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  1. "Eggette.....how...*ahem* wonderful it is for you to join us" Wily said, placing a smile on his face as he did so. However, inside the doctor's mind, he was thinking of something completely different than what he was letting on to the gathering of mad scientists. "Great. GREAT! The little tyke is back. I used her as an excuse to get that other annoyance out with her. But now the little suck-up's back, that means she'll probably be back with her!" "...Stupid Wily, STUPID. Why did you ever think that idea would be a good idea at all?! I could've spent the time figuring out how to make a Copy Proto-Man but no, I had to spend it with that project. That stupid last minute project. Even the design doesn't scream of my usual flare". Wily thought to himself. "...No, maybe. Just maaaybe she's still in Mega-City, trying to impress me. Yeah, hopefully that's right!". Wily said with a smile. "...Unless that brat's friendship with her ended up building when those two were away....no. Got to hope for the best that she doesn't come back". Wily opened his eyes again, with Eggette, Eggman and Kaos glaring at the scientist, who had just zoned out for the better part of five minutes. "Erm. YES. HOW VERY GOOD INDEED!" Wily shouted, putting on an innocent smile.
  2. oh my god, generations and zelda

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      Ok yeah that Zelda one good

  3. "Oh ye of little faith father. Unlike you and Grayson, I can actually micro-manage myself. Not only am I apart of the Titans, I pick up your slack in Gotham too". Damian said, swinging his sword in the air a few times to empathise his point. Damian then looked down slightly, as he placed his sword away, not looking his father in the eyes. "Tell Grayson I said...Merry Christmas. My Christmas present will be hunting down for intel to find out where the lowlife scumbag who captured her is being hiding out". Damian said, as he pulled his hood back up. "I've visited your "Batcave" here father. You received christmas cards from Selina, Mother, and a woman named Andrea".
  4. "Kaosy-Boy, I'm getting an idea" Wily said, as he turned back to his board and began writing in marker again. He began writing down three circles, each with random letters placed in. Each one then began to link to one another. Wily suddenly began chuckling as he did so. "Last time, the Skylanders won through sheer luck with a loose power wire. They'd be expecting another straight team-up. But we learn from our mistakes, don't we?!" Wily said, as he wrapped his arm around Kaos' shoulder. "Let me walk you through it" Wily said, grabbing a stick and pointing at the board. "Firstly, you gain these trap crystals from your world. With enough time and research, I should be able to unlock and use their powers for ourselves..." Wily said, pointing to Step 2, which had an "W" on it. "I supercharge my Robot Masters with that jewel and have them destroy Mega City. Blue Bumbler will recruit some of his Skylanding pals to come with him to help. That's when I use that ruby's ability to rewrite coding to place in action one of my older plans". Wily said. "Now we jump to step 3, which is our final backup plan if your plan and my plan fail" Wily said, pointing to an E. "Using the trap crystals, we can capture some allies of our own and give us some extra firepower". Wily said. "With that...well. I'd need to get Eggy to tell us what he wants to throw into this little plan..." "But assuming neither you or I individually destroy them, we'll have them so worn out by plan 3 that there's no way they could defeat us!"
  5. "I-I can still hear you Kaos" Wily said, looking exasperated. Wily quickly leaped off his seat and ran over to a random drawing board that he had inside of his lab. He began quickly scribbling down note upon note upon note. "Let's see, multiply that by square root of....divide to the power of 43....carry the 1...." Wily began to mutter as he began writing things with his marker. "HAHA! YES! THAT JEWEL IS EVEN STRONGER THAN I THOUGHT POSSIBLE! Blue Bother won't know what hit him!" Wily said with an evil grin as he began rubbing his hands together deviously. Wily turned back to Kaos. "You said you had that plan with the giants, correct?" Wily asked.
  6. "You don't seem too pleased to see me father". Damian said with a condescending smirk as he landed on the table the two were sitting at. Damian began looking around the island and the area, shaking his head as he did so. He turned back to his father as the eyes on his mask began to narrow. "If you must know father, I'm here on official business. Diana has managed to find an update on Grayson's "beloved" Damian said, with a hint of disgust in his voice as a white piece of paper suddenly shot between his fingers as he delivered it to Batman. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Wily began looking through the intel that Eggette sent to him. He began scanning through the words. "Let's see....a bunch of monologing about how this'll prove herself to Eggy and myself...we'll just skip that". "...Remnant of despair? That completely contradicts the intel I had Bass steal from Blues' systems. Bah, those two need a good lesson in intel gathering! Namely having your henchmen smash into a base, hold the base holder hostage, take the intel, and then make the Skylanders give you what you want!" Wily shouted. *ahem* "Still...this part about the ruby seems accurate at least..." Wily said, stroking his mustache with a grin.
  7. Happy to confirm that Motobug's Seven Days of Streams will be making a return this year! Come check out what's upcoming!

    And since I'm nice, I'll confirm one of the specials as Garfield's Christmas here.

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      I got my lasaga ready.

