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  1. 2 minutes ago, Winston said:

    It still sucks to me that they threw away all of the post-Naughty Dog cast for the most part. I grew up with those games just as much, or even more, than the Naughty Dog games. Hell, most of the Naughty Dog cast don't even show up outside of references in levels. It just seems extremely lame to me to have such a large amount of great characters in the Crash universe, and they only use the scientists and Dingodile. Nothing wrong with using Dingodile, but where are characters like Koala Kong or The Komodo Bros. who have only had one proper boss fight in the series? I don't think anybody was begging for nearly the same boss fight from Crash 1 for Brio. It's great to have Brio, but if that's really all they could think up for him, I certainly would've rather seen somebody else take his place. It's not like he has much plot significance anyway in this game. It's nice to hear his thoughts in his levels, but that's about it. 

    In fairness to this (100% ending spoiler): 


    The 100% ending reveals the post ND characters still do exist. Nina appears in a competition with Coco in one of the ending slides, and both Chuck and Stew spectate it as well.

    I do agree with your point though. 3 was my first Crash game, and I grew up on the post ND games, mostly (Since PS1 was my first console, and PS2 was the second one I had, 3, Wrath of Cortex, and Twinsanity were all the main games I had for Crash). Seeing the likes of Crunch, or Nina gone for the time being was pretty damn lame.

    I also have to say it feels weird to me that the dimension hopping was a thing. It feels like they wanted to go all-in on time travelling, only to realise "oh shit, Crash 3 was about that, we need something different" and switched it to dimension hopping. 

    Like, both the title, and the locales of the game scream time travel. Pirates, Ancient Japan, the future, hell - a revisit to Crash 1, but the game's premise isn't about time travel, it's about dimensions being torn open and flung everywhere, and it doesn't justify that. The dimension rifts don't actually go to different dimensions, the closest thing we get is that the snow world references taking place in one of the dimensions mentioned in Twinsanity (the 11th, I believe). 

    I don't mind having all the different time travel locales, but it would've been neat to mix in levels from other games too. Why stop at just referencing Crash 1? Why not have stuff like the rollerball sections from WoC, or hell - even the Crash/Cortex team up levels from Twinsanity? There's even concept art that implies that not only were the mine-cart stages from WoC (one of the best mechanics in that game) was set to come back, but that Crash and Cortex would've done them together ala Twinsanity, and it just got canned: 


  2. The biggest out of all of them is probably Knuckles: 20 Years Later, due to the context. Essentially all of the Archie Knuckles series was building to it, with it being the event that caused Locke to microwave the baby. 

    The story was essentially just gonna be Penders shrilling a crappy villain he'd been shrilling before (Ian Droid, who was the villain of the Image Crossover, and would've been a villain in both the Lost Ones and Archie Sonic, although thankfully the plan had been nixed). This eventually evolved into what Mobius 25 Years Later became.

  3. 8 minutes ago, Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon said:

    I actually agree with that for several reasons.

    First off, I believe that Twinsanity enacted the multiple playable characters better than 4 does. For instance, Tawna is essentially a watered down Nina Cortex who's moves and grapples are arguably more finicky and Cortex definitely isn't as fun to play as in 4 as he was in Twinsanity. Especially with how precise you have to be in his levels. 

    Twinsanity's completion and rewards feel more...well, rewarding. Between all the cool concepts, art and stuff you get from getting a single gem, to the funny cutscene you get from 100% completion. Best of all, the gems are incredibly optional and actually feel fun and intuitive trying to think of how to reach them.

    Crash 4 on the other hand, feels like it devalues Gems significantly. And what's more, the requirements for completion feel like they gathered the worst aspects from all 3 of the classic trilogy. From having to do everything without dying like in 1, to the worst of relic times needed which 3 thankfully avoided, and worst of all, those ungodly hidden boxes which take inspiration from the worst of 2, Cold Hard Crash, and cranks it up to 12. They're hidden terribly and border on unfair with how badly locked the camera is.

    Story-wise? Eh, I guess they're on relatively equal terms. But the main takeaway is that from top to bottom, Twinsanity feels more consistently fun, even when trying to complete the game.

    I think Caddicarus has a point when he says it's a greatest hits, but unfortunately, it also manages to devalue several of those greatest hits.

