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  1. Woah, guess I'm in the minority on the whole backstory thing. Ha, that's fine. I suppose it makes sense that after not giving Sonic a backstory for a good couple decades it would seem kind of silly to just suddenly give him one. Ah well, I figured since it was an AU we might get to see a bit of one, but if we don't I'm cool with that too, as long as the story itself is good. Thank you Nepenthe for pretty much summing up my thoughts on the reaction to the game. I see it being "mediocre" at the worst and yet I've seen people spouting nonsense like "Sonic '06 2.0," which just seems silly to me. '06 was a buggy, nearly unplayable mess in its final release, while Boom seems to play just fine so far, though I can't fully vouch for that because I am yet to play it myself. At worst, Boom looks "generic," as I've seen a few people point out, but not anywhere near as bad as what a lot of people have said. However, there's no denying the fact that the inital reaction from most of the previews has been overwhelmingly negative, which is obviously concerning for a lot of fans.
  2. I'm hoping it's something along these lines. I'd rather it be Sonic's ancestors or something rather than just Sonic, especially considering they alread did almost exactly that plot in '06 with Shadow and Mephiles. However, there are some original Naughty Dog members on this team, so no doubt there will be plot twists of some kind. I'd just like to see a game incarnation of Sonic where we actually get some backstory on him. For a series where the early 3D games (Adventure 1/2) originally had a relatively large focus on plot, it always seemed odd that none of the characters, with the exception of Shadow, had an established backstory. There were hints here and there: Tails being bullied in the past for having two tails, Knuckles being the chosen guardian for the Master Emerald, etc. Other than that, we haven't gotten much in the way of backstory for any character that isn't Shadow.
  3. Ah, that makes sense. Kind of cool how we get to see how the technology in this universe works. It's a lot more "primitive" looking and fits in with the more natural look of the world, like the hoverboard we saw Tails on in the E3 TV show trailer. Looked like it was made of wood and just had a propulsion system sort of glued to it. I like it. Also, I'm glad to see us talking about some of the positives, despite how understandably difficult it might be for some people. I really like the voice work and characterization going on in this universe. Travis Willingham's performance for Knuckles, especially in the TV series, sounds absolutely spot-on. Mike Pollock is, of course, continuing to be the quintessential Eggman voice and Roger is also doing a great job. I'm really liking how his voice for Sonic sounds a bit more smooth or calm this time around. And Amy no longer sounds like Minnie Mouse! Great job voice directors!
  4. I'm actually more interested in how the hell the Miles Electric even works in this universe. Is it me or does it look like it's made of stone or something here? Could be the lighting but that's what it looks like to me.
  5. Oh wow, I love that bit where he impersonates the infamous Alton Towers sound clips! Man, I remember when those first got out on the internet and everybody went absolutely nuts. Ah, good times. *War flashbacks*
  6. The idea that the levels we've seen are very early levels seems like it would be pretty obvious, but the problem is that I think BRB just did a really bad job of showcasing the game. Could it be because the game may actually turn out to be bad and therefore wouldn't look that great no matter what they showed off? Sure it could. But I remember Frost saying that they were purposefully showing off the more polarizing parts of the game. I get where he was coming from on this, but when the purpose of E3 is to get people hyped for the game, I'd say they did a pretty terrible job. People are going to go in expecting certain aspects from the Sonic series, despite being a spin-off, and we really haven't seen that many :/ I would think Frost would be doing some damage control and maybe have the company show off some of these more promising parts he'd hinted at before E3. The company also obviously threw in the speed section for some familiarity but of course it's a very basic one from very early in the game with almost no challange to it. So, now people think that all of them will be like that, which is unlikely because I believe Frost has stated numerous times that they would become far more challening in the future. Will they be fun? Well we don't know, but they will have more substance to them. As for the combat, I'll be honest and say I'm not really sure how to comment on it. I don't think it looks like it would play badly but it doesn't look all that interesting to me. Not terrible, just kind of meh.
  7. I hear you there T-Min. The story and characterization, from what little we've seen, look pretty solid but that seems to be about it for a lot of people. And even then, there are still quite a few fans that aren't liking how the characters, especially Knuckles, are being portrayed in this universe, which is understandable even if I'm not one of those fans. I'd honestly follow Nepenthe's suggestion and just wait it out for a couple more months. It's what I plan on doing while impatiently waiting for the TV series to start airing on Cartoon Network.
  8. Woah, that very bottom left picture... It's so unsettling seeing Sonic with two seperate eyes. I know it's because it's a storyboard and obviously unfinished but that just looks so odd to me. Perfection.
  9. Wow, if there were only a couple of negative impressions I wouldn't be too worried, but this game's demo is really getting panned by pretty much anyone who plays it. That has me worried a bit... It'd actually be kind of odd if this ended up being a complete opposite of Lost World. The previews for that were almost entirely positive, then the game was released and and got incredibly mixed reviews. It'd be weird if when the full game released, it ended up with decent reviews despite the overwhelmingly negative reception the incomplete demo is currently getting. Highly unlikely to happen, but it would be kind of ironic. I really hope BRB is just holding out on us and hasn't shown us the best bits yet... If they have, well there's always Shattered Crystal and the TV series to look forward to I suppose.
  10. Oh yeah, I'd be cool with a seperate battle theme for sure. I just hope that they mix it up a bit by using different instrumentals or something. I got so tired of the one in Unleashed because it was the exact same theme with no variation from level to level. In fact, Lost World actualy did something similar with the Deadly Six theme. Depending on which member you were fighting, the basic theme was there but they just changed up the instruments that were used, which I though was pretty cool. It'd be neat if they did something like that here, or just had a completely different theme for both exploration and battle depending on the level you're in, as you suggested.
  11. Actually, regarding the music, has anyone noticed that there doesn't seem to be a "battle theme" for when you encounter enemies? It just plays the regular background music. I guess they learned from Unleashed. It was always so frusturating to be listening to the lovely night music in Holoska or Adabat and then suddenly run into a group of enemies every couple minutes with that damn jazz theme that we'd heard for the last six levels or so... Still, I think it'd be cool if the music sped up its pace or something, sort of like how in Generations a faster version of the level music would play when you boosted. Then again, the game's not complete yet, so they may do something like that.
  12. Whose Line is such a wonderful thing.