  8. Well, it's that time of year again! It's time for another set of Motobug streams! Last year, we had the seven days of streams event that ran up to Christmas Eve. And this year, we're going to do it again! Everything might not be strictly Christmas related as we want to bring in some requests too, but we've got a great deal of festive fun for everyone! All of these will be beginning at 10:00pm GMT/5:00pm EST. EXCEPTION BEING BATMAN TRIPLE FEATURE WHICH WILL BEGIN AT 4:00PM EST/9:00PM GMT! Motobug's Seven Days of Streams: Day 1 (Monday 18th December 2017) : Disneycember 3 - Live Action Movies Day 2 (Tuesday 19th December): Disneycember 5 - Star Wars/Marvel/Random Day 3 (Wednesday 20th December): Disneycember 6 - Disney Direct to Video Sequels Day 4 (Thursday 21st December): Batman Triple Feature (All three movies found on YouTube) Day 5 (Friday 22nd December): Nostalgia Critic/AVGN Christmas Specials Day 6 (Saturday 23rd December): Super Mario Brothers Super Show Debut (Episodes 1-5 - See topic for details) Day 7 (Sunday 24th December): Christmas Special Assortment (Specials to be Confirmed).
  9. "Honestly, look at you. You've been at this island for a few months and already you're going soft and discussing one's love life". A familar voice to Batman suddenly said from above the two. "You give Grayson a run for his money over idiotic matters of the heart. What kind of protector are you?" As the two looked above, they saw a young figure wearing a green and red outfit and cloaked with a hood. "Greetings father".
  10. "You're a sentinel among sentinels Tails, thanks!" Yuta said with a massive grin as Yuta ran outside with the gun. From the rest of the island, massive orange flames could be seen from in the igloo area as Yuta went crazy with his new weapon. ------------------------------------------ Meanwhile, back on top of the Snow Forts tower, Roxas kept looking out to the distance. "...Christmas. Heh, now that I think about it, guess this is the first real one I get to celebrate". "...I wish Namine, Axel, Xion and the others were here to spend it with me". "Maybe I can visit Hayner and the others in Twilight Town". "Olette did offer to help me find a present for Shantae..." "But I need to get something else for the others, they're the reason I'm here after all..." "At least I can spend Christmas with friends". Roxas said with a smile.
  11. Yuta looked at the wispon for a short time, admiring the flame-design of the weapon. He wondered if this was really what he wanted. He suddenly got a smile and turned back to Tails. "Yeah, I'd love one!" Yuta said excitedly. He began doing punches and kicking gestures. "I'm gonna be a real Skylander now!"
  12. "Hmmm" Yuta said, thinking as he looked around at the various weapons around the place. He looked up to several Wisp-Themed weapons that were hanging on the wall and got a slight smile. "...Know anything about flamethrowers?" Yuta asked. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jak & Daxter were continuing their exploration of the island. They had run into various members of the island already. Pretty odd looking ones at that. Multidimensional heroes, speedy hedgehogs, weapon-loving M&Ms and more. Jak did think he would have to pay that last one a visit sometime though. He did love his weapons. "Alright Jak, we've gotta convince some of these weirdos to help me get the supplies for the second Naughty Ottsel!" Daxter said, as he pulled out a very crudely drawn list, showing basic supplies. "Y'know Dax, people might help you if you ask nicely...and don't call them weirdos while you do it". Jak said. "Whatta talking about?! I'm lovable and charming!" Daxter said, as he waved to a few Skylanders walking past...who seemed to ignore the ottsel. "Uh-Huh". Jak said, rolling his eyes at the comment.
  13. Yuta clapped his hands together, letting himself warm up before continuing and then looked up towards Tails. "I-it's about my place here, with you g-guys". Yuta said. "You all took me in w-when we got out of Buzz's family, a-and have b-been helping me improve a-and get better" Yuta explained. "But I-I still d-don't feel like I'm doing enough. With this last challenge, I-I had to see the place I died a-and Komaru got kidnapped there" "I-I feel like I'm not doing enough to h-help. It feels like I'm getting i-in trouble and when people pull me out, they get in trouble..." "A-And I want that to stop. I want to be better!" Yuta said, knocking over a few pieces of scrap.
  14. "d-d-dinner...?! n-n-no, nothing like t--that, I-i'm happy in that a-area right now..." Yuta said in a panic, still chattering. "A B-b-blanket would be nice b-b-but n-not why i-i'm here". Yuta looked towards the various weapons and gadgets that were lying around in Tails' house and looked down. "C-Can I ask you an honest question t-tails?" Yuta said.
  15. "A-Ah, h-h-h-hey t-t-t-tails" Yuta said, his teeth chattering as Tails opens the door and the two enter. "I-i-i-i-it's r-r-r-r-real-lly important t-t-t-tails, i-i p---p--promise". Yuta said, barely comprehensible. As the two enter Tails' igloo, Yuta looks around at the very inventions sitting around the place, as well as a picture of Tails and Gary the Gadget Guy at a christmas party a few years back. Gary's tie has a small label on the front that reads "Fashionable Tie 3000". "W-w-wow, y-y-you knew o-o-o-one of the p-penguins who u-used to l-l-live here?" Yuta asked, sound excited slightly, between the chatters.