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  1. So in short, Google’s hyped project...is their version of the Origin box.

    1. tailsBOOM!


      It was overhyped

  2. Another teaser left right to the very last second - it appears that we're finally getting another Sonic Racing Game. They've confirmed that it is not a sequel to any of their titles so that means it's not apart of the All-Stars line and probably a Sonic-only racer. That said, the car in the teaser does look Sonic's Speedstar from the All-Star titles. We also got a darkened out logo that empathizes the R, similar to how Sonic R did it. With that, I think it's fair to say that this is going to be a new racing title like it was leaked a few weeks back.
  3. Not gonna lie, the new Toy Story 4 trailer sold me a bit. I still doubt it’ll be as good as 3, but it looks like it’s got a lot more heart in it than expected from the original premise.

    I just wish Pixar would’ve just released this trailer first though.

  4. You get to pick five new Spidey characters for the sequel to Into the Spider-Verse, who are they?

    My choices: 


    -Scarlet Spider (Ben Riley)

    -PS4 Spidey

    -Spidey 2099

    -Ultimate Spider-Man (an alternative of Miles’ universe that’s the Ultimate comics with no deviations, similar to how Noir is a deviation of Prime Peter’s universe)

    1. Teoskaven


      *Spider-Man 2099
      *Supaidaman ('70s sentai japanese Spider-Man)
      *Marvel vs. Capcom's Spider-Man
      *PS4 Spider-Man

      Bonus round: Italian Spider-Man (i know it's crazy, but Lord and Miller said they'd want him).

    2. Forte-Metallix


      Spiderman Prime (1962)

      Spiderman 2099

      Stealth the Hedgehog (Archie Sonic)

      Spiderpig (Simpsons)

      The entire cast of Spiderman 2: Too Many Spidermen (Kimmy Schmidt) 

    3. Diogenes
    4. Failinhearts


      All I know for sure is that apparently Phil Lord REALLY wants to put in Supaidaman.

    5. tailsBOOM!


