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  1. Started out hard mode, after finishing normal 100%. Uh, no. This actually kind of blows. Feels like rubber-banding is way up, and the enemy AI is fifty times smarter than your ally AI.
  2. Oh god, I can already tell hard mode isn't going to be balanced, or fun.

  3. Book of Facts: 

    -Chaos should've been playable instead of Zavok

    1. PublicEnemy1


      Another fact: Chaos should've been playable over the Chao.

    2. SupahBerry


      That was the original plan, but he keep making Tails feel uncomfortable and often prompt hedgehogs to teleport behind him and squish him with little effort.


      It's real to chore to keep cleaning up that mess and fix him up, you know?

    3. Diogenes


      why wasn't orbot and cubot and jet and wave and storm and tikal and gamma and beta and mighty and ray and chip and professor pickle and gun commander and the president playable

    4. Polkadi~♪


      Diogenes, this is TSR, not Sonic World.

    5. Wraith


      Unironically all those characters should be playable

    6. Ellipsis-Ultima


      Y'all didn't mention Cream.

      I am dissapoint.

  4. Ant Man and the Wasp in a nutshell


    1. tailsBOOM!


      The gif didn't show

      I refreshed and now it did

    2. Bloxxerboy


      God damn it, Ghost.

  5. I 100%'d TSR's Team Adventure Mode!

    1. Dejimon11


      what did it cost?

    2. Ryannumber1gamer


      Not much, a few hours over two days, and a bit of frustration at a CPU?

    3. Dejimon11


      Overall thoughts on the game?

    4. Ryannumber1gamer


      Honestly, I had a massive amount of fun with the game. The racing is pretty slick, and the team mechanics are really well-implemented, more so than you'd think with such a gimmick. I was iffy about it to begin with, but they've really sold me on the idea.

      It's held back by the fact it's clearly a budget title, but I think it's a real fun time, and I hope SEGA will take the relative success of the game in terms of reception, and invest in a full budget racer again. 

  6. Seeing it confirmed that Sam & Max and Strong Bad is as good as gone stings, was hoping they'd remain through Disney/the original creators retrospectively. If anyone hasn't, I'd absolutely recommend Sam & Max, Strong Bad, and Hector Badge of Carnage.
  7. Man, TSR's soundtrack is a total bop. 

  8. swear the AI in TSR is really beginning to piss me off now. Why the fuck did Sumo make it that the AI on your team will activate their ultimate whenever they want instead of just letting you decide when they do it?

    1. Dejimon11


      I don't get it either.

  9. Except that still doesn't make a point really? Alright, a hub world - that's alright, but doesn't really add a ton, because there isn't a lot to do around it. You can practice your driving a little, or just practice in an actual race environment. As for the cutscenes - as already said - they're literally just short quick scenes with the bosses for a few seconds, and they don't even specifically say anything to your character, so that's not a point either. On top of that - you just showed a brief example of animated cutscenes and said "this is what a real story mode looks like, take notes TSR", so it's pretty clear you were referring to the actual story presentation, in which case, my point still stands. The original cutscenes with the bosses were also mostly static with only their mouth moving, and a few effects on their kart and that's it. The new ones are better animated and still only come out to about five minutes total runtime. And I can tell you now, I've had a lot more fun with TSR's cutscenes that actually show some personality and fun interactions with the extended cast as opposed to CTR's original cutscenes where it was a boss blathering on for a minute, or Aku-Aku/Uka-Uka interrupting randomly to spout a tutorial. You're literally just comparing the two on something that doesn't even really compare because they simply use two different forms of expressing a story, and TSR has it's own merits to how they did it. There are so many points you could be arguing in CTR's favour compared to TSR, and I have no idea why you're choosing the story of all things to be doing that, because to be frank, CTR's story is extremely weak, and a total excuse plot - which for the record - Naughty Dog themselves admitted to on purpose because they thought Oxide would be considered jumping the shark, and would sink the Crash series since they were planning on leaving after CTR.
  10. Whoever at SEGA thought it was a good idea to have a grand prix requirement of "win first in every race, plus collect number of rings overall" needs to punched in the gut for a dumb idea.

    1. tailsBOOM!


      The problem I have is whenever you must do one of the non-racing modes to progress.

