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  1. Ratchet (Tools of Destruction) (to Clank) - "You're such a nerd".

    Ratchet (2016 reboot) - "I'Ve DiEd aNd gOnE To NeRd hEaVeN!!!!"

    1. Soniman


      It's relatable to the demographic 

    2. Polkadi~☆


      Ratchet (2002) (upon meeting Big Al) - "Nerd."

    3. Teoskaven


      Eh, i don't think this is one of the worst jokes of the new games.

    4. DanJ86


      If I recall correctly, I'd seen a video comparing the character animations during dialogue from 1st Ratchet game and the remake. The original seemed to have more bouncy and expressive characters while the remake had them stiff and motionless.

    5. Teoskaven


      Many problems like what you said stem from the fact that Insomniac had only a couple of months to develop the game.

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