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  1. Uh... no? I somehow disagree because Knuckles is by far the 4th most popular character among the fans. Even though he was badly handled in the recent games (minimal role/appearances), he's still a widely popular character since the classic era and I doubt SEGA would easily give up on him. If SEGA has to drop their ownership over Knuckles, I sure hope Penders would be the last person who will obtain the copyright.
  2. Kuroha Ai

    What is your favourite Sonic music track?

    Sonic games has wonderful music tracks, and there are many that I come to love. But my favorite one is this: His World (Zebrahead ver.) Tbh I haven't played Sonic '06 and I found this song on a video that's completely unrelated to Sonic '06. I first heard this song on a video of Orange Roofs/Rooftop Run Day stage gameplay. Instead of the original Spagonia ~ Rooftop Run Day soundtrack, the uploader replaced it with this song (along with Zebrahead's Rescue Me). Combined with the speedy stage, this music track fits like a glove. My interest in this series had been dormant for years since Sonic Adventure. I didn't even know that there's Sonic Adventure 2! So I became curious about the other Sonic 3D games and the sheer speed of Sonic Unleashed day stages blew my mind. I know some people don't like the boost system, but I think it's really exhilarating and feels like the closest one to the Sonic's speed. The video of Orange Roofs/Rooftop Run Day stage gameplay I mentioned above is the one that hooked me back into this series, that's why this song always have a place in my heart <3 I still watch the video too sometimes As for the stages, my favorite so far is this: Adabat ~ Jungle Joyride Night I find it really really calming and pleasing to the ears (too bad the battle music drowned it out quite frequently). I really like the cello, piano, and gamelan-like music on the background too; I feel some familiarity from it since I've played gamelan on my elementary school days.
  3. Thank you for the warm welcome! Kind of concerned me why I would post my first post in this thread of all thread, but my guess is because this man makes me really curious of what he will do next (not to the "I want to buy his upcoming graphic novel!" level of curiosity though). Yes, just like watching a shitty chess play. I... I see. I'm no match for Penders' logic then smh. Ugh. Even a professional is not immune to critics. While it's true that a creator doesn't have to take all of the critics simultaneously, when you got a load of perfectly sound critics backed with good arguments then at least he would be aware that something is seriously wrong with his work. And thank you for the explanation! I agree that Ken should put more effort into his designs. Professional indeed. Looking at the current state of the project, I doubt that they'll get the money he promised though :\ What in the... Future or present design wise, it's still the same character. That kind of excuse make me even more sure that he's severely delusional. And I think his attitude, both in independent or teamwork, need a serious improvement. I know how hard it is to work on group sometimes, but it won't hurt to be civil and respect other people's work. I don't follow the comic, but it must be suck to get it rebooted just for one man's grave fault :c And after all those fiasco he still have his way to make the situation worse. I don't get the man at all. Also, I know it's not good to laugh but those nicknames (Tenders, Kenders, Men Renders, What-the-Fuckles) are really amusing :'D
  4. Kuroha Ai

    Sonic Channel

    Does anyone know about this event? It says "Sonic Birthday Present Campaign". It started from 23rd June until 22nd July. It requires you to fill a questionnaire about the site ("What do you think of the site?", "Do you have any message for the creator?", etc.) If you fill it, you will have a chance to win the listed goods for free. ...too bad it's restricted for Japan-area only. I noticed it when I re-read the rules after I had filled and sent the questionnaire
  5. Kuroha Ai

    Sonic Channel

    Yes, I think it's Knuckles wearing a straw hat while carrying a basket of veggies. I guess there's towel around his shoulder too, so I think it's about harvest festival or something? Or maybe just harvesting, without the festival.
  6. Hello, I'm new here I initially visited this forum to catch up with Sonic-related news (still do), then I stumbled into this thread. I kind of lurked on this thread for the last few days and boy, the guy is a genuine trainwreck. To be honest, I didn't know about Ken Penders and wasn't interested in him (I never read Archie Sonic before because of I can't obtain the said comic here in my country). But then I saw the... awful LSC!Lien-Da's render circulating on the web. I just... is it really something considered as a professional-level work? I am no professional but even I'm sane enough to know that there's something wrong with the render. The more I read about this guy the more concerned I become. I know Ken doesn't work for the comic anymore, but the fact that he ever worked on it and his "characters" were originally belong to the comic may caused confusion for the Sonic fans. I'm even confused with the stance of his current project; is this count as a fan work or as an original work? Because from what I see his character design is not very original to begin with...

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