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  1. Ryannumber1gamer

    Sonic Live Action Movie "Now entering Silent Green Hill"

    Yeah, but you can't shove the movie into a toilet when you're done like Rise of Lyric. Only thing you can shove into the toilet is your hopes and dreams of an animated Sonic movie.
  2. We now return to The New SSMB Mysteries...

    1. Ferno


      On tonights episode: Testbish, where are they now? Will they ever return to reclaim the empty throne they left behind?

    2. tailsBOOM!


      Will @Diogenes sucks ever return?

      What does @Diogenes think about the above person?

      Why are @pooshoes and @fuckemutha names?

      All this, tonight on the New SSMB Mysteries with Ryan, Ferno and tails


      Tune in tomorrow for:

      Is @sexytractor really a tractor?

    3. Jingilator


      Will @Ryannumber1gamer finally get revenge for not finding out where to find a single fantastic beast?

      Find out next time on Dragon Ball Z!

    4. Dejimon11


      Let me know when we get to SSMB Mystery incorporated 

    5. Jingilator


      @Dejimon11 And then cross over with the WWE twice for no good reason in about 45 years.

  3. If I recall correctly, he's one of the biggest Gary Su characters to have ever existed in the comics.
  4. So, a rumour, leak, whatever, probably a rumour at best has come about regarding the details of Kingdom Hearts on Switch, specifically from a senior at Game Informer.

    Bad News: If true, KH3 won't be ported to Switch due to how tech heavy it is.

    Good news: Nintendo and Square supposedly discussed what they can do and the idea of porting the collections over came up.


    1. Zaysho


      If there is truth to this, I'd find it amusing it would basically be a reverse Xbox situation.

      Though from what I've seen of KH3, I don't think it's so intensive that it couldn't take a downgrade in its visuals just a bit and still look good. I'd probably take the collections though, if only because I really only care about I and II.

    2. tailsBOOM!


      I'd trust it because Imran Khan has good connections with Nintendo.  He generally learns about this stuff before the general public.

    3. Polkadi~♪


      Porting 1.5, 2.5 and 2.8 is the conclusion that I saw coming. 3 has some intensive visual fidelity that would not be easily ported to Switch without a lot of sacrifices.

    4. Ryannumber1gamer



      Considering my PS4 Pro sounds like it's about to choke and die everytime it runs KH3, I can't imagine Switch having it without a severe downgrade, or it blowing up. It's easily the game that makes the most noise whilst my Pro runs it, with maybe only Red Dead 2 giving it a run for it's money.

    5. Thigolf


      Almost the entire series portable in one collection would be amazing, gimme

  5. You know the way in KH3, characters will warp to you when you don't have the camera positioned to where they'd warp to?

    Well I just bugged it in the Toy Box world by accident, so I got the funny sight of watching Woody and Buzz zip their way Sonic style to Sora.

