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  1. As absolutely horrific Batman and Robin is as a movie, there’s one moment I think is actually really brilliant and perfectly embodies not only Batman but Mr. Freeze.

    Its right at the end of the movie, when Freeze is beaten. He’s on the ground beaten and mistakingly believes Batman killed his wife until he shows a video of Ivy admitting to doing it. But after this, Batman doesn’t immediately capture Freeze.

    He sets up an entire lab for Freeze at Arkham and helps give him the resource needed to continue his work on saving his wife. Batman appeals to Freeze and talks to him, to reassure him his wife is alive and Ivy’s attempt to kill her failed. But even better, he says that anyone can take a life, it isn’t true power. True power is giving it. He actively tries to convince Freeze to change his ways, and to help save not only the life of another (Alfred), but to redeem himself as Batman still believes a good man resides in Freeze. And it works.

    Again, Batman and Robin is an absolute garbage fire of a movie, which is why it somewhat shocks me they actually managed something that is insanely true to the spirit of the characters.


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