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  1. https://cytu.be/r/Motobug

    A reminder that Motobug will be streaming the Sonic stream happening in a few hours, plus the Animal Crossing direct. I won't be the one handling the Sonic stream, but another Motobug staff member will be doing so.

  2. Man, I love MegaMix's art. 

  3. Right, having let it sit for nearly an hour, final thoughts on X8.

    X8 is a weird game, a very very weird game. It is also, a heavily disappointing game. There are too many good ideas in here to count. You can tell Capcom were seriously trying to give this their all, and make it a good game after so many failures before. 

    And what I hate about X8 is that it is so close. Like, it was literally so close to being ranked among X1, and X4 as a great X game. But with the introduction of two things, just one simple, stupid regession, it ruins the game completely and plops it straight down to X6, and X7 levels. I don't think I'd place it as badly as X6, but I don't think I can call it better than X7, because while X7 bored me, X8 actively made me loathe a lot of my playtime.

    X8 fixes so many problems with the X series, and I wish I could just look past these two major flaws and love it, especially after X5 was meh, X6 was terrible, and X7 was boring. But I can't, I just can't look past these flaws.

    I've made many statuses between yesterday and today criticising it, but I cannot overstate just how much this is a bad idea, and should have never gotten past the design phase - Replay Chips are one of the worst things to appear in the X series. A problem that had been fixed since X4, and Capcom decided to regress it to add fake difficulty to the game. You have a total of five tries for any level, and if you lose them, not only do you need to restart the level from the very beginning, but you also need to buy three of the chips again.

    Mixed with the fact that a good 90% of X8's levels are just awful gimmick levels, and the levels can reach 10 to 20 minutes in length, depending on which level, how much exploring you do, and how many times you die, this makes for an infuriating task. What was only just barely forgivable in X5, X6 and X7 due to at least being able to brute force through sections you died on is made worse by this system. It destroys the game. It takes what could be a simple set back and turns it into an infuriating repetitive slog. 

    The level design is also pretty bad. While controls are great, and everything moves at a good pace, the levels tend to constantly feel like minigames strapped together into a level. The only level I can say I actively enjoyed fully was the stealth level, because there were no cheap deaths, and the gimmick was fairly simple and avoidable. But levels like Burn Rooster, Optic Sunflower, and Yeti's levels are absolutely terrible levels, made even worse by a busted life system. Not helped by a lot of total bullshit design choices, like leaps of faith, awful spike placement, and especially stage shaking, and auto-scrolling.

    The other thing is the collectables. This is legitimately one of two X games that I hated every single collectable I had to go for, the other being X6. The reason? Again - the replay chip system. It's one thing to die trying to get parts and upgrades. It's another thing to place them in some of the worst places in any X game, where it's always do or die, and then compound it with limited lives. Some of the worst parts would be both of the parts in Optic Sunflower's stage, where you have to ace every single test, and don't die - twice. The armour part in Burn Rooster's stage is the worst armour part that I've ever had to go for in an X game. The spikes are badly placed, and being frank - spike placement in X8 probably rivals X6 in terms of how awful it is, leading to a lot of pixel perfect jumps/hovers/dashes if you don't want to die, which again - is not helped by the replay system. There's also the ride armour sections in Bamboo Panda's stage where you have to get ride armour to the very end of the stage for parts. 

    Then there's the currency. There is grinding if you want to unlock everything 100%. In a Mega Man game. Grinding. in a fucking traditional 2D Mega Man game. Do I even need to explain the problem? They should've just made it that you unlocked everything when you got the parts, especially since they're much more difficult to get now.

    As I said, it's so infuriating because there's so much to like about X8. There's tons of problems that had been present since X1 that was finally fixed. Good voice acting, able to escape stages at any time now, turning navigators off, and a decent attempt at storytelling.

    The storytelling in particular really hurts because I think it's one of my favourites in the X series. Sigma's design is actually really cool this time, a literal cyber skeleton on his last legs, making it clear that this is his last battle body. But more than that, I liked what his motivations was this time. 

    Sigma isn't just a boogieman here to haunt X and Zero again, here to destroy the world, or pull off some asinine revenge scheme, he's finally back to his X1-3 personality, motivations and goals. Sigma here doesn't want to destroy the world, he's realised that this is it. He's on his last legs, and one more fight with Zero and X will be his doom. He doesn't want to destroy the world anymore for the hell of it, he wants to leave a legacy behind for himself by finally achieving what he sought after for so long - a world of evolved reploids, and he intends to do it by making his own world at the expense of Earth. It's such a cool idea, and frankly, I think it's a better send-off than he got in either X3 or X5.

