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  1. Pfft. I'd honestly forgotten about that. Guy really does live in his own little world if he honestly thinks that's anywhere within the realm of possibility. Then again, this IS the same guy who tried to use the Lawsuit to force SEGA to make that Knuckles film of his...
  2. Nope, because astoundingly, by Penders' own logic a character's popularity is tied directly with the original creator of a character regardless of how much or how little they actually did to make said character popular. He's gone off as not thinking of anything after the Lee and Kirby run of Fantastic Four as 'counting', and once got into an extended internet slap fight because someone pointed out that Frank Miller's run on Daredevil defined the character more than Stan Lee's take. Of course, none of this applies to him and Knuckles, or his work on Sonic in general- there, he is magically popular because it was all him, and the games and cartoons from which the comics sprang have NOTHING to do with it. Once he was able to acknowledge otherwise, but he's long since glutted himself on his own Kool-Aid to the point where he can no longer contextualize the comic beyond himself. In short, he's an egomaniac and a hypocrite, and anything he applies to others can never be applied to him.
  3. Penders has gone on at length about how he 'brought value' to Knuckles, and has developed a weirdly possessive attitude over the character despite the fact that he was never, ever his at any point ever. He's never said that he should own Knuckles, but reading between the lines of his statements and his behavior on the subject, its easy to get the impression that he feels as though he SHOULD own Knuckles because of all the work he did on the character. Granted, he has a bit of an entitlement complex about Sonic in *general*, but its especially pronounced with Knuckles.
  4. Aye. He was never all that interested in telling the stories of characters who had already been worked on by others- Knuckles is a notable exception for the simple fact that Knuckles was such a blank slate that he could project on him whatever traits he wanted, and to this day he still seems convinced that Knuckles is 'his' in a way.
  5. Whaat, you mean you DON'T think its appropriate or in-character for Sonic to behave like the sex-starved protagonist of a trite 80s teen comedy? Man, you just don't GET IT! I'm pretty certain "Dark Dominion" will focus on the Home Base or whatever of the LEgion and serve as an explanation for where they get the resources for all their tech and stuff. Which never came up or was even hinted at in the comis proper, but whatevs. As for 'Colonies', I'll do you one better- well, first I'll remind you that Athair isn't in this book, and has been replaced with 'Auri-On'. But secondly, I'll bet you that Colonies would be about Echydnya colonies IN SPAAAAACE! Flashbacks in Archie revealed they were space explorers when everyone else was Stone Aged, so it would stand to reason that there might have been offworld colonies. For whatever crap reason they lost contact, and aaalll this time there's been a bunch of Space Echidna in the universe. Cause if there's one thing Penders' *adores*, it's creating more and more groups of Echidna. And they'll pretty much be The Federation from Star Trek, because of course they would be. Just be grateful that this thing never saw the light of day, assuming he didn't just come up with it on the spot to make it seem like he actually had things planned out. Given how often his 'plans' seem to change, I suspect that he really is just making all that crap up as he goes along.
  6. Remember when Eggman tried to nuke a city?

    *SHRUGS* Eggman is a complexity addict with the common sense of a brain damaged guinea pig? But yeah, I always did wonder why he'd bother with Chaos when it would have been much easier to just lob a missile into Station Square to get what he wanted.... at best I can guess that he figured flooding the city with Chaos would keep the infrastructure of the place intact enough to make converting it into Eggmanland much easier, and the nuke was the last option because it would require rebuilding things from scratch. The real question I have, is what he thought he was gonna do when he FOUND the missile, given the detonating it would've... kinda killed him then and there??
  7. What Happened to all the humans?

    That's because there was no real planning or thought put into it. Its like when they said that the reason the moon wasn't broken in games after Sonic Adventure 2 was because it was 'facing the wrong direction' or some crap. This isn't the result of in-depth world building or anything like that- it's just a cheap, flimsy excuse, designed to alleviate Sonic Team of the burden of actually properly explaining *anything* in the games.