    Crash 1's mechanics making a return in 4 isn't fun, or good - it's tedious and makes it more frustrating.

    Crash 2's secrets have been flanderised to the point that every single level just isn't fun to play if you want to go for full completion. 

    Crash 3's Time Trials aren't handled well whatsoever, between the removal of the Crash Dash, replacing it with a much more dangerous and inferior option, and the ridiculous times required for platinums (when Crash 3 required gold at best).

    Twinsanity's multiple playable characters are not handled as well. Tawna and Dingodile can be fun on occasion, but their usual long stretches of levels, mixed with forcing you to do another tedious section of a level with Crash and Coco right after kills it. Cortex in short just isn't much fun at all IMO, I really don't like his playstyle in 4. 

    Even Tag Team Racing's costume mechanics is ruined by the gem hunting, and the ridiculous requirements in later parts of the game. It's like it brings back so many aspects that should all be gold when brought together, but they add in these silly caveats that ruin them. The only one I think of that works well is the WoC stuff, and even at that - mask power ups can be fucking infuriating sometimes in some levels.

  4. 1 minute ago, Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon said:

    I think it pretty much says it all. Crash Bandicoot 4 is one of the most phenomenal Crash Bandicoot experiences.....when you're not trying to complete it.

    Hell, even the costume-getting can feel padded too.

    To be honest, and this is a bit of a hot take - I still prefer Twinsanity over It's About Time. I was getting really tired of the game around the futuristic food world, namely because every single level, I just had an apathetic empty feeling knowing I just didn't have it in me to go for completion. When you're someone like me who plays Crash (and Spyro for that matter) a specific way, and you're essentially just forced to fight against your instincts to complete levels, it just left me feeling disheartened by the end.

    Twinsanity is just a good blast of fun start to finish, even if it's shorter in comparison. Maybe my thoughts will change if I give Crash 4 a second run in the future, but for now, I haven't even bothered with the N Verted or Timeline levels.

  5. 8 minutes ago, SBR2 said:

    It's probably long gone by now since the Bumbleking forums I believe officially went down but I remember back in the day Ian did his Ask Ian thread where he answered questions in character as the characters and someone asked about this and he responded as Bunnie that they didn't do anything they just fell asleep. 

    Naturally the Canocity is questionable but God bless him for trying to back pedal away from Ken's uncomfortable writing. 

    Ian did thankfully back pedal it, but there’s evidence that Penders was fully intending that. On the page, you can easily see where text was edited to “nap”, meaning what Penders originally had was even more explicit. Worse than that, Penders has out and out confirmed that the two of them having sex is fully what he intended.

    You can see more here:


    Worse than that, Penders has also claimed that Anti Sonic was somehow in the right, and Bunnie was the one who made this transgression, despite the fact that Anti Sonic essentially committed sexual assault, you can’t make this shit up.

  6. 44 minutes ago, Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon said:

    I actually haven't heard about what he thinks regarding that. I could probably guess, but humor me still.

    Return to Angel Island is an arc in which following the year that Sonic was trapped in space and believed dead, Eggman went to war with Knothole and the Kingdom of Acorn, and Knuckles and the Chaotix had decided upon helping them as Angel Island had the Brotherhood.

    Out of universe, the context was until M25YL, Ken had finished his “grand plan” for Knuckles following the beyond idiotic arc where he died saving Dimitri’s life, and going through echidna heaven. Since Ken was no longer writing plots about Knuckles and the echidnas, either due to being done, or editorial not wanting the stories anymore, this was the first time in years that Bollers was allowed to use the Angel Island crew.

    Bollers - being a fan of the games - immediately hopped onto the chance to not only have the arc tie into his plans, but tie it far, far closer to the game lore. Knuckles - following Issue 125 where he came back to life and used his remaining Chaos Powers to help stop the doomsday device planted by a group of genocidal aliens (and what caused Sonic to be flung into space as he was trying to stop it, being the only one fast enough to do so).