  11. I honestly don't think it's really comparable? I mean yeah, having full animated cutscenes is great, especially since they're so beautifully done in N Sane and Reignited. But like, for one, you say "it looks like a real story mode" - the plot of Crash Team Racing's adventure mode is as close to an "excuse plot" as you can get. And that's fine, it didn't need anything else, but TSR on the other hand goes for a light story with character interactions as well. Like, if this video is accurate, there's literally a whole six minutes worth of cutscenes in the entirety of CTR: Animating five minutes worth of cutscenes for CTR's remake, compared to making animated cutscenes to each and every interaction in Team Sonic Racing, a game that really only has a story to have fun and quick interactions with the characters is seriously not comparable. I really don't get the point you're going with here, beyond trying to force TSR and CTR into a which is better situation that doesn't even make much sense. They do different things entirely with their stories, and their chosen forms of presentation for their stories works perfectly fine as is. TSR's interactions really didn't need anything more than voiced portrait discussions, akin to a visual novel, while CTR is a remake of a game that went with basic boss animations for introducing them all, and would stand out like a sore thumb if they were reduced to anything less. If you want to compare the two, there's a lot of better points you can make, including the gameplay, customization, costumes, likely more tracks, and the fact it's basically gonna be a complication of two, if not three racing games. But comparing the cutscenes with a potshot to TSR? Yeah, not really feeling it.
  12. I think the best complement I can give this is that Sally's VA is actually pretty close to the actual original VA, but Sonic's VA...no. Like, if you want my frank opinion, and no offence to the guy - Jaleel White - I never liked his Sonic voice, especially when he came back for the fanfilm, where he sounded completely out of practice on top of it all, and an impressionist of that Sonic just made that 50 seconds a bit too obnoxious. Speaking of which, maybe it's because I haven't seen SatAM in about two years, or whenever Motobug was showing it, but Sonic just seems...really annoying and hyper in this. I honestly can't remember if he was like that in SatAM, although I'm nearly sure at the very least he had some level of development as he went through the first two seasons, but here, his voice is constantly running too fast, and he's trying so hard to put speed into his voice, like Sonic is talking fast near constantly, despite that not being a trait of his. Especially by the end of it, it seems incredibly rushed, because both Sonic and Sally are talking as fast as they can and skimming through the details. And the animation, I don't know, it's just either too jerky, or too stretchy, I'm no animation master, but I just feel like something is off, Sonic and Sally feel off-model at points, Sonic's expression shifts incredibly quickly, and movement just jerks around. It doesn't really replicate the DIC SatAM style much at all, which is kind of telling, given that DIC shows are infamous for being horribly animated, and given low budgets. And don't get me wrong, I don't like criticising artists and animators like this, at least - fan animators, because they're usually working with no budget, and a passion project, but if you're asking for funding for this thing, I mean to be frank - I'd expect better animation. Like fucking hell, Sonic Paradox has pulled off better, even if they take longer for their projects: Like, all of the animation is pretty good, but especially the art-styles for Team Dark and Team Rose just look so nice, and animate really well. And this was done as a passion collab project, like all of Sonic Paradox's stuff. I think this is the major problem - this isn't just a passion project, it isn't something done on a little to no budget - it's being used to advertise a project that somebody wants money donated to make. If you're going to ask for that, you need to seriously step your game up and show off some great animation.
  13. They do, as well as the rights to the characters featured in them. However, SEGA's vision of Sonic has long since moved on from AoStH, SatAM, Underground, or even X, and that's why they barely acknowledge it, outside of the rare re-releases. As for this...ehhh. Everyone else's criticisms about the animation and such holds true for me as well. I'll also say that while it's a neat idea, I'm not really sure how to feel about it, because in general - SatAM had a decent enough resolution. Just ignore Snively, and that's it. On top of that, with Hurst having passed away, we'll never know for sure what the true plans for Season 3 was, other than the details we've already gotten, like Knuckles being in it, Tails getting a bigger role, Nicole having a honestly grimdark origin that I think is pretty bad for a Sonic show, and just an attempt to make Robotnik far more of a total psycho than he already was, and Naugus rising up as the villain. I mean, I suppose you could say the same thing about Sonic the Comic Online, or Archie Sonic Online, both being fan-made follow-ups to their retrospective storylines, but then they're also not asking for crowd-funding to make it a reality, and that's not even getting into the sketchiness of the project itself (It's pretty infamous that crowd-funding projects for established IPs from fan creators usually end up cancelled due to legality issues). There's too many issues that stick out in my mind that make it seem difficult to pull something like that off. It also helps that StCO and Archie Sonic Online's follow-ups don't cover anything near as "controversial" as the plans for SatAM Season 3 was gonna be.
  14. I think it was even worse in Transformed, since at least the original ASR all had unique all star moves for everyone, as opposed to Transformed, where you simply go into helicopter mode for a bit.
  15. I’ve seen the PaRappa anime, or at least the first five fan sub episodes someone made before stopping. It’s decent enough, if a bit odd since it comes before PaRappa 2.
  16. Honestly, I’m baffled they didn’t start with Gravity Rush, a promotional anime was already made for Gravity Rush 2 and looked pretty great from what I remember, and I’d love to see more, especially if they could get a studio like Madhouse or Bones behind it.
  17. I've finished 9 races in TSR and a good few of them ended with me in a bad place...

