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    Tefutakato reacted to RedDevilDazzy in Dazzy's Drawings Thread   
    Hi, I just wanted to start a thread showing a Sonic I drew recently. I did colour it, but I accidently used wrong colours, oops. I will have to colour a copy of my drawing. Thanks for seeing my drawing.

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    Tefutakato reacted to Teoskaven in There is a ghost browsing SSMB   
    This new update seems to be full of surprises for this website.
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    Tefutakato reacted to bmn in Major server maintenance 1 & 2 June '18   
    We're doing some major work on the main TSS server over the 1st and 2nd of June, to resolve some big under-the-hood problems that have appeared in recent months.
    As part of this, all of the websites are being moved to our backup server while the main server is being worked on. In SSMB's case, we brought the move forward to earlier on Friday since people were experiencing major problems using the site - this was the cause of the 3 hours of downtime. However, the backup server has significantly fewer computing resources, so everything will be running slowly until the sites are moved back over. We've also had to disable the search functionality, which includes the activity streams on profiles.
    We intend to complete the work tonight (the morning of the 2nd) if possible. When we're able to, SSMB will be closed for maintenance again, so the database and uploads can be transferred back to the main server.
    As always, I apologise for the downtime, and with any luck things will be running better on the other side.
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    Tefutakato reacted to Chris in [Roleplay] SSMB Heroes Academy: Uprising - A Multiversal Adventure Beyond Fiction and Reality (Please Read First Page Before Joining)   
    From this point onward, this RP is to cease on the SSMB. 
    To list a few of the immediate reasons that went into this decision:
    This RP is drowning out the entirety of the Showcase forum. In an attempt to have “the largest topic” it would seem that posts are timed in such a way to maximize uptime on the newest post counter. This became painfully evident last week when a post was made with a single word, followed by editing the content in later. This topic has become a method of circumventing the expectations of the like system, forcing us to further limit the daily allowance.  The merging of RP and Showcase forums was intended for less frequent, meatier posts than these. Several warnings were given about this over the last year. This RP has been previously shut down due to the post quality being below expectations. Post quality did not see an improvement. Several short sentences and an image – basically the same as a Discord RP channel or Twitter RP. Individuals involved in the topic have been regularly – and aggressively – attacking other members causing them significant stress. These users have approached administration about the issues. Individuals involved in the topic have become known for their attacks on members of staff due to their actions. Several attempts to deal with the attacks required the intervention of other staff members to stop. To be perfectly clear: the members involved in the above have been given many more passes than what our guidelines permit. Going forward, this will not be the case. Future expectations of any RPs here will involve posts of the same quality and length as each of Mightyray's chapters - what the RP forum used to be.
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    Tefutakato got a reaction from NezumiVA in The Introduction Topic   
    Hey there, Vivi. Nice to meet you, i'm Tefutakato. Hope you enjoy your time here.
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    Tefutakato reacted to NezumiVA in The Introduction Topic   
    Hello hello, just joined up. I'm Vivi, been a fan of Sonic since about circa 1998 when I was...two years old, lol. Been fixated ever since I think I saw AOSTH on satellite? Then my brother gave me his hand-me-down Dreamcast and SA1 a couple of years after, while I had been playing all of the classics on their Windows ports. The rest as they say is history.
    I do my fair share of fan stuff, I voice act as Sonic in a couple of ongoing/upcoming Sonic Paradox related things. I haven't actually interacted with a majority of the fanbase since maybe 2008-ish so, nice to meet you all!
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    Tefutakato reacted to Dr. Detective Mike in [ARTWORK] - Dr. Detective Mike Showcase!   
    Superhero Series #14 of 17 - Blaze as Storm
    Really, I just thought she looked great in this outfit. I know other people are looking at these in terms of which character fits them the most but I'm not really. Not entirely. Sometimes I just think characters look good in certain clothes. 

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    Tefutakato reacted to Dr. Detective Mike in [ARTWORK] - Dr. Detective Mike Showcase!   
    Superhero Series #13 of 17 - Silver as Doctor Strange
    Doctor Strange, the world has spent all this time waiting for you and you turn out to be a time traveling hedgehog? What's with that?

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    Tefutakato reacted to Dr. Detective Mike in [ARTWORK] - Dr. Detective Mike Showcase!   
    Superhero Series #12 of 17 - Charmy as Deadpool
    The true sequel to Deadpool sees a 6-year-old bee detective taking up the role. The plot twist no one saw coming but something Deadpool would totally do just to fuck with you.