    Anyways, Knuckles had been depowered, and was ultimately feeling weaker due to it, getting a sense of inferiority about it. Then, he discovers what has happened to Angel Island. Eggman - being Eggman - finally decided to take off the kid gloves. Unleashing the full might of his empire onto the island, he easily destroys both the Brotherhood of Guardians (leaving them missing, thank god), and the Dark Legion. He razes Echidnapolis to the ground, and removes the echidna of all their technological advancements, enslaving them.

    This has the result of bringing the echidnas back to their ancient depictions from Sonic Adventure, undertaking more traditional clothes like the Knuckles Tribe, and Bollers - calling out the ugly side of the chosen one legends - has the echidnas now believe Knuckles was a god like figure named the Avatar who was capable of destroying Eggman, and saving them all, which isn’t the case whatsoever due to his lacking powers, and weakening strength.

    At the same time, the remains of the Dark Legion - led by the newly introduced Dr. Finitevus has picked up the slack, liberating echidnas where they can, and using their technological prowess to dismantle operations on the island. For once, we get an actual decent conflict where the Dark Legion is beyond pissed that their aid to the echidnas are ignored, because they’re too busy naively waiting for a god like Knuckles to save the day, when they’ve been doing their hardest to do so as is. It’s implied they have ulterior motives, but it also has a good reason for why they’d be pissed overall.

    Then we get to Knuckles. The whole arc is essentially a call out of Ken’s boring writing, and a course correct to make things interesting. Due to his failing strength, Knuckles dons his SA2 power ups to help him get a boost. When they get to Angel Island, Echidnaopolis is destroyed, and the decades of constantly dicking over mobians because they believed themselves superior finally caught up to them (the Brotherhood at one point allowed Eggman to do as he pleased, essentially saying “lol, not our problem”, meaning this was well deserved. Even the hypocritical treatment of the Dingos bit them in the ass, as Eggman was able to convince them to work for him, due to being oppressed by the echidnas for so long.

    Due to the destruction and enslavement, Angel Island under Bollers now resembled the game’s version properly, with several game zones appearing, the echidnas reverting back to the clothing and superstition of the Knuckles Clan, Knuckles’s brother having his ridiculously silly and long name (originally made by Penders) given a shorter pet name that was perfect (Bollers had given him the nickname of Kneecaps the Echidna). 

    Above all else, Knuckles is the star. After so many issues of being written as a boring shell of a character by Penders, Bollers had drained him of every ounce of overpowered ability, and brought him back to his personality from the games. He’s got self doubt issues due to the heavy legends being told about him, when he isn’t able to live up to the echidnas’ hype. His firery attitude is back is full force, with his hot temper, and sense of right and wrong finally brought back to the forefront. For all the arc’s achievements, finally making Knuckles be like Knuckles is topping the list. There is so much great comedy in this arc that comes off from Knuckles’ temper, and Sonic and the Chaotix teasing him, or vice versa.

    He also finally gets to realise who the bad guys actually are. Knuckles at the end of Penders’ backups was a dumbass who was helping the Dark Legion after they pulled Angel Island into another dimension (Knuckles knew they did this), and his death was him saving Dimitri (the Legion’s leader). The first thing he does upon seeing them in this arc is charging right at them with fury, and Sonic pointing out how much Knuckles hates the legion. Knuckles is also beyond weirded out by the echidnas treating him like this god like figure, and constantly asks to be referred to by his name, not Avatar.

    At the end of the arc, not only do they find the encaptured Locke, but Knuckles ends up finding power to dismantle the operation on Angel Island. Not his crappy Chaos Knuckles form, but rather he turns into Hyper Knuckles (in a homage to Mega Man Zero 2 no less), and uses the form and the help of Sonic and the Chaotix to save the echidnas from Eggman.

    However, what you might be surprised to learn is prior to Ian, this is actually where the call outs of Locke and the Brotherhood starts. Upon being rescued, and the island liberated, Locke expected Knuckles to stick around and help find the Brotherhood, in which Knuckles says he can’t, because he’s helping with the war on Mobius, which leads to Knuckles finally standing up to his father and not backing down, calling Locke out on his selfishness for once.

    I can’t really do justice to the arc with a quick description, but the short version of it all is that it’s an arc that actually makes stuff happen, has all of the echidnas terrible actions finally have consequences, tries to bring everything back to the games’ lore with the introduction of Hidden Palace, and a ton of other zones, make the Dark Legion interesting, and overall bring Knuckles back in line with his game counterpart.