    ...and yet I'm ranked in the top 200 players. oof.

    1. Ferno


      it's all fun n games until smash kart gets announced

    2. Conando


      What version is it?

    3. Ferno


      I just realized that I meant to post my last comment in the status below this

      *backs away awkwardly*

    4. Ryannumber1gamer
    5. Conando


      @Ryannumber1gamerWow, I would have guessed steam because of it floundering. Yeah, that’s pretty bad considering the PS4 version should have the most players.

  18. I should be excited upon hearing this news, I love a lot of Sony's exclusives, and grew up on a ton of them. A lot of these characters are near and dear to me, almost as much as big names like the Marvel, or DC superheroes, or bigger mascots like Mario, and Sonic...but goddamn, I just feel totally apathetic to this. PlayStation Productions is not a new thing, Sony tried to do the same thing with a PlayStation Originals line all throughout 2010, and the results were just shit. I was so fucking hyped for Ratchet & Clank's movie, I went to see it opening day instead of Civil War (Which I saw the following week), and the movie...it just isn't good. I enjoyed myself the first time I saw it, because I got all the injokes, and references, and thought it was just great seeing these characters I grew up with in an actual movie, with their actual voices...but everytime I think of it now, I just see cynical studio manufactured bullshit that infuriates me to no end. Alright, they got the original voice cast, and what did they do in all promotional material? Shove them out of the limelight to advertise their celebrity voices that were all pretty bland and forgettable, but all of their characters were just meh. They got a script made by the guy who does the games, who made some of the best plots in the series, and had some of the best comedy in the series as well, and instead of using that, they threw it out, and reformatted it again and again until it was just...nothing. Ratchet didn't have an edge to him anymore, nor did he really have any kind of unique character or conflict with Clank, he was just a wide-eyed dreamer. Clank wasn't a naive thinker with a quirky sense of humour anymore, he was just a smart guy now who must do the right thing. They were voiced by their VAs, and yeah, they still did a good job, and Ratchet was at least better than dickhead Ratchet from the original game...but there was no conflict anymore, and the cast, bar Quark wasn't as good as their game versions. The humour was bland and dated, outside of the game references (Moments springing to mind being the stupid ass phone joke at the beginning of the movie). Drek wasn't a corrupt business tycoon who took the universe's greed to extremes anymore, he was just kind of a wacky business guy now who treated his henchmen bad, and didn't have an intimidating voice anymore. The Galactic Rangers who were actually memorable in R&C3, or hell - even the Q Force which was brilliant just got replaced with a bunch of unmemorable characters who only served to be voiced by the various celebrities brought in for the film. The worst for me is the fact that Ratchet & Clank just don't seem like friends in the movie. There's no conflict with them, there's no funny misunderstandings, or jokes, or anything. They're together for all of 20 minutes before they try to make this stupid conflict about Ratchet following in Qwark's footsteps, despite the fact that Ratchet and Clank haven't been friends for more then 20 minutes of runtime and we haven't got a reason to care about them. That's what killed the movie the most for me. One of the best duos in gaming, two characters with a heartfelt story, and one of the best friendships in gaming, built over multiple titles...reduced to 20 minutes of runtime, and generic "oh you're a liar, do you record everything I say??" nonsense. Everything about it just felt off. It didn't feel like a Ratchet product, it just felt like a studio pandering checklist of what should appeal to kids these days and to sell merchandise, instead of being a faithful and unique representation of what the games were, and while the PS4 title was awesome in gameplay, and graphics, it's notorious for making the story of the games, as well as the humour shit as well. It played everything far too safe. Then we got this: Boy, did I want to be excited for this. But after Ratchet being a disappointment...boy this just sunk the boat for me more. I love the Sly series, it's one of my all time favourite series, but after this came out when Thieves in Time had a ton of controversial decisions and changes that already made me feel iffy, but then this comes out by the same studio as the Ratchet movie - with designs that just ranged from downright awful to passable, pretty meh writing, and on top of that - a voice change for Sly for no reason (Sly's original VA - Kevin Miller iirc said he wasn't even asked to come back) and I think that just killed all hope I had that any of this would be done justice. A rumour floated about that Jak would be next, and I just immediately began thinking how they'd take something as unique - and with as much of a tonal shift as Jak & Daxter, and just ruin it, especially since Daxter as comic relief treads a fine line between funny, and annoying. Doing Daxter badly would have the possibility of killing it altogether. I want to have faith that Sony having their own production studio for Playstation based properties will be good, and will bring out good results, but this is also the same studio that also messed with Spider-Man because they were desperate to set up a cinematic universe based off the MCU instead of just focusing on making good products, so to be frank - they have to prove to me that this is going to be of actual quality, because the past efforts with Ratchet and Sly just gives me reason to be concerned more than anything.
  19. Is it me, or is the map music for a few maps in TSR feel a bit somber? 

