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  1. Hina got up, seeing the magma. "My powers haven't worked yet, my elemental ones at least..." "No, i can do it...no one else is here to be strong for me, I have to do it for them...for Sakura, for Celes, and my friends," Hina suddenly ran up to the manga and held her hand out. "I can do it....I can do it....I CAN DO IT" Hina shouted, as suddenly streams of water began shooting out of her hands, destroying the magma.
  2. Hina's eyes shot open, as she looked at the scene. "U-Ugh...." "I-i remember everythin-" Hina looked to see Celes still lying on the floor from her collapse. Hina quickly runs over. "Come on Taeko, please be alive, please be alive..."
  3. Hina was still clutching her head, as the memories forced their way back into her head painfully. "Hey Taeko, come on, we're all getting ready for the group picture!" Sayaka said excitedly "Yeah, come on Taeko, you know how Taka gets when we're late for our class photos, and besides, it just isn't a group picture without Hope Peak's very own Taeko Yasuhiro!" Leon said, getting his hair ready to take the photo. "Indeed, we are all ultimates Taeko, it is only right that all of us be present for the ultimate class photo, no?" Sakura said. "Yeah Taeko, sooner we have this photo taken, the sooner we can go to that doughnut shop you like" Hina said. "It's about time you all got here! It's our duty to be here on time for our fellow students!" Taka shouted as the four got to the room with the rest of the class, including Junko and Mukuro. "Alright, let's get things organized! Sakura, you're the tallest, so please stand behind Makoto and Kyoko. Sayaka, next to Makoto please, Hina, and Taeko, could you two please sit in the middle...and Leon, you can sit next to me..." "Now then, everybody say Hope!" "HOPE!" Everybody shouted with a smile.
  4. Rock threw metal blades towards Shadow!Celes. "Hm. Not a real challenge at all" Rock said, uncharacteristically cockily. *Back in Hina's memory trip* "Well hey there Taeko! Do anything particularly interesting today? Oh right, you wouldn't, because you're so painfully average, ordinary, and boring compared to the rest of us Ultimates!" Junko mocked Taeko. "How about you back off Junko. At least Taeko has a good personality, unlike yours which is just boring but hidden under layers of bitchiness, insults, and jealousy". Hina said jumping in to defend Taeko. "Indeed, I will not tolerate the bullying of my friend. Leave Taeko be Junko, or else you'll be answering to me" Sakura coldly threatened. "How dare you guys! We're ultimates! Why should we respect someone so painfully ordinary!?" "Because Taeko's one of my best friends, and I like her for who she is". "But let me put this in a way you'll understand Junko". "Oh mah gosh, like totally leave her alone before you like have to totes answer to me and Sakura"
  5. "T-Taeko?!" "I-I don't know what you're t-talking about, she's C-Celes...." Suddenly, a image of Junko flashed in Hina's mind, something she said long ago to her and the survivors of Hope's Peak. "Oh, didn't you guys know? You all attended this school for years, we just wiped your memories of those years" "M-memories....?" Hina suddenly clutched her head and fell to the ground in agony. This "Shadow Celes" was enough to break Junko's brainwashing on Hina that caused her to forget all of the memories she gathered in her original years at Hope's Peak before The Killing Game. Hina entered a door, the exact same one that lead to this house, this room, only this time it was her and Celes. "So, this is where you really live huh?" Hina said, inspecting the room. "I don't know Taeko, I mean sure it looks a little ordinary, but it has a real homey feeling to it. I think it looks pretty cozy".
  6. "W-what?! Two Celes!?" Hina said in shock "So Sakura remains dead but she gets revived twice?! Come on!"
  7. "Can't say I was expecting something so normal...although this sight brings back memories for...some reason..." Hina said, half-remembering something from a very very long time ago.
  8. "Lucky isn't the phrase I'd use..." Hina said. "Whatever's up there can't be good...". "Dusty, stay near me, alright?" Kat said. "Yeah yeah yeah, let's get this over with" Rock impatiently said.
  9. "Yeah well, let's hope it's the only part of you that bounces onto her Celes"
  10. Rock, surprisingly acts extremely cocky. "You losers think you can land a shot on me? I don't think so!" Rock's armor turned purple and he shot at the snipers, causing time to slow to a halt for them. "Hm. Let's see..." Rock firstly grabbed a bullet heading for Hina and flipped it around, aiming it back at the sniper. Next, he turned two of the snipers so that they are across from each other. Next, he pulled out a black sharpie from his armor, and wrote "LOSER" on the sniper's shirt, and kicking him so he'll fall over before placing the sharpie in another sniper's hand. Rock simply walked back, waiting for the effect to wear off to see his handy work. It wouldn't dispose of all of the snipers, but damn would it look flashy.
  11. "Wow, what a shock. Baldylocks and the three hairs ran with his tail behind his legs" Rock snarked.
  12. Rock grumbled annoyed. "Of course we've got some idiot to deal with..." *Download halted. reconnected with when back to stable connection* "What's up with the robot? He's acting goofy" Hina asked.
  13. A small electronic noise was heard, as Rock's head wigged out a little. *inaudible* "Remote Download Active, WilyV2.EXE downloading - 1%"
  14. "Are you just going to repeat the same bear puns over and over again?" Kat asked, following the oversized bear.
  15. Kat flipped over the shadows and landed next to the spears, grabbing them into her stasis field, and launching them at the shadows. "Man, this is exhausting, I could sure go for some doughnuts after this..." Hina pondered out loud.