      1967 TV Spiderman


      Spiderman 2099


      Ben Reilly

  5. Hello there! Welcome to the brand new topic regarding SSMB's Official and Exclusive Streaming Hub, Motobug! We've been apart of SSMB for the past two or so years now, and have been providing an exclusive hub for streams, and events on SSMB over the course of those two years. Originally founded by Rucdose as SSMB Directly in order to allow users to watch E3 together, it has grown even larger and stronger in the hands of myself and the other Motobug staff! Now, we wish to bring you and your fellow SSMB members an even stronger streaming experience, so I am happy, and proud to finally announce our latest project...Motobug 2.0! So what is the details about Motobug 2.0 you ask? As mentioned above, Motobug is a streaming service that has been created exclusively for SSMB members. The streams that we run vary widely and there tends to be something for everyone. Not only do we stream the biggest gaming conferences and even the smaller ones for SSMB members to have their own exclusive hub for watching streams, including a chat box for discussing, emotes for your reactions, and more. Furthermore, we also run weekly events for the entire community to take part in and have fun with. These including watching Sonic X, SatAM, AoStH, and Underground, but more recently, we're gonna be running a weekly Kirby Right Back at Ya event too. Do keep in mind that Motobug is a community run event and is also a volunteer event. Myself, and the other members of the Motobug crew are volunteering to run the streams and oversee things, so do keep in mind that there are times we may mess up or something could go wrong in a given stream. We typically have a backup plan in motion for these kinds of situations, but if something like this does end up happening, we apologise deeply. Our current streaming destination is CyTube. To be clear, CyTube operates by streaming YouTube videos, or other streams. The streams and shows aren't actually streamed through CyTube itself, but rather they're usually YouTube uploads from various people, or official livestreams being shown on CyTube itself. The helpful benefit of this is in cases like e3, and other major gaming events, if something occurs that causes a stream to die, we will have backups on hand, such as Twitch, and YouTube. https://cytu.be/r/Motobug Alright, this is where the real big news with Motobug 2.0 comes from. As we did with the original one year anniversary of Motobug, we added a few upgrades such as additional theme selection and the like. A small quality of life upgrade, but a good one nonetheless. However, for Motobug's second year anniversary, we've decided to do a total upgrade. A lot of elements has been changed that you might not notice at first but are heavily improved. First off, you can now get notification sounds for messages on CyTube. On top of that, one of the biggest elements of Motobug has been the emote list where we've allowed you guys to submit emotes from the shows we've watched. Well, we realise how important reaction GIFs will be now for E3...so we've also enabled the ability to not only embed images into the chat now, but they will automatically be scaled down for the chat. Furthermore as you guys already likely know, we've moved our main channel to CyTube for the past few months, which was a huge part of our upgrade plans to begin with. Our old channel on Taima had to be closed because of the fact Taima itself was just a completely broken website and was getting more and more broken to the point where Google listed it as not having a secure connection anymore. Because of this, we moved all operations to CyTube, which has not only given us older features back, such as Twitch streaming, but it also has a feedback system right to the creators so staff can get help on upgrades and issues, and overall has a more user-friendly experience, as well as being updated often. Furthermore, we're going to be introducing new themes in the upcoming days for some new events although they are a surprise. @The Deleter will post in the topic at some point about the full upgrade details as he's the one who handled the programming behind the new upgrade. So, Motobug is a streaming site for SSMB members, so what streams and events do we have for them exactly? Well, I'm glad you asked! Here's our current event list! Sonic Musical Spectacular 3 (Saturday 21st July at 1pm EST/5pm GMT) Motobug's Reviewer Showcase (Sundays at 10pm GMT/5pm EST) The Midnight Channel (Persona Stream) - ran by @Failinhearts And now here is a roll call of all of the staff on Motobug handling the behind the scenes stuff, and organising these streams for you all! -@Ryannumber1gamer -@The Deleter -@gala -@Forte-Metallix -@Failinhearts -@kirby1up -@Princess Jellicent -@Spin Attaxx -@风之Klonoa -@Kiah -@Polkadi - @DanJ86 Special Thanks: -@Mightyray - Sonic Musical Spectacular 2 assets -@Dee Dude - for doing alternative assets for SMS2! -Rucdose (For creating the original version of Motobug). Oh yeah! We've got awards now! Since Motobug is such a huge part of the SSMB Community at this point, it seems only fair that we have some badges upcoming. Right now, there is six in development, with five of the badges already created. Two of them will be revealed, the others shall be revealed at later points. Specifically...three of the badges shall be revealed on the 23rd when we announce our event for the Motobug 2nd Anniversary. So without further ado, here's the Motobug badge list so far! Please keep in mind that these are work