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  1. We'll see. Penders has made promises like this in the past and squelched every time, and those were more realistic and financially feasible than re-printing things into a book. Even if we ignore the legal dubiousness of this, it costs a lot of money to do what he's proposing, money he'd be very hard pressed to see a return on. Frankly though given how he's phrased things, I wonder if he WANTS Sega to do something, if only to give him publicity and public sympathy. But again- we'll just have to wait and see how this plays out, if at all.
  2. Yeah, pretty much. There's not a lot left to really say at this point, and there really won't be until he finally releases this mess... which frankly is looking increasingly unlikely given that it's been almost ten years now (and will officially be ten years since once 2022 rolls on by since he first announced all this), and we don't even have a vague clue as to when any of this is meant to release. While there will always be the eventuality of new aspects of this to focus on, we really are kind of just in treadmill mode at this point. Aand yeah, while the fact he's doing this alone DOES mitigate things a bit? It doesn't entirely excuse them, especially since Penders has in the past boasted about the fact that one of the reasons he was hired was because he 'got the job done'. His truly abysmal progress is inexcusable, especially given his insistence on devoting his efforts to an App and OTHER projects (that show a similar lack of progress). I can't speak to how many stories they get done, but yeah, Web Comics tend to get a lot more out than Penders has shown- even if he only did two pages a week every month, he'd at least have enough for a book or even two books *seven years ago*. His belief that this will be a franchise is pretty much a pure fantasy by this point. Not that it was ever gonna happen, but in the earliest days, he MIGHT have been able to rope new people in. By now though... I think even people who were intending to hate read it are just kinda done with him in general. I would hazard a guess that it's an attempt by Penders to make his info-dumping/expositing seem more 'natural' or 'excusable'. A rather poor attempt at that. Lien's dialogue makes me feel unclean for reading it, and the fact whoever she's talking to has a hand injury akin to Kragok's is setting off ALL kinds of alarm bells in my head... ugh.
  3. I'm running out of things to say at this point. So I'll just sit back and shake my head at Penders continued preference to making grandiose proclamations and promises over actually establishing he has any real ability to finish this project in any meaningful way.
  4. Oh, lordy, this will not end well. Or at least it wouldn't end well if we ever got to the point where we'd actually witness this imminent trainwreck in action. He's desperate to be seen as a progressive, liberal champion of minorities of all stripes while simultaneously having no real legitimate desire to be that person in any meaningful way. Him mentioning the Rotor/Cobar thing just kinda highlights it. While there was no way to be overt about it at the time, their interactions don't even really convey them as being FRIENDS, let alone lovers, to such an extent that virtually no one even guessed at it until he spelled it out... and only after Cobar had been killed in a story. In short? He's a self-serving, self-promoting hack who wants to be congratulated for doing less than the bare minimum when it comes to anything. There's more on this- Dude, I hate to break it to you, but people ARE going to call you out on the inconsistencies, and they ARE going to rake you across the coals for blatantly inserting these traits into a character who didn't previously demonstrate them. Like, already you're setting yourself up for a fall here- Salma's only major role in 25YL was showing up at that stupid sleepover and then swapping spit with Rutan. You absolutely did not convey her as being a BFF in any meaningful way, and its transparent you're just trying to make yourself seem like you have a progressive attitude about this after the fact. Yeah, I know Penders writing means that his characters in general are a void of traits in general, but the point still stands. That'd be a LOT easier to believe if you didn't repeatedly show that this kind of thing is ALWAYS a stunt with you. And for fuck's sake, maybe you ought to release the damn story and let your READERS decide for themselves if these decisions are tough instead of trying to sell us on this ahead of time. Fella, you've ALWAYS made it easy for yourself. You casually kill off characters who are of no use to you. You use narrative contrivance after narrative contrivance to get characters out of jams. Your plot points are meandering and easily resolved. You are shameless in your use of Deus Ex Machina to move things along. Your pretensions of engaging in 'challenging themes' are shallow and amateurish at best. You are not, nor have you ever been, a writer who rises to the occasion. Granted, in the end none of it really matters, does it? In nearly ten years, nothing of this has been released, and I doubt it ever will be. So hey, let him talk all he wants about this, but in the end until he actually produces something that's all it is. Talk. His favorite thing to do.