    Lumine sucks though. Shoved in as a villain too late, and while it's admirable they tried to twist the "Sigma manipulates new character" thing, it was a terrible idea to not only do it on a character who has fuck all development because he's kidnapped for the entire game, but they chose to do this on the one time where Sigma's actually a decent villain again. And when Lumine does appear, the things he says are so bafflingly stupid and goes against the X lore to that point that it's insane. The Maverick virus isn't a virus anymore, it's just new generation reploids can go maverick whenever they want, which like, isn't that just kind of like deciding whatever you want to do? You just decide to go crazy? It isn't developed enough to make any lick of sense.

    But I will say this - I think this gives a very definite sense of finality, one that hasn't been felt since X5, despite the fact it technically ends on a cliffhanger of sorts. While X and Zero's stories end in the Zero series, I really like this ending to the X series. I like X not questioning if their fight has to go on, but rather how it's going to feel knowing that they'll be outdated and eventually replaced. I like the somber note of the two quietly making their way back to Earth, as Zero reassures X that they might be destined for the scrapheap, but they can fight tooth and nail to that day to change their destiny, and given the ultimate outcome of their stories in the Zero series, I think it's a wonderful note to leave out on.

    I like how X8 finishes on a bittersweet note with the implication that humans didn't learn their lesson about the New Generation reploids having Sigma's code residing in them, but also ends on the exact same ideal that kicked the entire series off to begin with - Thomas Light's final dream of a world where humans and robots can co-exist peacefully and equally. 

    It's weird how X8 was not planned to be a finale (it only really happened due to poor sales), and yet it still gives off this fantastic sense of finale that the series was longing for. It's shit that X5's ending ultimately got screwed over due to Capcom's greed, but honestly, I think the final note the X series ends on is a fantastic way to set up the finale in the Zero series. It was a good ending. 

    1. Sean


      Agreed on most fronts but I hadn't considered the nuances of the story before since I mostly blasted through it and wasn't up to speed with the X series' stories at the time. So it was interesting reading your impressions of it because literally my only memory of the game was Lumine being such a stupid generic obviousevilbadguyvillain that would make Lysandre blush.

    2. Ryannumber1gamer


      Yeah, granted - Lumine kind of hurts it a bit. As I said, Sigma was actually really good this time around and had an active purpose in the story. Shoving Lumine in at the eleventh hour was actually shit, and the nonsense he came out with involving the New Gen Reploids were idiotic. I would've vastly preferred if he just said that Sigma's code being in their copy chips means that the Maverick Virus will live on forever. 

  4. Short answer - No. Long answer - Not in the form you probably enjoyed him in. Penders' lawsuit has erased Rob'O and a lot of other official characters from Archie Sonic. Not only are SEGA/Ian legally unable to use them again, but between the reboot, and Archie Sonic dying, leading to IDW, it was always no. Ken Penders claims he intends to use Rob'O in The Lara-Su Chronicles, as Panda said above, but given how crappy Penders' writing is, and the fact that he's throwing shit at the wall in hopes of things sticking, as well as this book having been delayed for seven years now, and he's still only just discovering things important to the storyline, it's still probably no, and honestly, given how bad Penders' writing is, that's probably for the best.
  5. Mega Man X8 is beaten, and I've platinumed XLC2. 

    With that, I've finished the X series. Final thoughts on X8 coming in a bit.

  6. I left X8 idling with the shoot button remapped and held down to grind for medals while I napped. Two hours later, it's at 200k.

    1. Sean


      In the PS2 version there was a glitch that let you amass hundreds of thousands of medals at once, which is what I did with zero regrets. They should have just kept it because it's  one of the worst things about X8.

    2. Ryannumber1gamer


      Yup. The best alternative now is loading into Metal Valley, let the robot chase you to the rock where the armour part is, choose Axl, switch to Ice Gatling, and prop the button down.

      Wasn't even enough for everything. I could only afford to get X, Axl and Zero to 100% upgrades, and then Alia, and that was it (which sucks, since I wanted Layer) 

  7. Getting all the parts in Optic Sunflower's stage is one of the downright worst experiences I've ever had in an X game. It's the garbage from X4's cyberspace stage heightened to worse levels.

