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  1. To give Forces some credit, I kind of like what they've shown so far in terms of mash-up ideas that differ slightly between acts. Classic's act of Green Hill seems like it's meant to be a mix between it and Sandpolis while the Tag-Team stage (and something that seems like it'll be like Modern's stage) seems to be mashed up between Green Hill and Hidden Base/Sand Ocean from SA2. While I'm not the biggest fan of this nostalgia pandering crap (Even Mania only slightly gets away with it for really doing something new with it with new gimmicks and such based on the zones), I do genuinely think it's a cool idea to take a pre-established level and add different elements to shake things up, in the same way I think it's cool how Eggman's boss in Classic's Green Hill transitions between a smaller boss into the Egg Dragoon.

    1. Strickerx5


      I sort of like how the game is using different locations within known zones to make new levels. Like what if Eggman built a giant pyramid in the middle of green hills? That's just really cool to me tbh.

    2. RedFox99


      The locations are an interesting touch 

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