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  1. Heh, if we go by the logic of sonic colors and gens being seen good thanks to what was before it i say that we must remember that Mania had boom and lost world before it. I dont think Mania is bad ( i would give it a 7/10 ) but i do think that the hype around it is exaggerated. A lot of issues with the game has been ignored which had they been in another game would have been inexcusable. Not to mention the whole "physics" hype. The return of sonics physics has people almost mad.
  2. I would rather say "know your material", stories will always have different flavors in them. In no point have i ever seen a story that entirely dismisses its characters thoughts and just straight goes for the event after the event aproach. Down time, small talk, a bit of comedic scenes often finds its way into stories be it a drama or an action flick. The only type of vids that would be devoid of this would be documentaries and history movies where they just tell you facts about certain situations. Different flavors will always be in the soup, so better have people that knows how to prepare it. When is a comedic act appropriate, when should it be taken straight and so on.
  3. Heh, funny. What i would buy just for the fun of it though would be eggman condoms with the sentence " Get a load of this "
  4. There are no claims, there are "concerns". nobody said, "Its a fact that this kind of merchandise is not appropriate in sonics current condition". nor did anyone imply it either. Every word uttered isnt meant to prove to people that they are wrong. And even at that its a logical fallacy to think that if there is no proof then its automaticaly false.
  5. Well,i expected Sega to be quicker in giving us news about a game since it is the anniversary. But that is remarkebly put on a close lid. to the point where you might even question if a game is actualy comming. But at least we have glorious merchandise. There is no such proof which you are aware of, just as there is no proof of the opposite. I will kindly ask you to stop demanding proof when you cant prove the exact opposite either. These are concerns and speculations. Not academic paper reports. some people simply dont like the amounts of merchandise in sonics current condition. You are not one of them, simple as that.
  6. Sonic back in the day was fresh, new and considered cool. So the amounts of merchandise back then was within reason. I cant say that about the sonic of today whose games are openly mocked. Sonic may be an icon, but he is also a product. If the product isnt respected then merchandise loose its worth. As a gamer and a fan of sonic from that perspective, i cant say i care about the merchandise when the actual franchise is in a bad state. Same with the people who dislikes amiibos. They dont like the fact that these things overshadows the actual games.
  7. Aight, I will respect that and stop. Might as well go ahead and apologise for my behaviour as well.
  8. Honestly, most things you say when you dont understand ( or wont try to understand ) the opposing argument comes of as mocking and trying to sound superior. then again that might just be your upbringing. Its something I mostly ignore when you are formulating a sentence. But i do found it amusing that you are aware of this but decides to justify the opposite view as a "verge of a mental breakdown." and proceeds with your "semi-mocking sentence". Ofcourse, this sentence of mine is irrelevant to your actual question and can be seen as me using ad hominem to undermine your entire point. But since your very first sentence uses ad hominem it must be something you accept as an actual answer. If somebody have a problem with my sentence despite the following reasons, I will delete this sentence. I am very well aware that my sentence isnt okay by any means. As for what they are "baffled about" is more the actual state of the franchise to keep selling sonic merchandise like he was at his A game. Not that they are selling it. And as Roger said, the sa3 facebook page is more about emotional response than pure cold facts
  9. Sega is one of those companies people have found memories of. many great titles were being made when they were active and had consoles. Them having their mascot plattformer that represents sega as a whole mistreated like this probably strikes a nerve with people, unlike call of duty which is just a 3D shooting game and isnt representing anything. in short, the frustration is just much greater to see sonic go than spyro, crash and so on that wasnt seen as representing the whole company. This is just a guess though, many other factors can be the reason why.
  10. Well, we will always be repetetive. this wont change, even if a new games comes along we will start making a lot of same arguments regarding that new game. What we are truly tired of is the actual mood we all have regarding these games. Sega isnt creating any lore and such in latest installments so we cant make crazy theories ( which according to me is one of the biggest joys of being a fan, THEORY TIME!! ). The only thing we have to talk about is the constant content of youtubers and other sonic fans. is sonic good, is it shit? why is it shit? how do we solve this problem? Endlessly debating a topic that isnt getting fixed is frustrating.
  11. I personaly dont think webber is adding anything special that removes the sonic hate. The lack of games is still here and people are mostly laughing at how webber is "making fun" of the sonic franchise. Im not extreme enough to say that webber is a major problem either, he is just there. I think this kind of attitude would be more appreciated and healthy if sonic was in a healthy state as a whole.
  12. Heh, 2020 hype people!! :p. But im curious how many will actualy still be here by then.
  13. Well, youtube just as anything else out there that is used to get money ( even if everybody doesnt do it for that ) follows traditional supply and demand quotas. They take notice of the fact that people enjoy watching others talk shit about sonic and decides to do it as well. Easy clicks and attention. everybody wont do it for various reasons, but cant deny that these kind of vids does get attention. Especially since we have a lot of extreme sonic defenders that have to jump on everything negative said about sonic. This create a topic which people are endlessly shouting at each other about. making the vids even more see worthy for curious people. And yes bandwagonning is a thing. People who normaly wouldnt care or arnt interested enough to actualy have an opinion would still adopt the sonic is shit mentality simply because they have friends or whatever that tells them this. People are shaped from those around them, social pressure will always be a thing. A few games happened that were shit, people acted like children, almost nobody opposed these views and minds about the sonic franchise were shaped. Just like nobody opposed colors being a realy great game when the critics said it was, which has led to that the majority of people dont badmouth it even though its not realy anything special ( Warning, my opinion about the game ). Social enviroments does wonders to shape opinion about games. hell, even I buy stuff simply because i have friends that tells me that a specific game is very good. And when playing it and just finding it ok, i wont realy be criticising it that much since it wasnt just my thing ending with me saying. yeah its good, not my cup of tea though.
  14. Happy Birthday!

    1. PandoloFox


      Thank you! ^_^ Havnt been around so im sorry i havnt responded earlier.

  15. I see, thats complicated. Then im not sure, theres lot of risk involved just to crack a phone that might have information the FBI needs.
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