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  1. Just now, Miragnarok said:

    There were also a large number of Mavericks not included; around half if we go into all of them. And some of those exclusions seem rather hypocritical given some of the others there (which also happened, to a lesser extent, in Worlds Collide), and are also wasted potential thinking back at Worlds Collide's helpful RMs. Imagine a huge square-off between Sigma's army and say, the Four Guardians, Repliforce, Promethus and Pandora, and a few others. And Sonic characters being Roboticized into Mavericks would have been neat to see. Also, a few more IP from each, like Darkstalkers, Puyo Puyo, Captain Commando, and Space Channel 5, would have been nice to see.

    I honestly disagree with all of this, and it's for the sole fact that already one of the biggest issues with this arc is it's just got too much for the sake of it. Either make a Sonic/Mega Man crossover, while maybe expanding it to Boom, and X, or make a general crossover. But don't just throw every single thing at the wall and hope it sticks. This crossover tried all of that without having a purpose, or reason for it, and it's one of the big reasons why this crossover stinks. It is legitimately one of the few crossovers that somehow manages to have so little story and reason that it resorts to blatant pointless and boring filler, while somehow still cramming in far too much to the point that nothing feels like it has time to breathe, or have a point.

  2. Well, we're finally at the end of a long decade of gaming, and arguably in some ways - one of the best decades ever, and maybe one of the worst, depending on who you ask. The 2010s provided a very diverse lineup of games, thanks to the shift from FPS over-saturation, indie devs really gaining easier access to more platforms, and gaining more support from publishers, first party publishers making some seriously great, and even artistic games for their consoles, and even all three of the big three companies (PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo) pulling a massive turnabout this decade.

    We had PlayStation recovering from the utterly disastrous launch of the PS3, to basically ruling this generation through smart business tactics, and a very customer friendly launch with the PS4...

    We had Nintendo recover from the Wii U's lack of support, misleading name, and confusing marketing, to Nintendo absolutely knocking it out of the park with the Switch - an incredible leap forward by allowing console games on the go...

    ...and we had Xbox destroying their goodwill from the 360 era with the Xbox One's original announcement, only to slowly build their way back up over time, even if they've got a lot of issues to iron out still.

    This last decade has been one filled with a massive amount of highs, and a lot of lows. Even now, you can still debate how good the decade has been, because even with a lot of highs in terms of games, and business policies, it also gave rise to things like loot boxes, season passes, battle passes, and Triple-A games forcing awful grinding into their games to make services instead of games.

    Regardless of all that, with 2019 nearing it's end, and us about to enter a brand new era, I don't think there's a better time for everyone to take a look back on the last decade of gaming, and note their own highs, and maybe some of the lows. Feel free to list your favourite games of the decade, as well as gaming moments, and reminisce about how the last decade of gaming has been for you

    As for me, it's very difficult to pick a best game so to speak, there's been so many I loved this past decade, but in terms of what ones I can pin down, I'd say...

    Grand Theft Auto V - 

    I don't think it can be understated how much I really enjoy GTA V, and how much I have enjoyed it since it''s initial release since 2013. Not only did it just push the PS3/Xbox 360's power to the absolute brink back then, but it was packed to the brim with fun content. With a really interesting story mode, to it's massive open-world, that feels memorable every step of the way, the massive amount of missions present in the game, the fun side-missions that offer just as much quality content as the main game, interesting characters, brilliant heist missions, and of course - just having fun cruising through San Andreas, I think this is really the only GTA game I can say I would place in my favourite games of all time, even above San Andreas. There's a reason I make a point of trying to replay GTA V at least once every year. It's one of the few games I can play without getting majorly sick of.

    Overwatch - 

    Even with me slowly getting more and more sick of Overwatch due to a long release schedule for more content, controversial changes, and more, I still can't really find it in me to say this isn't one of my favourite games. Overwatch holds a special place in my heart because of what the game means to me. It came to me in an period of time where I was burnt out with multiplayer games, and couldn't stand them. Where I just wanted to stick solely to Single Player stuff, and nothing else. Overwatch came out with a fun, unique twist on things that rekindled a love for multiplayer games that I thought I'd long lost. With a very memorable cast of characters, team-based play, and an interesting story, along with tons of fun character interactions. I can't wait to see them expand on things with the sequel, especially with the confirmed co-op focus, and story mode. 

    Gravity Rush/Gravity Rush 2 - 

    One of my favourite exclusives to come out in the past decade, I fell in love with the world, the story, the characters, the comic book aesthetic, the unique gameplay. It was one of the few games that made the Vita worth getting, and I still really wish it could get more love. Gravity Rush 2 just expands on it even more story-wise, and while I'm not sure which I would say is better in terms of gameplay, I think the story expansion, and the arcs carrying over into 2 just make it all the more clearer how great the charm, world, and story of the series is. I'm only sad that Sony's probably left this to die in a ditch, given they shut down GR2's servers only a year after release.

