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  1. How would you rewrite Sonic X?

    Hmm, what would I do, what would I do... well in theory what I make wouldn't be Sonic X anymore, given that I wouldn't make a Sonic show with this premise if I had the power to do so. That being said, I'm going to stick within the core concepts that have come to define X as a series- Sonic and friends being trapped on OUR world, as well as his friendship with Chris. Now then, how I might go about it... -Firstly, we'd re-structure Chris a bit to actually demonstrate that he is in fact quite lonely despite the status he enjoys thanks to his parents' wealth. It doesn't exactly add up that he has at least three other friends before meeting Sonic and co, in addition to a grandfather who is with him at all times and parents who actually do a great deal to try and make time for their son despite being busy. It's a wonderful example of telling rather than showing, and in the process it makes Chris look like a dick who traded in his old friends for new, improved models once Sonic and co showed up. As such, steps need to be taken to shown that Chris leads an isolated existence- his parents need to be more distant and less involved in his life. Not exactly 'bad' parents, per say, but their priorities are skewed without them realizing how it affects their son. Similarly, dialing back his involvement waaaay more would help a lot, I feel. While his arc of growth thanks to his friendship with Sonic and company is still a prominent part of things, it isn't to such a degree where it eclipses everyone and everything else- along with his attachment to Sonic, it needs to be dialed back so that he no longer appears to be obssessed to the point of insanity and so that no one else gets shoved aside to in order to accomodate him. Playing up the fact it essentially falls to him to explain the new world and its norms to Sonic and his friends while keeping them under wraps would also be a nice touch, in particular his exasperation with Sonic's less than responsible approach to secrecy. I'm also going to add my voice to the chorus saying that the INCREDIBLY stupid and selfish thing he did at the end of season 2 should just... not happen. I really have nothing to say that hasn't already been said on that particular front, I think. -Make Sonic the main focus. I really shouldn't need to say that when discussing a *Sonic* show, but good God the guy is barely there a lot of the time. He's the blandest, flattest thing on the entire show, with fewer moments than the rest of the cast. This... really should not be. So yeah, more screentime for the hedgehog, along with a bit more dimension to him in general- he is like the flattest thing in the entire show, and no, a few sentimental moments and 'Dark Sonic' don't make up for any of it. Give him flaws, weaknesses to be exploited. Put him in situations where he can't just power through or Ring Boost his way out of trouble. As the show went on, the conflict increasingly became less and less suspenseful because there wasn't even much of a facade that he could be in any real kind of trouble. -More utilization for the rest of the games cast as well would be nice, as well as dialing back some of the more damning exaggerations of certain personality traits- Amy can have her crush, but she can't act like a psychopath about it. Knuckles can still be gullible, but making him a continued patsy to Eggman despite the fact he should MORE than know the guy is not on the level is a tad much. Likewise, a lot of the times he wound up suffering needlessly even in situations where he was quite correct about what to do- none of that, now. In general just give everyone more to do and more chances to shine solo, really. -Flesh out Sonic's world. Yeah, this is heresy for Sonic Team/SEGA, but frankly its kind of glaring that throughout the entire show we barely see anything of the place and we don't even get to learn what its called, and what we DO see is either incredibly brief or so generic that it makes little difference. Give it a name- call it Gaia, Terra, Mobius, Freedom, hell, call it Planet Nancy, but don't just have it as some nameless void that the characters don't even reminisce about. While I'm at it, showing more Sonic-Worldians popping up would be a nice touch as well, whether they be characters directly from the games or made for the show, it'd be interesting to see more of them popping up. -A minor note, but I'd go the Unleashed route and make the humans toonier, if only so that Eggman doesn't wind up looking like a freakish mutant when next to the others. -Several stuff for Eggman- firstly, we get him a better base. Seriously, that dinky little thing is by far the single lamest hideout Eggman has had in any continuity out there. Give him something more... Eggman-y. Heck, just make the Egg Carrier his mobile base- the opening plot arc could be about him trying to get to get it airborne again. Likewise, ditch the Random Robot Selection Slot Machine. It didn't really add to things and was ditched eventually, so really we lose nothing by getting rid of it. Likewise, we up his ambition and scheming a bit, let him showcase his intelligence a bit more, as well as ruthlessness- he doesn't need to be Deathmongus the Destroyer or anything, but a bit more credibility as a villain wouldn't hurt. I'd also give him his badniks from the Adventure era in addition to the Big Threat Robots- new ones could show up depending on the situation at hand. -If we HAVE to do an SA2 adaptation, then we're going to have to commit SEGA blasphemy and give an explanation for Eggman and his connection to Gerald Robotnik and Maria and the Earth itself. The excuse of him having no memories of the place was a massive copout and just flat out lazy, especially since evidently baseball doesn't exist as a sport on Wherever-the-hell-Sonic-is-From, yet he knows the sport and even keeps a baseball mit. Towards that end, we would also need to straighten out the timeline of things, because given as is in relation to the later revelations of the time differences between Earth and Sonicworld? It is incredibly difficult to reconcile Eggman- every year