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  1. An ironic statement from the man given that that redesign is the precise kind of thing he himself would peddle and encourage, and his OWN ideas weren't exactly going to wow the fandom either given his hyperfixation on a niche part of the franchise to the exclusion of everything else. Honestly though, I wouldn't pay much attention to what he says in regards to this film. Penders has repeatedly tried to deny that this was ever going to happen and demonstrated a rather prolonged amount of bitterness over the fact that its happening while his own ambitions died in flames. Even if this film looked good he'd still trash it for the simple crime of not being the film HE was going to make. His two cents ain't worth a halfpenny.
  2. Well, I may as well add my two cents- I'm not feelin' this. Maybe it'll look better once we get the full reveal, but frankly I sincerely doubt it, and I maintain that making this a live action/CGI hybrid was a dreadful, dreadful decision.
  3. One would think so. But then this is the same man who tried to claim that the CONCEPT of Evil Twins and Alternate Timelines in Sonic were introduced exclusively by him and therefore belonged to him with regards to the franchise, so who knows.
  4. Given that Penders has, in complete seriousness, compared his own pathetic slap fight of a copyright trial to far more serious legal entanglements (such as the story of Gloria Altmann, whose struggle against the Austrian government would go on to be made into the film 'Woman in Gold'), there is really no doubt in my mind that he earnestly thinks this or wants others to think it. Nevermind that the 'fame' was really more like 'infamy' even before he left, given that 3/4s of it were lifted from The Fugitive and it was littered with plotholes, with the only thing anyone remembering at large being his attempt to kill off Sally permanently.
  5. SOoo something tells me that this means the intended December release is pretty much a pipe dream at this point. For serious though, I would not be even remotely surprised to learn that he really, truly IS that far behind at this point and that he really might be completing each page individually before moving forward, and not at a very fast pace at that. I've long suspected that he really only completes and belts out pages whenever he wants to 'prove' he's making progress, given that the 'quality' of the pages wildly vary after one another.
  6. In theory that could be the case, but it doesn't really work given that Tails had been in a situation before where he was certain Sonic was dead, and worse, had seemingly seen the deed happen before his very eyes. It caused him pain and despair, but he was able to rally from it and face down Eggman to avenge his 'dead' friend. It is difficult to believe that the same TAils from Sonic Adventure 2 would respond to the scenario presented in Forces the way Tails within that game selfsame game did.
  7. You're quite correct. He was never tortured. He was, however, imprisoned for half a year while the entire planet was taken over by Eggman, with neither of these facts having much in the way of a meaningful impact on him. What show did YOU watch? I've seen virtually every iteration of Sonic out there, and what you describe doesn't line up to ANYTHING I've seen, anywhere.
  8. I'm gonna echo the sentiments of everyone else here. This 'improvement' just sounds gratuitous in the worst of ways, and it does nothing to fix the myriad issues plaguing the game's story in general.
  9. Even getting past the fact that that's outside the purview of the discussions here, its REALLY not worth bringing up at this point. I'm serious this isn't just old hat for Penders, its practically a cliche by this point. Ever since the cancellation of the Archie book and the beginning of the IDW book, Penders tends to have a tweet like that AT LEAST once a month, wherein despite INSISTING he's over Sonic he somehow cares enough to speculate about how AWESOME it could TOTALLY be if he were let back on and if those IDIOTS at SEGA just let him do his thing and how it'd be super popular and all that other crap. It's either a crowning testament to just how goddamn out of touch Penders is with the reality of where SEGA is at regarding spinoff media at this point or just the same tired song and dance meant to appeal to his irrelevant fanbase that refused to move on from a specific period in their lives and cling to the deluded hope that despite EVERYTHING, somehow it can all MAGICALLY come back and matter again. Its just not worth discussing at this point, because literally everything that can be said has been said.
  10. And here we have a tiny not-really-an-update about the App. Evidently he's still insistent upon the voice auditions thing. Awful nice of him to sound so encouraging, but again, unless he actually produces something this doesn't really mean anything.
  11. That he is, after rather stubbornly insisting on calling him Anti-Sonic for years to the exclusion of anything. Much like his decision to reveal that Kragok is actually still alive, or his continued attempts to champion the SonSal pairing (despite having given a multitude of reasons for trying to kill Sally off, even trying to reveal she had actually died in Endgame and the Sally seen afterwards was a robot), its little more than a cynical attempt to grab attention and attract more people to his project- he knows Scourge is more popular than he ever was as Anti-Sonic, and is counting on even the vague hint of Scourge showing up to draw in fans of the character even if he had nothing to do with what made Scourge popular to begin with. No kidding. The Mobius one in particular is especially egregious, because that one is wholly disconnected from Penders- everything he ever made in the book was made in relation to a widespread concept that originated with the western translations of the Sonic games. For a man who intensely argues about the originality of his creations and how inviolable that is, to the point where he even goes as far to claim that CONCEPTS originated with him (when they very blatantly did not, but trying to point out how his ideas had precedent elsewhere in the franchise is an exercize in futility), its staggeringly hypocritical.
  12. If that's what happens, then that's what happens. SEGA really has little motive to really pursue the issue- they only allows their stuff to be published if they own everything that goes in the book. Penders has made it abundantly clear that he wants ownership and will only 'lease' the characters to SEGA. That alone demolishes any kind of chance of anything of his appearing anywhere ever again. Even if that wasn't the case, Penders has also made it clear that he regards certain characters as being untouchable, and that any use of them would have to be personally approved by him. It amounts to him demanding that he be allowed to possess an unreasonable degree of control over a book that he is not working on. And then you have him admitting to trying to use the lawsuit as a means of trying to coerce SEGA into making a KNUCKLES movie of all things, as detailed here- http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1spiu17 With behavior like this, I wouldn't be surprised if they avoided him and his work even if he had a sudden change of heart.
  13. Cripes. My condolences go out to his friends and family.
  14. The Fulop lawsuit was the one that occurred after Penders and may or may not have directly contributed to Archie losing its license to publish Sonic stuff. Technically speaking it was a company founded by Fulop that had all his copyrights transferred to it, Ark Narrative, which were the ones to sue Archie. It was likely done so that Fulop could claim HE wasn't doing it, but that Ark Narrative was... either way, it didn't work, and the judge ruled in favor of Archie, though the fallout of all this was that the License was pulled and the Archie comics came to an end. As for the rumor, in general its wise to take things Penders says with a grain of salt- he tends to pounce on any sign of things going poorly for people/entities he dislikes. He proclaimed the imminent demise of Archie Sonic several times in the past before it finally happened and even once tried to claim that Boom was 'the future' of the franchise. His biases alone make him a deeply unreliable source of information on this particular subject. As for the third thing... I sincerely doubt there is any kind of blacklist. Even discounting the lawsuit, Penders is at the end of the day a small timer who was never able to parlay his career in Sonic into anything else out there, and likewise his behavior on twitter alone would serve as an impressive impediment to him being hired. Especially since he's gotten into spats with established, big name pros like Dan Slott and Kurt Busiek, over the pettiest of reasons imaginable.

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