  8. A Devil May Cry MM Zero game.

  9. Mega Man X8 boss interactions in a nutshell:

    X: you're a maverick! 

    Maverick: no u

  10. oh my god, KH Dark Road is another Union X game with fucking CoM mechanics

    1. Thigolf


      Fitting name, then

    2. Big Panda

      Big Panda

      Just went and read the KHI news article.

      Nope. Just nope.

    3. Bobnik


      I guess that's what Nomura meant by "double feature" for KHUX. A little bit disappointed, but I'll stay open-minded and wait to see actual gameplay. If it's more involved than the borefest KHUX is, I'll be fine.


      Agrabah being the first screenshot is hilarious tho. I guess that's why Xehanort went to darkness - he just couldn't handle the "Looking for Abu" arc

    4. Ryannumber1gamer


      >when abu goes missing 


  11. Alright, you know what? That's it.

    I can't believe I'm saying this.

    X8 is worse than X7. 

    1. Sean


      The worst part is that the soundtrack sucks a lot.

    2. Ryannumber1gamer


      I can deal with is a bad soundtrack. What I can't deal with is godawful level design that could very well be near X6's in terms of total bullshit, a garbage as utter fuck lives system that actively regresses something fixed since X4 seven entire years prior, but on top of that, mixing all levels with idiotic and bullshit gimmicky nonsense that further shows off how absolutely terrible the new lives system is, and just adds heaps of fake difficulty onto a game that does not need it.

    3. Sean


      Yeah I legitimately do not understand the praise for this game at all. I liked it when I first played it on the PS2 but looking back I think that was just me coming off from X6 and 7 and getting too wrapped up over how well it controlled compared to those. Saying that X8 is good feels like a knee-jerk reaction after the last few games but there are things in X5 and 7 that I think beat the shit out of 8.

    4. Soniman


      I don't  care for X8 but I still say it's better than x7 and 6 because 100 percent of their levels sucked as opposed to half of them 

      soundtrack sucks hard though. Buttock with nothing catchy about it 😔

    5. Sean


      That's not true.

      The tutorial level in X6 was pretty good!

    6. Ryannumber1gamer


      I legitimately believe X7 is better. X7 had it's share of problems, and it's share of shit stages, but the majority of it, bar the bosses - was tolerable to me. I feel like on a NG+ run with everything unlocked, I could actually have fun with it. Outside of two or three, and the final castle stages, there's no stages in X7 I really truly hate.

      But X8  - literally every single stage has had one thing that infuriates me, and that's compounded with a shit live system that forces you back to the beginning if you game over. 

      Like literally - so far - 

      Yeti - Shit ship boss who spams bombs at you and requires you in constant danger to land shots on it in the second fight

      Sunflower - Has a spike section near the tail end of the stage that is not really designed well at all, and can really dick you over if you're using Ult Armour X with his upgraded jump, as well as being repetitive in general

      Burn Rooster - A slow as piss stage, with a terrible spike platforming section in the middle, followed by an escape sequence after the boss that is difficult to navigate due to screen shaking.

      Bamboo - Probably the only one I found decent, even then there's some really dickhead leap of faith jumps if you lost the ride armour earlier.

      Gravity - Absolute bullshit. A crappy puzzle stage that has the possibility of one-shot killing you in every single fucking section.

      Trilobyte - Awful stage with an awful miniboss

      Gigabolt - The worst of them all, an godawful ride chaser sequence that is confusing, a random gameplay shift, doesn't make clear what you have to do, and is randomly timed for no good reason, as well as overloading your sensors when it starts flashing red and blaring, while you're still trying to aim him down, as well as avoid hazards in the way.

      I haven't fought Mantis yet, but I'm sure he'll have bullshit too.

    7. Sean
    8. Soniman


      Whatever fun to be had in x7 is killed by the 3D and the glacial speed for me personally 

    9. Ryannumber1gamer


      X7 isn't really fun, but it's tolerable for a playthrough. That's the distinction you need to make for X6-8, erase the idea of fun from the equation and boil it down to what is tolerable, and what doesn't piss you off.

