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  1. Given that it's a fan project, I sincerely doubt he'd have anything to say. His main concern is bitching about SEGA/IDW rather than anything fan-made.
  2. I gotta ask- if this guy is from Cat Country, shouldn't he look more animalistic than the other characters we've seen, even accounting for the style change? Also yikes, what is up with his eyes? Like, among all the other things wrong with his face, it looks like Ken just kinda gave up with the eyes there. At least the collar of his outfit no longer looks like a physical part of his neck. That's a plus, I suppose...
  3. Oh-ho, you're gonna 'love' this- that Golden Gamma clone was called "Isaac", and it was created by Dr. Ivan Robotnik, the ancestor of Eggman born June 6, 2006 (06/06/06... yes, really). Ivan Robotnik was the scientist who abducted the Xorda emissary (those one eyed alien squid things), and as such is indirectly responsible for the creation of Mobius given that they gene-bombed the planet in retaliation, which resulted in the creation of Mobians and everything else. He squirreled himself away in a cryo-chamber, and Isaac was deployed to guard and eventually re-awaken him. It's pretty clear that Penders was intending on him becoming a new major villain, given the oh so subtle birth-date of '666', buuut when Flynn came on board, he basically retconned that Ivan had been dead for a while now and that Isaac's robotic mind had rotted to the point where he was basically crazy.
  4. Oof. My sympathies. That period is literally the WORST period in the comic, bar none.
  5. Indeed. To say nothing of the fact that Sonic by that point had been framed at least THREE times in the past, and the FFs were aware that Robotnik could make robot duplicates that look exactly like real people. Or the fact that the arc takes several beats directly from 'The Fugitive'. Or the fact that the outcome of Endgame was more thanks to Snively than Sonic. Like, from an objective standpoint, as far as 'Greatest Storylines' go, this one is pretty shoddily executed and haphazard. A lot of it only works because Penders as the author forces it to, without regard for anything beyond seeing the story get from point A to point B. Likewise, his given logic for what makes it the 'greatest', that it reset the status quo and as such everything that came after is based upon it, rings pretty hollow given the other issues where the status quo was reset, such as Issue 75, Issue 125, Eggman Empire and so forth. He's essentially demanding that he be recognized as having greater importance and influence over subsequent storylines than he has rightfully earned. Duly noted, but I maintain that it's still not a good look to suddenly go on about his own Doctor character while IDW is getting praise for the one that they introduced in the comics, between his history of ragging on the book and cheerfully lifting shit from other franchises.
  6. Nah, it's just some texturing of the fur that looks a bit like it, nothing more. Penders? Tooting his own horn? Shock and horror. This is so very out of character for a man normally defined by his humility and ability to give due credit to his peers on the book. Whatever is the world coming to? In seriousness, don't pay it any mind. If he really thinks his ripoff of The Fugitive is THE best storyline in the history of the comic, then it's just another sign of his inability/refusal to move past the 90s.
  7. Aaand we have a tiny LSC update. Oh, nothing as substantial as a new page, but that "Dr. Zephyr" has been sketched out. Though I wish to God he hadn't been. God, I mistook the collar of his outfit as being his neck folds...! You know, as a side note, but I cannot help but feel that this guy exists purely because Dr. Starline is enjoying a great deal of popularity thanks to IDW.
  8. A lot can happen in one hour, let alone thirty-six. Yeah, it's been... well, nauseating, frankly.
  9. Well, since Penders posted that last nugget about Sonic and relationships, might as well clarify some of the other stuff he said in conjunction to that, and oh boy, is it ever a DOOZY. Valiant effort there, @Adamis, but I don't think he's gonna get the message. That bit about the 'family line' is practically medieval.
  10. Of that, I am aware. The problem I am pointing out, by his own words, is that Penders' particular 'vision' for Sonic doesn't seem to be different at all from his SUPPOSED evil twin- http://mokat01.tripod.com/storeroom/edgy.txt The issue is not that his Evil Twin is 'similar but twisted to evil'. That's pretty standard. No, the problem is that as Penders himself envisions it, Sonic is already so loathsome on his own that there doesn't seem to be any FUNCTIONAL differences between himself and his evil twin. You see how THAT can be a bit of a problem from a characterization standpoint? To say nothing of how badly this mischaracterizes Sonic on virtually every level imaginable? I mean for crying out loud, he's suggesting that even his friendship with TAILS is based more upon the needs of his ego than anything genuine.
