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  1. South Park: The Fractured But Whole

    Cartman really did time travel in the start of the game? :U
  2. Well, finished Chapter 6 of V3, and the main story.

    Fucking hell. 

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    2. Shiguy



      Would you like to give an estimate?

      Say enough to feel up an entire episode running time wroth?

    3. Failinhearts


      Ah, if you wanna convert the drinks to whips?

      Well, not sure about episodes... but if all those whips were done on me, you'd mistake me for Jesus.

    4. sonicgirl313


      @ShiguyWhipcracks? If you're wondering how similar V3 is to the other games... pretty similar. Though I think that was done on purpose considering the "plot twist." Geesh the plot twist still leaves me confused.

    5. Ryannumber1Scarer


      Bad plot twists tend to do that.

    6. Failinhearts


      The purpose doesn't matter considering Danganronpa 2 pulled the same shit.

      So every game follows the same formula, and justifying it is no excuse to me.

      I can justify kicking an innocent guy in the nuts all I want... doesn't make it right.

    7. sonicgirl313


      I think the creator wanted a plot twist for the sake of it considering every Danganronpa story and I mean every single one of them seems to have some kind of huge plot twist.

      Of course I see this as a double-edged sword. Can make the story quite interesting in the cases of DR1 & 2, or leaving you scratching your head in confusion in the cases of DR3 and V3.

      @FailinheartsWell I didn't say it was a good purpose. There were better ways to tell the theme he was aiming for. The story was really good up until the final chapter where I feel it fell it lost steam. I don't hate the ending, but I don't think it's good either. Not to mention the whole lies vs truth theme still leaves my head spinning.

    8. Shiguy


      @sonicgirl313 It's in-joke I made about how V3 Is kinda similar-ish in it's tendancy to rehash things except with bad execution ala "Johnny test" a show infamous for doing the same but on a much grander scale compared to V3. Example: Johnny Test has an entire episode worth of stock whipcracks for litterally every motion a character does anything.

      Also what was up with that double post jesus 

    9. sonicgirl313


      @ShiguyAh I get it now. To be honest I forgot Johnny Test even existed.

    10. Dejimon11


      Wow that bad huh?

    11. Failinhearts


      You have no idea.

    12. sonicgirl313


      @ShiguySorry about the double post. I was replying to Failinhearts and it seems my posts got merged together.

      @Dejimon11I would say the story would have been a 9 for me but the ending plot twist made it drop to a 7.5. It's pretty poorly done and leaves the viewers head spinning. Not bad in my opinion, but not good either.

    13. Jovahexeon Cala Maria

      Jovahexeon Cala Maria

      @Dejimon11 Its ending makes the ending of Ace Attorney vs Professor Layton, one of the worst videogame endings ever created,  masterful by comparison. 

    14. Ryannumber1Scarer


      It isn't a good twist at all. It's a godawful twist that invalidates the rest of the series while trying to take a shit on every character you enjoyed in it.

    15. sonicgirl313


      @Jovahexeon Cala MariaWhile I don't hate V3's ending, I can agree that PL vs PW's ending it better confusion. At least I could understand how that ending worked despite having confusing factors.

    16. Dejimon11


      And this is connected to the main series or is it a reboot/alternate universe? 

    17. sonicgirl313


      @Ryannumber1ScarerNot trying to defend the ending, but apparently that where the whole lies vs the truth come in. Because it seems to imply the Mastermind was lying about lying. Hence why it confuses me. Couldn't they have given a straight answer for pete's sake?

      @Dejimon11I honestly have no idea. The ending seems to play with the idea of both possibilities. Basically just so they can do their whole "There are truths in lies and there are lies in truths. What may be a lie for one can be the truth for another. But it up to us to decide what are truths and what are lies in our eyes. Because with enough power a lie can be transformed into the truth." Why does this sound like something out of Kingdom Hearts?

    18. Failinhearts



      At this point, it can be taken both ways.


      The game breaks the fourth wall in the sense that all preceding events from DR 1, 2 and 3 are all fictional stories called... well, Danganronpa. A series that became so popular, it went on for 53 seasons (V3 = 53) and now it's a reality show where real people get their minds wiped into believing they're talented people and then kill each other for the sake of a sadistic audience.