    1. Radiant Hero Ike
    2. Citizen Sweeps

      Citizen Sweeps

      It's like that one show I always find myself watching on YouTube when I'm bored lol

  13. New user popping in to say hello. I've been lurking on the forums for a while and decided to drop in for a while. I have to say I think I'm just going to wait and see what happens with this game. I'm sure I'll like it, considering I absolutely adore the original Jak and Daxter triology, which is what this game is reminding me of. It also seems like it would make a fun multiplayer experience, so I'm looking forward to that aspect of it as well. The story and characterization are, oddly enough, looking to be two of the stronger points of this game, at least in my eyes. I like the idea of Sonic being this sort of loner character that warms up to his team and learns how to work with them better. Nice opportunities for some character development there. However, I can definitely see where a lot of people are coming from with the concern about the emphasis on combat and such. Not exactly what I think of when I hear about the Sonic franchise, but I'll be happy to give it another shot, even after Unleashed. I do feel like Frost and his team dropped the ball a bit on the E3 showing though... I mean, I get wanting to demonstrate that it's not a typical Sonic style game, but I really feel like they should have put in some of the stronger parts of the game that Frost has been talking about on this forum in the past: some of the more "Sonicky" elements, if you will. Again, I'm just going to wait and see what happens. Hopefully the game succeeds, like we all want it to, but at this point we just aren't really sure :/ Also this! I would love an artbook for this game. Even if the games suck terribly, I always love the concept art <3 Quoted the wrong post, oops.
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