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    Tefutakato reacted to Dr. Detective Mike in [ARTWORK] - Dr. Detective Mike Showcase!   
    Superhero Series #9 of 17 - Cream as Supergirl
    Took a bit of a long break. Trying to sort somethings out. I promise though, I'm going to make it through. Right now it's time for Cream's costume of choice. She's decided to dress up as Supergirl. She flies and saves the delicate flowers in need of her assistance.

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    Tefutakato reacted to Dr. Detective Mike in [ARTWORK] - Dr. Detective Mike Showcase!   
    Superhero Series #11 of 17 - Espio as Spider-Man
    Spiderman's Homecoming trip saw him returning as a chameleon. He's also a ninja. 

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    Tefutakato reacted to Dr. Detective Mike in [ARTWORK] - Dr. Detective Mike Showcase!   
    Superhero Series #10 of 17 - Vector as Beast Boy

    It's the greenest beast you'll ever meet. He can only turn into a green crocodile though. Nothing else. Don't ask him to change form into anything else. He can't do it.

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    Tefutakato reacted to Dr. Detective Mike in [ARTWORK] - Dr. Detective Mike Showcase!   
    Superhero Series #8 of 17 - Omega as Iron Man
    Follow me on Twitter buds: twitter.com/MikeDrChaotix

    The man who is the Iron Man. I'm certain Omega is made of much tougher stuff, since he's just so awesome. However, this one was something I felt needed to be seen by people. At least once. 

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    Tefutakato reacted to Dr. Detective Mike in [ARTWORK] - Dr. Detective Mike Showcase!   
    Oh thanks! I'm glad you liked it. Hopefully, you'll like this Rouge-Catwoman thing too.
    Superhero Series #7 of 17 - Rouge as Catwoman
    A lot of these I draw with only very small, vague connections to the Superheroes I choose but Rouge I feel actually is the Catwoman of the series. Which is hilarious because literally she's a Batwoman. But not metaphorically. She's here to steal your shit and disappear as she goes. Miss her as you look away and no one knows. 
    And here's a nice All-White background version of it.
  15. Way Past Cool
    Tefutakato reacted to Dr. Detective Mike in [ARTWORK] - Dr. Detective Mike Showcase!   
    Superhero Series #6 of 17 - Shadow as Batman
    He's here to save the day so long as the sun goes down. All crime before then is handled by your local law enforcement. Or Superman if he's passing through. Color scheme for this costume was inspired by 2004's "The Batman".

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    Tefutakato reacted to Dr. Detective Mike in [ARTWORK] - Dr. Detective Mike Showcase!   
    Superhero Series #4 of 17 - Amy as Harley Quinn
    Follow me on Twitter buds: twitter.com/MikeDrChaotix
    The one who loves the most and does it with an intensity that's almost scary. She's lookin' to get Sonic to rev up his Harley, if you know what I mean. Course you do. This version of Harley Quinn's outfit was modeled after her Batman: Arkham Knight design. 

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    Tefutakato reacted to Dr. Detective Mike in [ARTWORK] - Dr. Detective Mike Showcase!   
    Superhero Series #3 of 17 - Knuckles as Green Lantern
    In blackest day or brightest night, watermelon, cantaloupe, yadda-e-yadda, erm... superstitious and cowardly lot, with liberty and justice for all. Knuckles follows the oath from one of the greatest of Green Lantern's from this or any generation... Duck Dodgers. He didn't need to do much to get that ring. He's spent his whole life around glowing green energy by this point I assume.