      That's why I said X7 would be good on a NG+ run where you could potentially overpower X to the point he blitzes everything to speed it all up. Even then, while it might not be fun, it isn't infuriating for the majority of it's runtime. There's a few stages, namely the castle stuff and Flame Asshole's stage, but that's it. It's not frustrating, and the bits that would be considered frustrating is helped by the fact you can retry as many times as you wish.

      X8 is not only not fun, it is actively infuriating. And it's all thanks to the one simple change of the replay chip system. I know I keep going on about this, but it cannot be understated how badly this affects the game. X8's level design is awful, but it might at least be tolerable and fun if you still had infinite retries, and the better control.

      But since X8 has implemented this system of X6-tier godawful live or die design where insta-kills are a dime a dozen, and unlike X1-3 where the stages could be charged through in a matter of minutes, the stages in X8 are long, tedious, drawn out, and repetitive, it means not only do you have shit level design causing unfair deaths, but it means you then have to do that same long tedious level all over again after five tries. And unlike previous games where you at least had the luxury of farming enemies for lives, you don't even get that much.

    10. Sean


      Think I take back what I said yesterday about Zero 1's retry chip system being worse. It's still horrible, but the level design is still mostly good in that game, and levels are usually short enough to where reloading your save isn't a huge setback.

    11. Soniman


      I will say X8 made me way angrier than X7 ever did like you sad it could get MADDENING with its levels but there were at least some parts that felt close to the older X games. X7 is just a slow plodding slog of boredom from beginning to end. So it boils down to picking your poison, the end three games are all varying degrees of bad, I just think x8 is the least bad overall, wouldn't play any of them again though.

    12. Ryannumber1gamer


      Actually, I'd like to add one more thing - there is a way to make X8 tolerable, but Capcom fucked even that up.

      By playing on Easy, it removes the repair chip entirely and gives infinite retries like past games again...

      ...except they do the absolute bullshit that hasn't been a thing since the 80s where you can't access the final boss on easy. If you try to do so, Sigma basically tells you to piss off and play on Normal.

    13. Menace2Society


      Doesn’t matter which one is better when they’re both trash. 

      Here’s a hotter take. X1 and 4 are the only good X games.

    14. Sean


      On the other hand you get to see less of Lumine in easy mode who is as equally a garbage character as Sigma is

    15. Soniman


      X1 and 4 are good tier 

      X5, X2 and Imo X3 are average tier 

      Rest are garbo 

    16. Ryannumber1gamer


      I can't remember enough of X2 to place it, but I don't remember it being horrible, outside of the gimmicky X Killer stuff.

      X3 IMO is as bad as X6, X7 and X8. It's too broken balance wise, having awful balancing for beginning players and requiring a grind to fight your first maverick, and then lets you be overpowered as fuck for the rest of it. Too many worthless collectables and the castle/lab stage is one of the worst in the entire series.

      X5 is average enough.

  12. Blog post details: Velo is the only character in this prix Velo will be the new time trial ghost There's two sets of time trials coming - Velo's, and then Beenox Devs This is the final chance to get your hands on a Champion Kart if you haven't already
  13. Good fuck, every time I start having fun and enjoy a level in X8, the shitty retry chip system rears it's head and ruins it.

    1. Soniman


      Half the levels being shitty gimmick levels is what brings it down for me 

    2. Ryannumber1gamer


      That's the problem for me though. I wouldn't mind the gimmick levels half as much if it was like X4-7 and either had regular checkpointing where continues would send you back to either halfway through, or send you to your last checkpoint altogether.

      But there's nothing more fucking infuriating then dragging through a gimmicky annoying stage, only to lose your retry chips and do the whole fucking mess again. Optic Sunflower, Yeti, and Burn Rooster are the fucking worst for this shit. Especially Rooster with the annoying as fuck lava escape sequence after the fight.

    3. Soniman


      I fucking forgot about the retry chip system God it was so bad. The snow level was so awful made me hate the game entirely because of that shit.

      It's a shame because for the longest time x8 was always so elusive and interesting as it wasn't talked about much but then X Collection came out, I played it and I was throughly disappointed with how much it fails in the level design.Yeti SUCKS, Optic Sunflower is repetitive, Trilobite is a boring chase sequence and Giga volt Man O War offends me as a concept. 

  14. Thanks to a sale, I decided to pick up some manga to finish off a few collections. Got Volume 4 of the KH2 manga (at least, I've been missing it for years), as well as Volume 1 of the 358/2 Days manga, Vols 2 and 3 of Mega Man MegaMix, and Volume 1 of Gigamix.

