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  1. I'm not 100% against the idea of a kid voicing Tails, if he have a better direction than during the Adventure-Heroes era where it was kinda painful by moment (and often pretty off).
  2. I've looked at the original through Google Translation, and the mention of a part 2 is here too (and the presentation of Rouge seems missing ?)
  3. What they should learn from other dev ? Not having that much cook in the kitchen would be a start. The biggest instance of that is the story. Stories written by the Sonic Team itself are often still quite good (all the Sonic Channel story range from "nice/does the job" to "that's good"). Honestly, I think that their localization team should do mostly *localization*, and that the story (and it's tone, way of thinking, etc) should be done by someone inside Sonic Team, in order to avoid big clashes like in Forces where they had to do constent back-and-forth about the story. But honestly, simply replacing Pontaff would be already a good step for that. No even need to replace them by Flynn or Stanley specifically (the current writer of the Sonic Team short do an excellent job on the characters, which is the most important in a Sonic game story, tbf). So that's a point where I'm not that afraid, they have people that can handle this, it's more a question of when they'll feel necessary to do a more streamlined writing process. Gameplay-wise, I feel that they need to modernize their way of thinking their gameplay, and they could learn from Nintendo, that did the same job of modernization with Mario and Zelda. They can't really learn that much from big AAA, except maybe small things or how to do some RPG mechanics if they want some, as their gameplay style and vision are completely different, and not really compatible with Sonic (not that they are bad, they are just not the same things), and that the constraint is quite different. They also could learn from Nintendo in how Nintendo make you learn your gameplay, as Sonic always have been a quite bad teacher. Sonic 2022 could be a improvement on the gameplay front, as they seems to want to do "something new" with Sonic according to the interview, which would be a good time to modernize some aspect of this new gameplay. On the rest, I think that they are quite good. They have sane technological base (please not learn from some other devs to stop making your own tech and only depend of Unreal/Unity) even if I would like them to share it with more of their team, they could scale a bit up their teams but maybe they're already doing it on Sonic 2022 (as the team seems to be bigger, with what Iizuka said about needing to send them hardware). Getting more time from polishing would be great too, but I feel that they know it and it's more a question of if they can. All in one, I would say that they should learn from other dev how to streamline/modernize their process. They have made some advancement (even if we don't like some of the result, they have a better vision of what does the other teams working on Sonic, which was baffling that they didn't have already), especially with the Sonic Studio.
  4. I'm not saying that they are necesserally non-canon, just that assuming that Mania's team are managed to pass the mandate seems to be a bit leaning to the side of wishful thinking IMO, especially as we are biased to like the idea that the small team would manage to pass a mandate from the big corp. It was just a side note about the "ignoring the mandate" though, not something really important xD
  5. It depends of too much things to be really know how far it is, to be frank. Especially as even if they a bit of the game "content" done, often when you create a game, the big part of the work is the polishing, the fine tuning, having your game as good as possible. The game here was also described as really rough, which mean that there are a lot of work to do. BUT that doesn't mean that Sonic Origins is a problem for that game. It's different kind of style, needing different kind of skills. Sonic Studio seems to be more the "overseeing" part of the people that work on Sonic, so I'm still not convinced that the actual people that are developing that stuff are people that would have developed Sonic Rangers. It could either be done like Sonic Colors Ultimate, with a team of people that do that kind of job, or with simply other people that work at SEGA (or even SEGA CS2 I mean, I don't think that 100% of CS2 is on Rangers).
  6. I kinda agree with that there is a problem with the representation of female character (not necesseraly than the "sonic serie is sexist" which seems a bit more clickbaity), and that stuff are better with the comics. Having the kind of handling of character that the comic have transferred to the game would be really great for that part, especially for Rouge. I think that the "Team Dark" concept amplified a lot the problems around the handling of Rouge (a problem that was also present in ArchieSonic), and having her not following everywhere Shadow in IDW really helped the character to have moments for her to shine. About the comic, I would say that they *got* better, as the Archie Era was kinda hit and miss, and even during the beginning of Ian's writing. At least he got better with time, and the second continuity was already way better. About this one, I'm not sure that they have really "ignored the mandate", as most of the non-Sonic super form seems to be more "gameplay"-based than story based, as they don't have really an "own" design (while all the "Hedgehog Super Form" in modern Sonic are golden, for instance). So I feel that the mandate isn't really against having the Super Form in gameplay, but about them "really existing in the diegesis of the story". But still, adding a Super-Form-powered female character (Blaze is cool and should appear more, but she has her own kind of super form, and is from another dimension which makes usage a bit more difficult). Be it by adding one to Amy or adding a new female character in the same "league" of Sonic/Shadow/Silver (she could be an Hedghog or not).