    And thus as you can imagine, Penders despised this. Everything I just mentioned, he loathed with a passion. He hated having his cast called out on their shit actions, he hated Angel Island and Echidnapolis being enslaved and razed, he hated Knuckles standing up to Locke, and hoo boy, does he have a grudge against Kneecaps the Echidna following the nickname.

    Penders acts like a completely petty child in reference to this arc. Not only does he hate it, not only did he claim that Bollers had vindictively stolen and destroyed his work and lore (he likes to act like only he is entitled to use his characters, although that sure as fuck didn’t stop Penders using Mina and trying to utterly wreck her as a character), following Bollers getting ousted from the comic, and Penders becoming head lead (easily the darkest period of the comic) - he decided to only try to quickly retcon and revert things to normal (Echidnapolis was nearly rebuilt within a few issues, Locke tried to find the brotherhood), but he decided like the petty child he is to fuck around with Bollers’ intended plans.

    First things first - there was Bollers’ planned arc with tackling Sally’s emotional baggage - Penders scrapped that, turned it into a bunch of love triangle melodrama, and made it beyond dreadful, and to this day, he still loves to tout around the idea that the Slap was a awful idea conceived by Bollers, and that Penders was somehow “fixing it” when he only made it much, MUCH worse.

    Secondly, he essentially tried to character assassinate Mina. He makes a whole milestone story about Evil Sonic kidnapping and taking Sonic’s place on Mobius, which leads to him hitting on every girl he sees. This includes reverting Mina’s character development and making her nearly cheat on Ash, but also includes having Evil Sonic literally have sex with Bunnie and try to be disgustingly sly about it (and yes, given that Bunnie thought it was regular Sonic - there’s a LOT of horrific implications brought about by Penders doing that).

    Thirdly and most infamously - Bollers had a plan that Antoine would be changed by the war and would eventually be corrupted by the source of all, Penders retroactively changed all this by claiming it was simply Evil Antoine all along, and made a contrived and boring plot where Sally and Evil Antoine get married because “”””drama””””.  That may have been for the better, in fairness depending on who you ask, but still - it was done out of pettiness.

    So yeah, Penders doesn’t like this arc very much, big surprise.

  7. The idea that the Dark Legion - a small group of technology using echidnas who are so incompetent that they make elaborate political schemes that even in the story, the main characters basically admit "eh, it won't really matter if they win or not" would be capable of taking on the Eggman Empire is beyond laughable.

    Return to Angel Island is a FAR more accurate depiction of what would've happened if the plotline was realistically told, and we all know what Penders thinks of that arc.

  8. @Dr. Detective Mike - to answer your question - no - Sally isn't supposed to be portrayed that way. She wasn't like that in SatAM. Before Ian came on board, writers infamously constantly misused her. Gallagher used her as a constant nag and damsel for Sonic to save, Penders up to Issue 50 made her a bland, emotionless piece of nothing that he intended to kill come Issue 50, because in his words - "She cramped Sonic's style".

    In SatAM, Sally was a strong leader with a sharp wit, and sometimes playful personality that could keep up with Sonic's speed, attitude, and personality, which made the two work so well together there, and no writer up until Flynn ever got this right about Sally.

    Following Issue 50, and SEGA mandating her survival, she became even more worthless, essentially, due to both Penders, and the editor at the time. As you've probably seen at this point, Penders has a habit of taking awful fathers, and trying to justify their terrible decisions. It happened with Knuckles and Locke, and you can bet it happened with Sally and King Acorn.

    Under Penders' pen, Sally became the moody nagging teenager that existed to be nothing but a over emotional girl, even though every time this scenario happened, she was 100% right. The point it reaches it's absolute fucking worst is when King Acorn decides that he wants to commit literal genocide on the Robians, and Sally protests it (as she rightfully should).

