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  1. So, anything new on the Pen front about his copyright-infringing nightmare fuel or his inane Twitter feed? I kinda want to keep the conversation going, so we can get back our 200+ pages. So many good comments we lost.
  2. Ironically, though, he did get back at SEGA and Archie with the whole lawsuit. Archie having to pour money into it, then getting his characters back, making Archie and SEGA paranoid with other former creators and deciding to ban their material from the comic along with Penders stuff. In the end, it was a financial and legal headache for both companies and we fans had to suffer the results of the case. So, Penders may not be where he wants to be, the legal victory is probably all that he wants and is willing to accept at this point.
  3. Nearly 300 pages and we get bumped back to 114. I guess that happens. Anything new on the Penderp front?
  4. I have nothing to back this up, but it sounds like he's trying to use an example of a lawsuit about character similarities to justify that Evil-Sonic and Scourge are the same being. As for that case, I don't even know.
  5. Damn, so much talk since my one and only post on this thread. XD Meh, I'll just stick to what's being talked about now: Mr. Fuckles. (Oh, God. Why am I laughing at that?) Well, what can I say? It screams Knuckles. Everybody has been screaming it's Knuckles for days now. The fact that Space In-Penders (sorry, best parody I can come up with XD) is defending this so hard is just hilarious. And, now he's claiming the story is going to pick up after Sonic #144. You know, if I were him, I'd stay away from anything even remotely related to SEGA or Archie and that includes the main story, regardless if he claims to own a part of it now. He's trying his luck with Mr. Fuckles and I'm sure SEGA is watching him like a hawk. They'll definitely be watching him when the book is out. If it's a failure, they'll point and laugh and be on their merry way. If it's a marginal success, they might have to contemplate taking action. If it becomes a national hit (*pffft*), I'm sure Mr. KP will find himself in court faster than he can say "Praetorian Pizza Balls". I don't know. I really just want to let loose the hounds of hell that is my personal opinion of the man, but it'd just be too much for the average rant. I just find this whole thing so laughable and for him to just ignore all the negativity is just mind-numbing.
  6. I joined up yesterday so I could join in this discussion, much like Erynn did. But, now that I think about it, what could I possibly say that the people here haven't already said about this man? I first started reading Archie Sonic comics back in 2010 near the beginning of the Iron Dominion arc and it helped spark my interest in writing fanfiction. I was amazed at the amount of lore that that comic book had. Characters that I never thought were possible to exist outside the mainstream games. Regions completely unique and established compared to the constantly-changing ecology of the SEGA Sonic realm. A history deep with war, drama and mystery. I went all the way to #1 and worked my way up to the current issue at that time. Needless to say, I instantly fell in love with this version of Sonic and his homeworld. I can't say I enjoy the book as much as those who have been with it since Issue 1 was published, but it opened a whole new world of interest in Sonic for me. And, then, good ol' Ken Penders had to take all that away for himself; suing Archie for the rights to his material with no regard for the fanbase or even his own fans who may have stuck with the book after his departure. The stories he made for the book are indeed confusing, but the world that resulted from his work was far more creative and colorful than SEGA's, which was always changing and is never consistent. But, then he had to come back and rip it all away, forcing SEGA to step in and point the book in the direction that they want it to go in. Personally, I like where the book is going now, but I also haven't been keeping track of it as closely as before since I just feel like the book will never be as it was, especially now that SEGA has exerted more of its control and limits onto it. And, like Dreamcast said above, Penders retrieved his characters, but then decided to change them. What was the point? It's not like Archie would've sued him when he started releasing announcements about his project, had the lawsuit never happened. The only reason I see for him changing up his characters is SEGA wanting to sue him for similarities to their designs. I would go into how douchebaggish it was for him to sue them over Sonic Chronicles, when he's clearly referenced other people's work in the comic himself, but I think I've droned on enough. So, yeah. The man really needs to get over himself and needs to stop planning ahead with this project of his when he hasn't even gotten one thing finished yet. The heat he's gotten and is still getting, especially online, isn't going to help the first part of his project get off the ground. But, I really hope he keeps giving himself heat. All the more savory it will be when TL-SC tanks.
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