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  1. It seems to honour Chadwick Boseman, Marvel is giving away a crap ton of Black Panther comics on their comic app. If you go into the app, and go to free, you can scroll through them all. 

    There’s around 150 free issues being given away atm, covering quite a lot of the various Black Panther runs.

  2. Bad Guys 1 preview thoughts:


    Ngl, I really hope this miniseries highlights Starline's cunning better. It's always implied he's meant to be above it all, and that's why he's better than Eggman, but the mistakes he tends to make are downright idiotic (Hiring the Zeti, despite A. their traitorous nature, and B. their grudge against Eggman, and now assuming Eggman would be dumb enough not to revoke his access.

    I get they wanna show that Starline needs to make an active effort not to be as short-sighted or as arrogant as Eggman, but there has to be a better way than Starline just assuming that someone with an IQ of 300 would be dumb enough not to immediately revoke his access in case of betrayal. Eggman's problem is short-sightedness and arrogance, not out and out stupidity. 


  3. These next few weeks, we're doing a reviewer variety show! Every week will have three different reviewers, and three videos from each one! Here's the line-up for this week:


    Yoshi’s Island 
    Bubsy series 
    Billy Hatcher 


    Yoshi’s Crafted World
    Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair 
    Spyro Orange 

    Mario Advance series 
    Banjo Kazooie 
    Bad Spyro Games

  4. Fake Coco is neat, but this multiplayer mode looks pretty meh. It seems like just a tacked on mode that most people will only play for like five minutes or something.

    Honestly, I kind of wish they would've just used the time on something else instead of tacking on a multiplayer mode for the hell of it. Reminds me of Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated just throwing on that random hoard mode.

  5. It's been brought up in the Miles Morales topic, but it would probably be best to mention here - Spider-Man PS4 is getting a full on remastered on PS5, dropping alongside Miles Morales at launch.

    From what it sounds like, it's more or less a from the ground up remaster, where Insomniac have gone back and completely remade the game via the upgraded assets they'd already created for Miles Morales, and they likely made even more assets for the things not featured in Miles (I.E - Doc Ock, Mary Jane, Aunt May, etc).

    The remaster will run at 60fps, 4K, likely (Miles has this feature as a performance mode), feature all of the DLC packs (Both The City that Never Sleeps, and all of the additional suit DLC that was added to the game via updates, such as the Raimi suit, and the Fantastic Four suits), include three brand new Spidey outfits, a new trophy list, and will feature fast loading times due to the SSD. Initial tests show the loading times being something akin to this:

    However, the unfortunate catch to this is that you cannot buy the remaster by itself, you have to buy Miles Morales, and then take either of three routes - buy the Ultimate Edition on PS5 to get a code for Remastered, buy the regular edition, and upgrade to the ultimate edition later, or buy the PS4 version, get the free upgrade to the PS5 version, and then upgrade the PS5 version to the ultimate edition. As a quick sum up, here's a quick guide I found on Reddit (Credit to PokemonAreCoolz on Reddit):


  6. Plus, it also tends to help that Nintendo know full well they can get away with selling a single remaster of Zelda for full price. Hell, they already got away with it with both Wind Waker and Twilight Princess HD. Both were great remastering jobs, don't get me wrong, but doesn't change the fact they still charged premium price for a single one in an era where these remasters were being bundled into trilogy collections.

  7. 7 minutes ago, Blue Blood said:

    I'm playing Galaxy now. As with Captain Toad Treasure Tracker on Switch, I can't get used to using the Pro Controller gyro for the cursor. The game really wants me to physically move the controller left, right, up and down when it would be infinitely more comfortable to just twist and tilt the controller to move the cursor. It works, but not entirely; the cursor won't ever go to the edge of the screen through tilting alone. And whilst gyro for independent Joy Cons works, its pretty crap for left handed people such as myself. When I play Galaxy on my Wii, I hold the Wiimote in my left hand and the Nunchuck in my right do that I point at the screen using my dominant left hand. That's no longer possible Switch, as the Joy Cons aren't ambidextrous and that it's totally killing the previously slick and fluid Galaxy controls. Were there no lefties on the development team or in the play tests who picked up on this?

