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  1. Looking forward to some anime this year. Free Take Your Marks which airs in a couple of days and Fairy Tail season 9 airing later this year. Also Attack on Titan is getting a third season i might check that out. Currently watching My Hero Academia season 3 every Saturday. The anime has been great i’m looking forward to watching more of it! Saiki K has a second season but it’s subbed. Hopefully the dub comes out soon. I’ve scene a bit of the anime it’s funny and good. I’d recommend anyone to check it out. Pretty much what i’m watching in terms of anime.
  2. Listening to a Bryan Adams song call One Night Love Affair. I'm a huge 80's rock fan.
  3. Hey there, Vivi. Nice to meet you, i'm Tefutakato. Hope you enjoy your time here.
  4. Was listening to Akon. The song is called Locked Up. Not too big on rap but some good rap songs still exist.
  5. An underrated song in my opinion. Song name: Nobody Can Save Me Artist: LINKIN PARK Album: One More Light
  6. Guest

    I really like the different ways to like a post or status update. The way pass cool one is my favourite so far.

    1. Kiah


      It’s my favorite in name only as it’s a SatAM reference and I’m a huge SatAM fan but that goofy looking ice cream is bugging me a bit lol.

  7. Guest

    How are all of you feeling today? 

    1. Kiah


      Definitely not one of my better days. On top of emotionally feeling awful I have a migraine and feel really dizzy. I’ll be okay though. 

      How are you feeling?

    2. MightyRay


      I'm feeling O.K. how are you?

    3. Guest


      @Kiah I hope you feel better soon my friend. 

      @Mightyray i’m still rather anxious.

    4. MightyRay


      What are you anxious about, or is it just your nerves playing up?

    5. Kiah


      @Tefutakato thank you. I really appreciate it. 

      And what’s going on? Anything I can do to help? I may been feeling like absolute crap but that doesn’t mean I won’t try to help out a friend. 

    6. Guest


      @Mightyray & @Kiah Just relationship stuff. Pretty much me thinking about negative stuff like am I ready to be in a relationship and what will happen in the future like will we be able to work this out. I honestly hope that I can meet her in person someday because she’s far away and I want to hold her hand. 

    7. MightyRay


      Just take it one day at a time and enjoy each others company. It took me 5 years before I was able to meet my partner in the flesh. But when it happens for you, it'll be amazing.

    8. Kiah


      Seconding @Mightyray as holding her hand in a figurative sense will have to do for now. Just enjoy talking to each other and getting to know one another until a chance to meet up comes about.

      If SSMB has taught me anything you don’t have to physically see or touch people in order to love and show love. I’m not talking romantically but same difference at this point. 

      Keep the lines of communication open and strong and your relationship and love will follow. 

  8. Guest

    Feeling pretty good today. Looking forward to what's in store. 

  9. Guest

    Good morning.

    1. Kiah


      Good morning!

    2. NikoS


      Mornin' !!

    3. Failinhearts



  10. Guest

    It’s nice to spend time with a special someone. Mind you whenever they’re not busy. 

    1. Kiah


      Yes. Definitely cherish those moments.

  11. Guest

    Good afternoon.

    1. Kiah


      Good afternoon! How’s it going?

    2. Guest


      I'm doing well.

  12. Guest

    I'm very happy today. 

    1. MightyRay


      That's good to hear. :)

    2. Kiah


      Great! ?

  13. Guest

    I’m new to this whole dating thing, my first time ever having a girlfriend. Not sure what to do next. Any suggestions?

    1. Kiah


      Without writing a massive paragraph I’d say simply to relax and be yourself for starters.

      Open and honest communication and showing a personal interest as well as affection are a must as well. 

    2. MightyRay


      Don't rush into anything you or her might not be comfortable with, also aim for wanting to be a friend first and foremost. That way if things don't work out romantically you can still be friends and get along O.K.

  14. Guest

    Uh, good morning. I think I just have made a girlfriend. 

    1. SupahBerry


      Good on you! But just be careful, this time. Are sure that both can trust one another to make this reationship work out?

    2. Guest


      @SupahBerry We should be able to manage. I like her and she likes me.

    3. Mr Loopone

      Mr Loopone

      Good morning, lucky you.

      Well good luck and try to take it easy.

    4. Kiah


      Good morning and good afternoon! And that’s great news! I told you that you would find someone else in due time! I really hope everything works out ?

  15. Guest

    If I ever had a crush again, i’d probably confess via text because I wouldn’t be able to do it in person. Crushing on someone is something I don’t do often but if it happens then it happens. It hurts when the other person doesn’t feel the same though. 

    1. Kiah


      Yes it does but you will never know where the person stands with how they feel about you if you don’t say anything.

      Better to do it and be rejected than not do it and be plagued wondering. 

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