  15. My theory is that it’s partly spite towards Ian and/or Archie. Penders is an egotistical control freak and has always been so when it comes to Archie. When he tried to claim that SEGA/Ian are free to use his cast under “simple guideline”, said guidelines were incredibly restrictive and basically gave Penders total power over a massive portion of the comic, not only making Mobius 25 Years Later the canon finale to Archie Sonic. Meaning SEGA and Ian would be expected to tailor EVERY character showcased in that story to realistically reach that point, meaning Ian would be strangled held into a lot of things (relationships for starters - including breaking up Mina and Ash to somehow set up Mina/Tails and make it make sense, keep Knuckles/Julie together forever, and the same for Sonic/Sally, as well as some of the random hookups like Rotor and that one random Echidna (Kotor I think?) That’s also not mentioning wanting total creative control over his characters in Archie, meaning if any issue showcased a character made by Penders, not only does it have to go through a approval process by SEGA, but also by Penders - who could easily veto the whole thing and shut it down, forcing possible delays and rewrites. Given how many numerous times he’s created a stink over how Ian used his cast, that probably would’ve led to a total disaster. To me, a large part of all this, especially using characters like Rob’O and Scourge, characters who have little value outside of Archie Sonic due to lack of context is his desperate attempt to prove he knew all along what he was doing. That he knew better, and Ian was some hack who ruined his characters. It’s the same way he feels the need to shit on a dead man to justify his godawful movie idea (because it’s easier to justify why his movie pitch fell apart if you blame it on a dead man, despite the fact that A. It was a bad pitch, B. Penders was the one who backstabbed Hurst, who originally wanted a SATAM finale movie, C. Penders’ pitch was the most edgy dark depiction of Sonic before a Shadow’s game came around, in an era where X was about, and D. Penders probably wanted full creative control.) One of Penders’ biggest problem is that his unadulterated ego does not allow him to understand when something is just an awful idea. That’s why he eventually left Archie. For the longest time, he was allowed to do whatever the fuck he pleased for a decade, because SEGA didn’t care enough to step in, since Archie Sonic was a drop in the bucket compared to the multi media empire Sonic had in the 90s, and the editor he had at Archie did not give enough of a shit to stop his worst ideas, and it was eaten up because of how massive Sonic was at the time, and it was the only consistent source of Sonic material between games. When times changed, SEGA began caring more about a consistent universe and brand, Sonic material was now more consistent with X running, and Archie Editorial got a shake up, and this time, Penders got lumbered with a editor who did care about his job, and the quality of stories, and when he did start shutting down idiotic ideas, or telling Penders what to add and improve, Penders had a massive hissy fit over the whole thing and left, because he couldn’t take people telling him what he can and can’t do. TL-SC is a independent story where Penders has full control over it, and no editor or deadline to reign him in, and it painfully shows with the number of delays, troubled development, and absolutely bafflingly terrible writing and ideas present. Penders will fling this, that or the other in with no concern for if it works, or if it makes sense, just because he can for the sake of it, and then he posts about it by making it sound like it’s some deep meaningful connection, when you’ve been writing one fucking book for near a decade now, and you’re still only “just realising, or just discovering how Lara-Su’s feet and toenails” are somehow deep meaningful character and world building, then that’s a sign of how fucked this all is. Like, I like Ian’s version of Scourge. I can’t stand Evil Sonic by Penders, but Scourge by Ian is one of my favourite villains. But out of context, Scourge does. Not. Work. Scourge’s whole deal is being the opposite of Sonic the Hedgehog, and having a chip on his shoulder because of it. Where he had a shitty life in comparison to Sonic’s, which allowed Sonic’s heroic and kind traits to be twisted and corrupted, while his negative traits like his ego, and his over confidence are amplified. Scourge’s motivations are not just “being a dick”, or “pure chaos”. Scourge’s motivations are simple, and concise - to prove that he is not just some lowly clone of the original Sonic. A failure Sonic at that. Scourge changes his look, name, and appearance, and forcefully takes over his own world, and forces EVERYONE to do the exact same thing, because he wants to prove that he not only is his own person, and made his own decisions, but that unlike all the heroic Sonics in the universe, he isn’t a failure to broke easily and turned evil. He picks Fiona as his girlfriend because Fiona chose to be bad, and chose to be with Scourge, which Scourge finds attractive because unlike everyone else he knew who had to be sidelined into their sides of good and evil due to being a flip side of Mobius Prime. Scourge wants to believe that is the same for him, that he made his own choices, and that his turn to evil was legitimate, instead of just being a byproduct of Sonic Prime being a hero, and having his life not be completely awful growing up. Ian’s Scourge works because he’s trying to prove something to himself, as much as he is to others, which is why he also feels the need to justify it to Sonic by claiming all it would take is “one bad day” to make Sonic like Scourge. Because Scourge needs to feel like anyone else could become like him if he isn’t going to be a failure of a Sonic. But if you get rid of all of that, if you get rid of Sonic altogether, what do you have? Nothing, at all. Scourge can’t work because you’ve ripped away what defined him, his motivations, and his personality, while Evil Sonic pre-Scourge also can’t work because Evil Sonic is such a terrible character who derives so much from Sonic himself that removing Sonic from the equation destroys what little character Penders!Evil Sonic had. Its the exact same for Rob’O, he’s just a Robin Hood knockoff who also happens to derive large chunks of unique character from SEGA, due to being related to Amy. Remove whatever few elements of legitimate uniqueness he had, and he literally just becomes a rip off of Robin Hood, more so than he already was. But Penders doesn’t stop to think if they’re a good idea for the comic, or story, he just uses them in a vain attempt to prove that he can do them better, even when it’s clear from past writing of their characters that he can’t. That’s not even touching the legal issues of Penders!Evil Sonic literally just being a Sonic clone.
  16. I am genuinely questioning why people claim X8 is a good game

