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  1. Hey guys. I've been gone for a long time, haven't I? Have I missed anything interesting? Because I'm just going to take a wild guess in the dark that nothing new in regard to LS-C has actually been published and that 3/3 phone cases remain unsold. I caught up on the thing about him being at Revolution, missed seeing the discussion itself. Sounds like same old same old. Anyone see the app?
  2. I posted what I did because it was in response to someone talking about LHT. It could be that he was talking about the Impact thing and responded to the wrong thread, but it's hard to say with him. He misses the mark so often it's hard to tell if he does or doesn't intend something.
  3. "Keeping secrets from their kids because they are well meaning about it" is the only way Pen knows how to write parents. It doesn't matter if the parental figure's backgrounds would build towards them not being the sort of people to do that kind of shit. It's all he can write. Also: Apparently he is super fucking cross and going to pursue legal in regard to Lost Hedgehog Tales now? For Christ's sake. He has his playground to use his characters in a money making capacity without Archie doing anything about it, but he's getting bent over someone referring to what they may of done (for free) with his characters.
  4. Considering that he refers to this friend as a 'she', it's probably Dawn Best. I don't really see him having a vast stable of female friends with webcomics, let alone people he'd consider himself in a mentoring position to. Also the CWC comparisons should probably stop because I can easily see this thread reported for it, and I don't want to lose this thread.
  5. For some reason that offends me more than anything. Slamming people who do web-comics as it's too 'easy'. From a man who's taken years to produce two pages (and one unseen, translated page) and a handful of promo images.
  6. There should be plenty left. I'm still pretty amused at the price he's asking for them. I mean I guess it's technically a standard price, but nicer cases are available for five dollars. It's just that even if I like something and want to support it, I wouldn't buy something I can see the printing grain on.
  7. While I don't intend to question management and understand that is an important job towards keeping a message-board healthy and active, I am feeling a bit frustrated. I believe for the most part we have been trying very hard to hold ourselves to a better standard as asked by the management previously, but due to the actions of a single post that has virtually no support we are receiving another warning for the topic to be locked. Please notice that the post by Horridus saying that bothering the actor is a bad idea is directly after that and there are no further things agreeing with the idea, and that Horridus's post has many likes from many of the regulars who post here (though I do see you acknowledging it). I suppose what I am saying is that scolding us all for the post of a single person, who is not agreed with by others, does not seem wise. It can very easily lead to a situation where a single person may come to this thread, post something against this thread's rules, and get the whole thread locked because it already has strikes against it. I guess I'm also just frustrated because I myself was going to say something against that person's post but decided not to when I saw Horridus had done so already, because I neither wished to dogpile or be backseat moderator about it. So seeing a reprimand being issued over it frustrates me, because I almost had said something about it. So I may be on edge for that reason alone. I don't intend to come off as confrontational, and apologize in advance if I come off as so as it likely is just coming from frustration, I just don't want to see the whole punished because of the actions of a single person.
  8. It's funny that he's boasting about how great his likenesses are. Even though it's obvious he copied the face, his likenesses is still off. The mouth is small and the eyes are wrong.
  9. Tracing is a learning tool for young artists and is defensible on that grounds as it allows them to become familiar with forms. This is a grown man who considers himself an industry professional but uses it as a crutch. That's not really acceptable. Especially not for work that's going to be sold. Looking away from the face, the hands look like mittens. This is extremely poor quality and this has basically destroyed any hope for there being any redeeming features to the art. By using 3D models I thought I could at least depend on there being consistency in shading and forms, but we don't even have that. The only thing left with the possibility of holding my attention is story but... well.
  10. I'd like to see him actually draw his own comics without using stock items and traces. I guess this proves my theory of him using 3D models for his pages wrong then. Unless he somehow melds them together and then claims it's 'seamless'. That said that wouldn't make sense. He has a model of this guy and chose not to use it. Oh well. I was wrong. Quick edit- I've realized something right now. All those times he drew decent faces in the Star Trek comics it was because he was likely second-hand copying faces just like he did here. I had been confused at why his Lost Ones faces tended to be all over the place. It was because he had no reference photographs to work off of. He can only draw a decent face if he has a reference in front of him. Otherwise their facial features wander all over, like nostrils moving to the center of the face. He's a worse artist than I had given him credit for and somehow that makes me sad. How much farther can one man disappoint me?
  11. I suspect it's at least a good way to prevent the script from being leaked.
  12. It's funny because he actually did go and have the Lien-Da model changed later. So apparently something of the criticism actually got through with him and he changed it without a single word. It's probably because Dawn Best told him it wasn't good.
  13. I'm going to guess Queen Alicia and Elias. Let's start up the betting pool.
  14. I'm not sure if that's something we should discuss as it has nothing to do with Pen. Just report him and move on, he's not worth discussion anyway because he's just cringe worthy and desperate.
  15. I thought I remembered him saying he was taking classes for app development.
  16. Glad to hear you were paid, Adamis. That's a positive thing in Pen's favor. I hope Springy is getting compensation as well. Glad to see him responding to critique appropriately as well, that's something we can use more of.
  17. What is he -trying- to do, necessarily? I mean by producing what seems to be a bunch of 'side' items while the book itself remains neglected? My first thought is it's for promotional use, but in that case there's usually more to back up the product then a single page that's been translated twice.
  18. I'm wishing he'd post more pages rather than the same one translated over and over, particularly after he promised that the next page of 'The Storm' would be out in a week. That was months ago.
  19. The more like a movie and the less like a comic it is, the better, I suppose.
  20. The folks I've heard this from (which is two so it's not exactly the biggest focus group) weren't calling him names or being especially antagonistic either, though. So, I don't know.
  21. I've heard from a few people that Pen has quite the trigger finger when it comes to the ban button on Twitter, and that it's extremely easy to get banned by saying anything contradictory or that he doesn't like. For example, someone told me (who wants to remain anon, I'm sorry) that this is the only thing they said to Pen and got banned for it- I guess it's to make up for his forums. He never really banned anyone there unless they specifically broke a few rules, and he ended up being ran out of there to the safety of Twitter. On Twitter he can block anyone without it being known or public what exactly happened. I mean I'm sure there's people who are/were legitimately harassing him and sending him nasty-grams that deserve to be banned, but... from what I heard, it doesn't take a lot to get banned. That said, not everyone gets banned. Adamis and Jason haven't, for instance, but Jason is also staff here and has interviewed him in the past, and Adamis is a well known fan? But other people who have said comparable things are out, it seems.
  22. Thanks for letting us know, Jason. I wish I had been at the con so I could have seen the app. I'm very interested in it since apparently he's learned coding to make it himself? If I'm remembering correctly, that is.
  23. I was talking about the tablecloth. That image doesn't have the Su-kini.
  24. Nah, not that one. I think he (sort of) learned from the backlash from that.
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