in progress and will have slight updates to them as time goes on. Kirby: - Superstar Warrior - Attended at least three nights of Kirby Right Back at Ya on Motobug! Don't let DeDeDe Clobbah dat there Kirbeh! Sonic Musical Spectacular 2: - Badnik Beats - Used your requests and attended the Musical Spectacular 2 Event on Motobug! Let's get remixing! - Video Request - Used up your requests! Thanks for helping create a fun musical night! - Motobug Musician - Remixed or created your own OST for the event! Nice remixes! Motobug In General: - Motobug Technician! - Helped us with something on Motobug? Have a badge on us! E3 2017: - Future Releases - Watched one of the E3 2017 conferences on Motobug! Danganronpa Ultra Despair Stream Reload: - Ultimate Viewer - Attend a stream for Danganronpa: The Animation! - Remnant of Despair - Attend a stream for Danganronpa 3: Despair Arc! - Future Foundation Member - Attend a stream for Danganronpa 3: Future Arc! - Bringer of Hope - Attend the Danganronpa 3: Hope Arc stream! - Mastermind - Attend a stream from every Danganronpa show! - Academy Researcher - Attended a Danganronpa stream as an SSMB Heroes Academy member! This is for questions and answers. We'll add to this list as we get more questions, but for now, some that you might have are... -Why the Upgrade? Older fans of Motobug will know that originally, we used Taima since that's the original site that Rucdose used. However, in recent months Taima has revealed itself to be broken in a lot of ways. This includes things such as Twitch support and other site supports being completely broken leading to a wide array of issues. On top of this, there was no official support for the site, and it got to the point where even the connection to the site because faulty to the point that Google listed it as not secure. Because of that, we decided to move all operations to CyTube. -Why was this topic so late in the making? Originally, we needed more time to code the upgrade and get the new features that we wanted into CyTube. The move to CyTube was planned months before it actually happened but we didn't have time to actually get the new features onto CyTube. The decaying nature of Taima meant we had to set up CyTube as our new streaming hub prematurely. We had all of the base code of the channel completed so it was in a stable state so the move to CyTube itself was easy, but getting the additional features we wanted for the site was going to take longer and we didn't want to remake the topic until the 2.0 relaunch was ready to go. -Can we do our own streams? We are actually taking suggestions for streams to run on Motobug. Think you have a cool stream idea? Send a PM to the Motobug staff and we'll consider running it on Motobug! -How do you guys stream? As mentioned above, CyTube works by linking YouTube videos, Twitch streams etc to CyTube which then places them on a playlist and streams them. So for example, how we're watching E3 and Kirby will be through YouTube/Twitch streams, and uploads of the episodes already currently on YouTube. -Can I be a staff member on Motobug?! Right now, we're not recruiting for Motobug staff, however at points we might run placements for getting onto staff if we need extra hands on board, or we need someone to fulfil a certain role. On top of that, if you've contributed heavily to Motobug before, we might ask you to come on-board as an official and permanent staff member! While there has always been rules present on Motobug, we want to try make them clear in order to ensure a pleasant viewing experience for everyone. Please follow these rules. -No Adult material or NSFW Topics or images There will be no posting offensive or sexual content. If it happens, you're banned, no ifs ands or buts. -The stream is meant to be for fun The Motobug streams are meant to be a fun community event for everyone on SSMB. It's meant to just be a lighthearted place for everyone to chill out and watch stuff and have fun with each other. Please do not come into the stream to fling insults at yourself, or using it to discuss your issues at length. Not only are most people in the stream not likely qualified to speak regarding those subjects, but those kinds of topics should be going on the Personal Discussion sub-forum here. -No Spamming As with SSMB, we do not tolerate spamming the chat, especially with image embedding now being present. Give everyone a chance to speak and discuss, and don't take up the entire chat box for yourself. -Trolling No trolling. Simple. As with the staff on SSMB, we want to ensure everyone on Motobug has a good and fun time. Because of that, we are adopting the same zero-tolerance policy on trolling as they do. It won't be tolerated, so please don't do it. -Be respectful This one should be common sense. Be respectful to your fellow community members. Be friendly to them and just in general try to have a friendly attitude. Motobug's a place for everyone to have fun. This includes the same things SSMB does, flaming members, stirring drama, starting arguments, and insulting people will not be tolerated. Simple. -Be respectful to Staff The same way you should be respectful to other members, you should be respectful to the staff too. At the end of the day, not only are we normal members like you all are, but we're taking time out of our days to run these events that tend to take a ton of organisation, and effort to make happen, so be respectful. With that, I'm happy to welcome you all to the brand new version of Motobug and hope you all have fun!
  6. this needs to happen tbh