      The ending leaves a possibility that this is lies, hence why you can take it both ways, but either way... it's stupid and insulting.


    19. sonicgirl313


      @FailinheartsAnd confusing, don't forget confusing!

    20. Shiguy


      @Failinhearts Wait that's what it was?


      A fucking meta commentary implying that whole thing may or may not be TV series were

      We (the players) are putting the characters to what essentially is a glorified simulation? In order to kill them off? For our viewing pleasure? Rather then a world of bizarre characters and ANTICS?

      That's the kind of hogwash that fucking MatPat would rationalize as a theory.

      Wow, that's trash! Like, dumpster fire tier worthy level of how not to handle a twist.


    21. Failinhearts


      Yup. Pretty much.

    22. sonicgirl313


      @ShiguyThe creator has said it's directed more to the in-game audience. But who knows at this rate? I honestly blame the whole Truth vs Lies thing.

    23. Failinhearts


      But yeah, this is the most controversial game yet.


      The fucking ending, the reused tropes, the fact they killed the first female protagonist in favor for another male one that fits with the norm, confusing characters and motivations, there's a lot this game has done to stir up quite a ruckus.


    24. sonicgirl313


      I'm not really upset about the second thing. That's more of the plot twist I felt was done right. Catches you off guard and takes you on a ride. Believe me, it left me in tears, but that's a good thing. Danganronpa tends to do that. I would only say one character aside from the Mastermind is confusing and that would be the character I'm still trying g to figure out how they got on my favorite list by the end of the game.

      But regardless of the game's flaws, I still enjoyed it. The flaws hampered my enjoyment, but not enough to make me hate the game. Just wish the theme was told in a better way.

    25. Dejimon11




      That is the stupidest shit I have ever heard in my life holy shit really?

    26. Failinhearts




      I'm not joking.


      Here's the whole final trial if you're curious.

  3. Made it to the final trial of V3. 

    Abandon all hope of a good ending ye who enter here.

    1. Failinhearts


      *leaves all hope by the door*

      *walks in carrying a large bottle of beer*

    2. Crazy_Diamond


      A fictional game causing despair in the real world. Isn't that the Ultimate Irony?

  4. I feel pretty happy. Finally managed to track down a copy of Kirby: Triple Deluxe today for cheap. 

    1. Shiguy


       Nice! You going for a hundo run? 

    2. Ryannumber1Scarer


      I don't know what that is :U

    3. Shiguy
    4. Ryannumber1Scarer


      Ah right.

      Idk, depends how much effort it takes, I still gotta 100% Robobot.

    5. Shiguy


      As far as can recall, same requirements, mostly collectables

      And clearing all the sub games.

      Which means, I hope you like medal collecting!

      Cause it's all RNG (mostly) on what you get!

    6. Ryannumber1Scarer
    7. Shiguy


      What if I told you exact same requirements are needed to use the UFO power up in Robobot?

      Yep you need 100% in order use the UFO ability in Robobot without the amiibo. Only reason I ever got the Kirby amiibo because of that.

