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  1. Against my better judgement and as someone who dislikes horror games, I picked up Resi 7 and downloaded the Resi 1 HD Remake from PS Plus. I'm nervous about jumping in but I'd be lying if I said Resi 2 Remake hadn't got me interested.

    Which one do I play first?

    1. Solly


      I'd say if you care about RE's incredibly silly story, play RE1's remake first. It's a (mostly) better version of the game that laid the groundwork for the series and it introduces some key characters. 

      Also worth noting, I don't think RE is too scary. It's not like PT or Amnesia, for instance where the focus is squarely on making you feel helpless. If anything I'm more worried that you'd be frustrated by the game's tank controls, which can be turned off but I'd recommend giving them a try anyway. 

    2. Ryannumber1gamer


      That's something that my friend told me, that the difference about Resi is it focuses more on actually being a fun game, as opposed to Outlook and PT where it's literally about scaring the piss out of you.

    3. Solly


      I agree with that take. In fact, RE4-6 are more or less horror-themed action games rather than actual proper survival-horror. (I would recommend checking those out too, although 5 and 6 are best played with a friend).

    4. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      If you find any of this scary then idk what to tell ya. The games are honestly kind of silly in a way. RE7 is the most horrific of the series but even that has some...narm in it.

      Though I think you can jump into any RE game and enjoy it. Cept maybe 3 or the prequels or whatever. It depends if you care for the bigger story all around.

    5. Hero


      I can vouch for 5 being better enjoyed with a friend, it's fun either way but there's tons more to be had with a co-op playthrough. It's definitely more of a fun series as opposed to anything else. Going in with a whole arsenal tends to take away the fear factor you know? 

    6. Diogenes


      coincidentally i've just started playing RE1 (GC) for the first time myself, and i'm not big on horror games either. i'd agree about it not being all that scary; atmospheric, sure, and tense when you've got zombies chasing you down and you're struggling to put your few remaining bullets into them, but it doesn't really do much to actively scare you. though i guess it helps that i already picked up on some of the game's surprises through cultural osmosis.

      also i'd definitely recommend checking out RE4, once you get into the game's groove it's a wild trip of exploding heads and suplexing cultists

    7. Ryannumber1gamer


      I definitely wanna give RE4 a go, since I heard that strikes a really good balance between action and horror.

      I actually already got 6, although haven't gotten around to playing it, having gotten it as a freebie a few years after release after getting a few games during a closing down sale.

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