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  1. I honestly can't think of a single boss I've enjoyed so far. Larxene's probably the closest, even if it made me use King's Flare to get through the desperation attack. Xigbar seem really shit. It's KH2's battle, only he doesn't stop to reload at all.
  2. Data Larxene is done, that's 6 out of 13 now. 

    For those keeping track, that's Ansem, Riku Replica, Larxene, Luxord, Young Xehanort, and Saix beaten.

  3. It also goes without saying, but I cannot recommend Ultima enough for the Data bosses. It's easily the best keyblade due to it's form allowing for faster blocks. Also, King's Flare is surprisingly effective as well. Not only does it give you the exact same heal a Curaga would've done for the same cost of all your MP, but it will easily allow you to skip through Desperation Attacks. It carried me through Saix's fight.
  4. I'm not 100% sure how it works, but I've heard on Reddit you can press Square on a reMind save to swap it into the main game again, and vice versa.
  5. If you're looking for a levelling trick, you can get to Level 99 in about 50 minutes.
  6. hi ssmb have a reaction image, courtesy of raimimemes


  7. Just beat Data Saix, thanks to a lot of spamming of King's Flare.

    God, these fights are so fucking bad.

  8. Young Xehanort is done for.

  9. I would be so much finer with these superbosses if THEY WOULD STOP FUCKING BREAKING WITHSTAND COMBO

  10. Just 100%'d DBZ Kakarot and got the platinum trophy.

  11. It's been less than a year. The arc officially began in Issue 15 where Sonic first gets infected, and it doesn't even really get going until Issue 16. We aren't even on Issue 25 yet and with the release schedule of Twelve Issues monthly = a year, the arc has been going on for nine to ten months in terms of comic issues released, not even nearing the length of the first arc yet. The reason it feels like it's been going on longer than that is because IDW is notorious for delaying issues, which Sonic is no exception to. Ian can't exactly call up IDW and tell them to stop delaying Sonic because it's messing with his arc pacing.
  12. this is accurate

  13. It got confirmed today that Article 13 (the godawful copyright laws in the EU) is not being implemented in the UK.

    1. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      Because they plan to do something worse probably. 

  14. It's a separate campaign that takes place after KH3 proper, that's why. It retreads some of the finale, but it's essentially a secondary story taking place during the finale. It's Sora's journey to find Kairi's heart, and to do so, he has to go from where the timeline was split between the older version and newer version, and then experience scenes inbetween that. I do think that the scenes should've been in there to begin with, but it would be incredibly difficulty to put them into the story as is, because you'd be jumping between two different plotlines running co-currently. The best way to think of it is like how BBS handled it, they're three different episodes that continue the story after KH3's ending.
  15. The song is as laughably tone deaf as it was when they did Shell-Shock for TMNT 2014. I really wish they would've got Hyper Potions to do a new song or something.
  16. Data Luxord finally beaten, fuck this boss.

  17. Luxord's data battle in KH3 is just straight up shit-tier tbh

    1. Big Panda

      Big Panda

      It was in KH2FM too tbh

    2. Ryannumber1gamer


      Yes, but it's even worse here, and that's a true feat in fucking terrible.

  18. I don’t think I want to go that far, but as I said, it feels very one step in KH2, and one step in BBS. Nothing shows it off better than the Ansem fight to me, he has a pattern that works well, and does stagger if you pick the right opening, but it turns into an all out spammy mess by the end of the fight.
  19. It probably is, it's established to be a joint connection between the computer systems in Hollow Bastion, and Twilight Town. The Grid in KH is used by Ansem the Wise for protecting his data and such, so it's likely the Data Remembrance area has been built in a similar area to the Tron world.
  20. I absolutely agree with the other characters. Roxas and Kairi both have their own playstyles, with Roxas having his dual-weld style fully in-tact, and feels insanely powerful, while Kairi has this really fun playstyle where she's insanely agile, able to hit and run enemies with her reaction command called Seven Wishes, and she has the ability to turn her keyblade into a whip - ala Lingering Will that she can use to move to enemies quickly. Aqua and Riku are more or less the same as base KH3, but I really wish we could've got to play with both Roxas and Kairi for longer. Hell, 358/2 Days had over 15 characters playable, on the DS, in multiplayer. You had all of the OXIII, Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Sora, and Dual-Weld Roxas as well as regular Roxas. I genuinely don't get why they couldn't add characters into free-roam. Hell, people have done that with hacks over the last year.
  21. Yeah, I'd really recommend this. The bulk of content for ReMind can be summed up as: ReMind campaign - It's about 3-5 hours long, but a fair chunk of that is running through the finale of KH3 again, only with a few additional cutscenes, and being able to play as Roxas, Riku and Aqua. Things don't really change much until you get to Scala. Limit Cut - Thirteen superbosses. You go up against all of True OXIII in a similar vain to KH2's data bosses. It can take awhile to do it, so idk how many hours it would roughly be, but that's what it is - 13 data bosses. Secret Episode - It's a few cutscenes, and a secret boss. Unfortunately, unlike KH2's data bosses, Limit Cut and Secret episode are both important to the story, and canon. Limit Cut especially takes place a year after KH3's ending, and shows where the majority of characters currently are. Data-Gathering - An expansion photo mode where you can go to tons of locations on different worlds, and rig up models/objects to make your own photos with effects and such. Premium Menu - Where you can add the different effects to make the game easier or harder. If that sounds like it's worth it to you, then it's not that bad for the price point, especially if you like superbosses, which KH3 severely lacked, although even at that, I'd still argue the price is still ridiculous. But if you're in it for the story content, then absolutely wait for a price drop. I cannot stress this enough, if it drops to like $15/£15, then maybe, but I would not recommend it at full price, personally, especially if you don't like dealing with superbosses. You need to start a new game to access the menu.
  22. Being fair, I haven't tested it myself, but if Reddit is to be believed, Critical got a massive fine-tuning update with reMind's release to make the difficulty much more fair. That added with the new combo abilities that help make Sora's gameplay much better should make Critical more fun to run through. You can also carry over keyblades and such that you collected on previous playthroughs, so you can even go into critical mode with the likes of Wheel of Fate, and Happy Gear. It's exclusive to reMind, you unlock it when you buy the DLC. Same with the brand new Data Gathering mode. ALSO - Destiny Island and Radient Garden are technically playable in a small way thanks to reMind, the data-gathering mode (basically, a massive photo mode tool for making custom pictures) has three areas from Destiny Islands, as well as the town square, and Merlin's house from Radiant Garden, Sora can play within these small sandboxes while he's setting things up for photos. Destiny Islands' OST even got a new KH3 remix for it that only plays in Data Gathering if you go there.
  23. The combos are part of the free update, and are given to you automatically when you load up your save file. And yes, the new combos, critical mode, turning off attractions, as well as Oathkeeper, and Oblivion are part of the free update. Attractions can be turned off, but only on Critical Mode. You get Oathkeeper by collecting all 90 Lucky Emblems (which gives you the Proof of Memories), and you get Oblivion by beating the game on Critical (which gives you Proof of Times Past). You trade the proofs into a Moogle shop for the keyblades then.
  24. I'm fairly certain it's Christopher Lloyd. Also - some more update details: -The six new combo abilities are commonly agreed to be excellent, and a massive fix for KH3's combat. They're snappier, faster, and bring Sora closer to KH2 tier-combat. Some gameplay tweaks is also allowing Sora to break out of guards instantly. -Critical Mode got massively tweaked so enemies don't do so much damage, and your own damage scales properly so it isn't just chip damage.
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