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  1. I love it when platformers theme stages to music. Loved it in Rayman Legends, and currently loving it in Sackboy. I'd known about the Uptown Funk stage already, but I wasn't expecting the very next stage to have a Move your Feet remix

  2. No. M25YL is just a boring shitty story in of itself, irregardless of Penders' nonsense. It's a story where the characters are written horribly, all of the female leads get chickified into boring housewifes, to the point where Sally Acorn is shirking her responsibilities as queen and leaving decision making to Sonic, despite the fact Sally is the most qualified for that stuff and the most action we get out of this Sonic the Hedgehog comic is speaking about politics, lounging around pools in swimwear, boring Echidna history lessons, and slumber/dinner parties. 14 parts for all of that is not a good story. It would be difficult to be a good story if it was written well, let along with Penders' crappy dialogue behind the wheel. Sonic X and the OVA play by their own rules, but they at least retain the spirit and action focused that people come to Sonic for. M25YL is horrible, melodramatic bad fanfiction tier bullshit. There's a reason that when Ian even touched the future Mobius stuff that he redirected focus immediately to stakes and action.
  3. My choices would be Knuckles, Zero and Shovel Knight. I think Knuckles could be a super cool brawler addition to the roster, and would be a good bit different from Sonic compared to Shadow, who if he was made a full fighter, I imagine he’d have a mix of Sonic’s attacks, plus chaos attacks. I’d see a lot of places you could pull attacks together for Knuckles, give him his three hit combo and uppercut from Adventure, let him burrow into the ground and pop out for an attack. If he’s in the air, he could do that spinning dive attack from SA2 that digs underground when he lands. Give him Hyper Knuckles or something as the final smash. Hell, instead of jumps, I think it’d be neat if he could only do a single jump, but had his glide in tact. Even pull a Sephiroth and let him attach and climb the stage walls. Zero - I think X!Zero alone would have a lot of cool shit to pull from X4. Bring in his different sword techniques plus the Zero Buster as a weaker projectile weapon. Add in some of the elemental attacks from Zero 1-4, give him both the X series and Zero series designs, and use his Awakened Zero form as the Final Smash. You could even hypothetically add Omega in too as an alternative colour scheme for Zero!Zero. Shovel Knight would be great as an indie representative. Shovel Knight in my eyes is a great showcase of crowd funding and indie development, and how far the love, care and attention you put into a game such as this can make a huge success, and if any indie character got in, I’d say he more than deserves it. Between his shovel and his bouncing attack, plus throwing in the various magical tools at Shovel Knight’s disposal, there’s more than enough to work with there. His Final Smash could be akin to Mega Man or Hero where they teleport opponents to different locations to get dog piled. Have Shield Knight and the other Knights jump in to help attack. Runner up pick was Bomberman, I would’ve absolutely included him but since he got the premium Mii costume, his chances seem lower than others to me.
  4. A part of me still finds it a bit lame Proto Man and Shadow got snuffed as echo fighters. Ken and Richter are cool and all, but out of all the third party entries, those two are the ones I would’ve preferred most. Granted, I don’t think it’s a huge deal because they would’ve only been clone characters at the end of the day, but still.
  5. Not gonna lie, I find a great deal of ironic humour in the fact that the only returning vehicle Crash 4 gets right is the one from Wrath of Cortex

    1. Dr. Detective Mike

      Dr. Detective Mike

      To this day, Wrath of Cortex is the only Crash game I own. My younger brother and I never completed it because it was so hard and we assumed it was because we just sucked at Crash. Come to find out it's actually just because the game sucks. I was delighted to find out everyone actually hated it. 

  6. Game Night's trying out a brand new game this week! We're playing Among Us as our Encore title at 7:30pm EST/12:30am GMT! The game is not only cross-platform with PC, Switch, and Mobile devices, but it's also incredibly cheap on PC/Switch ($5/£4), and completely free to play on Mobile devices (with ads)! As usual, Smash Ultimate will be played beforehand, let me know if you wanna play!
  7. In fairness - Knives technically won't be lost to time. Her data will be fully in-tact on the disc/cartridges of the Limited Run physical releases of the game. She's in the game's data, there's no downloading required, she's just gated off behind logging into Ubi's shit service. So it at least means that Knives won't be lost forever, but it does mean that hacking/bypassing the Ubi Connect thing will be required when the time comes. It's a better scenario than her being a lost file somewhere on a digital storefront's servers, but not by much, and still utterly idiotic.
  8. Been considering Among Us for SSMB Game Night for a long time. Anyone interested?

    1. blueblur98


      It's a game I can actually play on Game Night, so I'm definitely interested in the idea.

    2. Ryannumber1gamer


      Good news - we've decided we're gonna give it a test drive next week. Since it's on Switch, mobile and PC, and has cross-platform play, it's perfect. Plus F2P on mobile.

      You up for playing @blueblur98?

    3. blueblur98


      Yeah. I'd definitely be down.

    4. Ellipsis-Ultima


      Man I’d be up for it if I didn’t live in a different time zone lol

  9. Splat 2's started on Game Night, let me know if you wanna play!

  10. Smash Ult has started up on Game Night! Let me know if you wanna play!

  11. Smash Ultimate starts on SSMB Game Night in 45 mins, let me know if you wanna play!

  12. SSMB Game Night starts in 2 hours and 55 mins  with Smash Ultimate, followed by Splatoon 2 at 7:30pm EST/12:30am GMT, let me know if you wanna play.

  13. @SonicWind

    Is that you on Splat 2?

    1. SonicWind


      I've never played the game. Must be some other SonicWind.

    2. Ryannumber1gamer


      Must be lol, saw the username and thought we'd just stumbled upon a SSMB member playing by sheer coincidence haha.

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