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  1. At this point all we can do is watch these events play out, and maybe once Ken's project has crashed and burned at his feet, even his friends & family have had enough, and he ends up in an asylum/poor house, then Archie & SEGA can slowly start healing the wound he's left. But at this point I'm not sure that'll ever happen. *le sigh*
  2. @coolest: You could tell him of fans positive reactions to new characters like Relic & Fix-it, or Coral, Pearly & Razor. Or how fans feel the new cannon is more streamlined and suffers from less clutter/baggage then the old one, or how it's genuinely fun to read. Or that people miss Bollers characters more then Penders characters, XD. *I still hope they bring back Hope eventually* But he probably wouldn't listen anyway.
  3. It's just keeps greeting better *and by better I mean worse and even more delusional* Yeah Ken..... Pretty sure IF this thing ever comes out, it'll crash & burn. Not to mention most of the few people who do buy it will probsy do so just to bash it. ....the density of this mans ego... How has he not imploded in on himself by now!? And yea, I think people should contact SEGA of America about What-The-F* ckles for sure!
  4. Well getting into sonic because of non-gaming media is true enough, I'll give him that, I got into Sonic as a kid because of AOSTH. But that stuff about Rotor is BS.
  5. Kens "my mamma says it's good" style replies are just sad. He's trying to make a product to put out on the market, he should be open to critique, of course your friends & family will be nice and say it's good, they're your friends & family! Good lord, this man makes Goofy look like a genius in comparison!
  6. I predict many adults & young children alike will be seen running away screaming as soon as they see the cover of LSC. They'll go to the booth to get sonic comics, but then they'll see....that, and they'll have to run back to their hotel room & scrub their eyes out!,
  7. Can...can I use this as my signature!? Because it is just perfection! XD
  8. In a way it's kind of sad to watch an individual spiral further down into their own madness & delusions... But at the same time, can't really feel sorry for Ken as he is constantly digging his own grave deeper & deeper.... The sad thing is, as delusional and stubborn as he is, even when this thing crashes & burns, I doubt he'll admit to his failure. :/
  9. Kens Logic is Flawless! XD Seriously though.....I'm not sure if he even believes what he says anymore or if he just gets kicks trolling Archie Sonic fans on Twitter. I mean no ones that delusional...right? ..... Aww, who am I kidding Tenders is totally that delusional. *sigh*
  10. I keep mine in bag n board in long boxes just like my other comics.
  11. I'm still looking forward to boom despite the negative reviews, but I'm not really much of a gamer, nor one who cares what critics say about things, so I'm just looking at this through the lens of a casual game player. I will say, despite any reviews positive or negative, I think the games, like the toon will do well with the kids the new spin-off is trying to get interested in Sonic. Even if older/more hardcore gamers/fans end up disliking it.
  12. You know I wonder how long before Ken reveals the official cover for the first book/issue? And how much longer after that he admits it's probably never actually gonna come out!? XD That said, I do agree it's sad how he exaggerates things so much. You know if Ken would just deflate his own ego and actually listen to people's input/critiques he probably could have made something half-way decent out of this whole mess. But instead he acts like a stubborn 16 year old, telling everyone they are wrong, coming up with flimsy excuses/justifications and over exaggerating "fan" interest in the project. For all the legal help Penders supposedly has, sad he couldn't hire a PR guy to tell him how properly act/promote his product.
  13. I wonder if this kid who Ken said he signed his program book for even knew who he was or was just going around the con getting as many people to sign the thing as he could? XD
  14. 2 years away? That's a long wait! Oh well, here's hoping it'll be worth it! *knock on wood*
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