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  1. Honestly, he's gone back and forth on the subject like, multiple times. I *think* he intends to start digital and go with a solid release later on down the road, but given how often his intended plan changes I'm not even sure anymore. Either way, not much else to do but sit back and see if he actually releases this or if it'll be yet another 'let people see it on MY phone/ipad' deal like its been the last few times.
  2. Uuuh-huh. So then... when does the actual book come out? Like... all of this effort has been been made to the tie-in App, but we still don't have much of a clue as to where the proper book itself stands.
  3. Sooo does Julie-su NOT have glasses anymore? Last few times he showcased her then-current redesign he seemed pretty dead set on the glasses and the like. Maybe the criticism that she looked like Peggy Hill finally got to him. Also, MAN that grouping just looks awkward, with Xero hovering down on the side there like an afterthought. This is not a very good layout for a t-shirt, and that's without getting into the fact that the lens flare use is evocative of a middle schooler first playing around Photoshop in the 90s. Yeeeah, this is not the first nor will it be the last time. Despite being the title character, a lot of the stuff Penders posts has to do with everything BUT her, and he's got this weird tendency to constantly sideline her in one way or the next. Almost as though he's not really interested in writing for her... Combination of factors- firstly, his skills have generally degraded over the years due to inactivity. Secondly, his range is pretty limited- he's okay enough at drawing realistic humans, but anything beyond that is difficult for him, and he insists on using semi-realistic proportions on the Echyd'nya, who resemble the anthropomorphic animals he always struggled with. The biggest thing though? Penders cannot, for the life of him, digitally color, ink, or shade, yet insists on doing this himself. He's just straight up terrible at digital stuff and is much better with traditional methods, and as such he art looks even worse than it might normally because of the color jobs.
  4. The lousy and poorly designed outfits alas would stay in place. Penders just cannot for the life of him design sci-fi outfits that aren't either dull or bizarre for the wrong reasons. The characters would, however, look better if they were just humans. Penders is far, far better at drawing realistic humans than he is at drawing anthros, be they cartoony, realistic, or in the hellish borderland between the two that he's going for with the Echyd'nya up there.
  5. Well, getting away from all that and a bit more back on track... We've another art update from Penders, this time of the new guy, Xero. Not a lot that I can say about this that I haven't said before. It's less terrifyingly bad than a lot of his usual art, but once again, I say he'd be better off having someone else handle the digital coloring, inking and shading, cause he is just flat out no good at these things.
  6. Fandom bringing out the worst in people combined with the comparative lack of consequences for this sort of behavior on the internet. This isn't even the first time its happened- shortly after the whole fiasco came to an end and Penders started hawking LSC at Comic-Con, someone threatened his life in the mail. The police even looked into it. Nothing came of it, thank God, but its still a pretty sobering reminder of how far some people are willing to take this.
  7. And Penders' adorable ability to turn otherwise decent sketches into garbage art once they're digitally colored continues unabated. I mean really, where do I start with this? The lens flare? The fact she looks lump and misshappen? The fact the shading and coloring gives her the texture of freshly cooked bacon slathered in its own grease? *shakes head* Already I can hear him say 'SHE'S MEANT TO LOOK CREEPY SHE'S A BAD GUY'. Just like the last time.
  8. He didn't 'need' to put the quotes in. He did it because he wanted to show that he was writing about Very Important Issues and to demonstrate how Very Serious that arc was. All in the name of pretending his primary audience wasn't comprised of ten year olds. It didn't matter how slipshod, half-assed and poorly conceived the parallels were. It didn't matter that the most infamous of the stolen quotes, the Niemoller poem, had absolutely nothing to do with how Robotnik took over Mobius and as such had no real context for existing. All that mattered to him was appearing 'deep'. That he's too damaged to appreciate his damning lack of sense and why it would rub people the wrong way is his problem, as is his inability to accept what he did was ill-conceived and inappropriate at best and horrible offensive at worst. Everything about it, at the end is all about three things, and three alone- him, him, him. Its repulsive on a number of levels, but that's Penders for you.
  9. Preetty much. Penders developed a really possessive and entitled view of the Sonic comics he worked on, refusing to acknowledge other writers unless he had to and getting into a feud with Bollers for daring to suggest that 25YL was 'a' future rather than 'the' future. He then made it clear that if he ever came back to the book he would just ignore what Flynn did and pick up where he left off, and then later had the gall to claim that Flynn should have called and consulted him about his plans and such after Penders had left, claiming it was a 'courtesy'. I blame the circumstances in which he worked on the comic. He pretty much ruled the roost over at Archie for years, and frankly I think it spoiled him.