on Earth is only a month on Sonicworld, so either he left Earth for Sonicworld recently, in which case the government would at least be aware of him given his connection to Gerald, or he got there when he was younger.. in which case MASSIVE amounts of time would have passed on Earth. The whole thing is just a twisted knot. Likewise we'd need to really think through how Shadow exists on Earth and why the Eclipse cannon is even a thing when the Chaos Emeralds aren't a thing on Earth, or how his big revenge scheme was able to work when it relies on something nobody can find on the planet earth. I've actually got an idea, but this post is long enough- long story short, I'd take pains to get the story straight on that front. -I'm not sure how feasible this would be since I don't know how far ahead these things are planned ,but after the SA2 adaptation I'd introduce Metal Sonic and eventually lead up to a full blown Sonic Heroes adaptation. If we're going to be doing direct adaptations, then it'd be fitting to finish things off with the latest game getting some play within the series. We show Metal Sonic go from a mindless re-occuring weapon, to developing his own personality, to his disillusionment with Eggman and him deciding to run the show himself, with Metal Overlord serving as the final enemy of the series. -Rather than everyone going back home and things going back to normal on both ends, I'd just have all the Chaos Control abuse going on through the show threatening both worlds... and the solution being to merge the worlds together entirely, rending them as one place, with Eggman's last big scheme being to try and make both world his in the process of doing so. We end the series on an 'And the Adventure Continues' kind of note wherein we show that more things change, the more they stay the same- Eggman breaks loose from imprisonment, Sonic goes after him again, and even with the worlds fused its clear that those two are going to continue to bedevil the other. I'm not sure if I'd have done Season 3 the way it went down, nor have I given that much thought to it. I did have some thoughts about how I'd do the Metarex though, if it came to it. -Rather then mechanical, I'd have them be organic. Robotics is already Eggman's bag and I resent villains who intrude on his 'deal', so, making them into genetically engineered constructs and monsters would be a bit more distinct, I feel. -Ditch the gender division thing. Make some of the Metarex commanders female and make it clear that the split was between those who wanted to stay and fight and those who wanted to flee. None of this 'Oh, all the guys turned themselves into robobeasts while the ladies just ran away' crap. -In this interpretation of things, the tragedy of the Metarex is thus- they were Seedrians desperate to not leave their home who, through sacrifice and terrible actions, managed to drive away their enemy and save their world... but in the process, they have become something so radically different from what they once were that they are no longer truly Seedrian, and they are so collectively scarred by what happened that they refuse that they can ever be safe again so long as others out there live. And so they go out into the universe and do the evil they do, all in the name of never being at the mercy of anyone else again. That's as far as my Season 3 thoughts ever went, and its less a 'How I would Do the season' then 'How I Would Do The Metarex', but its all I got for this particular end of things.
  2. There is a certain degree of logic in not naming her breed- its part of a rabbit hole in fiction featuring anthropomorphic animals. Namely the origin of 'domesticated' breeds. We often take for granted the myriad breeds of things like cats, dogs and horses and the like, while forgetting a crucial detail- they exist as they are because they were bred to be that way over generations thanks to humans. It even extends to names- which 'Doberman' family was responsible for the Doberman Pinscher on Mobius? How does the Siamese get its name when there is no Siam? And on and on it goes. In this, Penders is not incorrect to not put much thought into what Hershey's 'actual' breed is, as it can potentially raise a number of difficult to answer questions, and many works that use anthros just gloss over it if they use specific real world breeds of domestic animal. The rest of his rationale though.. it sounds more like a justification for himself than anything for the sake of fans. Another way for him to ignore the reality of what he was writing. He wasn't writing an action oriented Funny Animal Book meant to tie into a video game and a cartoon, no no, he's really writing EPIC SCIENCE FICTION populated with ALIENS, like a REAL writer should! It sounds less like an admission of him trying to lift stuff and more like him trying to make his work sound more impressive- "I DID BLACK PANTHER BEFORE BLACK PANTHER". I very recently saw that movie (literally within the hour of making this post. Great movie, btw, you should see it!), and it covers much of Penders' personal pet tropes- hidden civilizations with high technology, the themes of family and responsibility and legacy, ethnic conflict, all that stuff that Penders just loves to obsess over.... only done with a great deal more skill, insight and nuance that Penders could ever hope muster. To be blunt, I would be deeply shocked if anything of what he is talking about has any specific resemblance to Black Panther beyond the most superficial level... I could even hazard a guess as to what he specifically referring to within the film, and his take would be so blinkered and uninspired that it would still be mediocre enough to avoid being a specific rip. Even giving him the benefit of the doubt in this fashion, its still stupid of him to actually bring this up, ESPECIALLY when he DOES have a history of lifting stuff from other franchises for his own works in an incredibly blatant fashion that borders on outright theft. All he is doing is inviting people to scrutinize his work to spot the similarities. ....or rather, it would be, if he actually had anything to release, which is increasingly looking to not be the case.
