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  1. Man, I didn't expect them to announce Banjo's echo so soon!


    1. PublicEnemy1


      For a guy who is known for making sprite animations of horrible abominations, this was actually very wholesome. The best part is that this is ACTUALLY Jim Cummings (the voice actor for Pooh). 

    2. Treacher


      Yeah that was a surprising treat.

  2. Man, I hate the cold, it just makes you feel grumpy, run down, and all around shitty for about a week. Not to mention when it's one of those colds where your eyes constantly water and you keep going into coughing fits.

  3. Maybe it's just because he hasn't been in a game in forever, no less represented in a game decently in a long time, but I find myself playing as Crunch the most in CTR.

  4. Cash Banooca Karting

  5. You know that infamous Crash 2 trailer where he speaks? This one? 

    Yeah, I found out on Reddit that according to Crash's original design document, this is actually canon to his personality.


    1. Diogenes


      australian gex

  6. So, that must be Lord Farquad's castle.

    Do you think he's compensating for something?

  7. Playing Nitro Fueled on Easy:


    VS Playing Nitro Fueled on Normal or Above: 


  8. Am I the only one who thinks the reason the difficulty is so bs in CTR is because the devs heard how many people loved CTR for being skill based and basically ended up doing the always infamous flanderisation of "classic game difficulty" like we got with games such as Mega Man 9?

  9. Usually there's a certain yearly SSMB event that gets announced around this time, right on time for Sonic's birthday - however, with the changes we're making to the event this year, it's gonna take us a little longer than usual to get it up and running. We'll hopefully have an announcement of it soon enough, but for now - we're working on it. 

  10. I still think Nitro Kart should've gotten it's Adventure Mode remade. Hell, go full on with it and add some original elements. Imagine if Velo and Oxide were both from the same galaxy and were in a rivalry with each other (Especially since some CNK characters got re-purposed into Nitro fanboys in the prequel comic). Maybe after Oxide is forced to return to Gasmoxia, Velo decides to one up him by proving he's the best? I mean, we already had Oxide return in CNK anyways to get revenge on Crash and co, so it could've been a fun way to tie the two adventure modes together. It feels like a complete and total waste to me that they remastered all of the CNK cast and tracks only to do nothing with them in the main campaign. What's worse is that CNK had a far better adventure mode than CTR in general, especially with the cutscenes:
  11. So, I've got a theory on something. One of the announced grand-prixes is one that will be themed as "Out of Time", and involves Baby Crash, Baby Coco, and Baby T as characters/costumes. There's an explicit reference to this in game, because Cortex's baby form from Warped is featured on several Stained Glass windows in Cortex Castle, and given we have the trophy girls/Tawna making a total of six characters for the first grand prix, and the Out of Time grand prix saying there's more to be announced, I wouldn't be surprised if we get Baby Cortex and Baby N Tropy as well. However, that isn't the theory. The theory I have is that I don't believe a Twinsanity themed Grand Prix is a pipe dream, I think it is highly, highly likely. Why? Because like the baby themed grand prix, there's very explicit references to such a thing. In the exact same course as Baby Cortex (Cortex Castle), there's two massive hints to the same theme. Firstly - a N Sane Trilogy redesign for Nina Cortex can be seen on several banners, with wearing a tiara. Cortex is also on these banners, wearing a king's crown, and N Brio can be seen with a bucktoothed idiot design as well. That would be one thing, but also - Cortex's Coco disguise from the beginning of Crash Twinsanity received a N Sane redesign too. I find it hard to believe that not only would Nina receive a total Nitro-Fuelled design, but also Coco!Cortex, one of the very few disguises Cortex used, and only for a few minutes. It's because of this that I heavily believe we're gonna receive a Twinsanity grand prix, involving: Twinsanity course (Possibly Evil N. Sanity Island or Academy of Evil) Nina Cortex as a playable character N Brio as a playable character (Twinsanity marked his one other major comeback since Crash 2) Coco-Disguised Cortex as a skin
  12. So uh, turns out Cortex Castle in Nitro Fuelled has a ton of references to Twinsanity. Off the top of my head from what I found - 

    • Cortex in his Coco disguise can be found as a stained glass window.
    • Nina can be found in multiple banners around the arena with a tiara 
    • Cortex's young form also appears on a stained glass window (Could be his baby form from Warped)

    Really am beginning to wonder if we could see a Twinsanity theme with Nina, Evil Twins, and maybe Evil Crash as a new character, and Coco!Cortex as a costume.

    1. Jovahexeon Ogilvie Maurice

      Jovahexeon Ogilvie Maurice

      Would be keen if they brought Evil Coco in as a character or costume.

      God forbid, we actually get the long awaited fabled Twinsanity remake. 

    2. Ryannumber1gamer


      Evil Coco would be a shoe-in for it. She already had a full design before she was scrapped. Given she was in a cutscene and everything, she seems to be one of the few cut aspects to get along in development, along with Gone a Bit Coco:


    3. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      I dunno if we'll see Evil Coco, but only because she was designed to be the counterpart to the older Twinsanity Coco. She'd need a redesign for the younger throwback Coco.

  13. Have to say, one thing I can give Nitro Fuelled is I love how they've handled Crunch in it. No ridiculous Mr. T parody nonsense, he's got a great redesign for the remaster, and his animations and lines are still pretty good and animated very well.

    Really hope to see him in a new game.

  14. There's an interview with the composer of Banjo, as well as one of the original art designers. The composer's part is really important though, since it gives us a timeframe for some of the behind the scenes work of Smash development. He was contacted in January about making a song for the reveal trailer:
  15. News flash: Colds suck.

    1. TheOcelot
    2. Ernest the Panda

      Ernest the Panda

      My favourite thing to do when I have a cold is eat Wotsits. Makes me nostalgic.

    3. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      My favourite thing to do when I have a cold is desperately trying to not choke after waking up. 

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