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  1. [Roleplay] SSMB Heroes Academy: Protect The Multiverse!

    "Well, that doesn't matter. We've gotta stop him from endangering anyone else, even if he hurts us or we hurt him". Yuta said. "Hm, that is an acceptable way of seeing things. Come on. We're nearing the hidden palace". Espio said, as the group found a small red ball inside a relic.
  2. [Roleplay] SSMB Heroes Academy: Protect The Multiverse!

    "The notes implied that this time...Knuckles is fully aware of his actions unlike the rest of us who can only remember our moment of capture. This is...sadistic. Even for Doctor Robotnik". "We must stop this madness at once. Or else Knuckles will be in too much of a broken state of the destruction and pain he's caused. He's a hot-head brawler, but this goes completely against his morals. Espio noted.
  3. [Roleplay] SSMB Heroes Academy: Protect The Multiverse!

    Espio nodded. "Yes. The entrance to the Hidden Palace should just be a short dash away. We must proceed now before Knuckles does something regrettable". Espio explained as he began leading the way through the ruins. As the Skylanders went through them, they could see the extreme destruction and anger. Several echidna statues were practically burned to the ground. Buildings were in rubble. There was several pieces of destroyed ancient echidna technology found everywhere. Despite Knuckles' simple mission, it was clear he wanted to destroy as much as the land as he possibly could on the way.
  4. [Roleplay] SSMB Heroes Academy: Protect The Multiverse!

    Rock nodded and hit Sky Sanctuary and with that, the Skylanders closed their eyes, reopened them, and found themselves there. As the Skylanders looked around, they found themselves in a massive city floating in the sky, and in the distance is Angel Island!. Around them are various destroyed ruins, buildings on fire, and several mobians knocked out and scattered. "Hmm. From what I can hear, they're all breathing. Thank goodness, it seems Wily kept the no-killing code after all". Rock said.
  5. [Roleplay] SSMB Heroes Academy: Protect The Multiverse!

    As the group swung into the ring, they found themselves at an odd looking screen... They were in a simple and odd looking room with a white background. In front of them were several monitors. "No Data - Sonic" "No Data - Tails" "No Data - Knuckles" "No Data - Sonic and Tails" "No Data - Sonic and Knuckles" "Data Complete: Pick An Zone" "Interesting. So this must be how Knuckles gets around the island so quickly..." Rock commented.
  6. [Roleplay] SSMB Heroes Academy: Protect The Multiverse!

    "I-I'll explain it later guys. For now...we need to catch up with Doc Robot! Who knows what they intend four metal robots clashed together into one might do!" Rock shouted. "Then it is fortunate that we have seemed to reach our goal". Espio said, pointing towards the giant ring that was beginning to shrink.
  7. I've had Limit Break X Survivor stuck in my head all day

    damnit dragon ball super and your dumb epic songs

  8. [Roleplay] SSMB Heroes Academy: Protect The Multiverse!

    "Because I'm superior in every other w-" Suddenly Metal Tails was shot down, rolling into a ball and going directly to the bottom of the mountain. "Because the doctors wiped our brains in order to throw us all in here!" A massive skull themed robot shouted as he flew down the mountain and into the ring. "D-Doc Robot! No wonder the other robots were so simple! They were running on simple coding while the real A.Is were moved into Doc Robot!" Rock shouted.
  9. [Roleplay] SSMB Heroes Academy: Protect The Multiverse!

    "Let's see how you like this!" Metal Tails shouted, as he began hitting random parts of the snow to melt them, creating lumps in the mountain to slow down the Skylanders as they snowboard down. "Oh come on...." Rock said, as he turned around and began shooting at Metal Tails with his mega buster.
  10. [Roleplay] SSMB Heroes Academy: Protect The Multiverse!

    "Pathetic" Metal Tails plainly said as he grabbed his organic counterpart with his metal claws and threw him down the mountain, causing him to roll up into a massive snowball. "You'll never escape me!" Metal Tails shouted, as a laser gun popped out of his head, aiming at the Skylanders.
  11. [Roleplay] SSMB Heroes Academy: Protect The Multiverse!

    Rock nodded. "Got it! Let's g-" Suddenly, another robot appeared at the top of the mountain. "Look at that, two fakes of the greatest inventor ever! Let's see how you like the consequences of backstabbing Robotnik!" The Metal Tails shouted as it began swirling it's tails towards the mountain at extreme speeds, causing an avalanche. "...Everyone. Item 2. NOW" Rock shouted, as he spawned several of them and threw them to the Skylanders, allowing them to snowboard down the mountain while avoiding spikes and Sniper Joe shots.
  12. [Roleplay] SSMB Heroes Academy: Protect The Multiverse!

    "I'm detecting some kind of strange energy pattern at the bottom of the mountain...it's unpredictable and gets changing..." Rock said. "That sounds like a warp ring! If we use that, we could go directly to Sky Sanctuary!...but we must be quick. The ring's location changes frequently. If we aren't quick, we won't make it in time". Espio warned.
  13. [Roleplay] SSMB Heroes Academy: Protect The Multiverse!

    "N-Not the point Tails!" Roxas shouted, shooting him a death glare. "Can you just keep your mind on the fact they're trying to kill us?!" Raven similarly shouted. Mecha Knuckles simply did a similar chuckle as the other Knuckle copies as the Skylanders were sucked down through the whirlpool. They found themselves going through several water tunnels at extremely high speeds before they were shot out of a pipe and found themselves at the top of a snowy mountain. As the Skylanders look over the horizon, they can see various parts of the island. A lot of them looked destroyed. One piece looked like a casino that had been burnt to the ground using giant barrels as the basis. Another looks like a destroyed air fortress, another looked like an volcanic mountain that had been closed off due to Knuckles' attacks, and in the distance was the ruins of an echidna city. "This isn't good. We relocated mobians to Sky Sanctuary to keep them safe during attacks on the city. If Knuckles is trying to get to the hidden palace...he would've went through the Mobians to do so". Espio noted.
  14. [Roleplay] SSMB Heroes Academy: Protect The Multiverse!

    As the group approaches the end of the water slide, they find themselves flung into a small pool underwater, being trapped by a roof and a door that suddenly shot down through their entrance point. "C-Can't....breathe....." Yuta barely said trying to hold his breath. Suddenly, another Knuckles appeared...a very different designed Knuckles. "OBJECTIVE: ELIMINATE" Suddenly, the Knuckles smashed his knuckles into the wall, causing the bottom parts of the arena to fall, as a small spiral began forming attempting to suck the Skylanders into it. "W-We're going for another ride it seems!" Rock shouted.
  15. [Roleplay] SSMB Heroes Academy: Protect The Multiverse!

    While Metal Amy goes down, the Skylanders already find themselves on the water slide as they go spiralling down through it. When they reach the end however, they find themselves grabbed by a giant metal hand as a small gear pops up, sending them running across the water, so fast that they actively run on it and up through several water tubes! They find themselves going down another giant water slide. "What on Earth is going on through this island?!" Rock shouted.