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  1. Dang, that's more than I could ever afford or even dream of having. Hats off to you and your wonderful collection! Those Sonic figurines are win, so is your DVD shelf.......and that Ponyo Poster! Do want. EDIT:Is your bookshelf that epic as well Eggman? PS:I will be posting pics of my re-organized bookshelf in the afternoon.
  2. I love it too dude! It is one of my favorite anime.

  3. I just got the game, my Gamer tag is:Xtreme Nights . You can also reference to my sig XD. I am loving every bit of this game and would love to race with some of you. It would be really fun.
  4. It's not all that bad of a picture actually. I always like a good Shadow picture. He looks like he is trying to run or jump at something.
  5. My oh my, how this status update area can be so random! XD

  6. I have to say, I am interested in seeing if this will be successful and if it works well. I have a feeling it's not going to make it big though. Personally, I think it looks almost like a complete copy of the Wiimote and Nunchuck, but in Sony style.
  7. Whoops, I normally call white and tan the same normally. Ok, so he is tan, I got it wrong, sorry about that. I thought tan and white were normally the same color.
  8. Am I really the only one who is satisfied with this? I am never really the one to be picky about something, I mean, the game looks fine to me and I like the music, It is happy and upbeat. I am really satisfied with how the game is turning out, it looks fun. I will take any game and enjoy it, since I never really have expectations for any game, which makes me feel like I have nothing to worry about. Though, there is a few games I dislike, but those were games made by companies that are not big and don't make many games. Heck, I was satisfied with Sonic 2006, it wasn't all that bad for me. Now with the debate going on right now, just let young and old have their own opinion. I mean, I enjoy both classic and modern. I was born in 1993 and started playing games around 1996 or 1997. That's when I was playing both 2D and 3D games for the very first time at the same time. My first 3D game being Spyro and my first 2D game being Mario. It was a good time to start playing games, as it was the best of both worlds and I didn't have a biased opinion. But like I said, age does not matter, like my nephew who was born in the early 2000's and he loves classic games as well, so that proves that age doesn't matter.
  9. I actually laughed at this article. Sonic was never black, he is white with blue fur. If anyone from the Sonic series should be there, it should be either Shadow or Doom. If the Voice Actor for the cartoons used to be black, that shouldn't make Sonic himself Black. I think maybe this is supposed to be a joke maybe?
  10. You know, if we got to know the truth way early on in schooling, why do we have to change it and lie to the young people? I say that History is History, and you can't change History. History is one of the most important classes in school and that nothing about the past should be changed. I would maybe agree with making the Cold War seem a bit more positive, but only a LITTLE, since it's for the younger kids. All wars were not positive at all, and the only positive things that come out of them is big things like the "Baby Boom".
  11. Welcome Kouki and LE CHEVAL! I hope you enjoy your time here at the SSMB. I have enjoyed my time here, lurking most of the time and posting once in awhile. Glad you can be with us, you two will enjoy it here a lot.
  12. I go for both getting points and going fast. I know going fast gets you points, especially games like Sonic Unleashed. I like to rack up points, while going fast.
  13. Well I went to pre-order Lost Planet 2 and at the end of the month I am getting All-Stars Racing. Anyways, right now I have been playing Rock Band 2 a lot lately, despite having all the achievements. Right now, I am trying to get all the achievements in Sonic Unleashed on my current gamer tag. I am so close to 25,000G!
  14. I'm not really sure, I am say great at some games, bad at some. Like per say I am really bad at FPS games, but great at lots of others. Like I got all the achievements in Sonic Unleashed(Even all S Ranks), all missions on SR:ZG beaten on Extreme and I have Super Sonic, all gold medals on Secret Rings.I also have 100% on all old Sonic games except for the first, I still have yet to even beat that game. I nearly completed all of Sonic 2K6. I got all the achievements in Rock Band 2 and lots of GSFC. I beat Super Mario Bros. 2 Japanese version.(That was a pain to go through) Otherwise, when it comes to other games like Wrestling, I am pretty good, maybe even a fighter or two. I say I am a pretty decent gamer for how long I have been playing. PS:I have been playing since I was around 3 years old, my very first game was Spyro 1 and I 100% that.
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