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  1. With all the hype and everything else, I'm honestly beginning to wonder if Smash Ult is intended to be the Swan Song of the series.

    1. Tails spin

      Tails spin

      It's the avengers 4 of the gameverse

    2. Adamabba


      Probably Sakurai's swan song. What a way to go out

    3. ThatOddLiam


      It does seem like they're really trying to tie up all the loose ends regarding major fighter requests and content from previous games. Realistically, it does seem like the only thing you could do from here IS add new fighters and stages which could just be DLC anyway. If this super-secret mode is indeed some sort of subspace successor I think they'll have pretty much covered all bases.

      As much as he's said it plenty times before, I'm willing to bet Sakurai will be calling it quits for real this time. The guy has more than earned it and I think he's likely deciding he can't keep up the horrific work schedule he'll keep setting himself so long as he's working on Smash. 

      If this IS the end of Smash I expect they'd go the Street Fighter 2 route and re-release it each gen with slight upgrades and changes. The series feels complete now so I don't think people are going to be in a hurry for a Smash 6.

    4. GentlemanX


      I believe that too, it feels like Sakurai is doing everything in his power to make his last game the best it can possibly be; I think he's ready to be done with it for good. Could he change his mind? Maybe, wouldn't be the first time, but at this point things seem to point to this being his last.

      Will there be another Smash game with or without Sakurai though? I'm 99% certain. The series is too popular, makes too much money, and will always have new content to add both from Nintendo's expansive history to the new titles that get released yearly. There's no way Nintendo will let Smash end, even if Sakurai is no longer in the picture.

    5. Milo


      My guess is it's probably going to be the last Smash Bros. for at least over an entire decade (which kinda makes sense, given how Nintendo says they're planning to support the Switch for that long) and it will be the last game to be made under Sakurai's creative lead; especially since he left HAL due to their focus on sequels and has been wanting to leave the series as far back as Melee.

      I'm unsure if he will walk away from the series completely though; but I'm pretty confident that Ultimate will be being the last Smash Bros. game Sakurai personally directs and helps design; and that a sixth Smash Bros. will be under a new director and with a new team of designers.

    6. Ryannumber1gamer


      I believe they'll definitely go down the route of having it be re-released. I don't think Sakurai would ever truly let go of the series, but I do imagine he'd prefer making a massively perfect swan song and then simply help with a few characters every couple of years and/or balance tweaks as opposed to going all in on reinventing the wheel with a completely new system.

    7. Cobalt_Bolt


      If he is done with Smash Bros. after Ultimate it's one hell of a goodbye in that case. I honestly hope after he's done with the series he takes a well deserved sabbatical for his own health. He's lost weight in prior installments so it does bring concern.

    8. blueblur98


      if it ain't the last one, it's going to be the last one sakurai works on.

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