some slow platforming segments where you can't go fast. He also said that going fast itself isn't even a proper mechanic, it's just a thing you can do (which doesn't make sense to me honestly). Now, I generally disagree with Arin's opinions on game design and I kinda do here too. I don't mind platforming in Sonic at all. It switches things up and keeps the game from just being "hold right and go fast". A good balance of platforming is a good thing to me. However, in the same episode, Ross did bring up something that DOES really annoy me in classic Sonics, particularly in Sonic 3 and Knuckles. There are a lot of times when you have moments of true speed and it feels great. But then, all of a sudden, you run into a hazard that's impossible for anyone to see coming unless they've memorized the level. How is that fair? It's even more irritating when you're collecting a crap ton of rings to become Super Sonic while you're in this speedy segment and it's all taken away from something you couldn't predict. Go to 2:43 for an example. The game punishes you for going fast. In Sonic 1 though, I felt it was much more manageable. It's been a while since I played it, but I remember whenever I felt something might be in my way, I'd roll into a ball. Sonic 1 really really taught me how important rolling into a ball was and how important building momentum was. If a random enemy would be in my way, just roll into a ball and you're protected. But I feel like it's far less important in Sonic 3 and K though. Because in the example I pointed out, being in a ball didn't help. Sonic still got hit. And the fact that there was a crusher right before that spike ball tells the player that they need to rush passed the crusher, but rushing will cause Sonic to fall into the spike ball trap. It's just...rude. And because you have the Spin Dash, it encourages these kinds of actions. Building up speed, rushing forward, and falling into a trap. Honestly, even though a lot of people say Sonic 1 is the weakest in the classic Genesis era, it might actually be my favorite for those reasons. It's more platform heavy than the others, but I fall into stupid traps far less often because of the way the levels are designed. It feels less chaotic and more focused, even if it is less speedy. But when there is speed, it's good speed. And the fact that you have no Spin Dash forces players to be careful, while having the Spin Dash encourages reckless behavior. I really think levels need to be designed with the Spin Dash in mind and not punish those that want a burst of speed. I know I haven't mentioned Sonic 2, but it's simply because it's been soooo long since I played that I don't remember much. I just remember raging at the special stages...
  3. Meh. It does seem like SEGA uses that song more often, but I personally never liked it too much. The chorus sounds like someone singing into a cheap microphone inside of an empty, echo-y garage. Now that I think about it.....I've realized that I just never cared for SA2's soundtrack in general. I'm looking at my MP3 player, and City Escape's the only SA2 song I got on there, and I usually skip it anyway. Huh...
  4. I really liked how in Sonic Generations, if you went up to characters like Metal Sonic, Shadow, and Silver, their own personal themes started playing. I've always liked in video games when a character had their own theme song attached to their names. It made me think, what are the Sonic character's themes? It's not that easy of a question because.....they've got a lot of themes, especially Sonic. How do you pick just one to represent that character? If they made a new Sonic game with several different playable characters, each having their own theme, which theme do you think would be best for each character? For some characters that have only had one theme specifically for them, the answer would be easy. But what about characters that have multiple ones? Sonic: For Sonic, I'd personally choose "It Doesn't Matter", specifically the SA1 version because I always liked that one better. I'm not that big a fan of what they did to the song in SA2. "His World" would be my second choice. Tails: "Believe In Myself", again, the SA1 version. Knuckles: "Unknown from M.E."....SA1 version. Shadow: For Shadow, I'd choose "All Hail Shadow", Sonic 06 version. I know "I Am All of Me" makes more sense, considering that's the main theme of his very own game, but I just personally like All Hail Shadow better. Besides, his name's in it. With the other characters, they seem to have only had one theme attached to their name or it seems like SEGA's already decided which song they like for that character. Like, Eggman's got this.
  5. So far, I've only unlocked Sonic and Tails as characters. But I have a question. Does anyone enjoy playing as Tails or feel like he's actually beneficial? I dunno, I much prefer Sonic. The main thing about Tails is that he can fly, but considering Sonic can triple jump in this game, it really doesn't make flying matter too much. Plus, when Sonic jumps, he's always curled in a ball and can attack. When Tails flies though, he's vulnerable to getting hit. It makes fighting enemies and Eggman harder...
  6. I consider myself a pretty loyal Sonic fan. As long as Sonic is alive, I'll pay attention to him and I'll always hope that his next game is a good one. But I'm also not a blind fanboy either. If Sonic is bad, he's bad and I'll definitely say it. I don't want to see Sonic die, I want him to be one of the greats. But that requires good games. Sonic Boom to me isn't looking too good. I've watched E3 coverage of the game and I keep hearing about the bad frame rate, glitches, and slow pace. People say it'll be better when it's finally released, but I doubt it. My main problems with the game come from the core gameplay which I doubt they'll change. I don't have much hope at all for Boom and I can't say I'm interested in the slightest. I'm personally waiting for the next core Sonic game from the modern Sonic universe. Part of me hopes that Boom will fail so SEGA realizes Boom was a terrible idea. But another part of me fears that if Boom fails, then SEGA might just give up on Sonic, thinking that "If a whole new universe wasn't enough to save Sonic, nothing can."
