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  1. "I'm not stupid, and I'm not gonna fall for this bear's stupid tricks, I know Shantae would never do that to me". "Hey now, calm down Rocky, I'm just trying to look out for you tis all!" Monokuma said, faking fear.
  2. Roxas yawned, returning with coffee and tea. "I *yawn* went to get us stuff. If we're gonna do strict hours like this, we need something to wake us up...shame they don't have seasalt ice cream here..." Roxas commented. "Well of course! What kind of host and mentor would I be for my students if I didn't ensure their dietary needs are tended for!"
  3. "If you think my showbiz skills are good now, you should wait and see the dramatic twist I've got waiting for you!" "Mister Monokuma's a master of story telling!" "And look at you genie girl! What's wrong? Abandon your little spiky emo idiot of a boyfriend? You in the market for a new one?!" Monokuma laughed, taunting Shantae.
  4. "Prosecutors don't directly get to see evidence unless it's by request, which is what I've done when it comes to rechecking reports and such. Otherwise, we need to place trust in our detectives to examine and investigate each piece of evidence for us. Unfortunately, Gumshoe was the man doing my checks". Edgeworth explained. "And please Wright, get off that ego, it doesn't suit you. Stop pretending like it was all you when Mia and the others were the ones who saved your butt on numerous occasions". "Oh, now that could be grounds for setting off the bracelets...but I'm having too much fun watching you two lamebrains argue, so I'll be nice and spare your life on this one occasion Edgy. Wouldn't want to start offing the players of the game this earlyyyyy.... ...Plus, that would be going against my rules on number of deaths on one singular day..."
  5. Edgeworth chuckled. "Well, Wright. I still have one power left in my disposal..." Edgeworth said... "The power of........." "COMMON SENSE!"
  6. "Don't get cocky Wright, let's hear your forbidden action and have a few chuckles at that!" "And for the record Kay, I might not be able to speak down to him, but I can sure as hell lecture the rest of you"
  7. Digital Homicide topic OP updated with the new Jimquisition.

    watch it, it be good


    1. VEDJ-F



      Can't watch it now due to going for an appointment soon, but I'll need to get me some popcorn while I'm out. 

    2. Blacklightning


      I'm not gonna lie, I was cackling like a fucking madman at some points.


      The popcorn bit just fucking slays me


  8. Suddenly, music began playing in all of the speakers. Edgeworth looked around the place. "Great, not only is my office gone, and I was forced to stay the night with Wright, I've gotta listen to that stupid bear play tunes all day..." Edgeworth looked at his forbidden action while he was at it... Can't speak down to Phoenix Wright "Oh come on, I don't do it that much!" Edgeworth said. "I can ensure you that I don't give hard to do Forbidden Actions Edgy" Monokuma taunted.
  9. Suddenly Monokuma popped up in front of them. "Come now ladies! I, the amazing, cute, and spectacular Mr. Monokuma am a man of my word!". Monokuma was in a noticeably good mood oddly enough.
  10. Monokuma's ugly mug appeared on every monitor around the school. "God, it's gonna take a while to get used to this ugly face..." Edgeworth thought, as he woke up. "I have a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach..." Danny thought. Roxas woke up with Shantae lying in his arms. "That's right...she cried herself to sleep last night...*sigh* We'll figure out something against that bear..." Chapter 2: The Perfect Crime - Start
  11. As the students left, they picked up their E-Books. Rules: 1. No Attacking Headmaster Monokuma, as is destruction of cameras. 2. No entering the dinner hall at nighttime 3. Students may only reside in the school 4. Sleeping anywhere other than your room will be seen as sleeping in class, and will result in punishment 5. Nighttime is between 10pm and 7am 6. Anyone who eliminates a fellow student, and is blackened will graduate, unless discovered. 7. Additional rules will be added as needed. "It appears it's time to sleep..." Roxas said, helping Shantae up and to bed. "As much as I hate to say it...we need to try and sleep...and come back to the situation with a fresh mind" Edgeworth. Everyone headed to sleep. Chapter 1: Bearly Bad News - Fin.
  12. Edgeworth looked around at the desperate situation. OBJECTION! The bracelets even got rid of his powers of flashy objections. "We can't lose hope to that insane bear yet. Remember the song that freed us from Ember. "There's a ray of hope beyond despair". Things might look dire now, but we'll figure out a plan..."
  13. "Of course I enjoyed this carnage! I'm Monokuma!" "Aw, who am I kidding! I don't wanna reprogram my little Monokuma, he's already perrrrfectttttt!" Junko popped back in to say. "Well kiddos, looks like you guys have a reason to want to get out of the school. Have funnnnnnnnnnnnn!" "And if that wasn't enough of a motivation, I always have your deepest darkest secrets I can also revealllllllllllllllllllllll"

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  15. "Big mistake Lawyer Boy" The next cut was Wright and Co Law Offices. "...I hate Phoenix Wright...he's nothing less than a horrid, disgusting man..." "I live to serve Master Monokuma" "I will alert you the second my horrid father arrives in this world..." "You want me to continue or have I made my point clear?"