  20. Well here's some delicious irony for you all. 

    Nostalgia Critic's new video calls out Jim Carrey for being a douchebag who pushes his insecurities to judge others, and treats other cast/crew like dirt.

    does that remind you of a certain channel-based movement from last year?

    1. SupahBerry


      He's probably threw in a brief potshot at Jim just for playing a role in the Sonic Movie.


      While simultaneously denying that he made a cameo in another shitty CG Live Action Sonic film. 


      How he's still allowed to show his face in public is beyond me.

    2. dbzfan7


      I refuse to watch anything Channel Awesome ever again, but damn I wonder if those comments are just destroying the massive hypocrisy here. 

  21. So TSR question - does anyone know what specifically qualifies as a rival takedown? I need to get five for a key in Chapter 4.

    1. DanJ86


      According to the manual (Which came with my game. I though they stopped doing these.) a rival takedown is knocking out racers who are on the other team and ahead of you in rankings. The picture shows one car ramming another. Might also count with Wisp weapons?

  22. The Sam & Max episode we're watching this week on Motobug is The Mole, The Mob, and the Meatball, be sure to join us on Saturday at 10pm GMT/5pm EST to see Sam & Max's attempts at joining the Toy Mafia.

  23. On this week's Sam & Max, the freelance police's latest case brings them into the shady underworld of the toy mafia, an outfit running the Ted-E Bear's Mafia-free Playland and Casino. Their goal? To find a mole hidden deep in the organisation and retrieve him, without getting themselves killed. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately in Max's case - the duo will need to prove themselves to the mob in order to join them, and find their mole. Join us next time for The Mole, The Mob, and the Meatball.
  24. I've got to say - the online is really killing my enjoyment of the game. The problem is I like the online, when you can get a balanced match with a fair number of people, but it's absolutely atrocious when it comes to matchmaking and balance. In the near majority of my matches - all of my matches are the same - join a lobby - multiple people are already in it. One team is full with actual players, the other players are placed into their own separate teams instead of together so they can at least make up a team while the other two teams are held by AIs. The results of this is always the same - one team completely curbstomps everyone else because the AI in this game is completely worthless, every game I've played, no matter how many items I give them, or how many slingshots I set up, my AI teammates are always either between 10th to 12th place. It's just frustrating beyond belief.
  25. The AI is actively killing any enjoyment I have with TSR’s online.

    1. TheOcelot


      As in the AI is too hard or easy?

    2. Ryannumber1gamer


      The AI is useless, that's the problem. If you're in online matchmaking, there is no team balancing. The game will often times have it so one team has three actual players, and then for whatever reason - the two or three remaining people in the lobby are split into their own teams with AI players, instead of being placed into their own team.

      Out of every single match I've played where I got sacked with the AI, which is the majority of them, they're always in 10th to 12th place. They're fucking worthless.

    3. Perkilator


      The AI's equally a pain in Smash for me. Sometimes I swear I can get a Final Smash to hit them, but the AI just doesn't wanna take the fucking hit.

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