  3. To this day, I'm convinced that Penders was a victim of his successes, or rather the circumstances that allowed those successes- Pre-50, he'd worked alongside Kanterovich a lot of the time, and during that time he at least had the ability to start and finish stories within an issue or two, all neat and tidy. Post Endgame, Kanterovich is gone, Penders is flying solo, and its suddenly dawning on him that this book might be sticking around- and then he gets to write the Knuckles book, and suddenly he's allowed to do things he might not be allowed to do with Sonic, allowed to write the story wholy from scratch and beholden to no one, with little to no oversight. It is in this environment that Penders got complacent and ceased trying to improve, and all of his worst traits as a writer were allowed to fester- the over-reliance on references to science fiction and comic book stuff he likes, the obsession with a mythology of his own creation at the expense of everything else, the convoluted and drawn out plotlines that went nowhere, the baffling and inept attempts to cover Serious Subjects and appear 'deep' (that goddamn holocaust poem...), this is where it all started and where it all ended with him. It's almost kind of sad, to think what might have been if he had been somewhere a bit more strict with him and actually forced him to improve himself.
  4. What were your headcanons, as kids?

    I used to think that Knuckles turning bad was due to literal brainwashing by Robotnik in the games. I'm not sure why I thought that, but, that's what I thought for a time.
  5. It is indeed a very strange aberration, given that Penders made it a point of pride to have never actually played any of the games he was supposed to be promoting. I myself suspect he knew about it due to the fact that Sonic knowing Mighty previously was actually referenced first in the Battle Royal Super Special, written by Kent Taylor (aka Scot Fulop). Fulop and Penders were evidently close, and it is possible that Fulop knew about SegaSonic arcade and told him about it back then, hence why Penders would even know about Ray. Personally I wouldn't be surprised if it was just a coincidence re-worked into a chance to score some brownie points with the fans- that story was really more about the origins of the Fiona duplicate than it was about what little story there was in SegaSonic arcade. He might have learned about Ray later and just worked him in, and the fact that it all KIND of aligned to SegaSonic Arcade was just a happy circumstance.
  6. Given that he launched a lawsuit against them for work he did on their comic, I sincerely doubt that this latest sampling of self-aggrandizement is going to make them dislike him any more than they already do, if they're paying attention to begin with. Nice to see his penchant for re-writing history is still intect though- at the time he was writing Knuckles, Knuckles was at the peak of his popularity and receiving a major push from SEGA, even receiving his own game. To say nothing of the repeated times that Penders made it clear that he was 'drawn' to Knuckles because he was a blank canvas he could do whatever he wanted with. And count me in the camp that says Penders only 'redeeming' characters and ideas became so at the hands of other writers, with his own efforts doing little towards that end.
  7. Ah yes, the Lost Ones trailer. I can still recall how, when he posted it on his forum and the forumgoers pointed out the issues with it, he stubbornly insisted it was on par with any production in Hollywood, even citing his usage of green screen as proof of this. Because evidently, using the same technique as professionals while not actually using it competently is enough to elevate a work into being the 'same' as a completed venture by an established company.
  8. It may have more polish, but at the end of the day it's still a jarring photo-realistic image of a clod of dirt and a massive reminder of how desperately this man clings to the past. Well, we're in February now, so that means we've only a month to go before he finally releases either the legendary app or this here other project of his. Maybe this time he'll surprise us, but history teaches otherwise.