  7. I started playing Sonic 3 Complete and I must say, it is awesome. No glitches so far, even when I'm Super Sonic. I also dig the music customization.
  8. I understand that no game is perfect and they all have bugs, but I guess my problem is how frequently I ran into them in S3K. Compared to games like Super Mario World or Super Mario 64, from my own personal experience, I never encountered a serious glitch or bug unless I was deliberately trying. If I just played the games normally, I ran into no glitches. S3K on the other hand, I casually run into glitches by just playing the game. Everything I mentioned happened as a result of me just playing the game, not wanting to find any glitches. I don't want to start any kind of Mario vs Sonic debate (I do like Sonic as a character more than Mario), but when playing a game like Mario, I can tell it was much more solidly made. Maybe I should give this Sonic 3 Complete a try. I just kind of wish fixes like this were official and not just a hack... And I think I will agree that S3K was the buggiest of the classics, because while I recall running into bugs in Sonic 1 and 2, they weren't nearly as frequent and didn't hurt my overall experience. Sonic 1 might actually be my favorite classic title and I don't know why....
  9. It's just that the glitches and how frequent they happen (at least for me) really makes the game feel broken and unstable, despite having neat levels, music, and features. I hate that feeling of playing a game extremely cautiously because I'm afraid of setting off a random glitch, I got that same feeling playing Sonic 06. Even though I heard from people that Sonic 1 had mediocre level design, at least I didn't run into nearly as many glitches. If I died, I felt responsible. I didn't feel like the game cheated me because of bad programming... I think this game needs a re-release Christian Whitehead-style where everything's more polished and the glitches are fixed. If it weren't for the bugs, this could easily be my favorite Sonic game.
  10. So it's pretty common knowledge that Sonic 06 is a terrible game, one big reason being because of how unfinished and glitchy it is. In fact, a lot of modern Sonic games are glitchy like Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, Sonic Heroes, Shadow the Hedgehog, and even Generations has a few. The classic Sonic fans often use these kind of reasons to justify why they think modern Sonic sucks and classic Sonic is the best. But.....I played Sonic 3 and Knuckles recently and...that game's pretty dang glitchy too. I've run into multiple glitches without even trying and even though the game is part of my childhood and I want to love it, the bullcrap glitches really keep me from saying I had a totally positive experience with the game. Heck, I didn't even have this much trouble in Sonic 1. Let me name a few I ran into in Sonic 3 and Knuckles: - There are a few graphical glitches I often see like when playing as Knuckles, when I'm supposed to be fighting the EggRobo, it shows Eggman's head on a robot instead or just a graphical mess. Speaking of graphical messes, often on the continue screen, Sonic or Knuckles turn into a graphical spritey mess when I hit continue. - Once I was playing as Knuckles in Lava Reef Zone. I was doing just fine until I somehow fell tightly in between a spring and spikes. I was clearly not supposed to fit in between them and ended up getting stuck. I couldn't move at all. Knuckles just ran in place for a few seconds until he died as if he got crushed. That really ticked me off because it wasn't my fault I died. - Once I was Hyper Sonic in Hydrocity Zone 2. I was standing on one of those tall purple cylinder things that make you spin a little. It was about to lead me into some spikes, but since I was Hyper Sonic, I figured I'd be fine and just get pushed off. But no. The moment I touched the spikes, I died as if I got crushed. Even if I was normal Sonic, I should've just gotten hit and lost rings, there should've been no crushing involved. - In Marble Garden Zone 2, I came to the end level boss where you fight in the sky with Tails. On the ground, I got a few hits on Eggman before he broke the ground like he should and flew into the air. After that, I was supposed to reappear on screen with Tails carrying me. I sat there waiting, but no Tails. I was nowhere on screen, but the fight was still going on. Occasionally, Eggman would go down and try to attack me, but get hit instead. So I was stuck on the bottom of the screen and I couldn't do anything. Minutes later, Eggman finally died after attempting to hit me enough times. The capsule appeared on screen, but since I was stuck on the bottom of the screen, I couldn't get it. I had no option but to restart the whole game. Bullcrap. - There have also been plenty of moments when I get hit and fall through the stage and die, or my rings just fall through the stage. Now, I'm willing to give the game the benefit of the doubt and maybe say it was the emulator's fault. I was playing it using the Sega Genesis & Mega Drive Classics emulator on Steam (which is a crappy emulator by the way because you can only save progress using save states). So I'm asking if anyone else has experienced stuff like this.
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