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  1. Meanwhile the characters you've been building up as the setting's answer to Nazis, to the point where you actually (and very callously) edited a real life poem warning about the dangers of Nazism in order to be about your storyline, are suddenly no longer Echidna Nazis but unjustly victimized rebels against the theocracy. The theocracy you established in literally one issue, and not once mentioned in the entire storyline about the political structure of your setting even as that same storyline was all about how the villains are Totally Nazis. At this rate when permanent global peace is achieved and thus there are no longer any crises for him to draw 'inspiration' from. Assuming he ever gets over his addiction of making a fool of himself on twitter. Which he will not. So never, basically.
  2. Well, given that Penders is the guy who said THIS about his prequel story... ... it'd be a pretty safe bet to say that yes, he really does want to tackle as many issues as he can. That said, it's not surprising. He re-started work on his inane 'The Republic' project only after Trump won the election and altered the plot to be about him rather than George W. Bush (The Republic was initially announced/conceived during the Bush Administration). Likewise when you look at some of the crap he included in his Knuckles' work, you are left with the impression of a man who desperately wants to be seen as some kind of brave, politically motivated writer tackling the relevant subjects of the day. Of course, being Penders, his tackling of those subjects is ultimately simplistic, childish, and bereft of any real empathy or insight on even the most surface level of things. And that's without getting into the fact how, just in general, a lot of the content of what he writes seems completely at odds with his stated position as a progressive liberal feminist.
  3. Oh my, but those are really quite good. I like how you manage to capture the essential essence of the design while drawing it out in a way that looks appealing and, unlike Penders, actually looks creepy and villainous.
  4. Ya know, things would go a lot faster if you maybe, just maybe, got the ENGLISH release taken care of FIRST and then found your audience stateside before branching out into translations and international releases and the like. Especially when you make it sound like you're doing these as you make each new page.
  5. I doubt it. Last I checked, the web archives didn't save the images that were posted there. I do remember though that, while humanoid, it was way more alien than anything to do with the Echyd'nya... so naturally, Ken had to disparage it.
  6. Given that Ken's definition of 'cartoony' is rather broad, this'd take a while even if he didn't have such an odious personality. Back on his forum several artists got together to demonstrate ways he could make the Echyd'nya more visually distinct from the Sega Echidna. One design in particular was a humanoid that looked like it could could have been descended from octopi, that none the less retained the very basic ideas of the Echyd'nya design put forth by Penders. Penders dismissed it as being 'too Disney', despite the fact that it was more realistic looking than his own work. Granted I think he said that both out of spite and due to being obstinate about wanting his oh so original work to be blatantly derivative of Sonic, but still, if THAT'S indicative of what he considers 'cartoony' then he's gonna be hard pressed to find someone who can fulfill his 'unique' desires.
  7. Experience says 'no'. He's said things like this in the past, mentioned 'possible' releases and then come up with nothing. Off the top of my head I can recall him gunning for a winter release, and twice he said he'd have it ready for SDCC. To say nothing of "Coming Soon in 2012!". Also.... call me crazy, but methinks he'd be better off if he just focused on getting Lara's story out before he decided to branch out into side-stories. Call it a hunch. Ah, but then, that would mean actually WRITING about his teenaged protagonist, and lord knows the guy hates writing teenagers.
  8. He's got... hiiiiigh hopes, he's got... hiiiiigh hopes, he's got high apple pie in the skyyyyy hopes~ But seriously.... you have neither one nor the other out. You haven't given much clue as to how long until EITHER of these things will be released. Perhaps you should just stick to one project, finish it, and then move on to other things, yes?
  9. Besides that, this rationale doesn't make any sense- portraying a society 'different from the one we currently live in' is not contingent upon the characters looking more or less human. Literally anything taking place in the far past does that, and that's just confining things to humanity itself. There is plenty of science fiction and fantasy that depicts human civilizations that are vastly different to 'the one we currently live in'. By this rationale, he must not think very highly of the various alien cultures depicted in Star Trek, if a human-esque appearance truly 'undercuts' that effort as he says.
  10. Correct me if I am wrong, but hasn't Penders insisted in the past that he owns his stuff, no Ifs, Ands or Buts about it? That everything he made for Archie is now his and his alone? Like, he's been abundantly clear about that point. It's one of his favorite things to jabber about. But now he's saying that oh, SEGA and Archie could use his characters to 'try and lay a basis for claiming them', and THIS is what has been the cause for Penders lack of results in the near decade that has passed since he went and announced 'COMING SOON IN 2012!'? I must say that no, I don't believe that. Not even remotely. And you know, there are times I wonder if Penders is, in truth, putting on a big show of just how popular he seems to think his work on Archie and the Archie comic itself was. That he is at some level overcompensating for the fact that he worked on a Niche part of the franchise and that when he left, things proceeded without him, even after the lawsuit and the cancellation of the book. Statements like this though pretty much put the kibosh on that theory. That he could legitimately think this even after it's become abundantly clear that neither SEGA nor Archie is even vaguely interested in his work, nor has any real need for any of it, is just astounding. I mean really, what does he think ARCHIE is going to do? Put out their own Lara-Su limited series? Insert Geoffrey St. John into the Archie books? Have Locke pop up in Cosmo the Mighty Martian? This excuse and the mentality behind it is just... pathetic. It's utterly and completely pathetic. Especially coming from a man who insists upon bringing up his credentials as a professional comic writer and artist, who has even boasted that he was hired by companies like DC because of his speed in finishing assignments specifically.
