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  1. Given that it's barely altered from the original design and still looks explicitly like a Sonic character, that's reaaally not a surprise. Julie-Su was a former Legionnaire of the Dark Legion, who escaped from them and joined with the heroes. In theory this meant she was a kick-ass, action oriented sort. However, in practice she was ultimately JUST a love interest for Knuckles- even he reason for leaving the Legion was ultimately due to that inspid 'soul touch'. By the time 25YL rolled on by, she looked like this- And despite her background as a soldier in a technology worshipping terrorist cult, and despite Penders' insistences that she would 'still be badass' and touting the 'unconventional' nature of her union with Knuckles in that time (a common law marriage, not unlike the kind Penders himself has), she was pretty much an utterly cliched example of a domestic homemaker who contributed nothing to the plot. While I am obligated to say there is nothing wrong with being a homemaker, everything about this was out of left field and unnatural feeling, and came despite assurances from Penders otherwise. I suspect that his claim of redesigning her to 'not look like a party girl' and making her a doctor was done in response to the criticism the 25YL arc had over how little Julie did and how little say she had in that story, but Penders being Penders, he hasn't really addressed the core of the issue.
  2. Right here- "Domestic Mate". As opposed to any other kind of mate, of course. Never. She was never a party girl. But evidently Penders thought people felt she looked like one, and so, gave her the horrid redesign and specified that she is a Working Mom and a DOCTOR now. Because you know, she always demonstrated such an aptitude and interest in medicine and the like... To repulse and nauseate people while illustrating his complete and utter lack of skill as a writer. He later tried to claim he 'only' meant the people of Mysterious Cat Country (better known as the Felidae thanks to FLynn), which frankly doesn't change how gross it is or the fact that he chose a 'jungle people' to be the callous cannibals of the world. All kinds of nasty implications to read into there.
  3. Well, funny thing actually- initially, Julie-Su WAS pink, as is the norm... And of course looked like a Sonic character still. Why the color shift, I have no idea- could be copyright, could be a vain attempt to differentiate the LSC incarnations of the characters from their time on Sonic, but point of order is, Penders decided THAT was the look he wanted to go with. His justification for Julie's rather radical shift was that he wanted to depict her as a 'working mom' instead of a 'party girl'. What prompted this and why is anybody's guess.
  4. Irony would imply something unintended. The fact that they still look like SEGA Echidna that have been squeezed into a more human shaped mold is wholly intended, because as you know, Penders knows that the Sonic connection is the only thing he's got going for him. That it infringes upon SEGA's designs is to be overlooked either because he's hoping SEGA won't care enough about his idiotic project to take action (which is likely), or because he has deluded himself into thinking SEGA will still allow him to reprint his old Knuckles work so long as he cuts them in for a share of the profits. Or both, even. So yes, I wouldn't call it 'irony'. What I'd call it? Is pathetic and slimy.
  5. Riiiight here. In which Penders' abysmal coloring and shading makes her look thirty years older.
  6. In general? Penders continues to act like an entitled manbaby. More specifically, he revealed a few things about the Lara-Su Chronicles during Comic-Con. First up, we got the third page of the Prequel comic, sans text. Aaand after that, we have Julie-Su's new... design... She has glasses and is a doctor now, oh, and she's colored orange. Soo yeah, she's not really Julie-Su anymore. He has also revealed his intentions to re-use pages from the M25L comics for his app, despite not legally owning them, save for altering the very last panel in order to transition the story from M25YL to LSC.
  7. To a degree he is correct- doing things EXACTLY like the games, even now, wouldn't make for a fulfilling story, and any storyteller for a Sonic book would need to round out the cast with original characters in order to prevent things from getting repetitive. There's only so many times you can do 'Sonic Beats Eggman Yet Again' before it gets stale, after all, given that books require more than games. BUT! His reasoning is still fallacious and self-serving. There is plenty to work with from the games and to branch out from there. Further, the motive behind is argument has nothing to do with him caring about Sonic fans want, and everything to do with him trying to justify and vindicate the fact that he did everything in his power to ignore the games and pretty much ignore the show the book was originally created to tie into, in particular his obsession with the mythos he created for Knuckles. This is a man who *left* the book once more effort was asked of him when it came to incorporating Game elements. So yeah, the argument itself isn't quite crap, but coming from him it most definitely.
  8. I know. But this thread walks a razor's edge, and we've already been templocked for straying away from the scope of what we're supposed to talk about. And yes, he does, though I doubt it would really work- guy doesn't value any opinion or input other than his own. Kinda hard to get through to someone who absolutely refuses to listen to anybody.
  9. It is at this point that I feel compelled to remind people that unless it pertains to Lara-Su Chronicles in some capacity we really shouldn't be posting about it in the thread, especially when it's a tired, egotistical soundbite that he's used for years now in a pathetic attempt to claim he's doing it for the fans (here's a hint- he isn't). That likewise means there shouldn't be any of posting of his personal opinions about pop culture or anything else. Nor does he deserve compliments for having an opinion comes to most people as a given, especially given that he lifted a Holocaust poem and edited for the sake of his crappy political commentary, refuses to apologize or admit he did wrong there, and more insultingly decided that the Nazi stand-ins of that story (The Dark Legion) magically had sympathetic reasons for what they were doing despite the earlier comparison.
  10. Yeah, he went 'off the grid' (his words) for the last two weeks, hence the rather uncharacteristic silence. It was nice while it lasted, but alas, all good things must come to an end.
  11. Doesn't bother me even remotely. I like the term and find it a distinct and useful shorthand for anthropomorphic animals in Sonic.
  12. Why does Sonic eat chili dogs?

    I myself always thought it was a neat little reference to the 'Sonic's' chain of fast food restaurants, which is famed for its wide variety of chilidogs. Kind of amazed there was never a tie-in promotion back in the day.
  13. I myself could envision Kevin Michael Richardson voicing Mammoth Mogul, given his rich, deep voice is capable of pulling off the pompous refinement I envision as being appropriate for Mogul, though the inside gag potential of Miguel Ferrer voicing him is a tempting prospect- for those of you not in the know, Miguel Ferrer voiced Vandal Savage in Young Justice, and given that Mogul is pretty much a Mobian Vandal Savage... On the 'I Wish He Was Still Alive But Isn't Anymore' front... my mental voice for the guy will always, always be Tony Jay.
  14. I'll bet you any amount of money that his hyper-fixation on IDW and Star Trek, and the fact that all of a sudden he really, really cares about it even though in the past he only scantly mentioned IDW, is due to the fact that they have the Sonic license now and he knows he's not gonna get any money off of Archie reprints because thanks to him, the entire pre-reboot continuity is a legal toxic waste dump and is unlikely to be reprinted under IDW anytime soon. That, and so long as Sonic continues to exist in print, it means there's no way for him to capitalize on the absence of a Sonic book to try and boost his own Lara-Su Chronicles work.
  15. IDW's Sonic the hedgehog(coming 2018)

    Nothing specific in mind, sadly, just sort of a general feeling. See new Zones, new Badniks, new concepts or expanding upon and exploring older concepts in a new way, that sort of thing.