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  1. TBH, what's funny in all this I kinda liked Amy in IDW, because I really felt like it was the "same Amy" from SA and SA2, just a bit older (as she is less "noo the boys are leaving me behind again) and having to deal with more responsabilities. Her pouting to Sonic being annoying in issue 2 was really funny, the funny side of "genki character have to take responsabilities" (like when the chaotix ask her their payment) was funny, and seeing her going through so much was heartbreaking. And I loved that. Seeing her less energetic was what interested me, and I'm happy to see the change because I think that they made what was possible with that. I also loved the preview, because I really felt that burnout that we can get when we are trying something we aren't really The crush being more subtle don't bother me, because that's what I liked with SA2 for instance, where she have only two "Sonic" moment (one with Shadow at the begining, and when she liberate him). Here too, the crush is used more to have funny parts. The crush was always a part of Amy, but it wasn't the most important part of her. Something I like Flynn added to Amy too is the bit cookiness. Not for the "bird of a feather" that it give with Sonic, but more because I really see that as an evolution of her being a bit "bratty" in the Adventure saga. All in one, i'm happy with the change, but because I felt that they really did something interesting with her, by making her dealing with a really new kind of situation. It's an interesting story in Sonic, and I'm really happy that they did it, and I'm kinda curious of what the exact conclusion will really be (and seeing her being with Rouge and Cream in the next arc interest me a lot, especially seeing her interact with Rouge, it's rare). And a thing I loved, is how we got some "Amy" flair in her way of dealing strategy sometime, like the "Tails ! Do something smart" that was just really fun. So it's funny how our perception of something like that can be really different depending of how we see the characters and stuff. (and I don't think that people that like Amy's crush are inherently wrong or anything. That's mostly a difference of vision of the character, imo.)
  2. AFAIR there is a mandate about Sonic and relationship, but it's more something like "Sonic can't be in a stable relationship", or something like that.
  3. Not really, as a bad games is way more akin to what I said (a bad tasting meal) than something dangerous. It's edible, but it's not a good piece of work. Like the game won't do anything dangerous (or even just bad) to you, you will just be unhappy to have played it. A "dangerous" game would be mostly something that can damage the software/hardware you are playing with, or be harmfull psychologically in some way or another. It's not impossible for a game to be harmful, but those aren't, imo. And it's still not abuse, which is the point I'm discussing here. I can understand why people are unhappy of the game, I am too, but I feel that comparing that to abusive relationship is still extremely tone deaf. All in one, these games are still just shitty games and no player where "abused" by that. ( But it's still perfectly okay I suppose to be angry at SEGA for doing bad games and to not improve up when they say they'll do. ) I'm not really discussing the rest of the discussion about "trust" and stuff like that (because the internals are very complex, and I prefer not really deciding if I trust or not something until I've got enough information in how it really works, which might be never), it's mostly this comparison that I found really… strange.
  4. I hope that you won't call your boyfriend (or gf idc) abusive if he make an horrible tasting meal twice lol More seriously, relationship abuse are really more serious than just bad game (SEGA didn't abuse the player by creating a bad game), comparing the two here is kinda tone-deaf to me. I can understand not trusting SEGA with creating a good Sonic game, though, that's just the comparison that irked me a lot.
  5. As far as we know, Forces didn't get 4 years of developpement. Seems that it got 1 dev year (the dev certainly worked on other project before), while 3 years were made to develop the HE2 (which is a cross-game project, as it's supposed to be the main graphic engine for the Sonic Team, and maybe the whole SEGA CS2 Studio, as they used it in Sakura Wars) ? But nope, the "game" Forces isn't the result of 4 years of development. And it seems that even in the small time it got, it got some changes and stuff like that. It's not because a game is released n years after the previous, that it got n years of devs, especially in a big studio like SEGA CS2, they can do some other stuff (reinforcement on other projects, working on future techs, etc).
  6. it's not a really well-written scene, but I don't have a problem with him being afraid at that moment too. Not only it was big scary monsters, as many people pointed out, but he didn't have some proper motivation (as the adrenaline rush in SA2 or vs Eggman in SA1), reassuring presence (when he co-fought Chaos 4 with Sonic and Knuckles) and it was something he didn't knew or understand (he is more a tech kid than a spooky-magicy kid) But as Forces, the scene being better-written would have helped. As I said, I don't have anything against Tails being afraid of stuff. I just want it to be shown with a better writing of emotions, especially in these times where a lot modern cartoon are trying to put some work on that topic (emotions). And that's what IDWSonic give to me.
