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  1. The game has officially gone gold! (Plus we now know there's a trophy for getting a gold bolt).
  2. Rift Apart has officially gone gold!

  3. I have to admit, this was easily the weakest issue of the arc thus far, gravity gets flipped around, there's a few Egg Viper fights, and Tangle/Belle trick Orbot and Cubot. Beyond a few good character interactions (Tangle attempting to reverse psychology Cubot was great), there wasn't a ton that happened, beyond getting the characters from this set-piece to the next set-piece in a not very interesting, and mostly rushed manner. Tangle and Belle has things going on, but I don't think what they have going is particularly interesting. I'm kind of disappointed that really only Issue 2 bent into the whole surreal aspect of the tower. It's easily the strongest thing the arc had going for it, and all we really got out of it was a creepy replica village, with mixed up Badniks, and while that's neat, it's lame that's the only thing. Like, this is a world completely and totally controlled by Eggman, mixed with surreal things due to being Eggman's invention testing ground, and yet...we got one replica village, a couple of looping hallways, gravity being turned upside down, and then just Egg-Viper recolours with new elemental attacks. It feels like they had an idea for one issue and felt like they needed to fill out the other three to make a whole arc. I would've rather the whole thing focus on Sonic and co being forced through a surreal Eggman controlled tower, instead of just shoe-horning the group into the final boss fight so quickly.
  4. Ratchet 2016 making jokes about social media and YouTube, meanwhile they're still using fucking infobots instead of sending emails

    1. Teoskaven


      It's not too different from stuff like MLP FiM referencing pop culture of any kind and not having things like cars. This type of humor has been a thing at least since the dawn of animation, it all stems to your degree of enjoyment of it and when it doesn't work you get to notice the technology discrepancy.

    2. Strickerx5


      Yeah, comedic cartoons (and comedic cartoon like games I guess) usually follow this rule of “whatever works at the time for a joke.” Which is why with, again, FiM you see things like arcade machines and Times Square monitors in certain scenes while you often have the main characters writing with feathers and ink under candle light in others.

      There’s rarely a set guidance for stuff like that during production and it’s all about making the current humor work without completely destroying continuity of the story. Your level of tolerance about such things varying from person to person of course.

      I know the idea of “what level of tech is the world at in MLP?” was actually a controversial topic lol.

  5. DBZ Dokkan Battle's OST fucking slaps.


  6. Finished Ratchet Tools of Destruction. One of my least revisited Ratchet titles. There's still a lot I like about it, and I think it's interesting that it definitely feels like the most 'classic' Ratchet game, simply in HD (As in - the most alike the PS2 titles) but it's got severe issues with difficulty balancing. Dying within 2-3 hits towards the end of the game and most weapons doing little to no damage is just terrible.

  7. Tons of previews: An interesting tidbit is the confirmation we'll be seeing alternative universe versions of known characters as well, with some surprises. I'd guess characters like Talwyn, Qwark, and such. Hope we see some PS2-trilogy characters like Al and Helga too. That said, I have a theory we might see Angela Cross and Max Apogee too. A Crack in Time mentions Angela Cross being last seen with Max Apogee before Max vanished prior to ToD, and the 2010 comic series gives confirmation by Artemis Zogg that Max Apogee's final act, prior to his disappearance was aiding a lombax being hunted by Emperor Tachyon by opening a portal into another dimension, meaning Max disappeared along with Angela into another universe. Given the idea of this game being exploring different universes and such, it just makes the most sense to me to have these two appear, especially since Max's disappearance has been a plot point since Tools.
  8. The reason Archie Mega Man didn't last is simple - they launched a Kickstarter to fund their big forthcoming relaunch of Archie and all titles relating to it (Jughead, Betty & Veronica, etc), and they faced massive backlash from comic store owners threatening to never sell their comics again because of it. Archie - afraid of the consequences - cancelled the Kickstarter and announced they would handle funding the comics themselves. Unfortunately, there was kind of a reason why they needed the Kickstarter, and they took the money from Archie Action to handle the other comic launches. Worlds Unite was created as an additional measure, because Worlds Collide had managed to successfully boost Mega Man sales in the past, so they were trying it again. Unfortunately, Worlds Unite is also one of the most vapid and boring story arcs done in any of the series, and the gigantic cost for all of the licenses involved ended up being a death-nail for Archie Action, especially since Archie were set on the new Archie reboot universe. So Archie Mega Man and Sonic Boom were both cancelled, paying the price for Archie's mistakes, all caused by Archie's total mishandling of multiple situations. It had nothing to do with the original approach Flynn took to the MM universe.
  9. >Gogeta is Goku


    1. Zaysho


      They're just reading off the FighterZ roster.

    2. Diogenes


      every dragonballz is a goke or a freezer

  10. JGFDtdo.jpg

    The best Spidey story ever told

  11. My favourite Sonic 2 zone, Level 10.

    1. AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      Dang, how they gonna spoil the final boss like that? 😂😂

    2. Solister


      Funny how Death Egg is not even Level 10 (It's the 11th), unless you count Sky Chase & Wing Fortress a single level.

