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Status Updates posted by Ryannumber1Scarer

  1. Destruction AllStars has not only been delayed til February but it’ll be free for all PS Plus subscribers for two months

  2. Reminder that Motobug’s Halloween stream is upcoming! We’re doing our first ever triple feature featuring Scooby Doo and the Witches Ghost, Alien Invaders, and Cyber Chase, and following this will be a host of Halloween specials including Halloween Night is Grinch Night, and various Halloween themed Mickey Mouse shorts!

  3. It feels weird to me that there's a TMNT comic where one of the turtles are actually paired up in a relationship that looks like it's actually gonna last, given the 100 issues of build up to it.

    It's nice 'tho

  4. So apparently Death in the Family is terrible.

    Fucking hell, why can't adaptions of iconic Batman stories get a break lately? That's Killing Joke, Hush, and A Death in the Family all botched within the last few years.

  5. Crash Team Racing Nitro Fuelled is starting on Game Night for both Switch and PS4! Let me know if you wanna play!

  6. Smash Ultimate is starting up in 30 minutes! Let me know if you wanna play!

  7. Smash Ultimate starts in an hour and 55 minutes on Game Night, let me know if you want to play! 

  8. Smash Ultimate is being played on Game Night in 4 hours and 10 minutes (9pm BST/4pm EST) and we’re playing it for three hours, followed by Crash Team Racing Nitro Fuelled on both PS4 and Switch at 12am BST/7pm EST

    Let me know if you want to play!

  9. Less than a month from release, got lucky to get a pre-order, and knowing reviewers now have their hands on it, meaning it's now out in the wild, this is gonna be me for the next month in regards to the PS5:


  10. Another reminder that there's a Game Night on this saturday! We will be playing Smash Ultimate at 9pm BST/4pm EST for three hours, and CTR Nitro Fueled (PS4 and Switch) at 12am BST/7pm EST, let me know if you wanna join in and play!

  11. I fucking hate Bouldergeist

    1. Dejimon11
    2. Ryannumber1Scarer


      He's fine on a normal fight.

      He's bullshit on a daredevil run.

    3. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Bouldergeist is a great boss fight. I struggled for ages with its Daredevil Comet mission when I first played Galaxy years ago, but it never felt cheap.

    4. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Bouldergeist is a great boss fight. I struggled for ages with its Daredevil Comet mission when I first played Galaxy years ago, but it never felt cheap.

    5. DanJ86


      I learned to never stop moving in that fight. It's even dangerous to double back to grab one of the ghost bombs he drops. It's safer to turn back by running in a wide circle so as not to get hit by any other projectiles. Those rock spikes he makes are simple to dodge but will get in the way so smash 'em if you get the chance.

    6. JezMM


      I do find patience and survival is best - don't worry if you waste bomb boos on his hands or the rocks (though it's best to spin attack the latter when you get the chance), because it will open him up for a hit next time.

  12. Reminder that there's a Game Night this saturday! We're playing Smash Ultimate and CTR Nitro Fueled (PS4 and Switch), let me know if you wanna join in and play!

  13. 4n88gnnn0ou51.jpg

    First look at Tom Holland as Nathan Drake

    1. Bloxxerboy


      I know that this film is supposed to be about a younger Nathan, but even though I'm a Tom Holland fan, I have some doubts as to how well he will fit the character.

    2. Nix


      where's the half-tuck


  14. Sling Pod Galaxy is by far one of the worst levels I've experienced in a Mario game.

    1. TheOcelot


      Yeah, it was slow and frustrating first time I played it.

  15. Game Night's back this Saturday for another round!

    We're hosting Smash Ultimate at 9pm BST/4pm EST for three hours!

    Then we're hosting Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled on both the PS4 and the Switch!

    Let me know if you wanna play!

  16. Motobug's annual Halloween stream has been announced! For the first time ever, we're featuring a triple feature! Join us on Halloween Night for a special viewing of three Scooby movies, followed by an array of Halloween specials, never shown before on Motobug!

  17. The new Dragon Ball Super chapter sounds absolutely horrendous.

    1. Jovahexeon Explosive Witch

      Jovahexeon Explosive Witch

      Well I mean hey! Ya'll liked the Cell saga right!? What's if we do it again? XD Smh.

    2. Wraith


      i don't know if they can put out something worse than that last one

    3. Zaysho


      Part of the fight was actually pretty cool but the ending is so stupid lol

    4. Kuzu


      You know the worst part about it; the chapter itself was honestly not that bad. 

      What makes it bad is that the pacing is absolutely gone to shit. 


      Its like...damn, it reminds DBZ in the worst way possible, I just never noticed how bad the pacing was cuz I was a dumb kid who liked pretty lights. I never knew...

  18. Got the last blue coin, which means I've now got 120 shines!

    I've 100%'d Mario Sunshine!

    1. Shadow Chaos Control

      Shadow Chaos Control

      Congrats! Sunshine is really hard. 

    2. NegaMetallix


      Good job, Ryan! The question now is,

      Are you having a relaxing vacation?

  19. 165 blue coins down!

    1. Shadow Chaos Control

      Shadow Chaos Control

      “Impressive.. most impressive. Indeed you are powerful as the Emperor has forseen.” 

  20. wzngu9y1ewt51.png?width=1024&auto=webp&s

    Unskippable ads in $70 releases, fuck off 2K.

    1. KHCast


      It was shitty in $60 dollar releases. It has no place in any priced products from a big budget studio actually tbh 

    2. Tornado


      maybe if you bought more microtransactions 2k wouldn't be forced to take money from facebook

  21. I feel like the final level of Mario Sunshine would be vastly better if it had sections designed around the turbo nozzle instead of a shitty, agonisingly long boat ride with bad physics.

    1. Diogenes


      a turbo nozzle section might've made more sense, but it kinda sucked too, so it might've just ended up being a different kind of annoying section.

  22. 895759._SX1280_QL80_TTD_.jpg

    It's been two long years, but he's finally back

    1. TheOcelot
    2. Shadow Chaos Control

      Shadow Chaos Control

      Nightwing is back! I wish he’d get his own movie. 

    3. Teospooker


      Just watch as they turn him into a villain again in less than 6 months 

    4. Shadow Chaos Control

      Shadow Chaos Control

      Noooooooooooo! Why can’t heroes stay heroes. 

    5. Teospooker


      Because companies confuse '90s nostalgia with desire for every hero to turn evil and edgy thinking it will sell more.

    6. Shadow Chaos Control

      Shadow Chaos Control

      That is sad. At least Sonic is mostly untouched by this trend. 

  23. Sponge On the Run is coming to Netflix UK on November 5th as a Netflix original film!

  24. Got all of the collectable shines in Sunshine, just need to get the blue coins now.

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