    In the Knuckles issues directly following it, Penders decided to add the caveat that Sally was just being an over-emotional asshat who wanted to get back at her daddy, so he decided to have her comment on the journey to Knuckles' army that literal genocide on innocents was a "pragmatic solution to a rising problem". Which yes, did happen:


    And here's a link to Thanks Ken Penders calling it out - https://thankskenpenders.tumblr.com/post/184744055037/uuuuggggghhhhhhh-no-sally-stop-it-dont

    King Acorn is a downright scumbag to Sally. Constantly gaslighting her, constantly undermining her power, constantly making horrifically bad decision after bad decision, and any time Sally would call him out on it, it was shut down as her simply being a moody teenage girl, and father knows best. It was later added by Penders that King Acorn - total psycho and absolute nutjob - was actually 100% in the right because the Source of All was actually letting him see the future. So in short, for both King Acorn and Locke's being shit fathers, and absolutely awful people in general, Penders basically legitimately believed this was enough to vindicate them:

    As for Bollers, Bollers essentially had his hands tied with a lot of what was going on with Sally's character. There's a period of time around the issue 70s where she's more or less allowed to be in character, but it soon got removed due to editorial bullshit.

    In the time he did have to use her, Bollers did tend to showcase things about Sally that should've been showcased. Not only did King Acorn get portrayed better under his pen, so Sally's call outs actually had effects, but they made an important plot point that heritage should go bite itself, and that Sally is by far more capable of running the Acorn Kingdom than Elias, because she led a fucking rebellion for years as a child, she knows what she's doing.

    However, as I mentioned before - editorial essentially forced Bollers to add the beyond contrived love triangle plot to the storyline in order to appeal to female readers, and this had the unfortunate knock-on effect that Sally had to be written like she is for awhile to give the love triangle drama. Stuff like forcing her to be stuck in the castle to get her away from Sonic (and her friends). the bullshit like Sonic and Mina's kiss, and Sally accidentally stumbling on it, all of that - is essentially a direct consequence of the love triangle nonsense that Bollers had hoisted onto him against his wishes.

    And in absolute fairness to Bollers, he was attempting to rectify it in later issues. Not only does Sally get some seriously badass moments during the Heart Held Hostage arc (which coincidentally - is the end of the Love Triangle plotline), but even things like the infamous slap was seemingly supposed to be apart of a wider plan where Bollers was going to tackle all of the emotional baggage that Sally had been bottling up for years due to her father undermining her title, and power, the love triangle nonsense, and so on.

    Bollers clearly had a plan that was clearly being set up during the Return to Angel Island arc that the Slap was essentially the admittance that Sally had to stop trying to hoist her needs onto romantic relationships, and work through her issues, and because Bollers got ousted following that arc, and Penders was a petty dickhead, Penders essentially undoes Bollers' plans, and goes right back to the garbage love triangle bullshit (See Issues 154 and 155 where Patch and Sally are married, featuring this infamous cover):


    Going back to our old pal Penders, the essential bottom line of his garbage writing for Sally can be seen in Mobius 25 Years Later, where much like Julie-Su, both of them undergo total chickification, losing all aspects of fighting, being a tomboy, or anything they once had. In M25YL, they're literally just housewives who lounge around pools, talk about their husbands all day, and cook dinner. That's it. Even when important royal decisions do come up, Sally - the person who is very much the most capable to make these decisions just decides to let Sonic handle them. Both she and Julie-Su become literal non-characters

    After Penders came through and essentially bulldozed the plot that Bollers was setting up for Sally following the Slap, it wouldn't be until Ian comes in that we finally get to see her fixed as a character. Ian reintroduces the aspects that made her so beloved in SatAM right from the start of Birthday Bash, not only making Sonic and Sally be on admirable terms again without being at each other's throats, but Sally and Sonic play off each other as well as they did in SatAM, matching wits, making jokes at each other's expense, and offering a battle style that the other can't do alone. 

    Issue 175 (Eggman Empire) is the point Ian truly makes it clear that everything is behind her. It's the point she finally says she's done with the emotional baggage, and decides she's doing whatever she wants, no matter who gets in her way. She also gets her long hair cut back to her signature look to signify that she's back to her good old self.

