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  1. Its the day of Valentines, so I thought I'd share a lil shot from a scene in the film that felt right for today. ( I cannot wait for y'all to see how this moves. The proudest I've been on a piece of animation BY FAR. )
  2. Hey y'all! Been awhile since I've posted over here! I've got some short lil' previews of the film just to show what's being worked on now! ( A full trailer should come a tad later on! ) First up we got ourselves a familiar scene featuring the Peaceful Water God That Can't Catch A Freakin' Break- Chaos! In early animation tests, I was always having trouble getting Chaos' scaley texture just right. It's a challenge taking that many scales and making 2d animation out of it without it taking FOREVER to draw. I think I've found a good middle ground bwtween detail and visual clarity with this initial eye shot. Next up is a lil' somethin' to fit into the loving month of Febuary! Remember that love for yourself &/or the friends & family around you is just as if not more important than romantic relationships! Now somebody tell Sara that before she loses her mind.
  3. It is funny because this reminds me of how there was alot of wigging out over the Boom designs when they were silhouetted. Everyone memed about it and outraged and bullied eachother off the internet like always, but once things got revealed that slowly died down until Boom Knuckles eventually became a dead meme. Then it started to grow on ppl. It'll happen again here ( to what extent, we'll just have to see. ), and if negative, it wont destroy or ruin the franchise forever. History shows that thats not the case and never will be until SEGA's dying breath. If positive, it'll garner its fans and be another offshoot of the franchise. Simple as that. We've been through this before. On that note though, someone brightened up the poster art and it definitely seems as tho Sonic's face'll be more hedgehog-ish, with two beady lil' eyes with slightly green irises pokin' out and a mouth that opens up at the front. Here's my little take on it! It could be pretty friggin' cute after all!
  4. HAPPY HALLOWEEN, FOLKS!! Next line of news, the official Sonic Villains Youtube Channel is now up n' running, and is being kicked off with a new teaser trailer in the form of a Transmission to the villains from good ol' Dr. E himself ( Voiced by Yours Truly! ). Give it a look n' listen! Now to get into some final October-day spookiness, our final mainline villains can be revealed with a new poster! SONIC.EXE & THE TAILS DOLL Now, I'd planned for a fun little animated short for these guys' reveal, but due to some more business-oriented art gigs taking up my time, the short will now debut sometime this November! In it, you'll find out how Orbot and Rosy the Rascal ( A.K.A. the insane Anti-Amy Rose from the Archie Comics )briefly meet E.X.E. for the first time! Due to this being planned before all the current actors were cast, E.X.E. himself will be voiced by me, but he'll be officially be voiced by the awesome LandyRS in the film itself!
  5. We will absolutely be doing some traveling here, and That's when some of my favorite moments from the script are from. Can't wait to get to animating those bits. It's funny, cuz earlier, I was trying to think of a good tagline for the fanfilm that summed up what the general premise is. Nintendo took the "Everyone/thing is Here." slogan. So considering this being a fan-sequel to Forces, seemed only fitting that the tagline would be that: "NOW, THE FUN IS INFINITE." Manga Sonic will definitely have some prescence here!
  6. Thanks so much Wraith! I've got some colored animation examples too, like this lil' fan animation I made to celebrate the IDW Comics. As well as this scene from the old Kirby anime I redid as part of a fun Kirby Anime Reanimation project going on! And Tekno's actually official! She comes from the Fleetway Sonic The Comic magazine (The same comics that crazy Super Sonic comes from.), which ran for few years back in the 90s. She's a really fun character, and plays a big role in Villains' story! Here's some pics of her from the comics: I'm updating my official website with a Sonic Villains section that'll have more info on her and one other character from the UK Comics that'll be tagging along with her. It should be up and running as we reach the middle of the month. Here's some of the character icons for the site!
  7. Glad you're liking things so far. You guys haven't seen ANYTHING yet. ( well, yknow, especially since the first trailer isn;t out yet, so yeah! lol ) Enerjak would be quite the massive threat to just about EVERYBODY involved, nevermind the fact that in one alternate reality, he 'basically' murders everyone and uses their souls to power chrome machinery! He'll definitely be referenced ( as with Nazo ) but I'd save him for a sequel if I had the chance to plan for one. As for any of the Battle Birds, their'll some semblence of them here in some way. Speakin' of birds, I just got done with a small animation test for Tekno to kind of get a feel for how to animate her beak as she talks, as well as to show you guys how I'm approaching the animation for the film ( at least for non-action sequences. ). Tekno's voiced by the amazing SarahtheCatlove, who'll be playing her in the fanfilm! The animation is done using Toon Boom Harmony, the same program used in Sonic Mania Adventures, both Spongebob movies, Rick and Morty, and other shows and 2d films nowadays.
  8. Thanks a bunch! And yeah, there's still so much about the franchise that goes unnoticed or pretty obscure. Fleetway especially has been around for almost as long as the Archie comics were and it's STILL a mystery to so many ppl despite every issue being available online, fascinatingly. That's definitely something I'm aiming for with Villains too. To bring awareness to all the other cool obscure stuff and even highlight things that are often shunned alot like Underground. They're all imperfect, but, hey, SOMEBODY in this fanbase likes 'em and they should be acknowledged.
  9. I cannot confirm or deny an evil/possesed Chris Thorndyke, regardless of how much y'all would love to see Sonic punch him in the throat, and no matter how hilarious that would be.
  10. Its been a busy couple of days for me IRL, but I’ve managed to squeeze in time to draw up some renders for the bios on the SONIC VILLAINS section of my site! Adding to the roster of heroes for the fan film is TEKNO THE CANARY from the UK Sonic the Comic magazine and @stconline! Adding to the Villains roster for the film is…. SARA THE CATGIRL!? Also, casting for Sonic Villains is now 97% finished!! Thanks to all whove auditioned thus far! Scripts will be sent out to confirmed actors as soon as every voice is found! If you’re into being an actor, DM me and I’ll send the list of characters still needed for the film!
  11. Just got done finishing up some renders/concept art for the actors I've gotten so far! This here's an extra for our section of the film that takes place in the human world. I'll echo the love for those beautiful Pixar-esque human designs we got in Unleashed. I really wanted to channel that for every non animal/anthro character in the SEGA Sonic Universe. I wanted to give as much personality for the extras as everyone else to get the most mileage out of them for however many seconds they'll show up!
  12. Aw, sorry for the lack of feedback on here, man. I wouldn't feel too bad tho. It's a fansite, so nobody's expected to really know how to critique art over here. I've been seeing your characters around for a long time and I love your style for these guys tho, super expressive! Also, I'm a big ol' fan of Gumball so the use of photos for the locales are RIGHT up mah alley, lol! It's great stuff!
  13. THIS HERE'S A CASTING CALL FOR VOICE ACTORS! If you've got any reels of your voice work available or have a link to any projects your voice can be heard, jot 'em down in the comments!! If you'd like a list of the characters up for grabs, I can DM you a list of characters you can audition for!
  14. I wouldnt want to step on Chakra X's shoes with adding Nazo outright, but he will be referenced! As for other obscure/ fanmade villains, you'll have to wait and see!
  15. Boom Shadow is a beast of his own. And regardless of how late he was added into the Boom franchise, the way they chose to write him is fascinating to me. If you listen to how he talks to and about Sonic, it almost sounds like there's a clash of morality goin' on, and a lack of faith in Sonic as a hero because of it. It's something that I definitely want to touch on with his appearance in Villains.
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