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  1. A lot of people talk about the over-saturation of comic book movies and such in recent years, and I agree with it, but I honestly think now with Phase 3 officially over, we need to talk about how much Marvel really knocked things out of the park this time around. 

    Phase 2 featured nothing but a ton of burn-out and rather bleh films following a pattern, with underwhelming villains, good comedy, solid action and that being about that.

    But Phase 3 went all out for trying different things with it's movies. You get Thor's 80s like comedy movie filled with style with Ragnarok, you get two really good comedies with Homecoming and Far from Home, with the latter having some really good drama and gripping moments. You've got Civil War giving us a genuinely good conflict between two iconic characters, we've got Infinity War and Endgame, which do I even need to mention what they did?

    Phase 3 I honestly enjoyed so much because it all felt flesh, beginning to end. Every film while still sticking with Marvel's usual comedy/action approach also all tried to step into it's own field through different means, let it be atmosphere, visuals, drama, or what have you. Not even mentioning how many times they just knocked it out of the part time and again with their villains.

    1. Wraith


      There are a few stand out phase 3 movies but most of them feel like they were made because the studio wanted it without much artistic liberty or nuance. On the whole It's better than phase 2 but only because Marvel has mastered their own formula, not because they did a whole lot different. We're still getting the same character beats and the same type of blend of action and comedy as before in most of the movies.

    2. Kuzu


      I don't think there was a single film from Phase 3 that I hated. I think by that point they realized they had to re lite some fire to get people's attention, and by god they did. 

    3. Heckboy


      The MCU is the worst thing to happen to pop culture in the past 20 years. The movies are soulless, formulaic corporate products that have contributed greatly to the steady infantilization of culture and in this essay i will

    4. Ferno



      finish the essay op

    5. Dejimon11


      @Heckboy ok we get it you don't like the MCU. Stop trying to shove it down everybody's throat every time somebody talks about it in a status update.

    6. Wraith


      Keep shoving it down everybody's throat please its funny 

    7. Dejimon11


      You do realize that you're essentially giving me a free pass to do this to you right?

    8. TCB


      Given Heckboy's profile pic is The Renegade Angel I'm inclined to believe what he says with heavy critical thought analysis and psychological projection on my true being

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