  9. It hurts a lot less when you remind yourself that Penders' proclamations of caring about and honoring the contributions of others who worked on the book was just a lie he fed in the hopes of reeling in as many fans as possible. He never really kept up with anything most of the other writers did, and even admitted that one his final run he basically tried to pick up where he left off, moving quickly to gloss over and undo the 'damage' of things like the REturn to Angel Island arc so that he might once again have the status quo he preferred. Penders flat out does not respect the efforts of other writers on the book, especially when it pertains to developments regarding his characters. He recently mentioned wanting to include Scourge- this is because he knows Scourge is far, far more popular than 'Anti-Sonic' ever was, and even though he'd never give Flynn's works the time of day he still sees fit to try and leech off his efforts and popularity for his own ends. So noted. It does little to change the fact that its another demonstration of how little Penders really respects the work other writers put into the book despite claiming otherwise. Though perhaps there is a silver lining to it after all- at least the people who cared about the development won't be forced to endure seeing Penders horribly inept notions of relationships and romance rendering the whole thing hideous. Or at least that would be the case, if it weren't abundantly clear that this thing isn't going anywhere anytime soon.
  10. Yep, that's about right. He keeps bringing it up and talks about all the progress he's making, but the most recent bit of media he released in conjunction with it was a teaser. I'm not going to link it, but its even more pathetic than you could imagine- its literally a clip of Trump from the last election before melting into an 'ominous' flame effect before fading into the title and the asinine tagline. Even better? It was made as an afterthought. The odds of the The Republic coming out anytime soon are as good as the odds of The Lost Ones movie or Lara-Su Chronicles coming out- slim to nil.
  11. Didn't he say it was for April the last time?? Well, whatever, something to keep looking out for until March rolls on by. I'm sure he'll have an entertaining excuse for why this still hasn't gotten anywhere by then.
  12. Yeah, its kind of amazing that the word check didn't pick up on something being off about that one, or any of the others for that matter. I still debate whether 'Erinaceinae' is an intended or unintended misspelling of 'Erinaceidae'. And since I'm on the subject, even getting away from how pathetically transparent it is for him to resort to the scientific name of the species as a way to very poorly wriggle around the fact that its still a blue-spined hedgehog (and somehow still less blatant than 'Echyd'nya'), the decision to re-classify Mobians in this way is pretty questionable give that A) Penders insists this is a 'hard science fiction' story, and yet is using human words to designate a supposedly alien species, and B ) Why do the Echidna get remade into 'Echyd'nya' while the other species of Mobius go by latin names? Would it not be more 'alien' for all of them to get the Klingon treatment? I know, it's redundant to point out given that Penders is creatively bankrupt and fond of throwing terms around he doesn't actually understand, but its irritating all the same, especially since its such a simple thing to work with and yet even THAT is beyond him.
  13. That MIGHT explain why he never seemed to do anything with the guy after introducing him, though frankly I've learned to take what Penders says with a grain of a salt. An odd decision either way, given the fact his existence was something of a can of worms itself considering the questions his existence raised. And so far, nah, no signs of Elias as of yet. Given Elias wasn't present or mentioned in 25YL, I'm not all that confident about him being alive or present for whatever is intended to happen in LSC. Yeah, its uh... something, alright. And oh boy, tell me about it. This is precisely how you DON'T go about summarizing a characters skills and powers- it just goes on and on and borders on to wankery. Oh, its not just you, not even remotely. Penders needs himself a proofreader. Among other things. Recall, this IS a man who tried to copyright the idea of multiverse theory and continues to take credit for things like time travel and alternate universes despite these things having been in the franchise before he came on board, to say nothing of his continued denial that the idea of surviving echidna existed before him as well. Having been said, he is at least aware of the fact he cannot use the other creators characters- he's replaced Athair with someone called 'Auri-On', and then of course we have the rhino that used to be Rotor. His invokation of Scourge is due to the fact that he began as Anti-Sonic, but Anti's status itself is something of a weird legal clusterfuck as well.
  14. I sincerely doubt that Penders would want to. The reboot comics are a completely non-entity to Penders- he couldn't even be bothered to keep up with Flynn's run after leaving the book, not that he let a little fact like that keep him from criticizing the guy all the same. Words really cannot begin to convey just how little Penders actually cares about anything Sonic related that didn't stem from him- he only invoked Scourge because Scourge was popular and started out as Anti-Sonic.
  15. Hypothetically they COULD exist, but given the legalities involved we would never ever see them or see them acknowledged, since they cannot under any circumstance be used. So in effect, Hershey really DID 'die' since she legally could not show up in the comic. Beyond that though it would largely fall to you to decide what's what. SEGA no longer using the Archie character doesn't magically free up the copyrights. Pre-Reboot the copyrights are a clusterfuck, and SEGA doesn't actually acknowledge the ownership of any of the creators who contributed anything to the book from that time, nor does Penders have any kind of claim beyond anything he personally did not create, having already created a stand-in for Athair called 'Auri-on' due to not having the copyright for that character. Similarly, anything made by Flynn or Stanley or Baker is VERY explicitly owned SEGA, ESPECIALLY the post-reboot stuff.

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