    Spider-Man PS4 - 

    I'm a massive Spider-Man fan, as well as a fan of Ratchet & Clank. When I heard Insomniac were given the go-ahead to make a proper Spider-Man game after about four years of mediocre crap titles since Shattered Dimensions in 2010, I was on board fully. When they showed off the initial teaser trailer showing Spidey doing parkour through buildings, running on walls, and Arkham styled combat, I was even more on board. When the game released, I fell absolutely in love with it. It encapsulated everything about Spidey that makes me love him as a character. His quips, his playfulness, his sense of responsibility, his selflessness, the fact he'll stop to help anyone, talk to people on the streets, having to choose the greater good over what he wants, and suffering the consequences of that. Not to mention the varied combat, especially thanks to web gadgets, and fantastic web-slinging that just makes it a total joy just to swing around New York. 

    There's probably a few more I could add, and I probably will if I think of them. But yeah, for now, feel free to share your own favourite/least favourite games and gaming moments from the last decade.


  3. I didn’t even remember we had a third crossover planned. 

    Honestly, all I can say is don’t do 90% of what Unite did. Unite was boring, filled with unfitting art, had a meh story, and made the story like such a depressing as hell thing that it just wasn’t fun, which is a cardinal sin for a crossover like this. And for the love of god, PLEASE just keep it contained to Sonic and Mega Man. Feel free to dive into a few sub series, but nothing beyond that.

    An event like this should feel like a love letter to their retrospective series, but Worlds Unite just felt so utterly soulless. Doing things for the sake of feeling bigger without feeling like they served a purpose, trying to be a spectacle instead of having actual substance. There’s cool ideas that sound fine on paper but fall utterly apart on execution.

    The guest artists, bar the one for Parts 9-12 are not fitting for this series IMO, and while Parts 1-4 were fairly serviceable, even with strange moments, Parts 5-8 were utterly abysmal. Worlds Collide had a far better idea because they had long time artists handling each act, and even when we had Tracy as the weakest due to his off model Mega Man characters, he improved as things progressed, and was on Sonic for so long that it made sense to have him involved, it felt like they wanted to have guest artists who don’t fit the art styles of Sonic and Mega Man for publicity instead of getting regulars who have experience and should be involved in such a momentous event. 

    They threw so much needless crap into the arc, despite such a massive chunk of it feeling like filler. After the awesome as hell Sonic Man and M’Egga Man sections, everything falls apart. Sigma brainwashes the D6 and the Mavericks are just lifeless husks not helped by a terrible set of art that isn’t helping matters, and then for no reason, they feel the need to shoehorn another Sonic VS Mega Man fight despite the fact that we already got it in Collide. 

    Even what should be a cool final act is ruined by tons of issues - Boom feels needless and outside of Issue 5, Sticks feels frustrating, while Beaver and Chimp feel like godawful comic relief. The SEGA/Capcom crossovers just feel terrible because not only are they thrown into the last part with literally no room to breathe, they’re also thrown into one of the biggest problems - Sigma.

    Sigma is a cool villain, but he is just fucking awful in this crossover IMO, and the issue is plain as day - he is an invincible villain, and it leads to Darkness Apathy, to use a TV Tropes term. In Worlds Collide, despite Eggman and Wily having a fairly large advantage the whole way through, it never felt unbalanced towards them.

    Sonic and co found flaws in their plans and dismantled their operations slowly, which effected the doctors, despite their attempts to hide it. It caused their entire dynamic and friendship to fall apart because they were fully expecting the whole thing to go wrong as the heroes pull a last minute save, and they planned to simply settle for backstabbing the other, leaving them trapped with their enemies, and taking the Wily Egg as a smaller victory. 

    Even when they’re on the verge of total victory, it never feels totally helpless, between them trying to backstab each other, and Knuckles and Porto Man appearing in a last ditch effort, Eggman and Wily were actually fallible, and made the conflict interesting. It wasn’t about not being able to do damage to them, it was about them taking damage, and trying to adapt to stay on top, and that kept things interesting. Where even at their worst, Sonic and Mega Man were able to turn the tide and win, and even Eggman got a last ditch attempt to mess with Sonic. It felt interesting.

    But Sigma is just a total joke. He takes no damage from anything whatsoever, meaning the SEGA/Capcom heroes are basically pointless because they get to do nothing to Sigma. Sigma just gets to continue doing nothing but growing stronger, and stronger, and stronger to a frustrating degree. He’s basically Jiren from Dragon Ball Super. Goku and other characters keep hitting him with strong attacks, but Jiren just shrugs them off for the majority of the time because “he’s strong”.

    Then even Super Sonic and Super Mega Man get to do nothing, and because Ian seemingly wrote himself into a corner to make Sigma so unstoppable, we literally had to have a creator pet (Payne) go back in time and just stop the whole story from happening. It was such a utter disappointing cop out of an ending.

    All this to say if, and that’s a big if - IF they had to do another Worlds Unite, then just don’t do all this promotional bullshit and try to make it a labour of love like Collide was. Collide had its own problems, but at least it felt like a love letter, while Unite just feels like a shoe horned sequel to cash in on the original success (which tbf, it was, given they were basically holding hostage with the success of Unite, and it had to do well to keep Mega Man and Boom alive, and then killed both when it didn’t work out).


