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  1. I swear one of the things I hate about the Goku Black arc is how utterly obnoxious they make Goku in order to drive Zamasu’s hatred of mortals to extremes.

    1. Tornado


      It's not terribly different from how he acted before in Super, and certainly not from how he acted afterwards.

    2. Wraith


      Hes literally like that for all of super

    3. Ryannumber1gamer


      Not really, no. Like, he doesn't do himself any favours between BoG and U6 v U7 but it reaches a completely new level of obnoxious in Goku Black and continues even further to justify his bullshit in Universal Survival.

    4. RedFox99


      Goku is probably that one guy who you remembered being this great person to be around... and when you meet him again you realize how much of a jerk he is and begin to reevaluate rather he was as awesome as you thought he was

    5. DiamondX


      Well, Zamasu's trigger was mostly Goku having godly power while being just a mortal.

      Zamasu couldn't stand any mortal, no matter how they looked, acted and so on.

      (Also Gowasu choosing a planet with barbaric aliens isn't the best choices for "Mortals can change.")

    6. Tornado


      Yes, really, yes. From the start of Super he has been obnoxious. He whined constantly about being bored with his life when there's no one to fight, fucking around with his friends because they might do something that interests him when he knows hanging around his house won't. He's been completely callous with Vegeta and Bulma's personal lives as Vegeta has cooled down more and more. As soon as Beerus was mentioned he wanted to go fight him even though King Kai was having a conniption. As soon as Beerus left the first time he's whined constantly when he wants to go train with someone who can legitimately beat him with almost no effort. It was a character trait directly derived from the Buu arc; and something that he constantly flirted with in Dragonball as well.



      And I say good. Being a blood knight was his main character from the very beginning; and later found out to be just the way Saiyans are. Not having anyone he can actually fight has always made him antsy. DBZ, in particular the dub but Toriyama didn't like his portrayal in the anime in general, wore waaaaaayy too many of rough edges of his character from Dragonball off.

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