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  1. I'll give Mega Man 8 this much, I really do love the game's weapon selection.

    1. Sean


      The game is held back by slow, weird, gimmicky level design, but its low difficulty compared to other MM titles makes it a good starting place for beginners.

    2. Ryannumber1gamer


      Ironically, I had the great sense to start on Mega Man 9 years ago. 

      Thankfully, I played MM2 soon after and that got me into the series proper, but MM9 is a really frustrating game for beginners. MM8 would be up there for a good starting point, if it wasn't ungodly expensive before LC2 released.

    3. Sean


      9 is a pretty annoying game. I warmed up to it after I saw how useful most of its weapons are, and it's my overall favorite weapon set in any MM game. But there is no way in hell I'd be able to beat it without the extra save points that MMLC2 offers the player.

      Oh, 5 is another one I think is beginner-friendly for the most part.

    4. Ryannumber1gamer


      I have a very love/hate relationship with MM9. Despite it being my first game, I did struggle through it up til the Wily Castle stages where I proceeded to get my ass kicked. But beyond that, I do love the weapon set in MM9, to the point it might be my favourite in any MM game.

      But I've also got really bad memories for it, relating to your MMLC2 point. I never beat it for one sole reason - I got as far as Wily himself, after hours of grinding bolts to stockpile myself with what I need for the castle. But I also didn't know there'd be three Wily fights. So the long and the short of it is by the stage I got up to Wily, I could barely beat the stupid egg phase, but I'd have absolutely zero resources left over for dealing with the next two phases, and this was on the original release, keeping in mind.

      So when my lives run out, it's back to the robot masters, with even less resources than before.

    5. Sean


      I have similar struggles with most of the Wily castles and final bosses in this series. I'm not sure how many fans share this same sentiment, but I really don't like the finales of most MM games. I've beaten very few classic games without savestates and these days I tend to just stop playing after doing all of the robot masters.

    6. Ryannumber1gamer


      I'm the same, the finales tend to go on too long for their own good. I think they would at least be marginally improved if they got rid of the robot master rematches, and changed it so you just directly go in and fight Wily. I find it alright for stuff like MM3, where the castle stages are fairly simple, and easy enough, but I really hate when they go all in. Especially MM1 given the difficulty of the bosses, as well as being fucked if you use up your weapon resources before specific points.

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