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  1. "Shadow, Rouge, Silver, Blaze, Charmy, Amy, Tails, Vector and Espio. They are the missing ones".
  2. "They're all missing". Knuckles said. "Only reason I'm even here...is because they thought I was killed during Angel Island's siege".
  3. "Tails told me that himself Sonic!" Knuckles said, fuming. "Although...Tails has been missing for the last while...." Knuckles added.
  4. "When you went off on this insane adventure, you told me and Tails you would keep Sally safe. You told us that we could handle things". Knuckles said, crossing his arms. "So how come we watched your entire planet get destroyed on live TV? How come we got to see Mecha Sally killing and terrorising people? Knuckles turned and pointed at Nicole. "And you? You think my issues can just be solved at the snap of a fingers? Thrash came back and destroyed all of the echidnas. Julie-Su is god knows where, the master emerald is gone, Naugus has teamed up with the Iron Queen and is laying sieges daily on Mobotroplis, and I'm the one who's been holding everything together while you and Sonic play palsies with the multiverse. "And meanwhile, not even so much as a word from Sonic, or you".
  5. "That's funny. For a second there, it sounded like you lost the emeralds..." "WAIT, YOU GUYS DID WHAT WITH THE EMERALDS?!" Knuckles shouted. "EGGMAN AND WILY STOLE THE MASTER EMERALD FROM ANGEL ISLAND. THE CHAOS EMERALDS WERE OUR LAST HOPE TO STOP THEM YOU DOOFUS" Knuckles shouted. "You had the emeralds locked up in your little academy. How do I know?! Because that sicko Shirogane took over every single TV in the multiverse and broadcast the theft of the emeralds and that battle with her multiverse wide!"
  6. "It should be obvious why I'm here Nicole..." "It's him" Knuckles said, pointing towards Sonic. "Not only did word finally spread back to Knothole, but we find out that Sally's been roboticised and Sonic's been hoarding all the chaos emeralds this entire time?! Not to mention the fact that I could've used them to go Hyper Knuckles and stopped the siege on Angel Island!" "Oh look who it is! Mr. Overconfidence himself!" "Not even one ounce of remorse for what you did!"
  7. As Star unlocked the elevator door, suddenly the doors shot open, sending her flying. "WHERE IS HE?! WHERE IS THAT INSANE, INCOMPETENT IRRESPONIBLE SPINY BLUE NUISANCE"
  8. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door to the EPF room. "Huh. Wonder who that could be". "Anyone gonna get that?" Trunks asked.
  9. "Oh gee Neptune" "I'm truly sorry I couldn't make my return from being dead from stabbed in the back with a metal blade more spectacular for you.
  10. Trunks chuckled upon hearing Neptune's comment. "Yeah, I guess I am one of those "dragon dudes"." "And since you requested it..."
  11. "Hm. So judging from the big important chair, and the fact you were waiting from us, I'll assume you're the boss around here". Trunks said. Trunks held out his hand for a hand shake. "I'm Trunks. I guess I'm your...unofficial time patrol representative...and kind of trapped in your time. Your friends said I could stay here and help out, if that's alright with you, sir".
  12. https://cytu.be/r/Motobug

    Kirby's in an hour, musical hour until then, open playlist. Come join us!

  13. "Hm, well. I guess it'd be good for me to explore this place a little" Trunks said. "Mind if I tag along to this Ski Village?"
  14. "It...doesn't matter anymore". Trunks said. "My timeline was destroyed by a monster named Zamasu. He killed everyone I cared about except my girlfriend Mai". "Long story short, my timeline was terrified twice...and I travelled to the past and tried to change things. It created a new timeline but mine's remained...until Zamasu came and destroyed it all. Myself, the alternative version of my father, and my friend Goku tried to stop him, and we failed". "And for my crimes...I had to join the time patrol. But no matter what...I will keep fighting".
  15. Trunks awkwardly rubbed his neck. "Heh heh...sorry. Where are my manners?" "My name is Trunks Briefs. But you guys can just call me Trunks". Trunks replied to Genji, as he waved to the Skylanders.