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  1. That feeling when Hunt Down the Freeman's story is so dumb that you can think up a better story ON THE FLY.

  2. How to get a cheap laugh:

    1) Write a story

    2) Put it through Google Translate multiple times

    1. ThatSpookyGuy59


      Case in point:


      Reva comes back to reality, water is everywhere. When Fletcher came back, I was relieved that the otaku cult did not claim at least one other soul. Reva tried to jump on him, but he fell again. His legs were paralyzed and barely moved. His head broke like a hammer and the chisel was eating.


  3. *Writing a story*

    Oh hey I surpassed the Sonic.exe remake word count!

    1. I Have Berry!

      I Have Berry!

      That alone should let you know you're on the right track.

    2. ThatSpookyGuy59


      Yeah, 30,000 words in so far.

      Then again I skipped a thing or two, and I'm still not done with the first draft.

      Also it's not spoopy boopy.

  4. Need a dispenser here!

    1. Heckboy


      Dispenser goin' up




    1. ThatSpookyGuy59
    2. I Have Berry!

      I Have Berry!

      It's so nice to see one of Nintendo's underrated francises be murdered in a fire.

    3. ThatSpookyGuy59


      Capcom's getting a piece of the action now:



    4. JosepHenry
  6. Every time a script-kiddie or a hacker joins a server: 


    1. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      Is that Clancy Brown voicing Raiden?

    2. ThatSpookyGuy59
  7.   If you order now, I'll throw in a second beating ABSOLUTELY FREE!


    1. Failinhearts


      Well, how could I say no to that?

    2. AzureLakeSanic


      Free! For only 99, 99, 99!!! (ReBoot reference)

  8. Everything changed when an Intel Kernel Bug attacked.

  9. To show you the amazing power of Flex-Tape...

    I sawed this Echyd'nya in half!

  10. I burst into the room you currently reside in erupting with great anger and fury, for I have discovered that you were absent from participating in the practice of the arts of the small, lively, but mischievous kind, known as Elves.

    I therefore scream to you with a ferocious tongue, my subordinate, whom I have prior knowledge that you do not wish to aspire in the aforementioned activities, instead only to deviate from our normal way of life to pursue the arts seen for a dental hygienist, "Why, my worthless underling were you not at the appointed place to participate in the rehearsal of arts found standard in the average small, lively, but mischievous kind?"

    1. Bowbowis


      I resigned last Thursday.

    2. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      *hands you a Snickers*

    3. RedFox99


      Why is that suddenly popular now?

  11. So I tried doing a thing:


  12. It's weird looking at things influenced by Sonic cause you can get some great games such as Freedom Planet, (Which I own but for some reason have not played it yet) but for others they're into Sonic to the point it becomes a bottleneck*. They're capable of doing so much more but their fixation on the Sonic the Hedgehog series just keeps them held down like concrete shoes.

    *See JCTheHyena and Ken Penders

  13. So I read the official Sonic.exe creepypasta remake.

    You want to know how long it is?

    Get this... 26,000 WORDS. That is more than double that of the original Sonic.exe AND Round 2 combined!

    Read it three times and you will have read the length of the first book of Harry Potter.

    1. Ayliffe


      I very much question how a fanfic can be ever possibly be "official" 

    2. ThatSpookyGuy59


      Official in the eyes of the guy who "made" Sonic.exe.

      Anyways, it's an absolute slog.

    3. Emperor Spooky

      Emperor Spooky

      Oh lord, are you kidding me? Where can I find this? I need a good laugh.

    4. ThatSpookyGuy59


      Well... here you go. 26,000 words of pure bliss: 

      Sonic.exe - THE REMAKE

      Note: You'll have to download it. It's pretty much one big word document.

    5. Emperor Spooky

      Emperor Spooky

      Little unrelated, but um... wow, that new design for Sonic.exe to go with the story makes me uncomfortable... Not in the way it's supposed to, either.

    6. ThatSpookyGuy59


      My first thought was "Is that a Five Nights at Freddy's fan character?".

  14. If Tails behaved in other games like he did in Forces.

    Tails in SA1: "There's a missile here, and I can't find Sonic! THERE'S NOTHING I CAN DO!!!" *Kaboom*

    Tails in SA2: "Eggman sent Sonic to his death! WHAT DO I DO?!?" *Kaboom*

    1. Rusty Spy

      Rusty Spy

      If Tails behaved like he did in Forces he wouldn't have built a battle mech to break Sonic out of a military prison. *AHEM*

    2. ThatSpookyGuy59
    3. Ratcicle King

      Ratcicle King

      Sonic Heroes

      Sonic - Ok Tails I need you to fly us over this section

      Tails- I can't do it Sonic, you'll have to find another way on your own!


      Robots show up


      Sonic looks back to find Tails running away crying

    4. Rusty Spy

      Rusty Spy

      *Sonic 2*

      *Tails doesn't come back when he goes off screen*

    5. Osmium


      None of this would happen. He would be too busy on his tablet to realize anything was happening. 

    6. Alex2Beta



      *Chaos gains 4 Chaos Emeralds and transforms*

      Tails: "WHOA! Better get my Miles Electric out and scan him!"

      Tails sits in place behind a tree fucking around with his gamepad while Sonic and knuckles fight Chaos.

    7. ThatSpookyGuy59


      Should I be concerned that Boom!Tails is proving himself to be more competent than Modern!Tails?

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