  4. 40 minutes ago, Jango said:

    Crash winning a GOTY is surreal. And for a remake, no less. 

    Well fucking deserved tho'. I was baffled TSR wasn't even nominated, it was arguibly more innovative than Crash in terms of gameplay. But since Crash does the basic so well and has 8 times more content than TSR, it was only logical. I guess they didn't wanted to have two mascot racers in the same category.

    TSR wasn’t nominated because it was a budget release mixed in with the fact it was a general racing/sports category. If it was just racing, TSR almost definitely would’ve gotten nominated, but with the sports category, the racing choices were limited, and CTR is more relevant, higher budget, and has been consistently provided more content, it isn’t that surprising.

  5. 16 hours ago, Plasme said:

    I remember SEGA saying that the shorts aren't voice acted because they don't want language barriers on them.

    Looks like we got an in-between. There's some dialogue here, but it's very minimal. Limited down to grunts/sounds from Roger and Mike, and one actual solid line at the end. So looks like they're going towards voice-acting, but very minimal voice acting so you can follow the short regardless of language.


    Also, did they just imply the chao literally ripped sonic's nose clean off, and blood spurted from it? 


  6. 9 hours ago, Tara said:

    I imagine Sony's partnership with Sega was only in talks at the time and not in writing.  By the time the first design came around, they had probably already signed an agreement.  I'm sure there are clauses in whatever agreement that give Paramount a lot more creative control over the movie than we would like, but I don't think whatever contract they have means that Sega can't pull the plug on the project.  More likely, I think, is that they calculated how much money that would be lost if they did, and decided it was better to let it go and hope for the best than to cancel the deal out right.

    Thinking about it - wasn't the original design from the Fast Friends poster that leaked before the teaser poster of the horrid manhog design (the one that showed a Sonic that was much more designed like the new design, and where he and Tom were laying against a cop car) from the Sony era of the movie? 

    If it was, that would mean that Paramount saw the original design from Sony, decided "this ain't it chief", redesigned it into the horrid as hell manhog design, before the backlash struck, and they had to redesign again in order to give us the current design.

  7. I was actually digging how 


    Tangle manipulated Mimic into thinking she fell for the Sonic trick for a second time (likely because Mimic sees her as either dumb or shortsighted/naive), until she revealed it was leading him into a trap.

    But then they ruined it for me a bit when they ended up revealing that the trap was just showing footage of the other mercenary members. Mimic is a unrepentant backstabber and coward, exactly what were they expecting? For him to have a change of heart? I don't get why Ian did it because it was a total no win situation. Either he has a moment where he feels repentant for his actions, which can be seen as cliched, or he says he doesn't give a shit, and then the trap is pointless, and makes Tangle/Whisper look silly for not having an actual trap for him.

    It's a shame the finale just puttered out with no excitement considering the stronger first three issues. 

  8. On 12/1/2019 at 10:44 PM, Panda Claus said:

    I skimmed the episode list just to look at the thumbnails.

    We have a grand total of 12 thumbnails that are not focused on the original characters.

    Outside that there are a total of six focusing on actual game characters (usually Sonic, Tails, and/or Eggman), five environmental shots, all but one of them rather non-descript (random establishing shot of the Thorndyke mansion, great big ocean with a tiny little island off to the side) and, hilariously, one that is a literal white screen, with a slight gradient effect, implying they just randomly took a screencap from a scene that had a white flash.

    Some of the thumbnails seem to be incorrectly placed too. One of the episodes from the second saga (ep14-26) uses a shot of Sonic that I’m 100% certain is from episode 7.

    Surprisingly, it looks like Netflix saw this and fixed it. The thumbnails now prominently feature the Sonic cast, although some of them are mixed up (Episode 39 shows a screenshot from Episode 2 for example). 

  9. Just now, Mark_The_Dephiles said:

    But Season 3 is already in Japanese, it just never got released in Japan....

    *Shrug* No idea why it wasn't released then if it was properly dubbed. Only explanation is low ratings and no one wanting to pick it up.

  10. 4 hours ago, Mark_The_Dephiles said:

    The fact that its taken so long for the Japanese to get the Japanese version of the final Sonic X season *in Japan* astounds me. Its criminal even, as that was the best season. I take it that it is because of Sonic's low popularity in Japan, which is a shame really. Especially since the fans Sonic does have in Japan are some of the most dedicated ones out there.

    I don't recall the exact details, but I think it's something to do with X being more popular worldwide, as opposed to Japan. Sonic X originally was meant to only be the 52 episodes we originally got, with Friends to the End being the finale. Then it got renewed for Season 3 due to high popularity in the states. 

    So you can take that to mean either low popularity in Japan, or possibly they couldn't be bothered putting the effort in to dub the final season.

  11. Well, there's your movie comparison. Sonic Live is totally a better story than the movie. It's not like - one of the most despised issues of the whole Archie run or anything. Nope, not at all.

    Y'know, there's not a lot of things you can place the Sonic movie above in terms of quality...but if the trailer with the new design was any indication, even that is a higher bar than Sonic Live. 

    Also, he gave out this gem:


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