  7. He is supposed to be a child. I would say that it's even better to show him having child-like emotion, being afraid by stuff that are frightful or crying when he is desperate (it broke me to see him cry, but it was good to see him be that affected for once). That's the difference between IDWSonic's writing and Forces' : here, Tails being afraid or not fighting isn't just treated in a cartoony way, but they show us why he is afraid (and as *real* fright, something that I think is pretty normal for a 8 y.o. even superheroic face to enourmous threat), why he is desperate. That was the problem for me with "Sonic Help Me". Not Tails being afraid. Him being afraid treated as just some kind of cartoony reaction. If the cutscene had made me felt at least a bit the fright of Tails, I would have rolled with it no problem. And that's what is better in this cas in IDW Sonic on that subject, at least for me.
  8. I'm impressed about how much just this tweet show how much about Penders tries to depict an alien culture is just blatantly bad. Well I'm not surprised than someone who litterally didn't seem to see what the problem was in "let's make the native species of not-Australian evil because they are fighting their echidna invaders from FRIGGIN ALBION" thinks that the portrayal of "a different society from the one we currently live in" would be undermined by the character not being "more human", lol. Sure, it's totally not possible to have a completely different society from the one we currently live in with human, it would be known if it existed. What's more funny is that for the moment, I've haven't seen anything that would be really "different" compared to even only occidental culture in the portrayal of his echidna ! The two biggest differences are that they have a non-occidental way of naming female character, and that they are wearing some kind of pagne. But for the most part... No, I don't really remember anything really different. Maybe that's why he is feeling it would undermine his work, because without that, we would have to search actual differences. And the last part is that he says that he felt that making them "more human" would undermine that... But heck, they are really human-likes. They are more human-like than the character they were originally xD Seriously, they are totally humanoïd, there isn't anything really aliens in their design, except the parts that are stolen from the SEGA's echidna design. I'm impressed, in a way.
  9. It's not because it's "made for purpose" and that they "contrast his word with is action" that it make the character less of a jerk. The tropes of "but he only looks like a jerk : even if he insult people after that he do something heroic" is often for me the writing version of "but you know, IRL he is nice", to be a bit caricatural. Words are *actions* there isn't some kind of magical dichotomy between both. If you insult someone and belittle him, it's not because you saved his dog after that than you weren't an asshole when you insulted him. It's not because some people like that kind of character (which isn't wrong in itself, because it can be interesting) that the concern of other about this persona become "stupids" instantly, especially how much Sonic can be *abusive* in his way of talking sometimes. Though I recognize one big thing to Fleetway : at least they often show how bad it is. Even if I can really understand why some people dislike that, it's miles betters for me against how sometimes Sonic was shown as a jerk in Archie without any real callout, especially Penders who looks like he put all the cliché he had about "adolescents".
  10. He was mentioned on Geoffrey Character Sheet as a "blue spinned Erinaceinae". EDIT : I love how all species are mentionned via their scientific name (Ericnaceinae, Meptidae)... but K'nox is an Echidn'ya. Really consistent.
  11. I really liked this new issue. It was mainly a big preparation issue, with a lot of clifhanger, but it was pretty nice, and they managed to make that "many things happens in parallel" works quite nicely. My only gripe is But except that point, it really did its job to hype the rest of the arc. I think that the way this arc is handled might answer to the common problem of Flynn's 4-issues arcs (especially as the fourth issue might be the "finale" of that, and not a 5-page resolution followed by a 15-page epilogue). I also liked
  12. Well, this time it makes sense, it means if there isn't more delay, we will got two comics in March, two in April, two in May, instead of three in March, one in April and two in May
  13. This part is really interesting. I presume that And that Omega+Orbot+Cubot cover is really funny.
  14. The problem isn't a question of leak and stuff, it's - like usual - money. The more you create issues ahead, the more you pay for stuff you can't get money from now. And it means that if SEGA pulled the plug, a problem happenned, anything : it's less money in your account that you might not recover. It's a situation really problematic for most company. Generally, a company doesn't really like waiting too much time before getting back money they put into the production of something (my company have to deal with that, and it's basically several times the size of IDW). The delay already create the problem, but making some issue ahead would simply make it even worse. TBH, if they had a possible clever solution that would stop that, they would do it. I don't think that they like this situation, it mean less money for them, it's annoying for the people that have to announce it...
  15. I'll be honest : I didn't recognize most of the song reference xD (except some Unknown for the ME during the Archie times). I don't know enough the lyrics of Sonic's song to recognize them.
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