    1. KHCast


      That happens with San Fransokyo too

  6. To be honest, that's a big reason why I like the arc so much, unlike a lot of the unrelated bullshit that Penders and even Bollers developed, Mina's arc actually felt set-up to subvert the usual ridiculousness of Sonic's world, where someone who's got the same abilities as Sonic isn't really capable of fighting, just because she has those abilities, where on the other hand - during the era she was created - you had eight year olds running out to battle death robots. Mina's arc is interesting due to it's subverted nature, the universe in which it happens, and just in general how good it is.
  7. I want to note down my brief thoughts, but I’d argue that Mina Mongoose was one of the strongest characters that had been featured in Archie, even back during the Penders/Bollers war era. Mina entered the plot with a clear and defined arc, and one that told a pretty strong story as well compared to a lot of the contrived nonsense we got later, especially with Penders’ cast. Mina’s story starts on a depressing note with her being shown as a direct consequence of the actions of Eggman’s return to power after Endgame, with her mother being roboticised and Mina soon falling to the point where she wishes to be roboticised too because at least she’d be with her mother then. It brings up an interesting idea for the series because before this point, even the more comic relief characters in earlier issues were rising up and training to help the effort, and now here was this poor defenceless teenager who lost everything and believed giving her life up to be with her family was better than being without anything. In essence, Mina had given up. Then Sonic steps into the picture to save her, not only giving her the courage to fight, but giving her something she desperately needed - someone to relate to, because Sonic lost both of his parents to Eggman early in his life, and lost Chuck shortly after. This is great because it shows Sonic giving someone else inspiration and the will to fight based off his own personality and experiences. Mina’s arc continues from there though, and in more interesting ways, because it still veers into territory we hadn’t seen yet. Mina was the first character I can really think of that was established to be in something of a bad relationship with the Freedom Fighters, more specifically the fact that despite having super speed, she just isn’t capable to fight in wars against Eggman. She has no tactical or fighting knowledge and that affects her, she feels useless to the war effort. On top of that, due to Sonic being the only one she can relate to, she ends up developing a crush on him that was doomed to fail because of his feelings towards Sally. This led to the biggest lessons of her arc, because she forcefully tried to change herself for Sonic, to doing things she wasn’t capable of doing, and in the end, it caused heartbreak after heartbreak for her. To the point that she nearly got herself killed to save Sally from a gunshot from Nack because she cared more for Sonic being happy than her own life and happiness. But then she continues getting better as a person and working through her own issues once she accepts that Sonic doesn’t feel the same way to her, and she continues to be better. She learns to grow from her own strengths and personality instead of just changing to satisfy another. She doesn’t go out on Freedom Fighter missions, but she uses her natural singing talents to become a pop star and to provide inspiration to those who can fight, the same way Sonic gave her inspiration to keep fighting when she originally escaped Eggman’s grasp. She got a new boyfriend who loves her for who she is, and doesn’t want her to change. Even after her original arc, she continued to be pretty interesting because of her ties to Mammoth Mogul and especially when it’s revealed she’s suffering from PTSD from the Iron Dominion invasion and her fear, paranoia and PTSD is manipulated by Naugus to spread distrust and hatred of Nicole amongst New Metropolis, which I was happy to see resolved before the end of the continuity. I think the particular strength about Mina is despite the original concept for a new love interest for Sonic, or a love triangle with Sally, or whatever, Mina seemed like someone who was meant to be a riskier character in terms of arcs. She isn’t like Amy or Tails, kids who are capable of running out and doing field ops, she’s got a bundle of personal issues and insecurities developed by all of the shit Eggman has done to the world, and her family, and even when she’s technically rescued, her character continues to develop in a realistic way. It’s a really strong arc of learning how to grow, be comfortable in your own skin, moving over insecurities, and how to aid others in different ways, even if you aren’t quite as capable to directly fight. Honestly. I think one of the few times Mina was badly portrayed that I can remember was in the godawful Issue 150, which ironically was the one and only time Penders got his hands on writing her, in which case he regressed her character and development to the point she considered cheating on Ash with Evil Sonic, who she believed was the real Sonic. She doesn’t do it, but the fact she was tempted is really bad given this was at the tail end of her original arc. Thankfully, given how awful the whole issue is in general, you can consider it non canon and ignore it.
  8. Neat, Sony gave me a free avatar for platinuming Spidey PS4.


    1. Strickerx5


      at least he heals sometimes now tho

    2. Ferno
  10. What if there's an alternative timeline where Rayman 4 was released instead of Raving Rabbids

    1. Ferno
    2. Sean


      I consider Oranges and Lemons to be 4 and 5 but a new 3D title would be welcome. Take 3's gameplay but remove the shitty humor and story and bring back 2's atmosphere and world design and you have a GOAT contender right there

      I'd also remove the canister transformations because aside from the grappling claw they didn't add anything meaningful or fun.

    3. blueblur98


      i wanna be in this timeline

    4. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Rayman Origins and Legends only exist because the series got sidetracked for so long by the Rabbids.

      Don't get me wrong, I want to live in the Rayman 4 timeline too, but this one has its upsides. Best timeline though is the one where Rayman 2 was a 2D that had more in common with the first game. As good as 2 and 3 are, I think it's a shame that they have so little in common with the first one visually.

  11. New month, new avatar - it's one of my favourite art pieces to come out of KH3!

    1. DanJ86


      And then only two remained. 0_0;

    2. Ryannumber1gamer


      The Phantom Thieves have faded into the shadows, awaiting their next corrupted heart.

      Tbh, I probably should've went with Sora last month when KH3 was released, but I was still hyped about Dancing in Starlight and wanted to go with Makoto.

    3. Jovahexeon Fitzroy

      Jovahexeon Fitzroy

      Phantom who now? XD.

      @Failinhearts is the symbol of optimism and Prime peace. 

      I've taken on the symbol of strength and freedom. 

      @tailsBOOM!has become one of defense. 

      @Crow the BOOLET, a new symbol of beauty of course. 

      @Polkadi~♪...... one of music and mysticism. 

      And of course @Ryannumber1gamer has hearts we used to steal. 

      So yeah,  guess that just leaves you and @DiamondX, @DanJ86. Best of luck. 