  11. I'm not sure if this is significant enough to really be considered an update, but it is, at least, Something New. You know, this actually really is a rather revealing insight regarding his creative process. We see echoes of this in his Knuckles work, wherein we see him adding in concepts such as the Legion and the Brotherhood without putting any forethought into how it all works, making up details as he goes along and creating utter nonsense doing so. ...good grief that hair isn't even centered properly. But ah, then, he is an alien- ergo its not an 'error', it's 'intentional'. And totally not because of ineptitude on his end, no sir.
  12. Given the 'heroic' things he has characters doing in the aforementioned body of work, it's not exactly surprising that his warped moral compass leaves him incapable of/refusing to grasp the actual core of the objection. This is the same guy who deadass said that Knuckles wouldn't resent Locke for what was done to him because of all the skills he now had because of it, after all. The most re-occurring and binding value espoused i his work isn't any of the things he says here- it's that your parents will hurt you for your own good and that you WILL thank them for the privilege of it, regardless of how much harm or potential harm it puts you in. I should note that Penders' math is off- in the Date Files he wrote for the cast, he had Sally born on day 186 of the year 3220. (God he just HAD to use THAT image to showcase the profile. Ugh.) This is important to note, because the first Robotnik died during Endgame on day 164 of 3225. As such, Sally wasn't 16 when St. John was putting the moves on her- she was just shy of being *15* at the time of his death (technically still a 14 year old!), whereas St. John was 20. So yeah. Fun.
  13. It's because regardless of what Penders likes to claim regarding the ability of his creations to stand without the Sonic connection, the truth of the matter is that he is all too aware of the fact that the only reason anyone ever cared about anything pertaining to Lara-Su is due to the fact it was part of the Sonic series, and its the only thing that has any chance of getting people's attention or drawing them in. It's why even though he claims they're aliens now they're still called 'Echyd'nya', and why despite this being (in his words) a 'Hard Science Fiction' story it takes place on a world called Mobius inhabited by anthropomorphic animal people and why the 'Princess of Acorn' and 'Warlord Kintobor' are a thing. He could easily do any of the things you mentioned, but the simple fact is that he needs that Sonic connection. Sonic is literally the only thing he's ever had going for him. His own attempt at an original series, The Lost Ones, fizzled and died after one stinking issue. He's counting on fans of his characters being so desperate to see them in ANY capacity that he's made it the lynchpin of his entire project, even as he tries to pretend otherwise. As such? The Sonic Influence is still visibly, painfully there, grotesque as it has been rendered. ....that and he just kinda lacks common sense in general. This is a guy who has spent nearly ten years now doing work on an app with bells and whistles like voice actors and narrators and the like, when he doesn't have anything of anything else released, after all.
  14. Yep, that is indeed the revised Cobar, though this picture is slightly different from the last image of the guy Penders released way back when. I guess he's 'bald' now, or whatever.
  15. The answer is at once complicated and simple. The complicated version is as follows- that character that utilizes Anthony Mackie's likeness is Commander Mykhal Taelor, a new character who is supposedly meant to provide a 'human' viewpoint to the series. One noteworthy trait of Taelor is that he has undergone SEVERAL design revisions, and this is the only time in which Penders has decided to stick with something- Almost looks like a timeline of drug addiction, doesn't it? For the record, yes, that Mackie-alike head was directly recycled and edited from an art piece Penders did earlier. In as much as tracing the IMDB picture of Anthony Mackie counts as 'art'. Now then, as to why MACKIE, specifically? The reason Penders gives is thus- Yeah. Draw your own conclusions from that one. I'm just gonna say "Yikes". More to the point though? Penders is a major league fanboy of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and tends to gush about it, and the decision to have Taelor look like Mackie came about as a result of that. And since Penders cannot for the life of him leave his interests out of his work, even work that is meant to be utterly original, he decided that Taelor Shall Look Like Mackie. This is a guy who randomly decided to include Ersatz versions of Scully and Mulder in the Image Sonic Crossover and even thanks Chris Carter in that book, after all. Now, all that was the complicated version. The simple version? Penders is a lazy hack with an incessant need to reference his interests, with a side order of having deeply unrealistic expectations.
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