  7. Maybe that the phrasing isn't 100% good and 50 isn't the "end" of the 10-issue storyline, but a climax or a "turning point", or the beggining of the final arc. But yeah, there is something wrong somewhere, as technically if the issue 50 is the end, the arc should have started issue 40 xD
  8. To be fair, I don't think that Sonic Origins is done by people that would work on Sonic Rangers. Both games are really different and use the kind of skills that don't 100% overlap (for dev AND for artists). For instance, I don't think that there is any HE specialist on Sonic Origins. It's certainly even be made by a different team (from SEGA or outside SEGA), under supervision from the Sonic Team or Sonic Studio/Pillar, and not by SEGA CS2 as Rangers. TBH, there is nearly no chance that they have "divided" the people working on Rangers to make Origins. That would be quite awesome (even if for some games I wonder if it would really be a reward xD).
  9. The interview is pretty interesting. In the port part, I still think that it have high chances to use Taxman/Stealth versions as a base, as porting ASM code to modern plateform is basically remaking the whole game as you can't make something as low-level for multiplateform. We think about new players when we say "making the game more accessible", but to be fair, I've seen several people that are fan of Sonic since >10Y (but that simply didn't grow up with these game) thinking these game are too hard, especially Sonic 2. So I think that some accessibility options would be quite good, especially if it's just some tweaks à la Colors Ultimate, and not removing half the game like with some game in Sonic Jam. About the actual change that could be done, removing lives and saving the game each act could be simple and effective (especially as it doesn't really change the difficulty of the game, as lives are mostly "fake difficulty" as they don't make the actual challenge higher). I suppose that they'll do some changes for the level design, but I suppose mostly for the "big issues" (making more obvious what you have to do for the barrel, or removing the death pit of Mystic Cave Zone - which is already done if it's Taxman/Stealth version). Maybe removing the time limit too (or making it optional). If they remove lives not just as an option, they'll have to find something to reward ring collecting and/or exploration, and to replace the 1-up.
  10. In a way, that's make Starline excitation about Belle an excellent representation of technological advance. It's most of the time something that can looks boring from the outside while scientifics/people from the field are really excited about it :'D More seriously, I'm pretty interested about what interest Starline the most about her, about every possibilities, because it could be a great indice about what he want to do. I think that's the "lifelike" personality, but I'm not sure. I also hope we will get a Belle vs D6 moment, because I'm really interested about if Belle is affected or not by their power. I mean even if she mostly is affected, they could pull a bullshit explanation that Tinker somehow managed to create a bot that only works with wood, that the kind of magnificent bs that the Sonic IP can pull of xD
  11. TBH, there are a lot of chance that it's actually the version that they use, as they have the source code, and that they said that it's not emulated (SEGA Ages version used emulation + some tweaks AFAIR). So for the moment, as they have S1/S2/SCD/S3&K in the compilation, the bet are better placed in that it use these versions as a base, especially as the work on S3&K wasn't enough started when the compilation was announced to show image of it. The fact that Sonic CD is here pretty much make sure to me that it'll be based on the Retro Engine, as I think that this game wouldn't have been chosen if they don't have a fast path to port it. And as porting from the original source code for modern plateformes is out of option (because the original game was in ASM made for the Genesis plateform, which mean that you can't really port that to our modern, abstracted plateform), I think that there are a lot of chance that they'll use the taxman/whitehead version, and maybe add a few features. The biggest question is for S3&K, who will do the work to remake it if they don't emulate… And I don't think that they have the source code of S3&K collection, even if that would be hilarious (but completely impractical with how much again it's a completely different plateform, it would be simpler to start from scratch that to port that) XD.