    4. Polkadi~♪


      I am the symbol of non-canon genderswaps.

    5. Jovahexeon Fitzroy

      Jovahexeon Fitzroy

      Yeah,  admittedly I was going more off your username and qualities on that one bud. @Polkadi~♪

    6. tailsBOOM!


      @Jovahexeon Fitzroy when the world needs them, they will return again 😉  (Hopefully under much better circumstances)

    7. Jovahexeon Fitzroy

      Jovahexeon Fitzroy

      Pretty much,  yep. 

    8. Fusion-Ellipsis


      And I'm just a speedy blue hedgehog!

  12. Ryannumber1gamer

    Super Mario Maker 2 - Electric Slopealoo (June 2019)

    To be honest, given LBP Karting did it like 6 years ago, I'm surprised Nintendo haven't had a crack at race track creation.
  13. Gave Tetris 99 a go, and to be honest, I'm not really feeling it.

    It's a fun game, but I think how quickly the game can turn against you kind of ruins the fun of Tetris. It's one thing when you fuck the game up yourself as the game continues to get faster and faster, it's another when your game gets ruined because you got like 6 blocks added to your count out of nowhere.

  14. So, with a few weeks having passed since the game released, and about a week or two since I finished it, I thought I'd pop in to give my general opinions on Kingdom Hearts 3, which I know have taken awhile to do so. Partly because I knew I was gonna be in the honeymoon phase of the game and loving every aspect of it, which would've been pretty biased, and partly because I hoped to 100% it before doing this (I didn't do that yet). First things first, my battle report (which is inaccurate since it was from when I finished the game, it's pretty different now as I grinded to level 99, got Ultima and such) Difficulty: Proud Mode Enemies Defeated: 3035 Most Used Keyblade: Happy Gear (8:20:27) Distance Travelled: 75.8 km, 47.1 mi Most Used Situation Command: Riskcharge 115x Gummi Ship Completion: 33% Lucky Emblems: 90/90 Most Consumed Cuisine: Chocolate Mouse X2 Clear Time: 41:10:56 So, starting off on a positive note - the graphics. The worlds this time around are just downright stunning, and closest IMO to actually feeling like you're playing through a living and breathing Disney world. One of the sad facts about the previous games in the series is they were hindered by their engines/consoles at the time, and whilst the original console KH games are the ones that have aged the best in terms of PS2 era games, I'd still say the worlds in of themselves felt pretty lifeless. This is the first real time the game itself just feels alive. There's NPCs everywhere, the voice lines are all voiced with no more text boxes, the environments are far more varied and feel a lot more fun to explore, feeling far more like an open world sandbox, as opposed to a room comprised of blocks and poles. Veering into that, the performance is frankly draw-dropping. I'd say this is one of the most lush and beautiful looking next-gen titles to date, all aided by Unreal Engine 4, and it was completely surprising how it ran. 0.2 set an example that we'd be forced to give up a full 60fps for a stunning set of graphics, with 0.2 even dropping frames at points, like in the Phantom Aqua fight. But then KH3 releases and not only does it look even better than 0.2, but it's running at a consistently good 50-60fps? That was insane, and showed how much effort went into optimising the game's performance to be the best as it possibly could. I was so happy to see this change added, because Kingdom Hearts 1, and 2 both released originally locked at 30fps, and then the collections had been slowly trying to build all the games up again with 60fps, and Kingdom Hearts 2 is just a totally different ballpark when playing that in 60, compared to 30. 0.2 showed a disappointing, but what we thought - was necessary concession for better graphics at lower framerate, but seeing KH3 pull off a perfect compromised balance was great IMO. Moving into the story and characters, I think really the main thing I'd like to say firstly - is that the dialogue and humour is just fifty times better all around. You'll still get awkward and chringy moments, as you will from any other Kingdom Hearts game, but I'd say that this time around, this is where they really nailed the dialogue and interactions of the characters. I was really surprised at how much I came out liking Sora, Donald and Goofy as a trio this time around. It was clear to me that a main focus of this game was reinstating how important this trio is, how this trio is practically at the centre of the entire series, especially after Donald and Goofy got downplayed in the rest of the series, especially Birth by Sleep, and Dream Drop Distance. I love how Sora and Donald constantly seem to love getting jabs in at each other, playing on each other's flaws in a playful manner, while Goofy is either too egotistical, too oblivious, or both to realise he isn't as above things as he thinks. Moments like Goofy thinking he was beyond suspicion in the Toy Story world, whilst criticising Sora and Donald at the same time really had me laughing. But there's also a very definite concern between the three. Donald and Goofy despite all their jabs at Sora's personality, clearly care about him, and clearly would fight to keep him safe as much as possible. I'd still say the strongest theme in this game in general - is