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  1. https://cytu.be/r/Motobug

    Recess starts on Motobug in ten minutes! Come watch it with us!

  2. https://cytu.be/r/Motobug

    Recess starts in 45 minutes, open playlist til then!

  3. Recess starts on Motobug in an hour and 20 minutes! Come watch it with us at 10pm BST/5pm EST!

  4. This week, we're doing Recess! Join us tonight at 5pm EST/10pm BST to watch with us! Economics of Recess The Game Lord of the Nerds Omega Kids Chez Vince Partners in Crime Beauty Contest Schoolworld Fort Tender Good Ole T.J
  5. Tonight’s Motobug stream is Recess! Join us at 10pm BST/5pm EST for it!

  6. It baffles me that Naka had to be forced to use Square's CG team

    1. Polkadi~☆


      Why is that baffling? Their CG movies are insanely good.

    2. Ryannumber1gamer


      Because Naka didn't want it. He had to be forced into it. He wanted the cutscenes in-engine.

    3. Strickerx5


      Was he really forced? From what I've heard, it was more of a "the team really wanted to do animations for the project but it was really down to Square letting them as it was clear the game never had the biggest budget and that Naka didn't care about the story in general so he just didn't care either way" situation.

    4. Ryannumber1gamer


      I guess forced is the wrong word, but it's still kind of baffingly to me that the team had to lobby for it.

  7. It doesn't change my point though. The Switch as a console still has to account for the portability aspect. It needs to remain affordable while also being able to get the right parts for portability, while still appealing to a certain form factor. That's why the current Switch model has hit a wall in terms of graphical power and performance. While impressive back in 2017 for what it could portably do, it was still held back by that portability, and it's why games like Crash 4 runs far below the PS4/Xbox One even when docked graphically, and Age of Calamity has so many performance hiccups. They've hit the threshold of what they can do. The Switch Pro unfortunately is gonna hit that same limit. Technology has advanced to allow them to get the proper tech in to boost up the power and the resolution for an affordable price, but it's still going to be throttled because it needs to be able to be suitably portable, utilising battery life, and form factor, and therefore are still limited by what can be packed into it. If the PS5 and Series X are still having issues doing 4K/60fps, and having to go with upscaled 4K/60, or native 4K/30fps, there's no way in hell the Switch Pro is going to be able to do seamless 4K, docked or not. At best, it's going to be upscaled (which to be fair - isn't bad), but it's also likely going to take a performance hit in doing so too.
  8. I doubt it. Even PS4 Pro and One X had issues keeping an upscaled 4K, and even that had to come with conditions (30fps, usually). A Switch Pro - while still feasibly being far more upgraded since it's been almost five years since initial release would be able to pull off a fair amount of upgrades, but it's still going to get throttled by the portability side of the equation, which is how we ended up in this scenario, where games are pushing the current regular model to breaking point (Crash 4 and Age of Calamity being prime examples). I could see some older titles possibly introducing 4K modes, with concessions. Things like BOTW, Mario Odyssey and so on, but I can't see many being able to pull off 4K/60fps, which Nintendo usually strives for. It doesn't help that a Switch Pro would still only be an upgrade, meaning unless we get a New 3DS scenario, they're still gonna have to design games to still be playable on all models. This isn't going to be seamless 4K. They'd need a straight up PS5/Series X level of power, and still somehow be able to make it portable, and that's not going to happen. At best, it's going to be the equivalent to a PS4 Pro/One X - 4K with concessions, which is why our best hope would be getting the choice between visuals (Upscaled 4K/30fps), or performance (1080p/60fps). Still a upgrade, because we're going to be going from something that's weaker than a PS4/Xbox One, and jumping closer to where the last gen left off, which as long as Nintendo gives this enough horsepower to play cross gen titles, it should carry them far enough until they're ready to put their next console into development.
  9. Jesus, I can't even imagine a Switch Pro outputting at 4K. The regular Switch already has trouble running certain games at 720p, let alone 4K. I sincerely pray they offer a performance and a resolution mode that the user can choose between. I'd rather have games like Age of Calamity run better instead.
  10. God, Planet Wisp Act 1's OST is still top tier

    1. E-van


      That entire OST is top tier

    2. T-Min


      Oh for SURE. All of Planet Wisp's music is amazing.

  11. Man, Age of Calamity is rough on the Switch. Looks pretty bad in handheld mode. Hope it looks better and runs better docked.

    1. Adamabba


      It looks fine, still runs terribly. I definitely opted to get P5S on PS4 rather than Switch after playing AoC

  12. I'd say it's decently high chance that Tails is playable. Colours' save files had a icon similar to Mario Galaxy where you could choose icons for your save file, which is what the Movie Sonic icons possibly are - and are the exclusive icons shown in the trailer. It seems far too weird and misleading to just randomly let you slap random heads on the HUD characters. Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz HD went to the trouble of adding Classic Sonic as a new character, and we know that there's a heap of costumes available for Sonic too. Adding Tails as a playable character, even if just a reskinned Sonic with new animations isn't that far out of left field.
  13. That said, are we sure that's what it's referring to? Because the trailer showed four Movie Sonic icons, similar to PSN avatars. I assumed that's what it was referring to.
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