    1. Miragnarok


      See also, Sonic Colors. It's simply because the previous game was that bad.

    2. StaticMania


      Sonic Colors? You mean Sonic Unleashed?

    3. Polkadi~☆


      Because it's better than what came before.

    4. Miragnarok


      StaticMania, I’m referring to both.

  17. Motobug will be streaming the Animal Crossing direct on Thursday

  18. This retry chip system sucks.

    1. Sean


      YEP. And even Zero 1 does that shit and it's fucking awful in that game if not worse.

    2. Ryannumber1gamer
    3. Sean


      Word of advice when you get the Zero/ZX collection: When you die in a Z1 mission, don't quit back to the hub. It'll count as a mission failure and you can't attempt it again. When you lose all of your lives it'll game over you but won't reset your lives count, so if you die too many times you might as well reload your save.

    4. Polkadi~☆


      Worst part of Z1 by far.

      But hey, if you fail too many times, you get to the endgame quicker. But you'll be woefully underprepared.

  19. My god, for every issue X8 makes right with the X series up to this point, it changes one thing, just one, and makes it feel far worse as a result.

  20. a pet peeve of mine is games that force you back to the title screen if you die and didn't save yet.

    Sonic 06 did it, and for some ungodly reason, both Mega Man X7 and X8 does it. In the 2000s.

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I just can't handle games that don't autosave at regular intervals. 

  21. he kept saying to get it memorised

    and yet

    the only thing his best friend didn't memorise was him

    axel is the most sad kh character tbh

  22. An Overwatch animated show has been sold and is being developed.

    1. JezMM


      Every episode will be a standalone story that has nearly no bearing on any of the episodes that come before or after it.  Zenyatta will not appear.

    2. Celestia


      Fans are encouraged to point out and discuss the continuity errors, they're actually intentional easter eggs.

  23. What is it with MHA movies taking place on random islands in the middle of nowhere?

    1. Dr. Mechano

      Dr. Mechano

      Making up a new isolated location for a movie that isn't based on the manga makes it a lot easier for the events of that movie to never accidentally contradict something in the main series.

    2. Tornado


      Because they are feature length filler. It's the same reason a bunch of the DBZ movies take place involving characters during arcs where those characters explicitly don't appear.

    3. Strong Guy

      Strong Guy

      Is there another one?

  24. 1.5 + 2.5, and 2.8 just released on the Xbox Store. Weirdly enough, it seems to be a digital only release, as I can’t find a physical version around anywhere. The pricing is an absolute joke though, like absolute middle finger to Xbox Players. 1.5 + 2.5 is £40, while 2.8 is a ridiculous £50. What the actual hell?
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