  10. In his heart of hearts he likely believes it. He's been careful to not explicitly phrase it that way, but he HAS said things like how he brought value to Knuckles and even referred to himself as the 'savior' of the comic at one point, and repeatedly pushes the idea of how much more successful the brand would be if only those FOOLS at SEGA would follow HIS vision (paraphrased, naturally). Read between the lines and it becomes pretty clear that he views himself as being more 'worthy' of that title than the actual people who made and own the Sonic franchise.
  11. Uuuh...huh. Okay then. Cool beans. Not confusing at all. Nope. It all will make sense. It happened, except it didn't happen, except it did happen, and now this guy is that guy but still this guy and blah blah blah.
  12. The point of the thread, at least, is to observe his progress in this project and see where the end is in all of this. For many, something near and dear died so that this project could exist, and at the very least there is the desire to see what was so all-fired important that it justified a comic they loved, one with years of investment, being gutted and rebooted in order to appease this man's 'true' vision for his characters. Likewise, this thread also serves to provide a bit of context regarding how we got to this point and to at least try and provide more accurate information regarding the trial and Penders own actions/career leading up to it and after it, given that Penders himself has been caught repeatedly lying about his accomplishments or muddling information towards that end. Regarding his issues on twitter though- stuff like this tends to be the direct cause of it. Namely the fact that despite his claims to the contrary, Penders cannot help but pull crap like this- he cannot help but needle his former employers AND the people who currently hold the Sonic license, nor stop himself from behaving like this at every possible opportunity. This man is not simply a hack writer with delusions of grandeur- he's a very malicious, childish individual who demands praise for putting in as little effort as possible in his project while trying to paint himself as the High Holy Savior of the Sonic franchise despite that fact being demonstrably false on a number of levels. You're quite correct that he garners a lot of harsh responses. Likewise you are correct that discussing his personal life or speculating as such is quite unacceptable. That being said though, this man brings every last inch of the criticism he faces on himself, largely because of how he responds to said criticism. Whether its harsh and blunt or politely disagreeing, Penders absolutely, completely, totally refuses to hear anything less than lavish praise of him and his work. Its been that way for a while now. Even now he's acting like a petulant child because the Sonic movie is happening without him, obsessing over it and screaming to the heavens, all carrying the not so subtle implication that it'd be better if HE was doing it. Penders was always going to attract a certain level of vitriol, but the reality is that a tremendous portion of it is his own damn fault. He would save himself a great deal of grief if he would simply put up, shut up and get on with his life. That he has not moved past behaving like a spiteful machild in all the years that have passed since he announced this endeavor is entirely his own fault, as is his inability to handle himself diplomatically. Having said all that, you are correct that at times, the point of having this thread seems increasingly fraught. At the rate things are going there's not a lot else that can really be said by this point. Sooner rather than later it will be 2020, and it is increasingly apparent that there will be no release within that time, and that his actual level of dedication to finishing this within his lifetime is increasingly nebulous looking. Not even the excuse that he is going it alone can cushion the fact that for all the time he has had since this started, there is precious little to really show for it. Even that App he keeps trying to hype only exists within his own phone. There's really only so many ways we can point out the flaws in this work, and I'm not sure how much longer this thread can go before its officially just going through the motions. A shame, because I do think there is a point to this thread in that it allows people who lost something they loved in the name of this man's ambitions to at least try and get a bit of closure over it, but it would seem that Penders staggering incompetence will deny them even that. ....aaand ah, having said all that- another teensy little art update. Hello again, photographed backgrounds. You were not missed. I must also confess to finding it grimly amusing that he's decided to make this update all about the human co-star of this project, given that he decried the details of the Sonic movie and the Cop Buddy. It'd be a legitimate complaint, natch, if he wasn't also doing the same kind of thing in his own work.
  13. It isn't. Currently the App... prototype or WIP or whatever it is, it's currently on HIS phone. Basically he invites people to look at it, on his phone.
  14. Not a 'real' update, but evidently Penders has decided to show he's been busy at Sonic Revolution. Sooo yeah, have a bland picture of an expressionless Lien-Da. As well as more hyping of the App, can't forget that part of the equation- Yeeah, Ken, if they say the exact same thing EACH time? They're either being polite to you, or you're making things up.
  15. Apologies for the double post- small time update regarding the progress of the App. To the shock of no-one really, its still not ready yet. Soo yeah, basically just a bunch of meaningless busywork designed to give the impression that he's actually hard of work. In addition to that, he's also got a bit of good news! Well Ken, if two people who work for Disney (without any specification as to the exact capacity in which they work for Disney) said that, it MUST be a good sign. Much like the last time he used this exact set of words, I do not doubt that they said exactly that. Not oooone bit.

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