  9. Not a ton of news on this one yet, as Amazon have only just leaked the game, but a listing for a Red Dead Outlaws Collection has appeared on certain Amazon countries, complete with description and box art:

    (Source: https://old.reddit.com/r/PS5/comments/jyc3at/red_dead_redemption_the_outlaws_collection/)

    According to the description, it will include not only a full remake of the original Red Dead from 2010 with new missions and characters added, but it’ll also be polishing up Red Dead 2 with additional Ray Tracing and faster loading features, and includes both games with those features. Given the circumstances, it seems the remastered Red Dead 1 will also be making its way to PS4 and Xbox One in some form (likely with a simpler budget release compared to the PS5/Series X version, since Red Dead 2 likely wouldn’t see notable enhancements on those consoles). 

    With the PS5 and a Series X remaster or Grand Theft Auto V dropping next year, it appears both are set to drop in 2021, especially with finalised box art in place. 

    That said, the page was supposedly only up briefly, so it may be faked. As usual, take with a grain of salt. It’s very possibly a simple photoshop.

  10. I haven’t seen the Mandalorian myself, so I’m not sure what the alien design is, but given that they attempt to kill the protagonist, I’m guessing they’re intentionally designed to be ugly, and comparing Ken’s designs is essentially like comparing shit to vomit.

    Although frankly, I’d be willing to bet that these aliens in Mandalorian look better, and Penders is pathetically comparing his shit to something better once again. The idea that he thinks TL-SC is going to be on the scale of Mandalorian is funny in of itself.

    TL;DR about Penders comparing something popular to himself:


  11. Just now, Polkadi~☆ said:

    Does anyone want to tell him that his characters and stories were supposed to belong to SEGA (something that even Penders admitted in old interviews), and that he only managed to claim his characters because Archie Comics were shockingly incompetent?

    And that he equates world events to his own nonsense really shows his narcissism on full display. Narcissists make everything about them.

    This isn't even the first time he's done it. He's done it a shocking number of times. He has this ridiculously idiotic need to either A. somehow equate current events to be about him, or B. talk about how he's gonna be super relevant by adding in recent events to TL-SC (already SEVEN, nearing EIGHT years in production hell and counting right now). 

    Hell, just earlier this year, we had him talking about how he was going to somehow bring in the fucking COVID-19 pandemic into TL-SC. He's pretty much admitted to retroactively changing his story to fit this stuff, which makes you really take time to stop and consider how focused this story is when you can just slot a worldwide pandemic into the mix.

  12. 8 minutes ago, Kuzu said:


    Hmm, what problems are you having cuz I'm kind of enjoying him.

    I've said it all before, so I don't feel like repeating it all again. Short version is I don't like how the comic portrays him. I think it's really annoying how Starline's shtick is constantly criticising Eggman for his own flaws, and yet Starline keeps repeating said flaws in dumber, and even more ridiculous ways, and then he has a tendency to blame it on someone else when it blows up in his face.


    He did the same shit in Issue 1 when he assumed that Eggman would be absolutely dumb enough to not remove him from the Eggnet servers, and he's doing the same thing again by literally recording his own damn plan, and his plans of betrayal when he knows there's someone who's an active shapeshifter on the team. It feels contrived, and it keeps knocking Starline's character down a peg. You can't make this character who's meant to contrast off Eggman when he just keeps doing dumb short-sighted shit, when the whole point is Starline is meant to think things out, and plan for every eventuality, while Eggman is much more fluid and able to adjust to things in the moment.


  13. Spoiler

    Man, it sure is lucky that Starline - master genius who surely doesn't repeat Eggman's mistakes decided to be kind enough to explain his exact plan to the letter, his device that lets him beat Sonic, Tails and Knuckles in a fight, and on top of that, also happen to mention striking out his allies once they served their purpose.

    I've said it once, I'll say it again, I'm getting really damn sick of Starline and this shit ain't helping much.


  14. OH, and while I remember, adding onto the love triangle and school stuff I mentioned, even the attempts to lean the series more towards anime is likely editorial. TKP has a good explanation here:


    But for the quick version, there's an earlier version of the cover that doesn't have the anime inspiration, and just drew the characters normally: 


    So yeah. Bollers added a lot of super weird stuff in his run, but there's a lot to imply that this was all just one big super dumb editorial change in order to make Archie Sonic appeal to the rise of anime and manga around SA2's release (which would've just been around the sweet spot of Toonami and DBZ's rise).

  15. 1 hour ago, VisionaryofSUPER said:

    I'm still willing to pin some blame on SEGA during this period for not paying attention to the comic like they should have. 

