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  1. I swear the use of the X button for story skip is downright idiotic. It's actually getting frustrating with how many times I've accidentally skipped story.
  2. tbh i kinda wish orbot and cubot were racers in tsr

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Orbot is fine. But Cubot is just annoying. I think I prefer Zavok, honestly. As much as he's boring and I don't care for him, at least i don't actively wish he was axed from the series.

    2. SupahBerry


      I'd be more inclined to agree if the "multiple small people in one big car" wasn't already taken by the Chao.  

  3. Pretty much, stars are gotten through individual challenges on any difficulty.
  4. This was what I was missing - I thought it was a ring multiplier, as in you'd get more if you hit more rings in one go (where it shows an overall counter when picking up rings), I didn't know drifting into rings gave a bonus. As for the drift challenges, I found them hard as hell, the only plan I have for it right now is drive to them normally, drift at the last second, and then drive normally again.
  5. Well, I encountered what is my first major bug - during the first Traffic Attack race in the second world, if you retry, it’ll cause robots from your previous attempt to not be despawned properly - specifically - if you run into the score robots. They’ll be frozen upon your second try, but will still have hit detection. You won’t get points from them, but you will be stunned and hit, if you run into them, like normal. This is bad as it can happen literally in the middle of the road where you need to drive to get the score bots that work properly.
  6. The drift isn’t the problem, the problem is no matter who I use, or what I try, I either can’t get to the second lap, or barely do and don’t have enough time for the second lap to finish it, I don’t know what is being done wrong.
  7. Does anyone have any tips for Ring Challenge 2 on Planet Wisp (it’s in chapter 2 of story), it’s driving me fucking crazy trying to do it.
  8. Gotta say, I love the designs shown for the portraits in story mode, might be one of my favourite sets of Sonic designs, they remind me a lot of Runners,

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Whilst Sonic Team themselves are always using the Unleashed (/Generations/Lost World/Forces) models, Sumo Digital are still using the Storybook/Olympics models in their games. The latter are just way nicer.

    2. Adamabba


      They are nice but Id prefer 2D portraits

  9. I’ve been playing speed characters primarily and haven’t had much of a problem. Took a race or two to get used to but nothing awful.
  10. Good lord the matchmaking in TSR succccks

  11. I’ve gotta say, online is really infuriating me. Not because of the players, or losses or what have you - but because of the matchmaking. It automatically forces a game to start after 90 seconds, no matter who or how many is in the lobby. On top of that, there is no fucking semblance of team balancing. I ended up the second player in a lobby alone on a team, and two others joined - BOTH of them being paired into the first player’s team. What this meant was I was placed solo against three actual players and got stuck with two CPU as teammates, On top of that, the CPU in online mode just sucks, and usually handicaps your team.
  12. Man I would love to know what Sumo was thinking when they made X the skip story button.

    1. Jango



    2. TheOcelot


      that the story would be shit

  13. I’d say PS4, due to Denuvo being present on the PC version and being infamous for fucking with performance. I’m playing on Pro and the game feels very smooth and the graphics are incredibly crisp. ———————— On another note, I’ve been playing TSR for an hour or two, won’t give full feelings yet, but I do think the core game is extremely fun, and the Team mechanic works so much better than you’d think with such a concept. Having to think about your team and how to boost them forward along with yourself gives a twist that makes you worry more about simply staying ahead, and makes the game feel a bit more involved even if you have a lead. It just feels really good when it all works together in tandem. That said, the gimmick modes like Daredevil and Ring Collector suck IMO. Requirements for both are insane and they just do not feel fun to play compared to the rest of the game.
  14. Quick thoughts about TSR: Racing is fun as hell, the team mechanic works extremely well, making it about when you should share items, and when you shouldn’t - the gimmick stuff like Daredevil and collecting ring races just absolutely sucks though.

  15. Oooooh Knuckles my boy what did they do to you

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