  7. "Bringing the Boom Baby" Under normal circumstances, I don't think a second topic for a show would be needed, however considering that the original Boom topic usually got a ton of replies per episode, I thought it might be a good idea to split up the discussion for Season 1, and Season 2, since the Sonic 25th Birthday Party has had a 30 minute section on Boom Season 2, I guess now would be the best time to get a new topic up for Season 2. As many people know, Season 1 was seen as mistreated by a lot of people, due to lack of promotion on Cartoon Network, new episodes airing extremely early in the morning, and very very low time slots. In terms of home release in the US, that's extremely limited, with the only option being on Hulu if you want to watch previous episodes at your leisure, so Season 2 happening feels like a miracle, but hey, it's still happening so that's a good thing. As for me, I'm hoping to see a few improvements. More SEGA!Sonic characters, higher animation quality, more environments, the townspeople not being assholes, and some better written stories. Stories we know that are in Season 2: -A story where Eggman attempts to warn people about an asteroid that could destroy them all, and scam them into paying to get into a bunker he created.
  8. Finally got around to starting Horizon Zero Dawn, it's pretty good so far.

  9. Ryannumber1gamer


    The best celebration of 100 comics, an arch enemy making a long awaited reappearance.
  10. Ryannumber1gamer

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - PLEASE SPOILER TAG LEAKS

    I should clarify, I didn’t mean costumes, I was using the costume DLC as an example of what the echo slots are.
  11. Except, ironically - the UK does not got Season 2 on digital storefronts either. Good lord, how did the UK go from getting consistent DVD releases to not even getting S2 digitally a year after it's aired on US TVs?
  12. Ryannumber1gamer

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - PLEASE SPOILER TAG LEAKS

    Throwing it out there, is there a possibility that there's slots in there for additional echo fighters that could perhaps be free DLC or similar to costume DLC (Like Smash 4 had)?
  13. You gotta love how they basically spoiled the fact that Tony will make it back to Earth in the second trailer. I mean fair enough, it was something of a foregone conclusion, but come on Marvel, you seriously couldn't have tried to act like Tony might legitimately die up there? Other random thoughts - Clint is really interesting to me - it looks like with the footage of him with his daughter, it's all but confirmed that he loses his family and goes on a vengeful rampage because of it. I'm thinking Cassie is going to survive, but has been forced to adapt to the new world Thanos has now created. With total chaos in the streets, maybe she's trying to become the new Wasp or something? I remember hearing that Cassie would appear in Endgame and she would be a bit older, implying some time has passed since the end of Infinity War, so I could see this happening. Scott's already lost the rest of his team, don't take Cassie on him as well. I would find it really interesting if Cassie's step-father and mother were affected by the snap, which could spark off her attempt to become the next Ant-Man and/or Wasp. I really hope Ross survived the aftermath. I could see a moment where he comes in person to the Avengers complex, still hell-bent on arresting those who haven't signed up to the accords yet, and will especially be livid with Bruce Banner. I could see a situation where Ross' daughter was killed in the snap, and Ross is blaming Bruce and the other Avengers for not stopping him, only for Bruce, Tony, and Cap to snap back by pointing out they would've stood a much better chance if Ross hadn't divided them in the first place, and he's now too busy going after superheroes instead of trying to deal with the snap's aftermath. I kind of hope the movie begins from the perspective of Ant-Man. Like, start with the ending of Ant Man and the Wasp, and have Scott escape from the Quantum Realm at long last. He reappears on the rooftop, with all of the equipment still in-tact, although rusted, and worn down a bit, signifying time has passed. Believing that maybe Hank and co were found out by the cops, he leaves to head to the police station, to maybe find out what happened... ...and it leads to the opening of the movie, which is Scott now walking through the aftermath of the Snap awhile later, as shown in the trailer - with posters and such of what happened. I think this would be the perfect cold opening - having the character who had no idea what was happening being forced to see everything for himself head-on.
  14. Yes. There's a trophy for doing so within 15 hours. Granted, you need to know about the worlds you can skip to make that time achievable (Namely, Atlantica) Well, put it this way. In KH1FM, I got away with spamming limits on the superbosses and using items for refills, granted - Phantom had to be beaten properly. Kingdom Hearts 2, even on Beginner, I can't get away with doing that shit on the superbosses. You really need to learn how to use Sora's kit properly for counters and retaliation or otherwise, you will get killed. Especially when it comes to your MP bar, you need to know how to make the most out of your magic before wasting it all on a heal, which you'll need often against these bosses.
  15. There's like 10 seconds of that short I find to be absolute perfection. Amy just out of nowhere yeeting Tails, giving a smug look to Sonic, Sonic having the biggest "of course" reaction, Sonic turning to face the Chao, who are giving him creepy glares, right before they go completely bloodthirsty and lob a bomb his way.

