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  1. I havent picked up Dash in over 5 months... idk nothings really compelling me to go back to it... unless ive missed a seriously huge update.. i dont know i think ive just grown tired of the endless running genre in general.
  2. Miss the Misery - Foo Fighters - Wasting Light
  3. Sonic X (coupled with Sonic 3D Flickies Island and Sonic R) is the reason I got interested in Sonic in the first place - i remember getting home at 3pm, and then sitting around for hours eagerly anticipating the next episode of Sonic X to start at 5pm. I loved it and still do however i can acknowledge it's flaws xD
  4. Well both versions of the game have their problems, however i've only played the 3DS version (which is considered the worse of the two) and.... eh the first few zones are quite fun, but then you hit Tropical Coast and by god does the game get frustrating - levels get really long and the level design becomes exceedingly frustrating... and the special stages.... me god the special stages are bloody awful due to them relying entirely on the 3DS Gyroscope... >.< having not played the WiiU version i cant tell you what i think of that but yeah... its fun at first then gets annoying...
  5. Am i the only person who thinks this was a rejected 3rd game in the Pokemon Gen 2 remakes? Heart Gold Soul Silver Shattered Crystal? anyone....? no...? okay *retreats back into hole*
  6. I seriously need to work on my audio mixing >.

  7. If you ask me its a little too early to speculate on it considering all we have are some registered domains - I just hope it turns out better than the Fan Movie (which from an aesthetics standpoint should be no problem considering it will most likely have a larger budget...)
  8. Soon as i work up more posts i definitely wanna try be a part of this I already have a track in the works for it provided i have enough posts xD
  9. Actually cannot wait for the TV Series... Still unsure how i feel about the games, but since we haven't had a TV series since Sonic X (which i genuinely liked) I'm pumped for Boom :3
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