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  1. Looking forward to some anime this year. Free Take Your Marks which airs in a couple of days and Fairy Tail season 9 airing later this year. Also Attack on Titan is getting a third season i might check that out. Currently watching My Hero Academia season 3 every Saturday. The anime has been great i’m looking forward to watching more of it! Saiki K has a second season but it’s subbed. Hopefully the dub comes out soon. I’ve scene a bit of the anime it’s funny and good. I’d recommend anyone to check it out. Pretty much what i’m watching in terms of anime.
  2. Listening to a Bryan Adams song call One Night Love Affair. I'm a huge 80's rock fan.
  3. Hey there, Vivi. Nice to meet you, i'm Tefutakato. Hope you enjoy your time here.
  4. Was listening to Akon. The song is called Locked Up. Not too big on rap but some good rap songs still exist.
  5. An underrated song in my opinion. Song name: Nobody Can Save Me Artist: LINKIN PARK Album: One More Light
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