    This is arguably the worst possible thing I could've heard. My physical copy still hasn't arrived yet, but when it does, I pretty much have to use my Pro Controller to play the collection because the Joycon drift on my Switch makes games nearly outright unplayable. Very disappointing they dropped the ball on the controls of all things.

  8. 6 minutes ago, KingScoopaKoopa said:

    To Penders' credit (what's that burning sensation when I say that?) -- and to be fair, I'm probably misreading it in such a way that my mind can comprehend it -- I figured it ran like so:

    -Dark Legion yeets Echidnaoplolis into another zone, but loses their means of doing/fixing it

    - Knuckles is here, he's angry, and oh yeah, he's a god now

    - Dark Legion: "You're a god now, guess you're calling the shots now, because if we don't do as you say, you'll yeet us out of existence. But, uh, your yeeting methods look like they could use some precision tuning, maybe we can help with that (and find a way to use you to our advantage)?"

    - Knuckles: "I'm a god now, so I can do pretty much whatever and yeet these fools if they get out of line. But they know how to use my yeet powers better than I do, so maybe I'll just play along for now until they teach me how to yeet fool's properly."

    And then Mogul happened and that was a waste of time.

    Not really. After Knuckles does bring back Echidnapolis, the remainder of the arc is about Knuckles doing everything he can to protect the facist Dark Legion. He makes up bullshit stories and fakes taking a bullet for Dimitri to get them sympathisers, and Knuckles ends up giving up his entire life to save Dimitri, and only Dimitri.

    The Dark Legion to that point did nothing to deserve Knuckles' pity, or his help. For starters, Knuckles trusting the Legion who claim they just want Echidnaopolis back is absolutely dumb, and doesn't even help shit in the end. He's an overpowered god, and quite literally just pops them back into existence after several failed trips back in time.

    The Dark Legion caused this, and Knuckles believes them hook line and sinker when they claim that they just want to be reaccepted back into society. This happens literally a few issues after Penders uses them as a WW2 allegory. It doesn't fit.

  9. It also helps to mention that Penders almost never thinks through his plans, and always goes for core concepts without connecting them. 

    Like, you have to keep in mind, this is the man who decided he wanted to have an arc where Knuckles ends up forsaking the Echidnas, and the Brotherhood, and teaming up with the Dark Legion. A decent idea in of itself, yeah?

    The set-up is already there, the Brotherhood have done increasingly shady, creepy, and outright awful stuff, stuff like letting Robotnik run amok for god knows how long. Stuff that Knuckles should be opposed to (and better writers like Flynn and Bollers have done before). All the secrecy and hypocrisy could easily allow the Dark Legion to trick Knuckles into thinking they want the best for everyone, right?

    Instead, Penders' idea for it was the Dark Legion to literally show off in front of Knuckles about how they caused the disappearance of Echnidaopolis, and the Brotherhood, and everything else. I mean - blatantly show it to Knuckles, so he knows the Dark Legion is bad...and yet they still have him join them when they claim they want to bring them back, as well as also having Knuckles' big final moments (his death, and end of Chaos Knuckles) being in favour of Dimitri, and the Legion, even though Knuckles KNOWS they are the villains.

    Penders rarely, if ever bothers to ensure the pieces connect in logical ways. This is the exact same. He wants the Freedom Fighters in IDW, but it can't be the simple or easy explanations - like Sonic just meeting them. Oh no, it has to be a situation where Sonic knew all along, and they had to keep it a secret for some reason??  

  10. Here's the confirmed PS Plus Collection games at launch. PS Plus Collection comes with your PS Plus subscription.

    • God of War (2018)
    • Bloodborne
    • Monster Hunter World
    • Final Fantasy XV
    • Fallout 4
    • Mortal Kombat X
    • Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
    • Ratchet & Clank (2016)
    • Days Gone
    • Until Dawn
    • Detroit: Become Human
    • Battlefield 1
    • Infamous: Second Son
    • Batman: Arkham Knight
    • The Last Guardian
    • The Last of Us: Remastered
    • Persona 5
    • Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

    That's a total of 18 PS4 games available at launch. Given that's the case, these might be boost-mode enabled too (Allowing for higher resolutions and higher FPS)

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