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  1. Anyone having problems when they click on 'Home' then they get signed out?

  2. Who wants a shiny Genesect? Or any of the 649 Pokemon? PM me..

    1. Shade Vortex
    2. Jeffhog
    3. II Talos II

      II Talos II

      Yeah It's from an action replay I bought, if you all missed stuff like Victini, today is your lucky day..

  3. Yo Verte, what's this DLC you're gonna get with the collectors edition of generations? Most collectors editions just aren't worth it, but this one is, I'm gonna take my chances and walk in to Gamestation, 9am lol

    1. Vertekins


      DLC? The DLC you get with the Collectors Edition features a Super Sonic costume for the avatar and Casino Night Pinball. I can't wait till mine is delivered come 3rd/4th November.

    2. II Talos II

      II Talos II

      Is that all? For 80 quid I was expecting more levels, preferably those that are missing from the Xb360/PS3 versions of Generations.. Ehh, I'm gonna stick with the regular version then. Hopefully they'll see sense and release everything that's on the crappy 3DS onto 360/PS3 soon as DLC. I mean damn, no mushroom hill on the 360/PS3? WTF Sega...

    3. Vertekins


      What are you on about? The EU/AU exclusive collectors edition is availiable for online order only. The CE contains a statue, a ring, an artbook, a soundtrack, a dvd and the game and some DLC. You'd be hard pushed to get one for under 150 pounds now as Amazon have sold out in both PS3 and 360 flavors. - http://www.sonicstadium.org/2011/10/grainger-games-now-taking-pre-orders-for-sonic-generations-collectors-edition/ I got mine for the grand total of 83.95p including expedited delivery fr...

  4. Reach for vodka toniiiiiight!!!

  5. Does anyone know much about Sonic Adventure 2 being released on Xbox live Arcade?

  6. Who's gonna be downloading the new Black Ops maps this Tuesday coming? (1st Feb)

    1. Scott



    2. II Talos II

      II Talos II

      Too many poor people on SSMB I guess lol

    3. Rabid-Noodles
    4. azoo


      @Talos: Nah, just people that really don't like CoD :V

    5. II Talos II

      II Talos II

      Nah lol, 2 many poor ppl/gaylo fans.

  7. Nothing yet about ep 2. I can't wait for it either. I don't give a damn about the game's physics. Ep 1 was great fun.

  8. Have you heard much about Sonic 4 Ep 2? My guess is that it'll probably be released in the summer lol, either way it's long overdue XD and I still can't believe how easy Ep 1 was to max out for achievements and to beat the game..

  9. What's on your mind?

    Now this is what I'm talkin' about right here...
  10. Finally got the 'Untouchable' achievement on Sonic 4. got all 12 achievements now :)

    1. Detective Shadzter

      Detective Shadzter

      Congrats! :D It took me a good while to get that one due to the bit where you rematch with the Mad Gear Zone boss.

    2. Scott


      well done, i got it under a week after purchasing the game, after mastering the first four bosses, i noticed the last boss sort of has scripted moves :P made it easier with memory, but all in all, congrats dude!

    3. II Talos II

      II Talos II

      Cheers guys. Just waiting on Ep 2 now lol, and Sonic 4 took me about a fortnight or so to get all the achievements, but only a few hours to complete the story.

  11. Just need the 'Untouchable' achievement in Sonic 4 now. Damn, it's pretty hard indeed, keep messing up at the 4th and 5th bosses..

  12. Just got 22 kills 4 deaths in Black ops online.. Now if only their website actually worked, I'd be able to upload a vid to youtube..

  13. is really hoping to see elements of S&K in Sonic 4 Ep 2

    1. II Talos II

      II Talos II

      Sonic 4 Ep 1 is pure eye candy on HDTV O_O Especially if you're behind a waterfall on Splash Hill Zone :D Shame the game is so short though. Only bought it a few days ago and completed it.

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Srsly? It's fugly.

    3. II Talos II

      II Talos II

      Srsly Blue Blood? You're probably not playing on HDTV settings..

    4. Invictus Ordo

      Invictus Ordo

      On a 55" HDTV it's pure eye sex!

    5. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      @ Talos: No, I've only ever played it on HD settings, and on 3 different TVs.

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