  5. He'd really be better off if he DID hire someone to handle the colors at least. It wouldn't make LSC look good, but at least the characters would no longer look like they were sculpted from congealed bacon grease.
  6. Eh, so what else is new? This is a pretty obvious attempt at trying to maintain his relevance to the Sonic franchise, and nothing more. Let him speculate and plan and talk all he likes about what he's gonna do and his HYOOGE PLANS. He can't even be assed to release the stuff he definitely does have rights for. Until something is actually produced, all this is in the end is him crying out for attention.
  7. If this existed in a void it wouldn't be so bad. As it stands though, that is not the case- Hershey looks more nervous than anticipating and St. John looks more predatory than smoldering. If this is meant to be a tender or romantic scene, then Penders' is failing miserably to convey those things. And frankly, given Penders insistence that Geoff and Hershey AREN'T married in his take on things since that was a Bollers development, I got this sickening feeling that this isn't really meant as an emotional picture so much as it is St. John living up to his origins as a ripoff reference to James Bond... I myself prefer 'good by comparison', and even then its only really with the caveat of him drawing humans. This however is just wretched. Hershey looks like one of those cats from the CGI Cats movie as interpreted by Robert Crumb, and her butt looks like a deflating balloon. Like God damn, how do you mess up THAT badly? As of yet there is still no set release date for any of this other than vague generalizations, and even then we need to get through the App with the prequel comic before we evidently get to the real meat of things. If I remember correctly, Penders initially intended this as a physical release, but then decided to go digital and focus on releasing it through an App. I suspect that at the core of things, it is because it is easier to self-release via digital means than going through the efforts of either finding a mainstream publisher or going independent. And yeah, Penders work is pretty much a deeply uncomfortable middle ground between realistic humans and the style he used when working on the Sonic book. It's the end result of him simultaneously trying to differentiate this visually from Sonic, but at the same time not being entirely willing to do so- hence we get the worst of both worlds, and the end result is just an ugly, ugly mess.
  8. Not so much an update as it is an occurrence related to LSC, but Penders has decided to share this- Given that Penders repeatedly stated Hershey and Geoffrey weren't a thing in LSC, I'm a little shocked by him evidently indulging this given his usual attitude towards the things that didn't stem from him.
  9. I myself am trying to comprehend why he's talking about Perriwinkle and Jaker as if they were major characters in 25YL. Like, Rutan at least had a role that lasted more than a page- what the fuck did Jaker do to warrant mention like this is something anybody should be excited for?
  10. Oh shit folks- Mr. Perriwinkle is confirmed for Lara-Su Chronicles! Yep, we can rest easy knowing Wrinkles the Echidna is in play! Yeah, you... really know how to reel 'em in, Penders. I should also point out that Rutan's last appearance was under Flynn, not Penders. Though given his stubborn refusal to read or even research Flynn's run, misinformation on his part is to be expected.
  11. Oh, he's not advertising BOOKS- he's advertising prints of that image. Which he intended to charge 40 dollars apiece for, plus 15 dollars for shipping. He is honestly expecting 100 people to pay $55 for an incredibly lackluster piece of fanart with his name on it. All for a good cause though! I
  12. ...you know, I always kinda knew that Penders' 'Creator's Rights!' schtick was just bullcrap, but boy does this highlight just how true that fact is. The fact he utterly misses the fact that the Winter Soldier being Bucky is what MAKES him the Winter Soldier and not 'Random New Guy #324' is just the icing on the cake. This man's utter shallowness never ceases to amaze me.
  13. I myself have been banking on him hastily editing the SEGA characters into just-altered-enough expies in order to justify what he's doing. Given what we've seen of Penders coloring/inking/shading in general, I get the feeling that THIS is good idea of what we're in for if this ever does see the light of day-
  14. Eeeh, not so much a proper update as it is a progress report, but what the hell- This won't end well... is what I'd say if I felt this was ever getting released.
  15. Either that, or the time spent on making the Lara-Su Chronicles has given him an idea of just how difficult it'd be to make a Lost Ones comic/graphic novel on his own. Granted, he didn't rule out the possibility of it being a movie, sooo maybe he IS just being more honest about what he 'really' thinks of comics as a medium...
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