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    Tefutakato reacted to Dr. Detective Mike in [ARTWORK] - Dr. Detective Mike Showcase!   
    Superhero Series #2 of 17 - Tails as The Riddler
    Tails has finally given in and answered his true calling as a villain. Either all those mind controlling situations finally got to him or he just fully embraced the dark side of his superior brilliance, he's taken it upon himself to annoy Batman by flooding the city with useless Riddler trophies and games that will completely overrun and dominate the poor hero's time. The tedium it took to build it will all be worth it in the end when Batman riffles through them all, finds his hideout, and beats the shit out of him. I assume.
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    Tefutakato reacted to Dr. Detective Mike in [ARTWORK] - Dr. Detective Mike Showcase!   
    Alright everyone. I'm getting a lot more serious and consistent with my pictures now. I'm starting on a "Superhero Series" for the Sonic characters to start with that will cover 17 characters within the cast. After that's done I'll likely move onto another series of pictures but if I get enough support, I'll finally start on my planned Sonic Comic series. I doubt it would fill the void of what we might lose if Archie leaves us but I've been planning out a script and bullet points for it for... years now. And I really want to get it started, even if the ambition for finishing it is up in the air. If all goes well and I get enough support, I may end up being someone people give a shit about on the net at least a little tiny bit. If you like this stuff follow me on my Deviantart page or my Twitter page too. Let's all have fun together!
    First up is the titular hero, Sonic the Hedgehog, cosplaying as The Flash. 
    Also as you can no doubt tell by my change in Avatar, I've created a bit of an... avatar for myself. It's me but extra nerdy because I'm wearing a Bee Antenna thingy and a One Piece shirt.

  20. Way Past Cool
    Tefutakato reacted to Dr. Detective Mike in [ARTWORK] - Dr. Detective Mike Showcase!   
    Superhero Series #17 of 17 - Chip as Captain America
    Follow me on Twitter buds: twitter.com/MikeDrChaotix

    Sorry about the wait. Been busy. Not helping is that after yesterday's dibacole, my depression is starting to kick in again.
    He’s the Super Soldier who leads the Avengers and fights for the preservation of chocolate.
    Finally done with the Superhero Series. I’m gonna do some random stuff from here on in just so I can have some fun.

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    Tefutakato reacted to Stay at Home Ultima in Ultima draws/paints a thing:Six Fanarts Challenge/Render Redraw Challenge   
    Happy holidays! Some Xmas Sonic doodles done days ago, if ya missed them.
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    Tefutakato reacted to Sami in Why are we left completely in the dark regarding bans?   
    So there was some discussion in the status about this today, regarding KKM's sudden ban earlier this afternoon. I'm not here to dispute the reasoning behind his ban - the decision has been made and I don't think fighting the mods over any particular banning helps anyone. What I and many other members are bothered by though is the complete secrecy with which bannings tend to be treated on this site. 
    It's been made clear that a lot of people are bothered by this, and apparently some people are counting on me to make a thread about it I guess, so here goes.
    The rules have been made clear - we're not allowed to talk about banned members, and this includes asking why they were banned. Why is this though? I'm confused as to how it's beneficial to the community as a whole, as many other forums I've been to (including Sonic Retro) are very open with bannings without actually disputing them with members. I don't know why we can't have this, and I think it'd help a lot in making people feel more comfortable as members of the community when they know why certain problematic members are removed and are able to see with their own eyes, very openly, a constant and slow flow of examples of what kind of behavior will warrant what degree of punishment by the mod team. 
    What I personally think is particularly problematic is that this creates some doubt on what's allowed and what's not, because nobody actually knows what people are getting banned for. I've never seen this on any other forum I've been to. Without the ability to even look at a banned member's profile (which I think is completely unnecessary tbh) there's no way to see what their last posts were before getting banned. 
    I've been told in a status that it's "literally none of my business". I disagree. Many others do too. I don't think it's fair to the community at large to be kept in the dark and prohibited from even asking why some of our potential friends are being kicked off the site. 
    And to be clear, I'm not asking to be able to debate bannings with mods after they happen. That's ridiculous and it doesn't help anyone. I just think that as members of the community, people who contribute to the site on a daily basis and are the people that make this site what it is, a little more transparency regarding bannings is not an unreasonable concern.
    And if nobody else posts here in agreement than whatever, I'll drop it and move on. So if you're one of those people who were bothered about this earlier today please don't just shut up about it now that we have a thread.
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    Tefutakato reacted to ZackieCD in ZackieCD's art   
    Tyson Update

    Made on blender, Eggman Model by Nash-The-Mutt 

    Original Character/Design || SEGA, Sonic Team, Tyson Hesse
    Traced/Coloured/Shaded || @ZackieCD

    Made on Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 32Bits.
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    Tefutakato reacted to ZackieCD in ZackieCD's art   
    Pose & Render | @ZackieCD
    Model | Nintendo
    Pose | Sega

    tyson! get ready, cuz im coming!

    Made last month.

    My first Model Rip, from NiGHTS Into Dreams... HD 
    This is the Ideya Palace from the Saturn Dreams mode.
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    Tefutakato reacted to ZackieCD in ZackieCD's art   
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