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  1. I don't blame anyone for not liking the fact that we have a relatively small number of tracks and a chunk of them are old courses, but I can let by them personally because I love the ever loving Seaside Hill out of SaSASR. I just hope that there's enough variety in the voice clips, because Mario Kart voice syndrome is a thing.
  2. Been playing this beauty all day since midnight. This game is the game that keeps on giving.
  3. You know what Chen Renders proves? It proves that all it takes is one guy to completely fuck something over. All those years of continuity wasted, simply because one guy who formely worked on the comic threw a hissy fit.
  4. This is the greatest series of Sonic fanfiction ever and I'll fight anyone who says otherwise. http://sonicfan2010.angelfire.com/ This gem is a very close contender: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9890371/1/Jim-Carry-as-the-Grinch-meets-Wrestling-and-Sonic Also, profile link. Although I'm sure you all already know who I am.
  5. Goddamn, Den Blenders is the gift that keeps on giving. It's too bad most of those characters are just Knuckles edited in MSPaint, and that the stories are generally boring.
  6. Every single little thing Nen Flenders does recently is making him more like a real life Wario. Except without going on adventures. Or being anywhere as likeable.
  7. I like the fact that the only difference between Knuckles and Not Knuckles is that barely noticeable yellow goatee. And that those medals at the top suspiciously look like the silver Soleanna symbols.
  8. Trying to think of weird, funny fanfics to make

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