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  1. Even if i don't like SLW plot at all and the game in general, i liked how you went on a simple solution to tape the holes of that story, imagination. Imagination is great, but i can barely use it on SLW.
  2. I would wait for comment Sonic Boom story, since the full game isn't out and maybe some part of the story is missing. But the first impressions to this game gives me a deep disappoint. I gave Boom a chance (the designs never bothered me, Tails is pretty cool), it looked a bit promising, i through it was more a story telling than what i found out later in the months. Bunch of unimpressive dialogue. You would reply to me tat this is a game with a direct target from toddlers to 11 years old kids. Why it should be so .... "Circus", why are jokes in every corner? Kids will ever like this kind of game? Strangely kids don't understand jokes at all, they understand how to play and make progress, but they don't stop the game and think about the joke. I tell you this because (another of my stupid examples) i didn't understand half of the jokes in the emperor's new groove when i was little, but i did later when i grew up, and the jokes in that movie were so simple but yet i ignored them as a kid. Now this is my impression of the gameplay videos. The full story is unknown for me, i hope is still something more than just a bag of useless jokes. And who will buy this game? For sure most of the people who hitted puberty than kids, who prefer hardcore gaming.
  3. Much agree, also because i forgot to say how Sonic treats his friends....no wait he has friends other than Tails? Knuckles maybe? who was barely in SLW and neither in Sonic Colours (Wii). Back then you saw relationship between characters, it was a nice feeling, you saw Sonic in every perspective of his characterization. Sega tried with SG, but they looked so 1 dimensional that sega could have scrapped them soon for how much they were useless in that game. Ok little mission with the other character, i was expecting more from that game. Example: In SG when modern Sonic saves Cream: C: thanks for saving me mr sonic, i was scared but i tried to be brave! S: *silent* *thumbs up like for saying shut up, i don't care* What an interaction, so much feeling. In Sonic Advance 2, when Cream cried because Eggman stole her mom under her nose, Sonic got mad and trasformed into Super Sonic and made her a promise to take back Vanilla. It was silent, 32 bit game and yet much more strong. Agree? Good. Do not? Patience, i'm not here to please everyone.
  4. Okay, maybe not every games before colours were so full of emotions. Personal opinion: Maybe i can't even explain myself but what i mean too is that the stories since Colours are "empty" in narrative and emotion sense. Generations is even worse, the story barely exists and the characters are...well, they couldn't be there in my opinion. In Lost World, SEGA made me hate Sonic, he doesn't even think, he acts only, and also how we see, in the worse way. (When he kicked the shell away from Eggman and didn't even give a crap about Tails' through, as example). Sonic Boom...is a big, fat meh, not out, don't know the full story but from the trailers, it will not sell ALOT. With this, i stop answer with this thread.
  5. I don't prentend anything. The writing changed, and it influenced Sonic personaliy too.
  6. Really? Really? Yes. Show me where you found emotions in SLW. Real and not forced. I don't call you crazy, but in my opinion that game lacks of emotions.
  7. I'm not talking about Unleashed, it is the last game i really enjoyed of the Sonic franchise but i agree that he had the adventure characterization. I'm more talking about of games where Pontac put his hands on. Playing Sonic Colours gave me a weird feeling than Unleashed, it felt a bit different from what i was used of Sonic. I'm not talking of gameplay, but the story itself, is forgetable.
  8. Sonic's ideal characterization is obviously the Adventure era one. Sonic had a three dimensional characterization, then he went down to two dimensional with the lasts games. This because the recent writing behind games are total flat and empty of emotions. I hardly doubt that newcoming fans will love the characters as much as we do, simply because we know Sonic in the older way. I would put a kid in front of a tv with SLW, he plays the game and watch cutscenes. What he will understand of Sonic and Tails? He would probably describe them as buffons. I can't even imagine a kid have smile with "LOL, BALDY MC NOSE HAIR". I dunno, when i was a kid long time ago, i didn't even like un-clever jokes, you can imagine now. For finish honestly, SEGA better scrap Pontac, he doesn't fit Sonic, he can be good somewhere else where a cartoon/game whatever is made purely of simple and jokes stuff. I don't deny in older games had jokes too, but they were "controlled" and (in my opinion) better.
  9. In SC/ SG e SLW Sonic and Tails were forced too much. I didn't feel any emotions when Tails protected Sonic from Eggman in Sonic Colours, or when he was thrown in the capsule by mistake. There is no feeling, it doesn't keep you on "spikes", is just a mass of "try hard" scenes that, honestly, didn't work. And in my opinion 2010-present Sonic Isn't Sonic, is a flat clone.
  10. And Italy is out. We sucked too much and some yellow cards didn't exists too.
  11. Hello everyone, Advesonico is here, but you can just call me Gloria, my real name. I'm a fan of Sonic for over 15 years, starting from the very first game for the Genesis/Megadrive. My favourite Era is Adventure, and i would like Sonic retourns in that way and be less comedy like in Colours or Lost World. Also, be patient with my english grammar and such, i'm italian.
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