  8. Whoop! Turns out I got the names mixed up- I coulda swore he was gonna use that one yet again for a really horrid sounding story, but it turns out I was wrong, as detailed here. Aand since linking on this site always acts weird, I'm just gonna quote it to show what I mean: So yeah, my bad, brainfart there. Doesn't change the fact though that he's recycling a James Bond joke he already made in the comics proper for his "TOTALLY ORIGNAL SUPER SERIOUS" series. ...you know, it occurs to me that soon enough, DEcember 30th will be upon us, and if he releases nothing of substance by that point? It will officially have been Six Years since he announced this, and five years since he failed to live up to his initial release date of 2012. Lordy lordy, where does the time go?
  9. Yep. And he intended to use a variation of it YET AGAIN for one of his unmade stories, only it would be called 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service'. It would have involved Sonic using Rouge to make Evil Sonic Jealous while trying to make sure Sally didn't find out. Cause that's a thing people wanted to see, evidently.
  10. Not for the first time, I am left wondering how exactly he intends to expand a story that started out as 48 page special into 7 volumes worth of books. I can't even begin to imagine the sheer amount of padding and byzantine sub-plots he could have in mind in order to justify this being as long as he intends it to be. Also, your notes about how his behavior might be done to ensure he doesn't fall into obscurity doesn't exactly gel here- for the simple fact that by all objective standards, he's already obscure. EA Games is a famous game company that's well known amidst a large portion of the public, especially if they play games. Penders on the other hand doesn't get any kind of mainstream attention, and the only thing that gives him any kind of fame is strictly limited to a niche portion of the Sonic fandom. The saying might be that all publicity is good publicity, but that's only when its ACTUALLY publicity and not limited to a small amount of people and a twitter.
  11. He announced a while back that he's moving his site and his forums, so there really hasn't been much of a need. Sooner or later they'll be back in some form or the next... maybe.
  12. Perhaps you'd be better off just... not talking to this guy. I mean its admirable you're calling him on his bullshit and trying to make him see reason, but I think you'd be better off just letting the manbaby be. Because that's what you're dealing with here- a juvenile that has somehow managed to exist this way for roughly sixty years and who suffers from all the egocentric eccentricities of a child, living a life of never having to accept reality or evidence when he can just as easily make do with pretend and falsehoods (which is particularly astounding given that normally only the super rich can afford such an existence). You're never, ever going to get through to him or make him understand how truly screwed his ambitions for his work on Archie are. For the sake of your own emotional wellbeing, maybe you should just leave him be, if only for a while.
  13. Its nothing new. Penders absolutely cannot stand to be corrected or to be shown as being misinformed or innacurate. Back in his forums he tended to just ignore people who brought up anything that was inconvenient to whatever narrative he'd spun for himself regarding anything about anything, and its no different here. He has proclaimed IDW alone to be 'The enemy' (which SURELY has NOTHING to do with the fact that they hold a certain property license he's obsessed with, nossir), and so they are The Enemy, regardless of actual context or evidence. Also, given the way his ranting has been going, I can't help but picture that his endgame in all of this is to try and sue IDW and *force* them to reprint Pre-Reboot Archie stuff so that he can profit off of it and still claim to be a part of Sonic... this is the man who, after all, tried to use his own lawsuit as an attempt to strongarm SEGA/Archie into making a Knuckles movie.
  14. Beyond the usual of him acting like a jackass, not a whole lot. The biggest news we've gotten is that evidently Penders is focusing almost entirely on the App and the Prequel story that goes with it... to the point where he's justified himself by claiming that once its released, the 'infrastructure for release' will be in place and that things will flow smoothly afterwards. Yeeeah.
  15. Penders has a weird, desperate tendency to try and project himself as someone who knows things behind the scenes and is somebody fairly important within the comics industry. It's not really that surprising that he couldn't keep this under wraps. As for that last remark, recall this is Penders- he's earnestly convinced he won his case because he had a great argument and not because of the spectacular incompetence of Archie. He seems to sincerely believe that his connection guarantees victory, so of course, he's playing the part of Internet Badass rather nicely. Ken Penders? Misleading people about things in order to make himself look better? Gasp of horror! Can we trust NOBODY these days? Yeah, not much else that can be said there. It's dishonest and he should be ashamed of himself, but frankly, Penders long ago proved that shame was far too much effort for a man such as him.