    1. DanJ86


      I like that they used the classic Chao voices from the Adventure games. It was made even better when something with an adorable voice tries to kill you.

    2. SweeCrue


      This is why we need Chao Gardens back.

      Because when nobody is there to raise them and teach them what's right and wrong, they become hoodlums!




    1. Polkadi~♪


      I'm sorry, but you threw off Ryan's groove.

    2. AlphaRuby
    3. Ryannumber1gamer


      *turns head*

      You were saying?

    4. Forte-Metallix
  17. Holy shit the chao are bloodthirsty

  18. So while I know we have a general Archie Sonic thread, I felt this was worth bringing mention to in it's own thread, since it's a non-canon project to the Archieverse, and also especially since we have a thread for STC-O. Basically, a bunch of Archie Sonic fans got together on Bumbleking in order to continue the original story of Archie Sonic before the reboot, and they even have the help of SSMB's very own @Drawloverlala helping them with covers and artwork. Right now, they only have the first issue which is a prelude showing what happened after the Genesis Wave from the point of view of the Zone Cops. It's got some pretty damn cool artwork, and a lot of effort behind it. I know I am personally very excited to finally see the storylines we wanted to see finally be concluded, and I hope the project turns out well. Check it out here!
  19. I can't help but feel that GT is getting lots of attention this year.

    About a month ago, Dokkan had it's forth anniversary with a new set of LRs - SSJ4 Goku and Vegeta, followed by LR Baby and LR Goku, Pan and Trunks.

    Legends' VJump has announced the next characters as Rildo, SSJ GT Goku, and SSJ GT Vegeta, and now FighterZ has leaked GT Goku.

  20. Think Call of Duty could carry his own series?

  21. Ryannumber1gamer

    Sonic @ SXSW 2019

    Giving a heads up since it was only primarily mentioned in that specific topic - Motobug will be streaming the stream tomorrow for SSMB members. https://cytu.be/r/Motobug
  22. A Free to Play version of Xenoverse 2 is dropping on PS4 this month in Japan.

  23. Having just finished 100%ing KHFM and doing a Proud run, the answer is simple. Whilst there’s a certain atmosphere and flare that gives KH1 a lot of charm, especially when you hit Hollow Bastion, the game itself is a slog to run through. Sora feels far too sluggish to control, his magic is too easily cancelled, he whiffs attacks multiple times, there’s critical design flaws involved with the game as well, especially in Hollow Bastion where it’s littered with flying enemies, yet Sora’s air combos can send him flying back down to the lower levels of the castle, not helped by him again constantly whiffing attacks. KH1 has not aged incredibly well unfortunately.
  24. My only problem is I wish it was either Kid Goku (with Roshi and Kid Krillin with assists) welding the power pole and Nimbus - because we sorely lack DB representation, or straight up SSJ4 Goku, especially since his level 3 could be Dragon Fist whilst his Level 1 is 10x Kamehameha. GT Goku is boring because unless he has Pan and Trunks aiding him, a ton of his moveset is just kind of standard Goku until he goes SSJ4.
  25. Took about 6 years, but I finally finished Assassin's Creed 2 100%. Had it on the backburner for a long time, the feather collection quest killing my run a few times.


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