    8. Ryannumber1Scarer
  5. As the group does so, it suddenly hits Makoto that Sayaka won't be getting support for a few minutes while the power is resetting. "...This doesn't seem right to me, even if this works..." Hina said. "Even if this fixes the glitches, it doesn't explain why Sayaka's microphone would explode. Someone has to have set it up. Maybe I should try to sweet-talk Byakuya into sending over Chihiro..." Hina thought.
  6. "Goodbye...friends". Edgeworth said, as the entirety of the Alt Skylanders wave to their counterparts". As the portals reopen, the Skylanders find themselves where they left, in the EPF HQ. Things don't seem to be going well however as an alarm starts blaring and several Skylanders run around in panic. "ALERT: EQUIPMENT DOWN: SUBJECT: SAYAKA MAIZONO" "ALERT: EQUIPMENT DOWN: SUBJECT: SAYAKA MAIZONO" "W-What the hell's going on now?!" Yuta asked in shock as the group exited the portal. "T-The electronics are still going screwy, and we've been running around trying to fix them! Sayaka's in bad condition and now all of her stuff is powering down, if we don't fix it, she could die!" Hina said, as she kept running back and forth, grabbing various equipment needed for the fix.
  7. As the reunions and such began, the group began making their way to the Skylanders' Portal Systems, as Edgeworth begins investigating them. "Hmm, this is interesting. Our systems were connected and intercepted remotely. That must be how you all got here". Edgeworth said, as he redialled everything to send them all back. "I guess...this is it". Edgeworth said, as he, Nightwing and the rest of the Alt Skylanders stood in front of them. "Skylanders. Thank you for all your help". Edgeworth said, as he and Nightwing bowed in front of them all in gratitude. "You were all a massive help, we lost hope, and you all saved us from the greatest despair of all. You've brought new hope to this multiverse, and we can't thank you enough for it" Nightwing said, giving everyone a thumbs up. "I can only hope....your Edgeworth realises how truly lucky he is to lead such an amazing team like yours, and I can only hope he continues to do so for many years to come". Edgeworth said with a smile.
  8. Suddenly, another names popped out of the Bootleg pile. "I feel more...cheerful all of a sudden". Raven said. "Although, I feel like I want to throw up rainbows and ponies and that angers me". Raven said, getting up and helping Alt Kat up while she was at it. "...I realised what it takes to be a good ruler, that's for sure". Kat said, rubbing her head. "...I feel like I listened to a lot of emo albums, ugh, it's gonna take weeks to sell those off on eBay...so I guess i might as well keep them..." Alt Roxas said, as he forced himself off the ground.
  9. "I-It's a long story..." Edgeworth said, as he completely collasped as the two hugged him, his leg injury finally getting the best of him and unable to support him anymore. "T-The important thing is you and W-Wright are fine". Edgeworth said, gritting his teeth. "M-Mr. Wright, you didn't tell me that you and your cohorts were magicians!" The Judge said, utterly surprised by Wright and Co's sudden appearance.
  10. Yuta forced himself back up, staggering and trying to get his balance. "T-The world isn't right...I-I'm just gonna close my eyes, stay cool, and we never talk about this again". Yuta said, as he turned away. "But you just saw i-" "NEVER. TALK. ABOUT. IT. AGAIN". Yuta said for once, taking assertiveness. As he did this, his counterpart walked over to him, along with Hina's counterpart. "H-Hey...I just wanted to say...thanks for everything. You...reminded me of who I was. I want you to know..." "I intend to use my powers for the good of everyone! To be a hero like Makoto!" Alt Yuta said excitedly, as he placed his fist out. "...Sounds like a good plan, me". Yuta said with a smile, as he fistbumped his counterpart. "I'm gonna miss you version of my bro! You really helped out today!" Hina said, hugging Yuta, as Yuta returned the hug.
  11. "Allow me". Edgeworth said, simply walking up to Yuta and slapping him across the face. "....What happened? I feel like I blanked out..." Yuta said, scratching his head, and picking himself off the floor....only to witness his alternative self again and fall straight back onto it in shock.
  12. "It'll take time, but we'll fix it. True, we'll have to hunt down anyone that was bootlegged, but Edgeworth keeps lengthy records, we should hunt them down in no time". Nightwing said, pulling Batman up, allowing him to get a full look at Nightwing's eyepatch and scar. "GRAHAHHHHHHH" Yuta screamed in agony before laying down face first on the ground unconscious. As the Skylanders lifted his head, Yuta began saying random things, still in a state of shock "Maybeeeee v3 had a guuud endding after all, hahahaha" Yuta mumbled.
  13. Yuta's eyes turned tiny as his jaw lay open, and he fell over to the side, still in his frozen pose. "....lumina, voidica and now jess" "i'm a dead dead dead dead man" Yuta started mumbling as his alternative version took Jess' hand with a smile. "oh god, void bomb, magic, fire wind water, im dead dead dead dead dead" yuta kept mumbling.
  14. "..." Yuta didn't respond at all from the face or the detect mode lighting. He seemed to be completely frozen. "Your friend isn't really used to this, is he?" Edgeworth asked, as he simply looked at the frozen Yuta. "..." Yuta didn't say a word.
  15. Yuta still stood there, as Nightwing gave him a slight tap, causing him to shake a little, but not change. "I-I think he might be in shock...?" Nightwing said. "Only way to break a shock is shock him further in my experience, so, good luck with that". Nightwing said, as he walked over to Batman @Jovahexeon Cala Maria and gave him his hand. "You alright?" Nightwing asked.