  12. Rush have GUN, but TBH it's up to them to decide if it's human or animal world. I kinda prefer having it animal world and saying that the warship was here because reason, as it works better with the "feeling"/"the big picture" of the game. I don't think that saying that the world is peacefull doesn't mean that they can be new big threat. Even if the world is largely peaceful and the people gentle, it doesn't mean that a third big threat to this world is impossible (Starline could even become that with time, if he manage to do his project). Or they could awaken one day an ancient "magic" evil or something like that. I mean, it could also even be that some people are tired of these new threat trying to destroy everything and would decide to create something "stronger" that the restoration/resistance and create some kind of fascist militia trying to take over the world to save them. I don't think that this lore element will really forbid getting a new threat : it'll all depend of if or when they find that they need one for their stories. For the moment, they have the Belle story (i'm pretty sure that the 50 arc will be related to Belle) and some plots to tie, but maybe later they'll decide to get a new big threat.
  13. it's mostly because there are other threat, but that Eggman (and the D6) are a way other level that destroy entire town, kill hundred of people. But, I think it kinda fits the thematics of Sonic : we are seeing a kinda pristine "natural" world (which doesn't mean that there is no problem in it, there are thief, bandit, etc… just not that kind of threat) attacked by the industrial tyran Eggman. It also explain quite well why inhabitant have so much trouble and need heroes, and why they don't have big political structure like the Human World. In a way, they're kinda like the state of nature of Rousseau (just kinda, because their society is more structured than the state of nature). But that's also why I hope we'll get the human world soon : it'll make the contrast really cool, and can be a good source of conflict between our character (that are kinda utopic) and a more "stern" human world. I still want for instance my angry Sonic against a GUN officier explaining that they didn't helped them agaisnt Eggman because they prefered to protect their own world from a possible invasion now that Eggman had a territory :'D In a way, It remind me a bit of the few first Sonic X episode, where Eggman had trouble with how structured and complex the human world was, for instance where he said stuff like "TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER" and was annoyed because there is always one more leader XD So I think it's cool, but to be really well used, it needs the human world to have the kind of contrast that such a world need. But I think that it's the kind of things that show that they want to keep the human world. I mean, I think that if they didn't want to keep it "somewhere", they would just make the Sonic World a "complete" world and wouldn't characterize it so much as different from our world. About the rest of the issues :
  14. What makes emulator more demanding is that there is always an overhead when you try creating the behavior of a machine on another machines. It'll never be 1:1 as fast as simply running code on the base machine. Most often, what is demanding is the conversion between binary code. Sometimes, improving the emulation will even make the emulator more demanding, because it'll use less shortcuts. IIRC, Mario Galaxy is not 100% normal emulation, I think I've read that most of the code have been recompiled for ARM, and it's some parts that are emulated. It's some sort of in-between (which is an interesting way to do it, to be frank). So if that's right, they have removed one of the possible overhead, and a strong one (because Wii use a PowerPC processor, while the Switch use an ARM processor) If they use the same technic for Zelda Skyward Sword, I'm not that surprised about the 60 FPS. And if they don't use it, I'm even less surprised by 60 FPS : the game have been made with Switch hardware in mind, and usually Nintendo know well their hardware. So I'm not surprised that Blind Squirrel Games, that seems to have made most often done HD Console/PC ports do something that's less optimized for Nintendo hardware than Nintendo XD
  15. For me it's complicated mostly because they are in some sort of "inbetweening" where it's there and not there at the same time. If they simply choose one concept and added the stuff to go from one world to another, it wouldn't make a universe really complicated or convoluted (I mean "places are divided into two main big places and characters have a mean to go from one to another" isn't exactly quantum physics). For the moment it's even a non-subject as they don't seems to want to aknowledge anything for their world, so it's mostly zero-world. And that's why I hope for the human world to appear in IDW. First to get humans/GUN/etc, and then for something to at least be akwnoledged in an actual narrative media. (And I still hope for a salty Sonic asking why they didn't help with Eggman invasion and a GUN official saying that they were protecting their own world, because I kinda miss a bit the "amoral" side of GUN, they felt a bit too much "good two shoes" in ArchieSonic Post-SGW). But if they decide to use one-world, I wouldn't care that much either. In both case they'll be slight retcon and explainaiton to do so eh, it's the same either way.
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