their bond, and how far they've come from the first game. It's constantly empathised how the trio would keep fighting for each other, and deem themselves only as strong as their friends. The message that is always brought up is "Pint and a Half", because they're three half-pints together, which I felt was a really good call-back to previous titles, as well as a good set of arc words for their journey's conclusion. This is the conclusion of the adventure they started all the way back in Kingdom Hearts 1, and to see them grow, and truly work as a team this time around was great. Furthermore, adding on this - I'd say the writing for the rest is pretty strong. There's a lot of strong interactions with the original characters that I don't really wish to go into specifics with as they are serious spoiler material, but still. The biggest surprise to me was the Disney cast, who are all written pretty much in character. The banter especially with duos like Woody and Buzz, or Mike and Sully, or even the Big Hero 6 crew felt near identically from something I'd expect from their retrospective movies. Even characters like Jack Sparrow get really good material this time around, especially Jack since he gets tons of optional dialogue as you travel through the Pirates world. The only set of dialogue I felt was pretty weak was Frozen which...yeah, I'll explain later. On that note, I feel like the story in of itself is a really big mixed bag. There's a lot of moments in it I love, there's even conclusions to arcs that happened near identically to how I wanted them to end. But then there's stuff I just really dislike as well. In terms of the gameplay, I actually quite enjoyed it. I felt like the tools were present to make the combat particularly involved, and much more experimental compared to the spin-offs between this game and KH2. Having a traditional KH level up and ability system yet again was just nice to have after so many games filled with idiotic and often frustrating gimmicks, especially with how round about it was to get basic quality of life abilities like Second Chance and Leaf Bracer in the likes of DDD and BBS. I loved a lot of keyblade styles, adding new flair and combo potential for Sora, as well as the really cool finishers they had, and I liked how each other them had different combat styles, like shooting projectiles, using blade attacks, using attacks to get closer to enemies etc. The only real complaints I have with combat this time around that I didn't get used to was firstly - Attraction Flows. They're just too frequent for their own good, and far too intrusive. They're stupidly powerful, reduce damage taken, and are insanely easy to get. They really should've been more difficult, either at the expense of MP, or something else. As is, they're game-breaking and not particularly fun to use. Secondly, it's the difficulty. I was shocked when I played Proud, something I don't typically do on my first run through of a KH game, but did for this game, to discover that by the end of Olympus, it's basically Standard Mode. This means that about 90% of the game, you don't get to make use of how many tools the combat system offers because you can get away with bare-minimum combat, and using the triangle commands, instead of making full use of the toolset provided by the game. And in terms of my other flaws - the other biggest main one to speak of is the total lack of end-game content. Bar the usual grindy nonsense you'd get from a KH game, a lot of it just feels really bare bones. There's barely any secret bosses, the battle portals - while interesting are just enemy gauntlets, the Ultima is really grindy to get, and the minigames will not last you very long. And whilst there's an defence to be made that the previous games didn't get their great end-game material until the Final Mix editions, that problem really shouldn't have been a thing to begin with in a 2019 game. I think in the end, I don't really know how to feel about Kingdom Hearts 3, I feel mixed about it. On one hand, a lot of the elements could lead to it being my favourite, mainly being just for the fact the Disney worlds are actually fun to run through this time, unlike KH2 where it's critical mode and combat was much more superior, but the Disney worlds in general were far more of a boring slog to run through. But on the other hand, Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix just feels like a fifty times better experience. In all honesty, I still think I need to give it to 2FM because whilst the combat in 3 is strong IMO, and the worlds are better, 2FM just feels like the much more complete experience. Maybe things will change if a 3FM ever materialises and if so, I'll give it another look. But IMO, I'd say at the least, KH3 is a solid 8/10. It's a great game, but there is serious flaws holding it back still, even ones I'd argue really shouldn't be a thing in this day and age.
  15. Hey

    1. tailsBOOM!
    2. Jovahexeon Fitzroy
    3. Fusion-Ellipsis
    4. Sonic Fan J

      Sonic Fan J

      Hi, hope you're feeling a bit better today.

    5. Failinhearts
    6. Kiah


      Hey there. Hope you’re feeling better. 

    7. Ryannumber1gamer


      Still feeling pretty out of it, but hopefully by this time tomorrow, it'll be past me. Thanks for asking!


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