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  1. As long as the Internet is around, no fictional character will ever be completly forgotten. Also, there's still a chance Archie will eventually feel secure enough to let ian use at least a coupe of the non-Penders pre-reboot characters again, just gotta stay positive! As for that pesky mortality thing.... I have you considered putting your brain inside of a robot body?
  2. At this point all we can do is watch these events play out, and maybe once Ken's project has crashed and burned at his feet, even his friends & family have had enough, and he ends up in an asylum/poor house, then Archie & SEGA can slowly start healing the wound he's left. But at this point I'm not sure that'll ever happen. *le sigh*
  3. @coolest: You could tell him of fans positive reactions to new characters like Relic & Fix-it, or Coral, Pearly & Razor. Or how fans feel the new cannon is more streamlined and suffers from less clutter/baggage then the old one, or how it's genuinely fun to read. Or that people miss Bollers characters more then Penders characters, XD. *I still hope they bring back Hope eventually* But he probably wouldn't listen anyway.
  4. Considering Knuckles is a main character in the upcoming Boom cartoon along with Sonic, Tails & Amy. And how popular he still is, ima have to put that in the hell to the no category. If SEGA does anything it'll probably tell Ken to change the design of his characters or face legal action.
  5. It's just keeps greeting better *and by better I mean worse and even more delusional* Yeah Ken..... Pretty sure IF this thing ever comes out, it'll crash & burn. Not to mention most of the few people who do buy it will probsy do so just to bash it. ....the density of this mans ego... How has he not imploded in on himself by now!? And yea, I think people should contact SEGA of America about What-The-F* ckles for sure!
  6. I imagine Live Action/Animation hybrid would be like what we've seen in Chipmunks, Transformers, the upcoming TMNT movie, etc.
  7. Yeah it really comes down to how competent/skilled the people working on the project are.
  8. So was lurking Ken's forums and found this little gem http://www.kenpenders.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=2549&start=50 Good lord.... *insert picture of Knuckles face palming here*
  9. Well getting into sonic because of non-gaming media is true enough, I'll give him that, I got into Sonic as a kid because of AOSTH. But that stuff about Rotor is BS.
  10. Kens "my mamma says it's good" style replies are just sad. He's trying to make a product to put out on the market, he should be open to critique, of course your friends & family will be nice and say it's good, they're your friends & family! Good lord, this man makes Goofy look like a genius in comparison!
  11. I think Archives will probably end at 159/160 as Ian's run is being collected in the Sonic Saga Series.
  12. I predict many adults & young children alike will be seen running away screaming as soon as they see the cover of LSC. They'll go to the booth to get sonic comics, but then they'll see....that, and they'll have to run back to their hotel room & scrub their eyes out!,
  13. I both look forward to & fear finally seeing the cover of this train-wreck. XD
  14. Can...can I use this as my signature!? Because it is just perfection! XD
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