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  1. Honestly, it all depends of how you interprets stuff, I'm not sure than a train-portal is the simplest way to solve that, nor the most efficient, even if I don't hate it (I wouldn't be angry at all if it was chosen). IIRC, the Jungle is kinda ambiguous about of what it's part of. You don't have to tweak a lot SA to say it's part of Angel Island (it's not more strange than the question of if Red Mountain and Ice Cap are part of it. It would also be quite compatible with Sand Road/Hill being part of Sandopolis (something you can assume with TSR) and would simplify most of it). Just using this assumption would solve most of this… And would make an interesting parallel between the Echidna Jungle and the first level of S3. And I love the idea of Big being randomly an inhabitant of Angel Island. And as Angel Island is a mystical island, being able to mysteriously teleport between two worlds isn't really hard to imagine. It would leave one thing : Tails Workshop. And honestly I can imagine a nerd like Tails having just built a workshop because and because "yeah there where this one, but it was just only 97% like I wanted it and you know, it's better and if it's done that way" XD. For me, Tails is the kind of character to have several workshop, creating them just "because". But it's a kinda cool sci-fi way to solve it. A universe where traveling between planet/dimensions is as casual as taking a train billet ? That's my kind of stuff. But TBH, whatever the solution of Flynn would be (if he choose to have one), I'm pretty sure that it would be at least be a clever one… I mean, ha managed to place SCD between S2 and S3 without angering the nerd that I am, so I think he could do interesting stuff with that. And my impossible dream if he decide to use the 2-world thing more would be a story set 50 years in the past showing Gerald going in the mobian world. It could be really interesting, especially if he decided to play with stuff like ressemblance between Shadow and "the Echidna Prophecy" or with how the Ark replicate the Angel Island altar. And with how Gerald is kinda old renaissance humanists (in that he basically have knowledge in a lot of field), it could be an interesting story to show him going in a completely "alien" world.
  2. That would be really cool. I kinda think that a good space universe could be done for Sonic, if a bit of works is done in it. And I feel that they could expand it a lot, and create some stuff it, especially if Flynn do some expies of other old fun species of Chronicles or Sonic X. TBH, I would also love if he continued the trend of using Japanese mythology for aliens. I mean, Zetis are based on Oni, and Do donpa is based on tanunkis. They could base all the new aliens species on that, and do some fun things with that. And it would add more personality to the universe.
  3. TBH, it pretty depends of what he is doing, especially as the flaws of the last few games are pretty different, game-design wise. (especially as some of the last games are extreme reactions to the flaws of the preceding game… for instance Lost World felt like a response to the criticism of the Boost gameplay, while Forces is a bad try to go back to boost after Lost World and RoL) It's mostly on story stuff and all that I would like someone else to be in charge, because darn. But either way, I don't really care about him much. The problem with the Sonic Team are more complex than searching a "common denominator". Him "going away" wouldn't magically make the games better, or even solve the problem he "introduced". But I would be interested by a new director, in that I like fresh blood or something… but if the ST continue their way of "overraction to criticism of the last game", it wouldn't help enough. ( and it's not just because I'm salty that Forces removed everything that I wanted the Sonic Team to explore post-Lost World in order to go back to some kind of bad copy of the boost gameplay )
  4. It's not that confusing and it's the same Sonic.
  5. Basically : pretty much what you want, they're just small stories that aren't made to work in the talent. Canon-wise, they're just some small inconsequential adventures (lore-wise) that Sonic got in the "world of existing stories", that are more interesting for how they work on the characters (and play with them) than for some "world-y" stuff. You can place then anywhere between SA2 or Heroes (because Shadow) and Generations (because it's referenced here). IIRC, Secret Ring is referenced in Runners, somewhere too (they seems to really like this one xD). Lore-wise, you can see that like some of "bubble universe" that exist somewhere in Sonic's multiverse and that happens to have alternate versions of other characters in it.
  6. It begin. I really liked this issue.
  7. If Flynn started to add that, it could have a lot of potential… But the main comics is a bit too "small" for the moment for such a world. It could be the focus of a nice sub-series centered on Silver, if we take time/dimensional travels as a base more than "space" travel directly. Some kind of "Guardian of the Universe" like you said, but with Silver as the main character who travel in different world and do a lot of things. It could be some kind of mixt between GotU and the "Zone Cop" of Sonic Archie (that what I hopped for the group Silver-Schlimmer-Gold with the Genesis Portal stuff)... It would be fun to see Silver go in different "world" (and if they had the capacity to make a "SatAM-based" serie, it would be fun to see Silver cross-over in such a universe).
