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  1. I myself am trying to comprehend why he's talking about Perriwinkle and Jaker as if they were major characters in 25YL. Like, Rutan at least had a role that lasted more than a page- what the fuck did Jaker do to warrant mention like this is something anybody should be excited for?
  2. Oh shit folks- Mr. Perriwinkle is confirmed for Lara-Su Chronicles! Yep, we can rest easy knowing Wrinkles the Echidna is in play! Yeah, you... really know how to reel 'em in, Penders. I should also point out that Rutan's last appearance was under Flynn, not Penders. Though given his stubborn refusal to read or even research Flynn's run, misinformation on his part is to be expected.
  3. Oh, he's not advertising BOOKS- he's advertising prints of that image. Which he intended to charge 40 dollars apiece for, plus 15 dollars for shipping. He is honestly expecting 100 people to pay $55 for an incredibly lackluster piece of fanart with his name on it. All for a good cause though! I
  4. ...you know, I always kinda knew that Penders' 'Creator's Rights!' schtick was just bullcrap, but boy does this highlight just how true that fact is. The fact he utterly misses the fact that the Winter Soldier being Bucky is what MAKES him the Winter Soldier and not 'Random New Guy #324' is just the icing on the cake. This man's utter shallowness never ceases to amaze me.
  5. I myself have been banking on him hastily editing the SEGA characters into just-altered-enough expies in order to justify what he's doing. Given what we've seen of Penders coloring/inking/shading in general, I get the feeling that THIS is good idea of what we're in for if this ever does see the light of day-
  6. Eeeh, not so much a proper update as it is a progress report, but what the hell- This won't end well... is what I'd say if I felt this was ever getting released.
  7. Either that, or the time spent on making the Lara-Su Chronicles has given him an idea of just how difficult it'd be to make a Lost Ones comic/graphic novel on his own. Granted, he didn't rule out the possibility of it being a movie, sooo maybe he IS just being more honest about what he 'really' thinks of comics as a medium...
  8. He's had several deadlines in the past and failed to meet all of them, the earliest being when he announced it was 'coming soon in 2012!'. As for the App, it's something he's spoken of often, and he IS doing work on it. He's even said he's 'aiming' for SOMETHING to be released this summer, but given his past failures when it comes to this, nobody is holding their breath. So in short? This project is officially in 'it'll be finished when it's finished' mode. I really cannot wait to see the self-published Lost Ones novel, because we all know if ANYTHING ever comes of that godforsaken project of his, THAT would be the most likely to actually manifest. Slightly concerned as to what this 'project' is, but given his track record, I'm not exactly holding my breath for anything of substance to manifest... as per the norm for Penders.
  9. Y'know, I'm getting a real laugh out of how oblivious he is to how his logic regarding the whole Knuckles Omnibus thing could screw him. By one way or the next he's acting as if ownership of the stories somehow overrides or sidesteps the copyrights of the characters and concepts not owned by him- Knuckles, Sonic, Chaos Emeralds, etc. So if he could do this as he says, then what would stop SEGA/Archie/IDW or what have you from reprinting Flynn's stories given that, while they all feature stuff that belongs to him, they are not WRITTEN by him? Like, for any of this to work, he's basically arguing that copyright and ownership is functionally worthless.
  10. Oh come now, that's hardly fair- she's just starting out after all. She's BOUND to get better in due course. ...by about volume 5 or thereabouts. So, effectively never. Whiner Lara is here to stay.
  11. Boy you really DO learn something new everyday, and that is so, so much better/worse. Huh, interesting. While I can understand the need to change 'The Floating Island' into something different/more unique (at least in theory), I do have to wonder what prompted the change so suddenly. And oh boy, I cannot wait to see what new and amazing ways Penders will disappoint us all. Shouldn't really be possible a this point, but it seems to be his one true talent.
  12. Teensy weensy sorta-update here. So, that's the con-lang of the Echyd'nya. I'm not dedicated enough to track this page down to do a side-by-side, but I'm reasonably certain it's a cipher as suggested earlier. I think I'd appreciate the effort to differentiate The Floating Island (Avion) a bit more if A) He hadn't gone on and on about how differences between the old and the new would be minimal and B ) If he didn't keep insisting on this being a hard sci-fi story and this being an utterly alien world while utilizing something clearly derived from Latin. That last one is a bit petty, I admit, especially given his refusal to undo the clearly Earth based names of many of the characters, but still. EDIT Okay so I finally tracked down the page and did a side by side- whoever suggested the Echydnya language'd just be a font? They get a cookie, cause that's what it is, right down to the exclamation point getting its own symbol. I should also note that 'Avion' is a name used in He-Man, as the homeland for THIS guy- I'm honestly willing to give Penders the benefit of the doubt, but between this and the CyberDark thing... his independently creative abilities ain't lookin' so hot.
  13. Technically, but really its just his usual grandstanding over politics. Penders having a lot of 'those' fans is incidental rather than intentional, and it's especially amazing given that Penders tends to be upfront about his political leanings. He's either unaware of the fact that that's the sort of person a lot of his work appeals to, or he's simply unwilling to acknowledge it. Either way though, he's far too invested in his self-given image of being a kind of uber-liberal crusader for justice sort to do that sort of things... besides, his written application of his political leanings is so incompetent it doesn't make much difference anyway. It'd be tragic if he wasn't such an insincere and self-serving jerk.
  14. You know, honestly? At this point all I can really feel is pity. Sure, I'm kind of annoyed, maybe even a little offended, but... this whole display is just too pathetic for me to really muster the effort. He wants so badly to be seen as some kind of Big Deal in comics, and there's nothing that backs it up outside of the elaborate fantasy he's constructed for himself.
  15. Well, he does have a script. Maybe he has bits and pieces of THAT translated ahead of time before doing the proper work? I dunno. I'd hate to think even Penders would do things THAT ass-backwards, but you never really know with him... You mean that the App ISN'T the 8th Wonder of the World that Penders promised since first announcing it? I am shocked. Flabbergasted. Aghast. Utterly and totally bewildered, I tell you.
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