  11. Yeah if you ever wondered how Anti-Sonic was able to somehow impersonate Sonic so perfectly that NOBODY figured it out? It's because according to Penders, there doesn't seem to be any substantial difference between Sonic and his 'evil twin'.
  12. Keep in mind that it is unlikely any of this information was ever shared with the US branch of SEGA, and it certainly wasn't enforced when it came to the spinoff material. As such we've had multiple interpretations of Sonic, and in Archie, as in SatAM, he had a love interest. SEGA not bothering to consistently enforce the depiction on their mascot is ultimately their own fault, and ultimately, Sonic having a love interest in of itself is not a bad thing. That being said, there are in fact several things wrongheaded about Penders' statement here- at this stage of things he's been made more than aware of the fact that SEGA is not interested in pursuing this kind of story for their character, and he continuously refuses to really accept that this is in fact the wish of Sonic's owners. Likewise, there's the fact that Penders is one of those writers who thinks that characters 'need' a significant other in order to be interesting. It's ultimately less about what works for Sonic and more about Penders wishing for the character to be altered in order to suit his own tastes better. Finally, Penders has in fact given his own insights into what he interprets for Sonic, and oh boy, is it ever a disaster. http://mokat01.tripod.com/storeroom/edgy.txt Yeah. He can 'accept' Tails because Tails won't steal the spotlight from him, and essentially views Sally as more of a pleasant distraction than a significant other, let alone as a friend. It's easily the most scummy and mischaracterized take on Sonic yet, portraying him in essence as a vainglorious user of others who sees them in terms of how they can stroke his ego rather than anything substantial like companionship. Even the Fleetway take on Sonic isn't THIS odious, as despite his MANY personality flaws he at least genuinely cares about others, even if he's awful at showing it. This is also completely at odds with how Sonic is depicted in SatAM, with which this comic was meant to tie-in to. It is unique in how uniquely awful a take it is, and it is one that is entirely of Penders' own making. So keep this in mind- Penders really does not care about Sonic's characterization on it's own terms. Not as envisioned by Naoto Oshima, nor as envisioned by SatAM. It's all a part and parcel of his perpetual need to force characters into boxes that make them more palatable for him, and in the end, it's still him clinging desperately onto the only franchise that made him noteworthy while trying to twist it into what HE wants to the exclusion of all other things.
  13. His application of the concept see-saws a great deal. When it comes to Knuckles, indeed the entire Echyd'nya species? Yeah, he's making no effort. And then you have things like "The Princess of Acorn" and "Kintobor" mentioned in the backstory materials, along with the 'Blue Spined Erinacinae' and we have another stellar demonstration of his less than zero effort. Yet at the same time he's converted Rotor into a Rhino called 'The Emmissary', and he's mentioned that he is replacing Athair with a new, female character called Auri-On. It shows that he is not incapable of making an effort, just that he's painfully aware of what people ACTUALLY want, and is trying his damndest to do as little as possible when it comes to those specific areas. It's incredibly cynical, to say nothing of hypocritical. I've looked through the chain of replies on this, and no, there is nothing of KEn being homophobic. At most you can question why he would put 'gay' and 'asexual' as being on-par with promiscuity, but only if you squint. There is nothing here except Penders demonstrating his inability to comprehend that maybe, just MAYBE, not every character needs a love interest. I'm not sure where you got the idea of Penders saying something homophobic, but it's not to be found here, nor is it the job of anyone on this board to 'find' things for you. Likewise, and I cannot stress this enough- Do Not Make Stuff Up About Penders. The guy is legitimately guilty of many things, but that is not a good reason to accuse him of something he hasn't actually done.
  14. Eh, so what else is new? Penders routinely misunderstands/misrepresents these things in an effort to look more in the know than is. Doesn't change the fact that at the end of the day, he can't use anything of Sonic without heavily altering it, and more to the point? He STILL doesn't have anything to show for his efforts. Nor is he ever gonna have more than nothing at any point.
  15. Boy. All those times he talks about stuff being 'water under the bridge' and trying to appear like he doesn't resent Flynn, and then something like THIS comes up and that thin, thin veneer of civility is just torn off in an instant. And over something so goddamned minor. Like, seriously, why does he even CARE enough to comment on this?? It's a minor continuity screw-up that FLynn fixed, and yet Penders STILL can't stop himself from acting like a vindictive prick about it. Sheesh.
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