  12. Did Broly even have more potential than any other villain? Like, I admit it might be because I only find the original Broly movie fun, and think Second Coning and Bio Broly get progressively crappier, but I’ve never liked OG Broly as a villain much. He’s got a coolness factor to him and some of his one liners are decent, but he’s basically just a gigantic brick wall who doesn’t take damage from anything until some Deus-Ex Machina pops up to take him out. And that’s without touching his absolute joke of a backstory. He has a insufferable bloodlust and hatred for Goku because he cried as a baby. That’s it, that’s the plot. Gigantic killing machine, most powerful badass super Saiyan, and he’s literally fuelled by a crying baby. Even the idea of an evil Super Saiyan, everyone points to it as if it’s a big Broly selling point, but like - that’s what Vegeta’s original ascension was supposed to be, wasn’t it? Vegeta is a evil bastard, even throughout most of the Cell saga. He literally threatened to kick Gohan’s ass because Gohan was upset over his father’s supposed death. Vegeta ascending to SSJ was supposed to be a big deal because (and I admit, it might just be a dub thing, so take with a grain of salt) - it was assumed by the Z-Fighters one had to be pure of heart to go SSJ, and Vegeta came along and disproved it, showing that the transformation was fuelled by extreme emotion as opposed to purity of heart, so even the whole “evil SSJ” thing falls short for me, not helped by Broly literally being unstoppable just cuz. And I’m not saying that to act like Broly being redone by Toriyama was a bad thing. I fucking love Super: Broly, I think how they redid Broly’s backstory and cleverly retooled him both made him a more interesting character, and still kept the coolness factor in tact. I just think acting as if Broly had some immense potential that required him to be brought back while others don’t is pretty silly. Cooler has plenty of coolness factor with his fifth transformation, and there’s plenty you can do with a character who unlike Frieza - never got it easy in life, and instead had to scrape for every win and every victory. Unlike Frieza who thinks he’s entitled to wins and loses it when he starts to fail, Cooler could easily show what Frieza could’ve been if he’d not been so entitled, and actually trained to home his power from the start. Janemba meanwhile has one of the most unique fighting styles in the entire series, not only due to his sword, but his usage of portals and teleportation. It’s insanely cool watching him being able to redirect attacks and use them against those who fired them. I do think it’s also interesting how he’s just an embodiment of pure evil. Where Maijn Buu was a force of nature created via magic, Janemba is a embodiment of all of the evil gathered all around the planet. I do admit he basically is another version of Buu, but I do think if they took a swing at it, they could differiate him. I also have to disagree with the idea that Dragon Ball has basically lost all narrative value as well though. I’m definitely not the biggest fan of some of the pure bullshit Dragon Ball Super pulls, but I do still think there’s a lot of times where they capture that initial Dragon Ball charm and write the characters in interesting ways. Super: Broly especially IMO. Broly’s new sympathetic backstory, his reaction to Paragus’ death, it becoming more clear that Broly isn’t even a villain, but someone to berserk with rage and grief that he doesn’t understand etc. Even the visual storytelling is on point, I will always love how when Gogeta turns the tables on Broly, it’s not like Fusion Reborn where it’s a huge moment, with Gogeta having this big one liner to deliver to the villain. No, as Gogeta starts to get more and more of an upper hand, the animation visually changes to start showing Gogeta as looking slightly off, and even a bit deranged at points, while making Broly look more and more terrified, empathising that Gogeta’s going full ham on somebody who doesn’t fully realise what’re they doing, and how he doesn’t even fully have control over his actions, showcasing that no one is really the good or bad guy here, and Gogeta might be taking it too extreme on Broly, to the point where that Final Kamehameha probably would’ve killed him if he hadn’t been teleported out of there. If the movie was simply going for money and no story telling value, I don’t think they would’ve done that. They would’ve just did a Broly: the Legendary Super Saiyan, or Fusion Reborn where the big game-changer moment happens that causes the villain to become completely powerless, and it would’ve been treated as a gigantic heroic moment for Gogeta. Instead, they felt the need to ask the question of if Broly was really a villain worthy of death in that moment, and if Gogeta’s combined lust for battle is making him take extreme action against Broly. Even Goku has that moment towards the end too where despite having fought Broly and nearly dying by his hand, he still offers Broly supplies, food and housing on a random backwater planet so they can survive there, with the only condition being he and Broly occasionally sparring. It’s one of the few times during Super that I genuinely thought Goku was perfectly written in character, and it’s probably my favourite “redemption” of the series. Goku helping a guy out because he thinks it’s the right thing to do, befriending him, asking him for sparring matches, and even giving permission to call him Kakarot, which is what Vegeta calls him. It’s not only a neat twist on the Goku/Broly dynamic, but that moment perfectly embodies a lot of Goku’s positive character traits to me. So idk. Personally I can’t really act as if DB is just utterly vapid and has no meaning when stuff like this is present. Can’t really comment on the manga since I’ve only read the beginning chapters of the Moro arc (I hear Moro gets pretty crap towards the end though).
  13. Ratchet (Tools of Destruction) (to Clank) - "You're such a nerd".

    Ratchet (2016 reboot) - "I'Ve DiEd aNd gOnE To NeRd hEaVeN!!!!"

    1. Soniman


      It's relatable to the demographic 

    2. Polkadi~☆


      Ratchet (2002) (upon meeting Big Al) - "Nerd."

    3. Teoskaven


      Eh, i don't think this is one of the worst jokes of the new games.

    4. DanJ86


      If I recall correctly, I'd seen a video comparing the character animations during dialogue from 1st Ratchet game and the remake. The original seemed to have more bouncy and expressive characters while the remake had them stiff and motionless.

    5. Teoskaven


      Many problems like what you said stem from the fact that Insomniac had only a couple of months to develop the game.

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