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  1. Good morning.

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      mernin' mate

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      Hello! Hope you have a lovely day!

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  2. Clockwork gave another nod. "I shall be in contact Skylanders. You have your second chance, so please use it effectively". Clockwork said, before departing through another portal.
  3. Clockwork gave a small nod. "Very well Skylanders. I give you my alliance. You are now allies of the Ghost Zone Resistance". "I shall be calling on you at some point to fix the first mistake caused by this universe's creation of LOSE...." "Daniel Phantom"
  4. "The timeline is a fragile thing. The smallest alteration could cause the hugest ramifications. It is for this reason I do not tamper with it often. I have saved you this day, but even my powers have limits, and I am unable to determine your current fates now. When I look into your futures, I see nothing but white. As if the time period simply doesn't exist". "This land you are currently in...it is one of danger, and pain. It has allowed you all to unite as one, but it is also the gateway that has spurred the creation of LOSE and multidimensional teams. This small moment in time allowed an entire war between good and evil to begin". "You are all the reason why the worlds have come together. You are all the reason why the dimensions themselves are in danger, and under any other circumstance, I would be given the order to completely wipe this world from existence". "But I shall not do that". Clockwork said, lowering his staff. "If I am to trust you Skylanders with this world any further. I need assurance that you will be able to rise up and show your true heroism when the time comes. Your team has caused pain in the multiverse, and has caused entire universes to be thrust in danger". Clockwork said, as he opened up several portals behind him. One portal showed the Sonic Underground universe, that had been completely enslaved by Monokuma. Another portal showed Danny's home universe in the future, one that's completely destroyed and ruled harshly by Dark Danny. Another showed a Danganronpa world where Monokuma got ahold of the ability to time travel and killed Makoto before he had the chance to stop him, causing the entire universe to be ruled in utter despair, and many many more. "There are many timelines. Many dangerous possibilities that only exist because of your mistakes. If I am to trust you. It is time you all agreed to fixing the wrongs that have been created by your actions".
  5. "I am Clockwork, and I am the guardian, and master of time". "Clockwork? You're still alive? But I thought the ghost zone was imprisoned". "Daniel, when will you ever learn that our reality isn't as simple to control?" "I am currently working with Frostbite to lead a resistance in the Ghost Zone...that is why I have been helping you Skylanders". "The timeline was meant to go horrifically wrong today. This blond boy was meant to be killed by that pirate. The genie would be driven so far into her despair that she would end up going totally insane and destroying the multiverse". "I decided to interfere with that, and give you all a second chance to right the wrongs. I destroyed that idiotic pirate's boat, I saved the child from the pirate, and I even went back in time in his universe and stole him a weapon to break those chains". "And now, it seems the timeline now has a fighting chance once more. Yes, I do believe you Skylanders will be the thing that saves us all..." "That is why I took the chance to save your history and allow you all to keep fighting..." "But that must come at a heavy cost..." Clockwork explained.
  6. "None of this makes sense...there's been so many things that occurred without any rhyme or reason..." Roxas said. "I survived a bomb blast. Captain Hook being taken down mysteriously. That keyblade that freed me..." "I can answer those questions..." A stopwatch vortex appeared in the sky and spinned until a portal opened. And out stepped the person helping the Skylanders. "I bid you greetings...Skylanders".
  7. Suddenly a blue aura covered all of the Skylanders and Shantae as she moved Pirateworld, teleporting all of the Skylanders down onto the Black Pearl, which was docked at the academy, as the rest of the Skylanders gathered outside at the ship. "How did we get here...?" Roxas wondered.
  8. Roxas jumped over Shantae and began attacking Risky from behind, tag teaming the wayward pirate into submission. "Ah, I've been wanting to do that for so long". Roxas said.
  9. Suddenly Risky received a smash in the face from the oathkeeper. "Payback time. Allow me to put the risk right back into your name". Roxas boasted, as he shot around the arena, charging back into Risky and slashing her with a furry of strikes, before launching her towards Sayaka with Oblivion.
  10. Suddenly, someone tapped Risky on the shoulder. "Hello. Deliver for a Miss..."Rotty Boots" The familiar voice said. @Jovahexeon Joranvexeon
  11. Roxas edged closer and closer to the blade, until he stopped at it. "The lamp had the same glow...does that mean this blade is infused with it's magic?" Roxas forced himself back onto his back, and proceeded to move up and down against the blade, attempting to cut the chains with it.
  12. You see how good this is animated with so much creativity

    then you look at Teen Titans Go


    1. Cheawn


      But haven't you watched Divide and Conquer, TTG edition? Teen Titans Go can have great animation too! *sarcasm*

    2. Ryannumber1gamer
    3. Smash Slash CC14

      Smash Slash CC14

      It's almost like two different shows with different genres and animation styles have different priorities or something. Weird...

    4. Ryannumber1gamer


      It's almost like a show shouldn't have cheap and lazy animation to begin with, especially when it then has the nerve to reuse the animation of the show with better animation.

    5. Shaddy the guy

      Shaddy the guy

      it also works against the "well it's just meant to be a kids comedy show" bullshit because Teen Titans was already funny

    6. PC the Hedgehog

      PC the Hedgehog

      Reminds me of that scene in TTG where they made fun of the animation in the original series episode Divide and Conquer:

      "If you were walking away, you'd be going further away but you're not!"
      "Well look at you, just shifting up and down, side to side!"
      "You're the same size and proportion of my head!"

      Haters find it offensive. As a huge fan of the original show, I found it hilarious.

    7. Ryannumber1gamer


      I found that moment funny, but a lot of it I found chring worthy as fuck. 

      I mean it's kinda hypocritical that TTG of all things criticises cheap animation tricks when it's pretty much entirely made up of cheap animation tricks, but it was a funny enough joke on a common animation trope. It's just unfortunately the rest of it sucked. 

  13. DG6as1F.jpg

    I found this while browsing around.

    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      Only one reaction I could give something as awesome as this.


  14. Roxas looked to the distance, noticing something in the far distance. A lone keyblade sticking out in the distance, a familiar blade with the same ghostly blue aura as the lamp. Without any time to waste, Roxas managed to move side to side enough to get on the ground and begin rolling towards the blade.
  15. "It's time to show you what happens when you mess with the Skylanders!" Hina shouted, as she created a bubble shield, and charged for Risky. Meanwhile, Roxas struggled against the chains. "I can't stand here defenceless, this was my fault..." Suddenly, a small lamp appeared next to him, emitting a ghostly blue aura.