  8. I actually would be 100% for aliens species in Sonic, adding up to the existing intelligent species (Animals, Humans, Zeti), and a more sci-fi world, with space-travel and stuff. It's a bit more messy than different dimensions (as the Sonic series more have the foundations for that with stuff like Blaze's world, Ifrit's Dimension, the storybooks, etc), but it could be way more funny that way. I just would want them to be well-designed enough, though. (Species from Chronicles were nice, IIRC, I would like them to come back. Sadly, it's forever over-limit).
  9. I'm a SEGA/Sonic fan in 2019, it's the definition of being stubborn 😛
  10. If their is a way of traveling, people will travel. Depending of how their setting work, it's more or less simple to go in another world. The people showed to go in other dimension are often special people that are "important" to the story.. And honestly I wouldn't be surprised that if they took their universe seriously, they would talk about that kind of thing. I made an entire novel based on "two world"-type setting and have read a ton of them, and it's an ideal setting in an era where continental travel is pretty easy. It create a new "half-isolated" place, create a disconnect that is harder to get today in the internet era between two location. People from W2 in W1 will be more separated from their original place than with most realistic modern setting. Another example is science fiction : on many (good) science fiction with different planet you have people that live in other planets. There is no such things as worldbuilding too, yet you ask for it 😛 I'd rather have them actually use a part of the universe instead of just putting like them in some kind of "old memory museum". And yeah, removing some kind of interesting adventure with some interesting concept from the game (like GUN, for instance, that can be a source of a lot of thriller/military stories, and give a more "grey" side in a pretty manichean universe)
  11. The seriousness and the absurdity of the "real world" makes more powerfull the "animals location", as it give them some contrast, and give to the character a world where their capacity and power aren't always useful (a bit like in Sonic X, when Eggman just say to policemen to take him to their leader, and is used to a way more "simpler" world in the animal world. That this kind of contrast that is interesting in two level, and what one of the times SX was way ahead of the games. One other moment being showing the soldier that shot Maria). Sonic isn't just a "colored funny world" type franchise. It's a pretty contrasted franchise that can have nearly everything (and that *had* nearly everything). It's part of its history, and part of what made it more successful than most "mascots with an attitude". The problem isn't "the contradictions" in what you are proposing, it's how it throw story potential in the bin. By officially saying "a part of them shouldn't be mentionned again", it's like not mentionning them again. Having some contradiction (an echidna statue most will have forgotten about) is way less harmful for these game than just zapping their universe like that.
  12. Welp, at least that would be coherent with how the game are actually. That's a bit sad to stop mentionning a big part of the 98-2008 games, though, for no actual good reason (except some inconsistencies that only most dedicated people would notice). For me, the comics are supposed to represent everything that Sonic can be, using more the potential of the series. Having only some kind of stories that the story have would be a bit of a waste (like not having the Classic Character or other canon character is a waste). I think that referencing at one moment the "human world" (or "human part" or whatever) is important for what the comics can be. Not now as it's not what they are working on today, but just throwing some story potential is a bit sad for a comic book made by someone who was liked for how he was able to play with different sources.
  13. Well, as he said that it works like two worlds and (even if a bit shyly) mentionned that in the games, that's show more that he don't really care that much about how the world works for IDWComics (and more care about characters). He is kinda right to be that, though, it seems to be more successful that way, as it give him more place for character-building. Or maybe that he (or SEGA) have retconned two-worlds (just after having used as a set-up a story that need the two worlds to work XD Well, maybe he just have retconned GUN out of existence then, it seems logical with how much they seems inexistant in a current arc where they would be usefull) after the last 10-years. Maybe the real answer to two/one world is to just not care. Even if the two continent could be a good solution to satisfy some people (while removing most of the story possibilities by making it more bland).
  14. I like how in this comic the Babylon Rogue take some part of the Hooligan by being kinda "Team Rocket"-like. Wave is so tired with everything, this is beautifull. Maybe that they are a tad too much comedic, but it have potential It's more that he added one inconsistency, as Flynn said that the comic book was like that, and he is the main writer xD Well, as the comic book don't really care about that that's not problematic, but it's fun that we have already two contradictory things saids about this universe xD
  15. On the model, I'm happy that they have dumped the dumb "we have to make it look like reality" a bit, and made some part less muscular, to look a bit more the actual silhouette of Sonic. Same for that they have made the face less "cartoony". It's for now better than anything that I expected. Sonic is strangely cute (and I like how they portray him as some kind of "child"), and I like the idea of making him so smoll. The story seems to be okay, and I think that they can grow on me. I'm a bit optimistic, now. Not to have a "great movie", but a fun Serie-B one.
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