    The fact they could review any of the art fluctuation in this licensed book just makes them look bad during this period. 

    I mean, the book was already in the 100s at this point, so they should have at least realized the comics were having more influence over the franchise than before. 

    It was a mix of both. Sonic was ridiculously popular during this time, and the Archie comic was only a drop in the bucket for them. Because of the fact this was around the era where there was no clear direction for Sonic (as both the US and JP branches had different visions for him and his universe), Archie had a lot more leeway than it should have. As long as it made money, there was no real point of interfering.

    Ken’s gone on point as to stating this is how all the Knuckles stuff got written too. He originally pitched all of it (chosen one shit, sci-fi nonsense, etc) to be about Sonic, and SEGA shut those ideas down immediately. However, Knuckles was a breakout character at the time, and SEGA didn’t seem to care about any character who wasn’t Sonic, so they did approve all of that shit for Knuckles.

    Granted, this comes from Penders so you have to take it with a grain of salt, given he’s no stranger to creatively altering details, but it explains a lot.

    However, it was also Archie’s fault. You can read this more if you read all the early off panels, and read Thanks, Ken Penders - but the editor of the comic was responsible for a LOT of the shit that plagued this part of the comic. Not only did he not do his job and let writers (especially Penders)  get away with A LOT of crap during this era, but he did a lot of utterly idiotic shit, and forced the writers (well, Bollers at least) to add stupid shit.

    For example - the love triangle bullshit, and IIRC - school stuff was a editorial mandate in some sad attempt to add pandering drama to the comic. The editor forced a lot of these shitty things onto the comic.

    Its also later rumoured that this editor was the one who used a fake name to write his own stories for the comic, stories which are commonly agreed to be some of the lowest of the low stories in the whole series, and on top of that - he’s very much believed to be Tommy Turtle’s creator and writer - IE - one of the single most despised creator’s pets in the whole series, so much so that Ian ended up killing him off.

    It was just a mixture of both sides not giving a single fuck. Not until Archie got a new editor at least who actually did his job and forced all writers to stop adding all this weird shit, and try to bring it back to the spirit of the series. It was in part this that led to Penders’ leaving. He not only got told to rewrite Mobius 25 Years Later to include more SEGA elements (King Shadow), but Penders also got fed up due to SEGA not giving him what he needed for a Shadow tie in story.

  16. Alright everyone, with the recent success of the Game Nights held during October, I've decided to relaunch Game Night as a regular weekly event once again! 

    Every Sunday, a SSMB Game Night will be held where SSMB members can come along and play the games that are on offer that week! With the relaunch, there's going to be some minor changes.

    Firstly, I've decided to make Super Smash Bros Ultimate a mainstay game during the first event. It's been a consistent hit during Game Night, and tends to be the game that most people come along to play, so Game Night from now on will kick off with Smash Ultimate at 9pm BST/4pm EST!

    Following Smash is the Encore game. The game chosen for the Encore event will rotate out every week with other games, such as Overwatch, Crash Team Racing, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Splatoon 2, and other such games. Free to Play games are also planned to be regularly rotated into the event to offer everyone a chance to join in! The new Encore time will be 12:30am BST/7:30pm EST.

    Other than that, things are pretty much the same. Let me know if you're interested in playing, and I'll add you to the organisation PM where we make sure everyone's good to go before the night starts.

    Finally, it's been decided that Game Night for the time being is going to be moved to Sunday nights, as to not conflict with Motobug streams on Saturdays. That said, I'll be keeping an eye to see how the new day goes for everyone, and can switch it to Friday, potentially if need be. We're also starting an hour earlier to expand the main event! So instead of the main event lasting two hours, it'll last three hours! (9pm - 12am BST/4pm - 7pm EST)

    Anyways, when is the relaunch kicking off? Sunday November 15th 2020! From then on, we'll be doing Game Nights every Sunday, so be sure to keep an eye on this topic for that! 

    So, with that all said, that just leaves this week's games! 

    Mainstay Game: Super Smash Bros Ultimate - 9pm BST/4pm EST

    Encore Game: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - 12:30am BST/7:30pm EST

    As usual, let me know if you wanna play!

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